4 reasons why Trump being a climate change doubter could spell disaster for the planet

Donald Trump is about to become the first head of state in the world to doubt the existence of climate change. While leaders around the globe from China to the European Union have joined together to mitigate global warming’s damaging effects, the United States will soon no longer be at the forefront of this universal problem.

He’s surrounding himself with climate change foes

Trump doesn’t seem to know very much about the realities of climate change, but he’s not going to fix that in office by surrounding himself with those who do.

So far, Trump’s major appointments have included some of the most high-profile climate change doubters, including Myron Ebell, who Trump has tapped to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

He’ll cut integral NASA climate funding

Trump reportedly has plans to cut funding from NASA’s Earth Science division, whose widespread satellites and research are world-renowned. The division, as stated on its website, “plans, organizes, evaluates, and implements a broad program of research on our planet’s natural systems and processes.” Though the division studies climate change and its effects, other areas of study include the atmosphere, severe weather, oceans and the land surface.

The Paris Agreement’s success is in jeopardy

In an energy policy speech he gave in May, Trump announced he would “cancel” the Paris Agreement on climate change, signaling his unwillingness to cooperate with the treaty that was agreed upon by 195 countries in 2015. As part of the agreement, the United States pledged to reduce its 2005 greenhouse gas emission levels by 26 to 28% by 2025 — an ambitious goal.

Trump’s priority is business

Ultimately, Trump’s main concern isn’t the future of the Earth: it’s the future of the billion-dollar businesses who call it home. Read more

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