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I honestly think we didn't have any reaction to The Incident becaue Ryan was on holiday. I would give anything for a clever twist that would explain all of this mess but I think we're reading to much into insignificant details :(

Well, this storyline has been planned out for months, and the press knew about it way before we did, which is usually the case. 

Ryan was only gone for about a week, if they had wanted to, they could have gotten the interview done a little bit in advance. Also were was Emily’s opinion? Or even Danny’s? Like radio silence on all ends, I seriously think it’s because something is about to happen. 

I mean even Ian? Nothing.

Plus it is insignificant, it’s normal practice when things happen, when twists are revealed or bigs things in general happen, that’s what happens. So when it doesn’t, it raises eyebrows.  

Level-5: Ok PL games, you all need a clever twist at the end of your stories to shock the audience with.  

Curious Village: Most of the people in this town are actually very advanced automatons 

Pandora’s Box: The entire town is a mirage caused by hallucinogenic gas

Lost Future: This ‘future’ town is really built in an underground cavern under the real town 


Level-5: …….

Original Triogy: ……

vs Ace Attorney: Did I do it right guys? 


Both Amadeus and Madeline use their brains in Totally Awesome Hulk #1.MU

We have two stories by Marvel newcomers. Brian Edward Hill teams up Amadeus with White Fox to save North Korea from a monster. There is some mild flirting, some cool action…and then a plot twist comes. And I have to say, this is a clever twist – the story played it this way that it managed to get me tricked as well, so the reveal was a pleasant surprise.

The second story, by Leah Williams (who you might know on tumblr as @handaxe ), focuses on Maddy. It’s a backup story, so it’s pretty simple and straightforward. But gives a nice look at Maddy and shows her as both very competent and logical and also emotional and excitable at the same time. In many ways she reminds me here of younger Amadeus back from Incredible Hercules days and reminding me of that book is a big plus for me. As a cherry on top, we get a new take on Lady Hellbender, showing her as more serious and caring for the monsters, than I remember her from her aberrance under Pak. I like it, it gives more layers and nuance to the character.

I really hope this book will start of two great careers in Marvel for both of those writers. So, guys, if you have some money and haven’t bought this book already, maybe consider buying it? It’s standalone and is pretty good, you won’t regret it.

Wtf. I decided to binge watch Rick and Morty tonight. And then suddenly this devilish Petyr Baelish look-alike appears and 5 mins later, he totally starts having chemistry with Summer who could just as well be modern Sansa. And I don’t know where this episode is going, but the creepyship is following me around like mad.


Summer: I was your only friend and I get nothing?

Mr. Needful: Okay I give you one thing. Name it.

Summer: I wanna help you!

Mr. Needful: Clever twist ;)

Summer: I learned from the best ;P

THIS IS MY SHIP. D&D, DO YOU SEE THIS?? this show got it right!

Update 2: awwwwww

Update 3:

okay, he dumped her for power, thought he won and then she got her revenge on him and he was history. THIS IS SO NOT COOL! not even fake Petyr/Sansa can stand a chance….

‘Bates Motel’ Postmortem: Producers on the Rihanna Arc Twists, Including the One That Shocked Them

Warning: This interview for the “Marion” episode of Bates Motel contains spoilers.

You didn’t really think they were simply going to remake the Psycho shower scene, did you? Instead, Bates Motel creators and showrunners Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse put a clever, satisfying twist on that classic movie death scene, sending guest star Rihanna’s Marion Crane off to a new life — and making her married boyfriend, Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols), meet his grisly death via Norman Bates’s knife.

Ehrin and Cuse talked to Yahoo TV about the twist and the major changes Norman experienced during the two-episode Psycho homage arc. They also learned about an interesting twist themselves regarding guest star Nichols.

Yahoo TV: Norman tells Mother he knows he’s mad in the “Mad Hatter” sense of the word, but that plenty of mad people are able to function, some as heads of state. Was that a preelection or postelection line?
Kerry Ehrin: What do you think?

In “Marion” and last week’s episode, Norman has learned so much about the relationship between himself and Mother. Would you characterize them as being at war with each other?
Ehrin: Not exactly. I would say it’s more like a new deal between them. It’s like they’re trying to figure out what the roles of the relationship are, but while there’s a lot of underlying fears of trust and control, it’s like two mob bosses trying to say, “Oh, we’re going to work together now.” But what does that actually look like?

The scene in the kitchen, when Mother forces Norman’s eyes open — that’s a new level of fighting for them.
Ehrin: It was really f***ing funny. It’s one of the joys of the show, that in the heat of horrible anger and frustration, these characters are ridiculous. They are ridiculously human. It’s like she just was pissed, and she wanted him to open his eyes, and she’s forceful. It’s a scene about control, and she wanted his eyes open right then, and he didn’t want to open them. Of course the result of that is just funny.

Credit: Cate Cameron/A&E

Despite this back-and-forth between Norman and Mother, he begins to make some of his own decisions, and he ultimately tells Marion to get out. She thinks he’s telling her this only to help her get away from her situation. He’s, of course, trying to save her from him. How is he able to stop himself from acting out against her long enough to encourage her to get away? Is it because, since he’s just become cognizant of this other half of himself and what it means, he still has a level of control?
Ehrin: Exactly.

Carlton Cuse: The character is not fully gone. That’s the descent that we’re charting over the rest of the season of the show. I think there’s a real poignancy to that moment where Norman recognizes that he is capable of doing things beyond his control, and it’s an act of love and mercy to tell Marion to get out, even though she doesn’t understand. She just thinks he’s rejecting her.

Ehrin: Also, just in terms of basic psychology, it’s like knowledge of yourself and of your behaviors gives you the ability to change your behaviors. He has just had this avalanche of knowledge and understanding that he’s worked through throughout these episodes, so he’s digging deep inside of himself to try to control these impulses, because he understands them more.

Credit: Cate Cameron/A&E

In the end, I think we have a sense they’ve definitely bonded. It’s brief, but I would say it was a real friendship, some understanding on both sides of each other. I think we get a sense that Marion will be OK. She’s been hurt a lot, she’s been through a lot, but she knows how to survive. And she has some instincts that maybe were even strengthened a bit by her brief time with Norman.
Cuse: We felt like the character that Janet Leigh played in the original movie was very much a woman of that time. We thought that that woman, though, was way too passive and ultimately ends up as a horrible victim. That just didn’t feel right for our telling of the story. We wanted our character to be much more empowered, and I think the ending that we came up with for Marion Crane was one that, as you said, has her much more in control of her own destiny.

Austin Nichols as Sam Loomis on Bates Motel. (Credit: Cate Cameron/A&E)

Sam, on the other hand… When you filmed the ending for him, the shower scene, or when you cast Austin Nichols, did you know that his Walking Dead character was also going to be stabbed to death?
Ehrin: No!

Cuse: No. Absolutely not.

Ehrin: That’s amazing.

Did you talk about it at all, once you were actually filming, or did he know about his TWD death at that point?
Ehrin: No. We never discussed it. We didn’t know. You’re breaking this news to us.

Yes, his character was disemboweled on The Walking Dead.
Ehrin: Oh my God. Poor Austin. What a year.

Cuse: Neither of us watch that show, so no, that’s too bad for him, but… two good shows. Getting disemboweled isn’t the worst thing to get a chance to work on.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Nichols as Spencer Monroe on ‘The Walking Dead’ (Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Sam dies on the very shower curtain that his wife sold to Norman. Was that intentional? Because it’s a great little detail.
Cuse: It was more of an homage to the original movie. It had more to do with basically [director] Phil Abraham constructing a version of that sequence that was his own interpretation of the famous Psycho shower sequence.

Ehrin: I will add that the weaving in of a lot of these details from Psycho, weaving them in from the beginning of the season, getting the shower curtains through Madeleine — all that was very intentional. We wanted to thread Psycho through the season.

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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Okay, okay, so I just have to put this out here, but….like this whole big reveal now with Davenport, and like the little clever twist behind why he was a pokemon and only ever says his name and all is cool

But did everyone forget that when his character was first introduced he TALKED TOTALLY NORMAL. Because I did not forget that.

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"Shot in the head" SHOT THROUGH THE HEAD, AND YOUR TIME BLAME DARLING YOU GIVE.... UHM... Dang I tried to make a clever twist to that song

you don’t give love to Michael because you were killed before you could tell him

On a completely unrelated note, I really hate this new ‘missy’ in Doctor Who. Why did they have to give this Master, the most dangerous, twisted, clever mind in the Universe a dimissive ‘missy’??? Even Mistress would be better, but I do’nt think that Master would want to change the name, whatever their form is. But missy. Missy. Fucking missy.

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"Oswald, can you... stay? Even if it's just until I fall asleep?"

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He wasn’t a bad man, sure twisted and clever, but he wasn’t all bad. You were one of the only people who saw the slivers of goodness that wrapped around his dark heart. He always showed you those good sides, never the bad.

Tonight was like one of those times. You’d been mugged on your way home from work a few hours ago. Gotham wasn’t the safest place ever. Oswald who had been across the street at the time, stepped in and made sure the muggers would never come near you again.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked softly as he walked into your living room carrying a steaming mug of soothing tea, “A bit less shaken, I hope?”

You gave a small nod, “A bit, yeah.” You took the mug off him with a murmur of ‘thanks’. It burned your hands as you held it and when you sipped it, you could feel the burning track it left, but you didn’t bother about that, “Thank you.”

Oswald looked at you curiously, “For the tea?” He asked, “It’s my mother’s recipe; it always calmed me down when-”

“For saving me, today.” You met his eyes, “And for the tea.”

He shook his head, “You don’t have to thank me, I did what any man would do.”

“Not every man in Gotham would step in like you did. Thank you, Oswald.”

He nodded, accepting your thanks, before the two of you lapsed into silence for a while. It wasn’t long after that you put the tea on the table and settled into the couch. You closed your eyes, trying to block out the day’s events, when you felt something drape over you. Oswald had found a blanket in one of your cupboards and was covering you up. He didn’t speak, in fear that you were asleep, and picked up his jacket.

You opened your eyes, feeling the need to stop him. You didn’t want him to leave, “Oswald, can you… stay? Even if it’s just until I fall asleep?” You asked, voice holding a sort of desperation.

Oswald nodded quickly, throwing his jacket back down and settling on the opposite chair, “Of course, anything you want.”

“Thank you,” You whispered as you closed your eyes once more, “For everything.”

A small ponder about twist ending fiction

I think I have a bad sort of head for certain types of stories. Anything that depends on the reader figuring out what actually is going on or the author outwitting the reader and doing clever twists is very likely to leave me cold. Agatha Christie novels were fun, unless I worked out what she was doing, in which case I used to flip to the end, read the last unmasking chapter, and close the book. (I still have no idea what happens in most of the The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, as I figured it out somewhere in the second chapter, read the last chapter to see if, yes, I’d worked it out correctly, and put it back on the shelf.)

On the other hand, books where I have no idea what’s going to happen, or in which every different scenario I come up with while reading is equally satisfying, make me happy. So do books in which there may be twists, but the book doesn’t depend on them, and you can reread the book with increased pleasure even if you know the twist.

Right. Back to writing a story for other people. I hope it will be the second type of story. (FWIW, I’m not saying any kind of fiction is better than any other kind here. Just that, as I age, I learn things about my own likes, dislikes and prejudices in fiction as in other areas.)

you know what I want from ilvermorny and the north american wizarding world? magical explinations for tall tales. like, paul bunyan turns out to be a european giant that somehow immigrated to the states. there wasn’t the any magical legislative body in north america back then, so it was up to some clever locals to twist their no-maj neighbors’ memories as best as they could. they couldn’t get them to comletely forget him, but luckily they think he’s just a legend. chupacabra and bigfoot and jackalopes are actual magical creatures that no-majs have encountered and built tales around. most of them are just guesses and are pretty off the mark about their actual behavior, but some of it is based in fact. jkr did a really good job of incorporating european myths into her stories and I just want to see her do the same across the pond.

I saw this beautiful movie the other night; and Wow.

It’s almost 15 years old- but I’d never even heard of it. It was clever and visually` catching, it kept me wondering where the story was going and every now and then I was blown away by a clever twist.
 Princess Arete is one of japan’s most successful and insightful feminist works and based on Diana Coles’ short story- The Clever Princess, but I can find little to no info or fandom for it. So bizarre!

If you enjoy beautiful Anime, dynamic character development, or an unexpected take on fairy tales; you should totally look this up on your Netflix.

In terms of the Oliver/Felicity dynamic, though, the romantic drama was fairly effective this week. Both Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards were in top form as they wrestled with the unhappy turn their lives have taken. Rickards was especially impressive as she showed Felicity fighting a losing battle to remain a chipper and friendly despite being torn up inside. The faux-wedding was a clever twist in the sense that it forced the two to confront the happy life that was once right in front of them and accept that things have changed irrevocably.

Jesse Schedeen in his IGN review of “Arrow” 4x16, “Broken Hearts” (X)

Things I learned as I became less dissociative: anxiety can cause prickling sensations and “pins and needles” tingling/numbness sensations all over your body but especially in extremities!

Also, possibly bc I am a Smol Autistic, I had no awareness of being anxious until i realized that I had this, and then put that together with the fact that i do not breathe and never have (to be accurate, I breathe super shallowly unless i consciously stop and breathe, like, even when I’m sleeping) and oh yeah, hold a lot of tension in my body and jaw.

Because I don’t FEEL anxious, emotionally. And I have tools for that if/when I do. But my body is constantly like “OH FUCK, PRETEND TO BE DEAD OK?¿??” and then, in a fun and clever twist, “OH FUCK THIS FEELS BAD WE’RE PROBABLY DYING??” /facepalm/

This is apparently a super common reaction to trauma. Which I have in spades, like most of us here. Apparently what happens physiologically is your blood goes to, like, your… major organs or someplace in case you need to run away… and then the rest of you tingles. There’s some other shit too, like being too tense to breathe deeply lol.

Anyway, I could talk for literal hours about what works to fix this, and will if you want, but I totally want to hear from all the other people who have this tingling or random prickling thing because I’m like ????! why have I never heard of this before.

Guys I got too philosophically high last night and I started thinking about Charli XCX’s “Famous” video and the message behind it. 

like earlier in the day I was surprised to see how many people didn’t understand the concept of the video? Like it’s blatantly honest. How pop-culture embellishes reality. Like I get it, the visuals are a lil bit weird to watch but that was totally because of the director. 

Also like how fans put celebrities on a kind of pedestal and look up to and idolize them way too much to the point that celebrity culture is taking over their lives.

I think the video is amazingly clever. Twisted as fuck and a bit of a shit show but pretty brilliant. Like when the girls’ phone is dead, the girl has to deal with real life, which is scary and awful. Then you see how famous pop stars aren’t as perfect as they look like and a lot of them only want to make money. But she charges her phone again and then she is saved from the cruel reality. (but she seems brain dead and is bleeding out emojis) 

And a commentary on capitalism? 

MAYBE the whole sucker era is just this one big ironic joke, (gasp) like some crazy ass performance art shit or maybe she just sold out LMAO I HOPE NOT

Charli just has this clever view of the music industry and internet culture as a whole, and she’s like only 22. I’m interested to see what she says about it when people ask her about the video. Like I feel like this is the most interesting thing she’s done in a long time.