FullMetal Alchemist x Fate/Zero opening 2

The ever glorious clewilan asked me to remake ~ALL THE OPENINGS~ in FMA version, so… yup, this is what happened. Happy birthday, dear!!

clewilan replied to your post: lol random book ask! but these carlsington series books are delighting me with mummy feels (i read them out of order but) the second book is already looking to follow important plot points the mummy did aka the ship dynamics.

May I ask for more info about those books ?

It’s the Carsington Brothers series by Loretta Chase!

It starts with the extraordinarily delightful Miss Wonderful about unwitting war hero Alistair Carsington, aged 29, a third son who has a bad habit of falling desperately in love with inappropriate women and subsequently needing extremely expensive bailing out by his father.

When the book opens, though Alistair hasn’t had any romantic debacles in a few years, he’s also kind of a dandy so he spends exorbitant amounts of money on clothes. In response to which, his father charges him with marrying an heiress within six months or having his two younger brothers’ inheritances liquidated to pay for his expensive upkeep.

Alistair refuses to allow his brothers to suffer for his sake, so he joins his best friend in a business venture involving building a canal in Derbyshire. Thus, he runs afoul of the heroine, the extremely intelligent and capable (but woefully poorly dressed, which vexes Alistair intensely) Mirabel Oldridge, aged 31, who has been managing her eccentric father’s estate for many years, is a leader of the community in Derbyshire, and is virulently opposed to said canal.

HIJINKS ENSUE. And it is all adorable and sweet and hilarious.

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YES I was waiting for this somehow so have Kurofay and Ichiruki god it’s been a while.

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses : Fay but I’m not sure this isn’t just to bother him. I was going to say that Kurogane would just smother him or himself with a pillow but in the end they were just so domestic I bet he would just a happy doggy.
  • who cooks for who : Still Fay i’m not even going to change canon.
  • who is the morning person/night person : Kurogane is a morning person, because he’s a ninja and everything, a light sleeper who wakes up early. I want Fay to hate mornings but struggle to keep his usual smile while his hair just gave up already.
  • who is the romantic one : well Fay is the cuddly, happy and easy-going one but I like to think that Kurogane is the romantic romantic one like having deep and serious lines and doing chivalrous things and Fay would just laugh because he kind of sucks at open-hearted things. He’s dumb.
  • who is the top when it comes to sex : Like 95% of their fangirls I’d say Kurogane but you know, according to their characters Fay would definitely be a switch. Or topping from bottom. It’s just so hard when you have that moutain against you.
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing : Fay obviously oh my god Kurogane would just kill somebody. One time it’s unintentional the other it is.
  • who is the more cuddly one : As said above, Fay. 
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch : Oh my god am I just answering Fay to everything ? Oh but Kurogane is much more into pop-culture so maybe it’s him. 
  • who is the one who would pay for dates : Both.
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes : Do I need to answer this ?
  • who wakes the other one up with kisses : I like to think Rukia but on the other hand let’s get real she would just push him out of bed or tear his blanket away. So maybe to redeem herself you know. 
  • who cooks for who : Definitely Ichigo because Rukia tried to do rice that one time and the pan just turned into a monster.
  • who is the morning person : NEITHER OF THEM. They just don’t talk for at least half an hour. It’s so funny because it’s not like they are joyous mood on a regular basis so it must be even worse.
  • who is the romantic one : They’re at the same level. Both awkward and fierce and ridiculous as fuck. Maybe Rukia is like, 3% more romantic than him like, doodling themselves as bunnies while Ichigo would just fail at everything wondering 1) what a girl likes 2) is Rukia really a girl after all ???
  • who is the top when it comes to sex : Oh god Rukia and it’s suddenly hot.
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing : I’d say Ichigo for some reasons and because of the height difference this is hilarious.
  • who is the more cuddly one : Rukia. But cuddly isn’t really the correct word, it’s more like a tentacle monster. 
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch : Ichigo because Rukia has no idea what she’s doing and she wants to play videogames anyway.
  • who is the one who would pay for dates : It’s impossible. They would just split the note I don’t know.
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes : Rukia is used to kidnap him between classes buuut. Maybe hormones are playing in this one and it’s Ichigo i don’t know ?

send me an OTP and I will tell you…

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who is the big spoon/little spoon They switch quite a bit, but Deryn is usually the big spoon.
what is their favorite non-sexual activity Walking around in the city and observing the people and things around them. They like taking different routes each time and visit the different monuments/museums/things and crack silly jokes and then get food. Lots of food.
who uses all the hot water in the morning Alek. He has gotten used to not having hot or even clean water to bathe, but Deryn pretty much lived all her life with cold/lukewarm water. She still thinks it’s hilarious and adorkable when he apologises.
what they order from take out They actually order take out/bring food home a lot. They work a lot and neither of them really knows how to cook (they learn with time, but at first it’s kind of a disaster). But yeah. Japanese food!!
what is the most trivial thing they fight over Silly household things like when one of them forgets to bring something home (like groceries or milk or bread) or when they have to choose who will get up first to use the bathroom in the mornings/do other stuff that they need but are too sleepy to do.
who does most of the cleaning Alek, because he doesn’t really mind and Deryn really, really dislikes cleaning (plus, she doesn’t really care). But after twenty minutes or so, he drags her along to help him.
what has a season pass in their DVR …I don’t think such a thing exists in their world yet?
who leaves their stuff around DERYN, of course. Alek grew up as a prince so he might be expected to do that but he is actually very organised and neat (it’s mostly Volger’s fault).
who remembers to buy the milk DERYN LOVES MILK but she is forgetful about household things so…Alek.
who remembers anniversaries Both of them, but Alek a) remembers faster, b) actually prepares things/surprises.

@fenris192 : Je préfère aussi les auteurs français ou belges, les Gotlib et Franquin m'attirent beaucoup plus qu'un Lee…

@tornposters : ahah tu t'en doutais ? faut dire aussi que les seuls posts que je ne like pas sur ton tumblr sont ceux-là… xD

@clewilan : Je ne l'ai vu nulle part, à part sur les trois tonnes de posts sur tumblr, je peux pas en dire grand chose… Mais je ferai l'effort de regarder des trucs avec lui (mais pas où il est un super-vilain… -même s'il doit être très bon à ça d'ailleurs) *je rectifie : je l'ai vu dans deux films en fait, mais dans des rôles secondaires alors c'est pas marrant*

@sherlocked-impala : ouiiii, et je t'en remercie énormément ! =)


1. Favourite cartoon?
Probably Adventure Time!!!

2. Best thing you’ve ever eaten?
Sofie’s mum’s chocolate-banana Milkshake of Heaven.

3. Would you stand a better chance taking the ring to mordor, being in the hunger games, or fighting in the battle of Hogwarts?
Meeeeeh, probably the battle of Hogwarts because I would have been locked in the dungeons with all the other Slytherins…

4. Spoon, fork or knife?

5. Would you rather have to live without music or without tv-series and movies?
I would rather live without Tv-series and movies! Music is far more important!

6. All-time OTP and BrOTP?
Gaius Baltar/Caprica Six for OTP. Also an other one I shan’t reveal because of reasons beyond my will.
Finn and Jake for BrOTP.

7. Kiwis or dodos?
DODOS FOR EVER. I’ll fight you.

8. Favourite board or card game?
Probably “Pandemie”. Or “Les Loups-garous de Thiercelieux”. Or “Smallworld”… I like “Zombie Dice”.

9. How many people would you never trip if the zombies were chasing you?
Seven. All women. Damn right.

10. Favourite quote and/or poem?
“Winter Trenches” - Siegfried Sassoon.

11. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
My hands and how I make friends easily.

My questions:
1. What was your favourite band when you were 15?
2. If you could have a endless supplie of Ice-cream of only one flavour, what flavour would that be?
3. Favourite historical period of your own country?
4. Would you rather have socks with holes or only ugly underwear?
5. What’s your favourite god or goddess? And why?
6. Would you rather be a siren, a maenad or a fury?
7. Which historical figure would you not mind being stuck in an elevator during 3 hours with?
8. What’s your favourite movie OST?
9. Have you ever stolen traffic signs? If yes, which one(s)?
10. Have you ever finished a jigsaw puzzle? Was it difficult?
11. How are you today?

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Je pense aux frais de port je me marre.

ouais sauf que ça aurait l'air moins bizarre si j'envoyais une lettre en France ou en Belgique que si j'en envoyais une aux USA 

étants donnée que des tonnes de militaires français débarque ici chaque années et reparte deux ans plus tard

tout les amis que j'ai perdu de vue, je te raconte pas

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So my sister watched Percy Jackson and I was wondering what were your thoughts about it ??

Well. First off, I have to say that I haven’t actually read the Percy Jackson books or watched the movie! I have heard good things about them but tbh I really don’t care about it and I have been angry about this several times because DUDE THAT IS MY CULTURE.

Let me explain: I am totally and absolutely fine with people writing things based on the greek myths. I am totally into the idea of processing stories through writing about them (I write fanfiction, how could I not?) and expanding them, because well. That is what people have done since forever! Our collective traditions, our stories, our literature, have been created through rethinking and rewriting older myths and stories. People have been making up headcanons about the greek gods since forever as well; the myths themselves were created this way, which is why every mythology in the world is so rich and why there are dozens of myths with similar beginnings or several versions of the same story.

My problem with the Percy Jackson books is not that they are based on mythology and the greek gods! MY PROBLEM IS THAT IT DOES SO WHILE (as far as I know) COMPLETELY IGNORING GREECE ITSELF. I guess it could be essentially called cultural appropriation (correct me if I’m wrong). The whole story centers around a white, USAmerican boy whose dad is Poseidon (according to wikipedia, Neptune in the books. Hmm.). Most of the other demigods he meets are also USAmericans. His best friend is a satyr or something and the Olympian Gods reside in the United States. WHY. WOULD. THEY. DO. THAT. His girlfriend (Annabeth?) is Athena’s daughter (wtf Riordan, ATHENA WAS A VIRGIN GODDESS. why would you take asexual characters away from us).

So yeah the thing is: this series takes a culture born in one place of the world, and transfers it to another. That would be okay for me, except that:

a) THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS SET IN THE USA. PLEASE STOP MAKING EVERYTHING IN THE US, DEALING WITH US THINGS. (while USAmerican issues are of course important, they are not universal. And while there are universal ideas, motifs, etc., narratives can, and should, also deal with more specific themes.)

b) Greece was once powerful, etc., etc., but it is not anymore. There are a hundred of issues I could address in regards to Greek people’s often hyperbolic love and possesiveness towards their country, but that is a whole other post. Truth is that a lot of people here, if not the most of them, do tend to have problematic reactions when foreign creators use the Greek mythology and tradition to base their own ideas on. That is a whole other post, too, but I would rather state first that I’m not horribly nationalistic in this way. The thing is, I feel, that right now Greece is going through a shitton of problems and is not a powerful country at all. And you know what, I NEED FICTION TO ADDRESS IT AND PEOPLE TO RECOGNISE IT. And setting the Greek myths in a foreign environment with no social commentary or recognition of, idk, the existence and the place of their country of origin really does not sit well with me.

Wow, I really did ramble a lot.





d) [EDIT] a thing I forgot to say before is that I also think it’s very important to challenge the problematic aspects of myths! And by that I don’t mean to dismiss, gloss over, or ignore other peoples’ ideals and views on the world; I mean comment, bring out, and work on issues apparent in myths, such as misogyny and racism. I don’t know if Riordan does that! (I do hope he does) This part was more of a general thought of mine.

and a final note: If you think anything I sat here is terribly problematic or offensive, PLEASE DO TELL ME! I am very cautious around such issues and if anyone thinks I misstepped somewhere, I would really like to be educated.

*Of course a lot of asexual people do have sex and kids, but. Ugh. There is already zero asexual representation, so we could use a little recognition there.

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Weren't you and your girlfriend a little forced ?

Idk, why do close friendships always have to end up as something sexual :/ I’m pretty sure it’s just fanservice, some people have been shipping us for such a long time and all. And you know, that poor boy that had a crush on the both of us went through so much, he’s the one who deserved a happy ending! It’s kind of playing into the stereotypes anyway, you know, short hair and all.
Terrible writing, definitely.

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So bb!Elv essentially learned to read via her Greek mythology books and was REALLY INTO IT and basically knew every little detail almost off by heart.

The thing is, I was pretty much a baby back then so I also liked things I would now find problematic, so have this in mind (though I never shipped Zeus/Hera, truth be told. DUDE JUST STOP SLEEPING AROUND. Or Zeus/any other lady because Zeus was a dick).

I remember really liking Odysseus/Penelope, Deucalion/Pyrra (THEY SURVIVED AND WERE THE PARENTS OF A NEW WORLDDDD woooo) and Orpheus/Euridice and also Antigone/Aemon totally BROKE MY HEART. Also I prefered Helen with Menelaus to Helen with Paris though tbqh I just really loved Helen and the whole story makes it seem like she went with Paris just because Aphrodite made her go so I was sad and wanted her to be with her husband. Also AGAMEMNON WAS AWFUL and sorry but I was actually quite okay with Clytaemnystra killing him so that was pretty much an anti-pairing.

HOWEVER there was also what I now recognise as my first f/f ship! You see, Athena never wanted any man, but also had a female friend, Pallas, with whom she hanged out a lot and really really loved. So okay Athena is supposed to be a virgin goddess, but that doesn’t exclude all possibilities of her being into ladies, right? And somehow my four years old brain had registered that and TOTALLY SHIPPED ATHENA AND PALLAS: TOTALLY AWESOME BADASS GIRLFRIENDS. Unfortunately, like most Greek myths, there can’t be a good ending, and Athena kills Pallas by mistake during battle practice one day. ;______; She is of course devastated by her (girl)friend’s death and to honour her, she adopts her name and becomes Pallas Athena.

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Friday Night Lights ?

Football in a small town in Texas! Coach/Mrs. Coach OTP! Really affecting and deftly and subtlely handled family drama! Taylor Kitsch! Went off the air without winning all the awards and everyone was sad forever THE END