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June is Pride Month, and what better way is there to celebrate than drawing a thing with some characters? My good friend Tanya came up with this lovely idea to draw characters in shirts and/or accessories to indicate their sexualities, and I wanted to follow her idea. I encourage you guys to do the same with your babs as well. UvU You can click on her name (or this link) for more info on this project!

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Es… estás llorando…?

[La razón está por acá uvu]

anonymous asked:

Ahhh i feel like such a tumblr noob for asking this, but how do i make my dashboard look like yours? i cant find anywhere on your blog to 'download' or whatever your theme, and i really dont know how the whole system works, and i really really like the way your blog looks, and is formatted >v<

thank you! but that’s not my dashboard, that’s a blog theme, you just go to your blog, click edit theme and browse for themes, otherwise you can look for people who make themes and install them from there, and all my scripts are linked to in my faq! c:

Anon:i know you answered this before, sorry, but i can’t find the response- where do you watch gravity falls? !

I usually just google for “watch name of show” and choose from there lol

Anon:Hi Sunny! You are my favorite artist so I was wondering if you’ve made any tutorials in the past? c:

thanks a lot! tutorial tag uvu

Anon:OK right now i’m sorta irritated because i keep trying to put in the password for the Upd8 but it keeps saying its wrong. if its not “MURD3R” than what is it?

that IS the password so I’m not sure man! you can still type the number of the next page in the url bar if that doesn’t work tho