Couldn’t Leave Him


Caroline rolled her eyes and cursed her damn car once more as she walked along the dark road on the edge of the forest with her flashlight. She patted herself on the back at her planning tendencies, she always made sure to keep a flashlight and other supplies in her car in case she ever needed it, like now. Her car had broken down on a road outside of town and she had no cellphone signal, she only had a denim jacket with her that didn’t do much to fight off the chill of the night and there was no cars in sight, probably everyone was already downtown on the festival. She groaned thinking of missing the event. 

She stopped and pulled up her phone to check if she could catch some signal now, and suddenly she heard a noise that made her jump and quickly turned around. There was no body on the road so she turned towards the forest, it was dark and she squinted her eyes but she could not see anything in the little light  of the street. She was about to brush it off as her mind playing her tricks when she heard it again, it sounded like a whimper or a moan of complaint. 

“Hello? Who’s there?”

She quickly pulled out her portable pepper spray from her purse and pointed it in front of her as well as directing the flashlight towards the woods, as she slowly followed the sounds. “Is anybody there?”. As Caroline cautiously walked into the woods she realized that the noises sounded like someone hurt. Maybe someone had an accident and needed help. “Are you hurt?”. She kept walking, flashing the light all around trying to see any sign of an accident. 

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