A Sweet Cliche Short ((Phan)Edited version)

Word count: 921

Classification: Coffeeshop AU

Requested by @crankthatjoshler

Phil’s morning routine is always the same. Wake up at seven. Be ready to leave at eight. Then get to the coffee shop at eight thirty and hang out until classes. But today, he’s an hour early. An hour early, and a different barista.

And due to this different barista, an entire difference in everything occurs.

“Hi. Welcome to the Twinkling Temptation Café. What can I get you?” A handsome young man, wearing a forced smile, seated on the counter, greeted Phil. 

After the worker got a look at Phil, his smile vanished and was replaced with a small blush. Of course, you’d never get him to admit it.

“I’ll have some blueberry tea today.” Phil smiled at the boy.

“We’re just feeding the stereotypes, yeah? I’m Dan, by the way.” The boy apparently called Dan smiled at Phil.

“I know.” Phil said, patiently.

Dan quirked an eyebrow at Phil’s statement.

“Name tag.” Phil smirked at Dan who chuckled to himself.

“Of course, I always forget about that thing. Anyway, you a college student?”

“Yeah, Meteorology, cinematography, and sociology.” Phil smiled proudly.

“Variety, nice. I’m studying boring old law. Go on and sit down, it’s not busy, I’ll get your tea.” Dan smiled at Phil and got off the counter and went to prepare the tea.

Phil sat down at his regular spot on the couch. As he scrolled through his tumblr he daydreamed. It was a real problem of his, daydreaming. He was always getting in trouble for it back in primary and secondary school.

He was soon knocked out of thought by a voice. “Blueberry tea for the stereotypical cutie in the snazzy llama jumper with a shameful number of stickers on his computer!”

Phil chuckled to himself before going to get his tea. “Quite the long statement, yeah? Did you manage to write it on the cup?”

Dan awkwardly winked at Phil, grinning mischievously. “But of course, Philly.”

Phil smiled at the slightly more awkward one before taking his tea and chuckling and the small writing covering one part. “Thanks, Dan.”

Phil tried to pay, but Dan stopped him. “This one’s on me. But don’t get used to it.”

Phil beamed at Dan. “Thanks! See you around, Dan.”

Phil decided that he’d get up and around early the following morning in time to see Dan at the café. As soon as he walked in, he was approached by the sounds of loud music coming from behind the counter. There was no one in the café, so Daniel was yelling and singing along to Radiohead because the author has Creep stuck in her head and cannot currently think of any other tasteful bands.

Phil cleared his throat and Dan nearly jumped out of his skin. “Jesus fucking Christ Phil! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Phil chuckled, visibly biting his tongue. “Sorry, Dan.”

Dan just glared at him. “No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.” Dan rolled his eyes and finally stopped his music. 

“So. What’ll it be today?” 

“Same as yesterday.” Phil grinned at Dan’s sigh.


When Phil got his drink and paid, he sat with Dan and talked until he had to leave. Once Phil got out the door, he noticed that Dan had slipped a written-on napkin in his pocket.

For the stereotypical cutie in the snazzy llama jumper with a shameful number of stickers on his computer. Call me sometime, (###) ###-#### Meet me at the cinema this Friday and I’ll take you for a stereotypical first date. - :Dan


Phil grinned at the napkin and continued his week with the thought of Friday in his mind.

Le time skips

His phone buzzed. 

Dan: Send me a picture of you with an odd hat on


Send picture?




Dan: Is that a lion hat?


Phil: And a stuffed lion in the background.


Dan: Right. Changing your name to Lion on my phone.


Lion: I’m sure you have an animal that you like.


Dan: Llamas and bears


Lion: Right. Changing your name to Bear in my phone.


Bear: Don’t


Bear: You already did it didn’t you


Lion: Yup


Bear: ….


Bear: Fine


Bear: You’re meeting me at the cinema this evening, right?


Lion: Of course, Bear


Lion: Wouldn’t miss it for the world


Bear: Ok 


Bear: Well I’d better get ready


Bear: See you then, Lion


Lion: See you, Bear


Phil put his phone down, still grinning ear to ear. He got off his couch and ran to his room to get ready.

After getting ready, Phil walked down the block to the cinema. Dan was already there when he arrived.

“Hi Lion.”

Phil beamed at the taller one. “Hi Bear.” 

Dan opened the door for Phil. “Let’s go then.”

After the film, Dan and Phil shared a cab. They stopped at Phil’s house first.

“So. I’d say we had a fairly stereotypical first date. Wouldn’t you?” Dan said to Phil after walking him to the door.

“I think I know a way to make it even more stereotypical.” Phil looked up at Dan from behind his fringe with a small smile.

Dan grinned. “Oh yeah? And what’s tha-”

Phil cut him off with a gentle kiss.

They broke away after only moments.

“Goodnight, Bear.”

And so, Phil left a dazed Bear on his doorstep as he went to bed. 

A nice cliché ending to our cliché story.

But it’s not their end, is it?


It’s just the beginning for the love-struck Bear and Lion

I’m looking forward to the day where I can be that cliche girl that studies and gets shit done in a coffee shop or library, with my head always in a book and daydreams filling my head. Just imagine. A cup of coffee to the left, books stacked high beside you, knowing you’ve accomplished so many things, and that feeling that you’re finally getting somewhere. And you’re okay for once in your life. You’re okay.

get yourself someone who will do all the good shit with you, the good cheesy shit. the kind of shit like hoping the ferris wheel will stop at the top and watch movies in a car park and share popcorn all night and cuddle non stop. just get you someone who makes you feel happy.

Beat the Cliche- Chosen One

One of the well known cliches in writing is the ‘Chosen One.’ The one person prophesied to save the world.

But what if?

A Chosen One, prophesied by the dark side, to help destroy the world.

One prophecy, and the light and dark forces must race to find this Chosen One and bring them to their side.

Two Chosen Ones, battling against each other to fulfil their prophecy first.

The Chosen One died before the events of the prophecy started.

The Chosen One hasn’t been found, so a fake is appointed to ease the worlds worries.

The Chosen One is in fact the main villain, yet no one knows.

Pode me mandar mensagem as 4 da madrugada dizendo que tá com saudades. Pode me ligar as 7 horas da manhã de um domingo, pedindo para me ver. Pode me chamar pra tomar um banho de chuva num sábado a tarde. Pode me mostrar aquela música que você ouviu e lembrou de mim. Pode me indicar aquele livro que você leu e pensou “ela vai adorar”. Pode demonstrar o que sente. Eu não ligo, eu gosto. Não vou ficar pagando de coração de gelo. Amo um mimo, amo um carinho, uma mensagem fofa, um beijo inesperado, amo ser pega de surpresa com algo bom. Amo muito todas essas coisas que as pessoas consideram “clichê”. Talvez eu tenha nascido na época errada, enquanto todo mundo só quer saber de festas, pegação, sexo, bebidas, drogas… Eu só quero a paz de um abraço, o amor de um beijo na testa, o carinho de um “bom dia, meu amor” pela manhã. Eu só quero um amor verdadeiro. É pedir muito?
—  Fica um pouquinho?