GUYS! oh my god! ! ◉_◉

It’s true! Jack is replaced!

Anti is in charge 

Jack try to fight back! 

1 Anti for the first time was trying to escape. 

2 He was strong enought to not be fight right away

3 jack was blurred and slowly lose control

4 we couldn’t tell the difference, but ANTI win the fight

after a few months we have this 

5 jack is defeated, not dead! just unconscious. 

6 Anti. Of course. Is he getting stronger or weaker? Marks almost the same as Jack have. Blood using from his eyelids.

7 Jack is broken? No. He try broke babrier? Yes. He is awaken, all marks are cured. Light is bright like rising sun.

8 Jack is trying to fight back! He is trying to come back!

You can do it! 

(Jack you clever bastard, you!) 


Thumbnails are from: Layets Of Fear and Detention

I just realized something 

So you know that famous line “a plague o’ both your houses”? The line that Mercutio says like three times after getting stabbed? 

Well it’s pretty obvious that it’s foreshadowing for the end when a both Montague and a Capulet kick the bucket 

But it gets better 

Because the reason why Romeo kills himself (which makes Juliet kill herself) is that he didn’t get the letter explaining the whole “Friar Lawrence’s guide to faking your own death and running away with your exiled lover in just 2 days!” plan and thus thinks that Juliet’s actually dead and so death and such occurs 

And why didn’t Romeo get the letter? 

Because Friar John was stopped by, of all things, a plague.

ok, i’m listening to “Guardians of the Whills Suite” from the Rogue One soundtrack, which is basically the theme for Baze and Chirrut since it played when they died and when they first appeared, and they were both guardians of the kyber crystals, or guardians of the whills like george lucas’ original title for star wars. anyways, i realized the opening notes are exactly the same as the opening notes for “Across the Stars”, with an oboe (or english horn i can’t tell) playing it just like in across the stars. so i’m screaming cause across the stars was a love theme for anakin and padmé, WHICH MEANS GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS IS THE LOVE THEME FOR BAZE AND CHIRRUT. it’s confirmed canon, fight me.

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Call Time (M)

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Summary: Taehyung had just wanted to rant to his best friend about how ridiculous he looked.

Warningsanal fingering, dirty talk, phone sex, allusions to pet play *hint hint wink wink*, guided masturbation

A/N: This is the first part my little panda’s other birthday gift that I completely forgot to post soooooooo HERE YA GO MONNI I LOVE YOU V MUCH!!!! Rogue pls don’t kill me ok

Taehyung huffed in exasperation. He looked ridiculous. Absolutely, certifiably ridiculous. He had purposely chosen to dye his hair this obnoxiously vibrant shade of red for the very simple fact that he didn’t want to wear the damn ears and tail in the first place. But his best friend being The Indomitable and Resourceful Park Jimin, Taehyung really shouldn’t have been surprised that he would find the fuzziest appendages possible that just so happened to perfectly match his new hair color. Honestly, Taehyung was beginning to question why he even considered the impish little brat a friend when he so often and so willingly broke their most sacred Best Friends Blood Oath and Spit Pact of December 2010. 

He glared at his reflection once again, eyes stuck on the unnaturally “cute” ears peeking out from his tousled coppery locks. There was no way in hell he was going to go live looking like this. Nope, nuh uh. Kim Taehyung was willing to do a lot of things for his loyal fans–and had done a good chunk—except look unreasonably absurd. With another loud huff, he batted at the stupid triangles before snatching his phone off his bed to angrily tap at his best friend’s contact information.

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Prompt: (Request from Anon) hii! can i request a chill/fluffy charles x reader (ft the rest of the team) where theyre all talking about zodiac signs over breakfast and arguing about whos sign is the best and everything, and raven being totally obsessed with which signs are the most compatible (+reader is an aries and id imagine charles is an aquarius or taurus? but idk if theres any canon info on that or not) this might be a corny request but itd be cute i think! if you do it thanks in advance!!❤♈️            

Word Count: 1326

Notes: Beta’d by the amazing, flawless @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Anon, I hope I did this justice for you. I LOVED this idea because I love astrology and X-Men. I found all the signs (save for Reader and Charles) online, so idk if it’s super accurate but I went with it! I hope you all enjoy it!


“I’m serious, I’m a Cancer,” Raven insisted as she sat at the large round breakfast table in the breakfast nook of the kitchen.

“You know, I can see it,” Hank agreed as he eyed her sweetly.

“Thank you, Hank!” she said, thrusting her hand at him.

You weren’t sure how it got started, but as everyone was making waffles, pancakes, toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and pouring cereal, milk, orange juice, or coffee, a huge thing had erupted about astrology. Raven was trying to tell everyone she was a Cancer.

“But I’m a Cancer too,” Peter interjected. “And you and I are nothing alike.”

You scoffed. “As if. You two are the most smart assed, sneaky, overly clever bastards here. You’re almost like twins.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Raven said with a smile.

“Okay, Y/N, what about you, huh? What magical sign are you?” Peter asked, so far he’d made no bones about how silly it was to discuss zodiacs.

“I’m an Aries,” you informed sticking your tongue out.

“Figures,” Scott said. “What with the fire breath and all. Aries is a fire sign so…” he shrugged.

“Good morning, everyone,” Charles greeted as he entered and grabbed a cup of coffee, and made a plate of bacon and pancakes. Your stomach felt the full force of the butterflies erupting around inside. You’d had a bit of a crush on the Professor for a while but you were a student-teacher at the school so you weren’t sure how appropriate that would be to make a move. Yet, that didn’t stop Raven from constantly pushing you two together.

“Good mornings” rang out from each of the students and teachers around the table.

“What are you all so animatedly discussing? I could hear you well down the hall,” he informed as he sat down and sipped his coffee.

“Astrology,” Jean said simply.

“Ah yes. Let me guess, Raven brought this up,” he said with a teasing smirk at his friend.

“How did you know?” Jean asked.

“See when we used to go around pubs–”

Raven smacked his arm and he began laughing.

“Shut up,” she instructed. “No one needs to hear that.”

“Professor, what’s your sign?” Jubilee asked.

“I’m an Aquarius,” he informed simply.

“Makes sense,” she said. “They’re usually truthful, inquisitive, highly intelligent, and kind.”

“Oh please, you could apply that mumbo-jumbo to anyone,” Peter said. “Besides, Cancers are sympathetic, sensitive, and caring too, no different.”

“Yes, but Cancers are very emotionally driven while Aquarius are much more thought driven,” Jubilee added.

“So what’s yours then?” Peter encouraged.

“Pisces!” she announced with pride as she sat up a little bit.

“Why am I not surprised?” Logan said in a deep voice. He’d been rather quiet through the whole ordeal except a smirk here or there.

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Jubilee demanded, turning to the hulking man on her left.

“Means you’re spunky and artistic. Of all the Pisces I’ve met, they’re all just like you,” he informed nonchalantly.

“So you mean they’re all great?” she said with a scrunch of her nose.

“Please, we all know no one can get anything done without a Capricorn,” Scott boasted before leaning back and tucking his hands behind his head.

“Let me guess, you’re a mer-goat?” Peter said. “Psht.”

“I’ll have you know, I’m ambitious, determined, and practical. All the things you aren’t, Mr. Cancer,” he shot back.

“I’m shaking in my boots, the goat is gonna get me.”

“Hank, what’s yours?” Raven asked before she quickly followed up with. “No! Let us guess.”

“I bet it’s Taurus,” Peter said.

“I’m thinking Virgo,” you offered.

“Wrong, both of you,” Hank informed.

“Is it Leo?” Raven tried as she had been staring at him as if he were a puzzle.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Simple. Leo is lion. Lions are known for their heart, being optimistic, kind, and loyal,” she explained with a kind smile.

“Right you are,” Hank agreed with the raise of his coffee cup.

“Lion is a beast, after all,” Logan said with a nudge to Hank who gave a half-smile.

“Oh, Logan, what’s your sign?” you asked.

“Oh, no, I’m not getting involved in this BS.”

“Come on, it’s just for fun.”

“I don’t even know it,” he said. You weren’t sure if he was lying or legitimately didn’t care to remember.

“Well what’s your birthday?”

He told everyone with a roll of his eyes.

“Taurus,” Raven said. “He’s a Taurus. You know, I can see it now. Practical…ambitious, reliable.”

“Great, I sound like a new appliance or car,” Logan scoffed, still poring over the newspaper.

Everyone laughed as they went back to eating for a second before Raven broke the clatter of dishes and chewing.

“You know, none of the signs mean anything without knowing who they go best with,” she offered, her eyes flickered to you. Your stomach knotted as you realized where she was taking this.

“Oh, yes!” Jubilee agreed.

“So let’s see,” she started, eyeing the table. I’m Cancer and we’re best with….Taurus?” she informed, pulling her expansive astrology knowledge to the forefront of her mind. “So Logan, you and Peter should go on a date,” she joked as everyone laughed at the expression on Logan’s face.

Peter made a kissing face toward Logan before his middle claw came out. “You’re not my type,” he informed with a snort.

Laughter rumbled around the table.

“Wait, Jean what’s your sign?” you asked. “We have to know if you and Scott are compatible.”

“I’m a Virgo,” she said quietly, her gaze dancing to Scott next to her.

“Oh, yeah,” you said as if it was obvious. “Virgo and Capricorn are a match made in heaven. Both are practical, driven, loyal, and ambitious.”

“Virgos are also perfectionists, which rings true with Jean,” Peter said.

“I am not a perfectionist,” she argued. “I just like things to be their best!”

Another roll of laughter went around the table.

“Okay, fine, maybe I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

Peter coughed, “Control freak.”

“Har-Har,” she sneered at him.

“So that leaves Jubilee. Pisces, right?” Raven confirmed as Jubilee nodded. “I think the only person you fit with at the table is Peter…”

“I’m fine with that,” she informed as she stared at him.

“We should put it to the test. Everyone here who matches the zodiac should go on date,” Peter offered.

“That’s dumb,” Scott said.

“You just think it’s dumb because you’re already dating your match. This Saturday, we all date our match. So that’d be me and Jubilee; Jean and Scott; Raven, you and Logan.”

“Do I have to?’ she pouted.

“You could do worse, sister,” Logan insisted.

“Hmm, so that leaves Hank, Charles, and Y/N. Y/N, you’re an Aries, right? I hear they go good with Aquarius.”

“I-uh-yeah….I wouldn’t know,” you said, suddenly flustered. Your face was red, you were aware, and being aware made it all the worse.

No one else had known about your crush on Charles except Raven, now it seemed everyone who was looking at your face was keenly aware of your embarrassment.

“What about it, Y/N? Care for a date?” Charles offered, flashing a grin that took your breath away.

“Uh…sure,” you whispered.

“Wait, so where does that leave me?” Hank asked. At that moment, Storm walked in.

“Storm, what’s your sign?” Raven asked as she turned around while Storm fixed a plate.

“My zodiac? It’s Libra, why?”

“Perfect! Libra and Leo go together.”

“Uh, Storm, would you want to go on a date this Saturday? We’re trying to prove something,” Hank informed, feeling silly.

“Would I ever! Yes! Let’s do it. I don’t know what we’re proving, but I’m down.”

“There, it’s settled! Everyone will have a date and we’ll go over who had the better time on Sunday.”

“I’m very much looking forward to this,” Charles informed as he stared at you.

“Me too,” you squeaked.

me, getting sick before playing plague inc: oh this is probably just a sickness bug going around i’ll be alright in a few days

me, getting sick after playing plague inc: im going to die. this is it. im only coughing right now but tomorrow i’ll be sneezing and then it’s pulmonary oedema and i’m not doing anything because those clever bastards evolved paranoia. how did the sickness get here? fuck if i know. burn my corpse

Some thoughts on Cullen

I’ve been thinking too much about Cullen this morning and given how many people love him I doubt these are at all new, but y’all

Cullen Rutherford:

  • is a book nerd who probably has bad vision by the time he’s forty from spending too many nights reading by candlelight. That means glasses for all your modern aus. Oh, yes. Plain black frames or wire rims. Nothing remotely chic, something serviceable because they’re just a tool, not a fashion statement. But dammit, he looks sexy anyway, especially in the morning when his curls are tumbling over his forehead and he’s got that sleepy-eyed blink bringing the world into focus.
  • is a sneaky bastard. He’s clever, he’s crafty, and he’s a damn fine general of what starts out as an incredibly underfunded, undermanned military. Yes, he would rather level the mountain, but he’s fully of capable to finding ways around it. He’s been managing people for a long time, maybe not all successfully (*cough*Meredith*cough*), but he didn’t get to where he was by bludgeoning everything with his not inconsiderable will. He got that way with patience, with choosing his battles, and with subtle manipulations that you should watch for.
  • is self-aware. He spent too long not being, and now he’s constantly thinking about who he is, who he was, and striving to be more than both. This can take him to the edge of despair, because he does not shy away from the wrongs he has done or, worse, allowed to be done by his own willful negligence. He knows that he can never make amends for what happened, but he also knows that to do nothing is to say that none of it mattered. Cullen knows that if he’s going to fight for recovery, then he to surround himself with people who will kick his ass when he needs it (*cough*Cassandra*cough*), and that he needs constant opportunities for the amends he knows he can never make.
  • is a man of faith. This makes him complicated. It makes loving him messy, and his experiences test that faith in the Chantry and his Maker. But Cullen will always pray. He will always find himself in the hard press of stone beneath his knees, in the quiet that threatens with too much honesty, in the very terror of his own insignificance. Not even Kinloch could take that from him.
  • is an absolute dork. He gets flustered over pranks, but he’ll get you back eventually Sera. He stammers over pretty girls,  but will still kiss them senseless. And, Maker’s breath, the man is quick with a dick joke. Even if he doesn’t admit them all out loud, I can promise you he has a running commentary in that clever, snarky brain of his and most of it is that’s what she said. *dorky laugh*
  • is a warrior.  He may be running the army from Skyhold, but his job is not bloodless. His skills are not merely theoretical. He asks less of his men and women than he demands of himself (which is good, I don’t think many have the man’s stamina. Seriously, two days, an hour of sleep in the Arbor Wilds…)

Sometimes I just think Scout is very stupid to know about his own feelings so, when Medic tries to tell him for the first time that he want a “formal relationship” with Scout, he just freaks out and tells him no~

Medic ask for help to Heavy~ And they tried this. Scout is just a dork, please don’t judge him because he’s a mess with his feelings <‘3 (?)

I miss my OTP so much and this is so shitty but I really need them because they made me so happy <//3 ;_;