Hiiiiiiii! Recently, I’ve hit 1000 followers?? I just wanted to thank you guys for following me, even though most of you don’t even know my name (and frankly don’t care) you’re one of the most important parts of my life. I honestly don’t understand why a THOUSAND people follow me. That’s a lot like more than there’s people in my school woah.

So here’s a few blogs that i love on here:

irwinderful lukerings blaminghemmo quirkycal 5sexofblogging tangled-with-cake acoustic-cal hemmagical perksofbeingalukesgirl bigbootyhood damnitlucas maluhm mikey-del-rey mikeyshemmo hemmoradical irwintrouble cervicalum clffxrd merh-nerm-ers-ershtern punk-clifford irwxns good-girls-are-bad-girls all-lime-toe perfirwin sarcalstic pizzaboyluke ponyboyash michaelgclifford bootical c-ash-money candycashtonn teenagevevo calummeatsix ruggedhemmo dreambig-hemmo hemmology 

THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER  aka people who for some reason still aren’t annoyed with me 

embarrassedluke cthood1975 pubescent–drama–quinn foolhaz candymuke im-a-fudging-unicorn chemicalirwin guardianhemmo calumly

Again, this aren’t all my favourite blogs, just the ones i thought of first. I love you all!