I’m seriously so fucking done with people saying “kylie jenner is fake” or “kylie jenner is full of silicon” like it’s not bc you read shitty things that the medias publish to get money from that it’s true! I follow kylie from 2013 and the only thing that change is her lips she has a small butt and she wears butt pad and poses in weird ways to make it look bigger but if you see her snapchats you will notice it. Her boobs have always been looking good the 3rd pic is from 109 weeks ago it was in July 2013 you seriously think she got a boob job at 15 ???? Her face is still the same it can look different bc of make up but in general without it’s the same. So now you got it don’t judge people that you don’t know anything about and don’t read stuff like hollywood life and ok! Magazine. The only sources that you can believe bc 90% of their news are true are Tmz clevver news and E! News

When someone starts giving you excuses, but you’re already over it:


Stopped by and visited ClevverTV to talk about mtv Eye Candy. Check it out!


Our rider list consists of: 3 GIANT gummy bears, grandmas, a jumbo pack of highlighters, apricot preserves, pretend friends, one baby mouse and some crocs

What would you put on your diva rider list?