So for my school’s senior prank, they took down the portrait of the school founder and replaced it with a freaking blown up picture of NICHOLAS CAGE. I AM GOING TO CRY IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. They also left notes around the school with clues about where they hid the original portrait. Congrats  Class of ‘13, you have my respect. 

I learned that "nemo" meant Nobody in Latin today...

This was what I contemplated all day:

If “nemo” means nobody, then what does Finding Nemo mean? What is Pixar trying to convey by naming Nemo “nemo”? Clearly, Nemo is a somebody. At the same time, however, Nemo is a nobody for the majority of the movie. In reality, he is a nobody to everyone but his father. Having said that, Nemo becomes somebody. This would mean that the moral lesson of the movie isn’t “Fish are friends, not food”, nor is it to respect our oceans and the sea life. Instead, the moral lesson could be that no matter how insignificant you feel- no matter how much of a nemo you feel you are- you are always going to be somebody to someone. Or maybe, it’s a combination of all three moral lessons. *insert feelings of an epiphany* 

Genreal Mills, you are a piece of work.

Seriously, you think that if you throw in some tiny ass colorful marshmellows I’m not going to notice the cat food you ass holes call cereal?

Well you may have fooled us as children, but we’ve grown up, and smoked pot once or twice, we’re going to catch on that you’re trying to feed us kibbles and bits for breakfast.

-It’s simple logic, fuckers.