If it's in the paper, it must be true....

So, the newspaper Sherlock reads the obituaries from in The Sign of Three…

…if you look a little closer and pause in the exact right millisecond:

I see what you did there, you sneaky little bastards.
And I love you for doing it.

asdfhkahladfhkl… but rose hair tho

Each Mars Sign When Upset
  • Mars in Aries: They will get angry for a short time and scream at you. Don’t worry, their bark is waaaaayyyyyy worse than their bite.
  • Mars in Taurus: It’ll take awhile to get these people truly upset. Yeah, don’t get these people truly upset. This is one of the two Mars placements that I actually fear, they’re so determined. You have been warned!!!!!
  • Mars in Gemini: These people like to weaponize words. They’ll probably just talk your ears off, to be honest.
  • Mars in Cancer: They will make you feel like the most gargantuan piece of shit to have ever existed. Do you know why? Because they look at you with their tears and their sad ass eyes and destroy you with guilt. Clever little bastards!
  • Mars in Leo: Drama queens!!!!!!!!!! They’ll probably throw an attention-seeking tantrum and then pout about life for awhile.
  • Mars in Virgo: They will analyze you and tear you apart. I feel like almost any Virgo placement is capable of this, but we’re talking about Mars right now.
  • Mars in Libra: They will get self-righteous as all hell. I find it funny that these people pride themselves on being logical, yet they defend themselves with passion more than anything remotely logical. Also, they’re suuuuuuuper passive-aggressive.
  • Mars in Scorpio: This is the other Mars placement that I fear. Why, you ask? Because they’re scary. They’re usually good at hiding what’s going on. Seriously, they could be having a mental breakdown, but look totally calm. If you piss them off, they’ll more or less be plotting your demise and they will destroy you slowly and mercilessly. They will NEVER forget what you did, asshole!!!!!!! 
  • Mars in Sagittarius: They’ll probably just tell you to shut up and call you jealous, no big deal.
  • Mars in Capricorn: These people have no time for your bullshit. Bye.
  • Mars in Aquarius: They will try to make you feel intellectually inferior.
  • Mars in Pisces: They’ll probably cry and be really moody.

So for my school’s senior prank, they took down the portrait of the school founder and replaced it with a freaking blown up picture of NICHOLAS CAGE. I AM GOING TO CRY IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. They also left notes around the school with clues about where they hid the original portrait. Congrats  Class of ‘13, you have my respect. 

“I only steal because my dear old family needs the money to live!“
Locke Lamora made this proclamation with his wine glass held high; he and the other Gentleman Bastards were seated at the old witchwood table… . The others began to jeer.
"Liar!” they chorused
“I only steal because this wicked world won’t let me work an honest trade!” Calo cried, hoisting his own glass.
“I only steal,” said Jean, “because I’ve temporarily fallen in with bad company.”
At last the ritual came to Bug; the boy raised his glass a bit shakily and yelled, “I only steal because it’s heaps of fucking fun!”
Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora


Nintendo you clever bastards, the settings of the Pokemon Go trailer where Japan, Paris and New York.

  • Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are based in different location of Japan.
  • Unova Region is based on New York City 
  • and the Kalos Region is based on Paris.

oh my god

“I lay in dark and dreaming sleep, while countless wars and ages past. I woke, still weak, a year before I joined you.
My people fell for what I did, to strike the Evanuris down, but still some hope remains for restoration.”

I heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music, do you?
It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled king composing Hallelujah.