Seth MacFarlane. Sexist? eh

i find it annoying that people who don’t know seth macfarlane very well have this shallow view of him. where they think he’s a sexist moron or something. look. i hate sexism as much as the next person, and i identify myself as a feminist. but… what did he do exactly that was sexist? some people say it’s because he sung a song about boobs. my problem here, is that you misunderstood the joke. the joke is that all he cares about is seeing their boobs. that’s not what he really thinks, that’s the joke. obviously, these women are still great actresses. he’s really slamming men more than women, saying that’s what they care about, or at least, the more immature men. i mean i’m just not seeing this as sexist guys. some people said something about him making a sex joke about the child actress in the audience, but again, the joke was slamming men and not women. he was talking about cloony being a pervert. and this is what bugs me. this isn’t real sexism. i mean these are obvious jokes. very obvious, he is a comedian after all. now i did see someone on here post a picture of him making fun of people with eating disorders. i mean that goes into your opinion on dark humor really. i’m sure if you asked him he’d say it’s a very serious problem. but that being said, just because something is a serious problem doesn’t mean it’s off limits to joke about. i mean he makes racist jokes too, but he’s not racist. he pokes fun at society. when he makes a joke about someone not wanting their daughter dating a black guy, that’s really more of a slam on whites then blacks. this is why he makes a show called american dad, where the very republican father, constantly trys to be the man of the house and looks like an idiot, and a reoccurring theme of the show is that he doesn’t give his wife enough credit and really should. he’s so far from being sexist it’s ridiculous. if you think his jokes go too far sometimes, then that’s ok, that kind of humor isn’t really for everyone. but let’s not go around calling people who aren’t sexist, sexist. that’s only going to create more confusion. that’s not what i’m about.


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