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This Summer's long slow distance, part 5

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Nagisa: As expected from an abandoned haunted house, a normal one wouldn’t compare at all in terms of scariness! Here, look look Rei-chan, this skull!
Rei: Hey, Nagisa-kun! Is this really the time to play around? Let’s go, now.
Nagisa: Huh? Rei-chan, you’re not scared? Even though you were creeping out with Mako-chan earlier…
Rei: What I dislike are illogical phenomenons, there is no way this type of staged places would scare me.
Nagisa: Oh, is that so. Then, you don’t scared in normal haunted houses either?
Rei: Of course not! After all, it’s nothing but machines and people in costumes…
Nagisa: Then, let’s go to one together some time!
Rei: I won’t! Anyway, here, look. There were some after all, emergency flashlights.
Nagisa: Ooh, you’re right, and so many of them!
Rei: (clic) Good, seems like there are batteries as well. They’re working.
Nagisa: As expected from Rei-chan!
Rei: Fufu. I simply thought that a haunted house, which should be dark at all times, would probably be equipped with many emergency lights! Now, let’s go back to the others with these!

~ Rei: This summer’s long slow distance, part 5.

Nagisa: Heey, everyone!
Makoto: Nagisa, Rei!
Haruka: Where were you guys?
Rin: Geez, don’t make us worry!
Nagisa: Eheh, sorry. We went to look for those.
Makoto: Flashlights, huh?
Rei: Yes! Now, we can see clearly!
Nagisa: Since we went to look in a haunted house, it would have been impossible for Mako-chan, so we went together.
Makoto: Ah… Yes, it probably would have been impossible…
Rin: …Well. Anyway, thanks to Nagisa and Rei, we’ve got light, I guess there’s nothing left to do but wait until the storm ends.
Haruka: Thinking of it, something like that happened during last year’s training camp too.
Makoto: The abandoned rest house on the desert island, huh.
Rin: What’s that?
Makoto: Haha, well, it’s a long story.
Rei: That time, we played dice roll talk together, right?
Nagisa: That’s right! Let’s do that again! Plus we’ve got Rin-chan too this time!
Rin: Hey, hey, I’m not doing that… We don’t even have a dice anyway.
Nagisa: We could make one if we had a box, but there’s really nothing here… Ah, I know! Then, how about doing some Hundred stories, embarrassing story telling version?
Rin: Hey, you’re supposed to the the Hundred stories with scary stories, right?
Haruka: It’s when you light a hundred candles, and put one out each time you tell a scary story?
Rei: And once you’ve put out the last one, something mysterious is supposed to happen, right.
Nagisa: Yup, yup! And we’re doing it with embarrassing stories! Instead of candles, we’ll use the flashlights. And once everything is turned off, an even more embarrassing event with take place! 
Rin: There’s no way it will!
Rei: Just how much do you like embarrassing stories?!
Makoto: Haha, isn’t it fine? At least they’re not scary stories… The storm doesn’t seem to be calming down anyway.
Haruka: That’s true. The night will be long.
Rin: Tsk. Well, I guess if I get to hear your embarrassing stories, I’ll play along… Especially… Haru. I’m expecting a lot from you.
Haruka: Don’t start expecting stuff for no reason. I’ll lose to your story.
Rin: What did you say?! Your story will be better!
Haruka: No, yours.
Rin: No, YOURS.
Makoto: Hey, hey, hey hey hey! Both of you, calm down!
Nagisa: So, so, who starts?
Rei: Let’s do it fairly, with rock-paper-scissor. And then we’ll go clockwise starting from the loser.
Rin: Okay! Let’s go!
All: Rock, paper, scissor!
Rei: UAAAAGH! We’re starting with me…?
Nagisa: As usual with Rei-chan!
Makoto: Don’t mind, Rei!
Rin: Do your best.
Haruka: Rei, don’t worry about it. Everyone will follow right after you.
Rei: Uh… I get it already! Ryugazaki Rei, starting!
All: (clapping)
Nagisa: Yay, go go, Rei-chan!
Makoto: Do your best, Rei!
Rei: This happened during summer holidays, when I went out to shop. When I was walking in the shopping district, a high school student who was waiting alone smiled and waved at me. I didn’t remember ever seeing him before, but I thought he was an acquaintance, so I vaguely smiled and waved back, but… He passed right by me, and dashed to my friend who was walking behind me…
Haruka: He knew the guy walking behind you?
Rin: That happens a lot.
Makoto: But it’s embarrassing alright.
Nagisa: In times like this, you just have to keep your hand raised and pretend to be stretching!
Rei: Stretching in the middle of town would be even more embarrassing! Anyway, next is your turn, Nagisa-kun!
Nagisa: Okaaay. Ah, before that, Rei-chan, since you told your story, turn off your light.
Rei: Ooh, right. (clic)
Makoto: This somehow really feels like the Hundred stories…
Nagisa: Then, here I go. This happened this morning, when I dozed off on the train. I dreamed of Haru-chan, Mako-chan and Rei-chan trying to catch squids at the squid festival…
Rin: Hahaha, that’s so stupid, you guys!
Nagisa: And then Rin-chan came…
Rin: What?!
Nagisa: He swam butterfly after the squids and ate them all one after the other! So I loudly shouted “Rin-chan, stop, don’t eat our squid!” and woke up at that moment, but… It seems I was sleep-talking and actually screamed it. When I came back to myself, I saw everyone on the train looking in my direction with weird looks. (laugh)
Rei and Makoto: (laugh)
Rin: …Hey. Makoto, Rei! Don’t look at me…
Haruka: Isn’t that great, Rin.
Rin: Shut up, Haru! Nagisa… I bet you brought tons of sweets and stuff, right. Give all of them to me! I’m eating them. (tries to grab his bag)
Nagisa: Huh-eeeh, no way!
Rin: It’s your punishment for making this weird dream!
Nagisa: Stop, stop! Noo!
Rei: Okay, well Nagisa’s story is finished. Turn off your light.
Nagisa: Okaay. Next up is Mako-chan!
Makoto: Um… I… This happened when we were working for the home delivery service… My work uniform was a little too small. It felt a bit tight, but I though I could wear it anyway, so I forced it… But when I put in some strength to unload the packages… The buttons on the chest went… Paaam… So embarrassing!
Rei: By the way, those buttons flew right on me.
Nagisa: Ooh… Pectorals big enough to bake buttons burst.
Haruka: Well, Makoto has always gotten muscled easily.
Rin: This pisses me off somehow. All I can hear is bragging.
Nagisa: Okay, then Mako-chan turn off your flashlight. Next up is Rin-chan.
Rin: Eh? …Okay… Then… It was during elementary school. At that time, I couldn’t sleep without my own pillow. And so, when we went on a trip, I brought it with me.
Rei: That’s pretty big, nobody does that.
Rin: Hmpf. Someone who can sleep normally wouldn’t understand my feelings at that time. And then, that night, the one thing I feared the most ended up happening…
Nagisa: I know! You wet the bed!
Rin: Are you trying to pick a fight?! Wrong!
Makoto: I know! The teacher confiscated your pillow!
Rin: Why would they even do that?! Wrong!
Rei: I know! There was a listening device in your pillow!
Rin: Uuh… Go put your head under water, wrong.
Haruka: I know. You had actually brought a mackerel that you mistook for your pillow.
Rin: HOW WOULD THAT EVEN HAPPEN, wrong! And you guys, don’t just turn this into a quiz game…
Nagisa&Makoto: Eheheh… 
Rin: Geez… The incident I’m talking about is…
Rei: Oh! Don’t tell me… This event that doesn’t leave out a single one…
Rin: Yes. A pillow fight.
Nagisa: Ah! So that’s it!
Haruka&Makoto: Huh?
Makoto: What? Wait! Don’t leave Haru and I out of it!
Nagisa: What happened is, Rin-chan’s pillow got mixed up in the middle of this battle!
Rin: Yes. I didn’t want to throw it, but I got taken in the fight… And my pillow ended up getting lost.
Nagisa: S-So, Rin-chan, in the end, this night…
Rin: Yeah. I couldn’t sleep. And the next morning, in the inn’s lobby, the teacher was holding my pillow in front of everybody. Asking whose it was.
Makoto: R-Rin… That was…
Rin: Tsk, if you want to laugh, go ahead! I don’t need you to hold back for me!
Rei: There is no way we would laugh at this! This… To think you got taken in a pillow fight… And to imagine you struggling to find your pillow while getting hit by others… And I’m picturing it… (sobbing/laughing) HAAAHAAAAHAAAHAAA!
Rei, Makoto and Nagisa: (laughing hard)
Rin: Hey, I said you could laugh, but not that much! Are you listening?!
Haruka: Rin. Great for you.
Rin: Don’t try to close this all neatly! (clic) Damn… Let’s go to the next! I’m done! Last is… Haru. It’s your turn.
Haruka: Gn…
Makoto: Haru’s embarrassing story, huh!
Rei: The embarrassing story of Haruka-senpai, against whom common sense doesn’t work… I’m so very curious.
Nagisa: Yeah, me too. I think even being completely naked wouldn’t be embarrassing for Haru-chan. It’d have to be a completely unbelievable story! How exciting!
Haruka: Hmgn…
Rin: Come on, Haru! Let us hear it already. The greatest embarrassing story that we have never heard before.
Haruka: Hmm! …I…
Rin: I…?
Haruka: I… Um… I’m genuinely… Happy to swim with you guys… ….And putting it in words… Is rather embarrassing. …That’s enough, isn’t it?
All: Ooh…
Makoto: Haru!
Rei: Haruka-senpai is embarrassed…
Nagisa: Eheh! Haru-chan is so cute!
Rin: Hey, Haru! Why are you closing it up with that kind of nice story!
Nagisa: Hey hey, Rin-chan, hold yourself.
Haruka: I’m turning off my light. (clic)
Rei: Oh… It’s completely dark.
Makoto: Actually… Isn’t it the first time we’ve spent the whole night together talking?
Rin: Huh? Oh, well I’m always at Samezuka after all… But this isn’t bad from time to time.
Nagisa: Hehe. Ah, but since this is the Hundred stories, something strange should happen now, right?
Rei: Well that’s the story, but there’s no way something illogical would happen here-
All: Uwah!
Haruka: Right now… What was that?
Nagisa: Oh, let’s go and see!
Rei: Hey, Nagisa-kun!
Makoto: Huh? Hey, you two!
Rin: Haha, sounds like fun. Let’s go, Haru, Makoto.
Makoto: W-Wait, now! Geez. Haru, let’s go!
Haruka: Yeah.

Nagisa: This coincidence was like a miracle. If we tried to tell someone what we experienced this night, they would probably think we made everything up and refuse to believe us. But all of it, really happened. 

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“Going back to Regina and Emma, while they’re trapped in the mirror both of them are ready to sacrifice themselves if it meant the other would be able to get back to Henry. This is a theme that’s been around since Season 2. Their trust in the other has grown stronger and stronger over time. This friendship (for now?) has been remarkable to watch. They’ve proven that they’ll do whatever needs to be done to protect their family and especially the son that they’ve managed to co-parent effortlessly. Yes, they had their issues but at the end of Season 2, Regina had already gotten to the point where she trusted Emma to raise Henry. Emma, in return, thinks Regina has done a great job at being his mom. The respect between these two women is admirable. They are each other’s mirror.”