How did Karma manage to convince her to com along to a place like this? It was dirty and she wasn’t sure about the people. Though Charlie had to wonder if there were shops like this in the back of all porn stores. Not that she was going to question it out loud. Apparently she got fifty an hour for working here. The man took one look at her and smirk. He sent Karma off to her usual spot. Then he turned back to Charlie. Leading her to a small room in the back. Explaining that she could get an extra twenty if she worked this room. Though it wasn’t just blow jos here. In fact, she was here to be fuck. It didn’t seem to bad of an idea to try once. agreeing, she locked the door behind the man. No one was getting to see her that didn’t have to. But as she stripped naked and slipped through the whole. Leaving her from the waist down naked to anyone who came into the room. Not really thinking about the tattoo of her brother’s name that wrapped around her left ankle.

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"Well, Well, Well" (for charlie)

Charlie knew that she should have been at her apartment. That Jensen had had plans tonight but she had wanted to surprise him. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be pushing her luck when he found her. The only thing she had on when he found her on his bed touching her was the necklace he gave her. The sound of his voice only causing a soft moan from her lips. theunlovedx