Things I need if/when Big Finish gets the full New Who license:
  • Paternoster Gang/Jago and Litefoot crossover
  • Six and Twelve meeting, along with companions Peri and someone-after-Clara (assuming there is anyone after Clara.)
  • An early Seven and Ace adventure (maybe set in late season 25?) featuring Madame Vastra (purely because I think Sylv and Neve would be so great in those roles together, and because - reasons.)
  • River Song and Bernice Summerfield: archaeology badasses!
  • Ten and Donna meet Six or Seven and Mel.  Mel is appalled by Donna’s seeming lack of tact.  Donna thinks Mel is a poshy little twit.  Then while the Doctors argue, the companions save the day.
  • Martha and Mickey in the New UNIT stuff.
  • A Charitable Earth maybe?
  • Raine Creevy’s inexplicable adventures with Eleven.