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Greg doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being a highly shrewd and creative kid. He’s maybe five years old, alone in the woods, hungry and disoriented, freezing his tiny face off, and he not only meets the Beast’s challenges (which, if you ask me, weren’t even intended to have answers) with clever solutions of his own devising, but manages to procure the necessary materials and bring them back.

I like to imagine that the Beast was secretly pretty frustrated by the end of it, because the idea was to set some classic Impossible Tasks and paralyze his victim with the enormity of the undertaking–a tactic he’s probably used before–and instead Mr. Never Give Up rose to the situation so dauntlessly that the only way to make him despair of his life was to just plain hang him out to dry and await results.

I keep seeing people say “Virgin blood doesn’t refer to the blood OF a virgin - it just means the blood itself is virginal and hadn’t been used for a ritual before!”

Except no one has ever provided any kind of evidence for that except, “Well, ‘virgin’ can be used as an adjective!” Which, uh, is not actually valid evidence of anything. It’s a cool thought, but more along the lines of a clever solution to a riddle in an urban fantasy story than a reflection of real history.

The concept of virginity was present in ancient cultures. From what I understand, though, “virgin sacrifice” is kind of a fanciful creation of storytellers rather than a commonplace practice anywhere. In those times and places where human sacrifice was performed, it was usually of children or servants and/or volunteers. I strongly suspect that the King Kong-style sacrifice of nubile young maidens is mostly a creation of fiction - even ancient stories, like that of Andromeda and Perseus, feature damsels in distress so that the hero can rescue her from peril and win her romantic and sexual attention.

And back to “virgin blood”. It seems highly unlikely that reusing blood for sacrifice could be an issue in any age or culture before artificial refrigeration and anti-coagulants.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Aang [ENFP]


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Aang is bursting with ideas, constantly thinking of new things to do, places to go, people to see. He’s good at attacking problems from many different angles until he finds a solution that works, and is a fast learner; he picks up waterbending so quickly from Katara that she begins to feel jealous. He is reluctant to acknowledge when he is out of options—learning earthbending (in which there is “no clever solution” and problems must simply be faced “head-on”) is especially hard for him, and it takes him a while to accept that killing Fire Lord Ozai is the only way to end the war. Even then, he ultimately manages to find another way to defeat Ozai.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Aang tends to keep his emotions to himself. He prefers not to burden others with his emotional baggage, trying to work things out on his own. He forces himself through days of mental and moral gymnastics before finally accepting that he must violate his principles and kill the Fire Lord to end the war. Even then, he is ultimately unable to go through with it, instead choosing to try to remove Ozai’s bending—a much risker proposition. When unlocking his chakras, he is unable to let go of his attachment to Katara, even though it means he will be locked out of the Avatar State and thus at a grave combat disadvantage.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Aang sometimes has trouble deciding which ideas are practical and which are not. He has a strong work ethic and is determined to become a skilled Avatar. As an adult, Aang is instrumental in Republic City’s foundation and growth, realising his dream of a shared and diverse nation.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Aang is deeply affected by the loss of his culture and everyone he knew before the war. He’s upset to discover the changes made to the Northern Air Temple by its new inhabitants, and when Appa, one of the last remnants of his old life, is kidnapped, Aang becomes controlling and belligerent, behaving like an unhealthy ISTJ. As an adult, Aang favours Tenzin over his other children because he is an airbender and represents a chance for Aang to reintroduce the Air Nomads to the world.

like just remember post s2 and eeeeveryone was talking about ‘how sherlock did it’ that’s all anyone talked about, and it was built up for two years to be this big thing, mark and steven and all the cast kept saying it was a ‘really clever’ solution that noone had worked out yet, they built it up and baited for so long, and then when it came to it they literally just did the ‘yeah he jumps onto a giant blue mattress’ because, like they said the other night, of course that’s how he did it it’s the simplest explanation?? I feel like that’s exactly what we’ll get with the baby. ‘quick, simple, done, right let’s move on to the important stuff’


Horned Serpent || Gryffindor : smudged lipstick, late nights, cups of coffee, stacks of books, chipped nail polish, libraries, witty remarks, winks, smirks, daisies, complex braids, quick handwriting, fiction and fantasy, bravery and wisdom.

Horned Serpent || Ravenclaw : glasses, raised eyebrows, inquisitive glances, neat and fast handwriting, organized planners, endless questions, reference books, atlases, exotic languages, messy buns, early mornings and cups of tea, knowledge and wisdom.

Horned Serpent || Slytherin : restless nights, early mornings, advanced classes, messy buns, careful handwriting, pencil tapping, reading, always reading, good grades and success, ambition and wisdom.

Horned Serpent || Hufflepuff : laughs, learning from mistakes, warm cups of tea, sweaters, cursive, reading all types of books, loyalty, clever solutions, easy smiles, friends and books, loyalty and wisdom.


mbti mood board: entp (”the debater”) 

“in general, entps are upbeat visionaries. they highly value knowledge, and spend much of their lives seeking a higher understanding. they live in the world of possibilities, and become excited about concepts, challenges and difficulties. when presented with a problem, they’re good at improvising and quickly come up with a creative solution. creative, clever, curious, and theoretical, entps have a broad range of possibilities in their lives.”

The Adventure Zone 16/?

TAAKO’S UMBRELLA.  ATE A MAGIC WAND.  IT ATE IT.  And then he stole a bunch of shit.  Taako I love you.

Clever solution to the crashing train.  Actually two fairly clever solutions, since the first one was still a good idea but didn’t work.  And like when it was time to get off the train they kept just pushing people off?  Some of these doods wanted to make long goodbyes and the PCs were having none of it.  Nnnnnope off the train with you.  And you.  And you.

I really thought they were going somewhere more with Angus’ insistence that they not kill the bad guy though.  I thought it was going to be more than “I want to turn him in” but I guess not.  Or if it was it didn’t come up.  Also, I guess Angus doesn’t become a major recurring character until later?  I know that happens I just thought it would be now, but again, I guess not.

Overall this arc was really satisfactory.  I just, really thought it was a good storyline, good mystery, and then the players did a good job solving it.  It didn’t have anything to really match that great emotional Merle moment from the climax of the first arc?  But the rest of the arc leading up to that was much more solid.  (Also, DM didn’t throw the beautiful moment down the drain so that was good.)

Would have liked to see the artifact get some use before it was destroyed, but also I do kind of like that because, like, there are so many stories where they spend the heroes spend the entire time trying to prevent some worst case scenario, and then they fail, and then they have to salvage things from that worst case scenario.  And I certainly get why that’s a thing but… it does get a little tiring.  Also it kind of makes this really terrible thing they were trying to prevent seem less threatening?  Like.  "We can’t let him awaken the elder god and destroy everything!“ "He has awakened the elder god and everything is going to be destroyed!” “We destroyed the elder god in a ten minute action scene, guess it wasn’t that big a deal.”

Anyway what I’m saying is that I do kind of like that they got to contain the threat.  And since this is isn’t even close to the last relic it’s not like there’s nowhere to go from here.  So it works.

I really love the way the director says Davenport?  Like.  Her tone changes completely from this very serene and dignified authority figure to suddenly this very sharp, stringent, “DAVENPORT!  Davenport.”

They made like six Runaway Train jokes (the song by Soul Asylum) and it never got old for me.  Nnnnnnever.

Lovin the Merle and Magnus voices, hope they stick with them.  Or even just.  Stick with voices.

Day 6: Phone Call

(( Fluff! Prompt and inspiration from @weweremadeforeachothersherlock. Also this is mostly a text one, oopsie :x but the important part is the call! ))

You’ve been in relationships before, yes? -SH

Jim stares at the new text, confused. Sherlock Holmes and he didn’t really “text.” Adding onto that, when they did, it was usually compliments about particularly clever crimes or solutions. The word “relationship” rarely came up, and here the detective was, using it to open a conversation. And so abruptly too.

Oh hello Sherlock, how are you? I’ve been well, and why yes, I’ve had several. They were alright. -JM

And you know how to flirt. -SH

You don’t say. What could have possibly tipped you off? -JM

Don’t be glib. I need your advice. -SH

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Tutorial - Gadget Hackwrench - suit, ears, goggles and wrench

Imageheavy! (as pictures says more than words :))

Gadget (Rescue Rangers) was a fairly simple and fast project, just for nostalic fun. :)
Here’s a quick progress summary and tutorial for the cosplay. Hopefully this might be helpful for some of you Internet peeps out there :) 


Ears were cut out of craft foam, covered in pink jersey fabric and painted with acrylics before sewn onto a head band with the goggles. 

I made a simple “baloon” shape as the template-shape of the ears. 

Fabric turned right side-out. 

Craft foam stuck into fabric ears.

Painted with regular acrylic paint. Then hand-sewn onto head band. 


The goggles are simply play dough containers cleaned, sewn and glued onto a piece of foam, then painted and attached to a head band. (I thought I was pretty clever here ;) Sometimes easy solutions are the best!)

First layer of “regular” acrylic paint. Needed several layers for proper coverage. Centre of lids were painted black. 

Tadaaa!! So lovely! :D 


For this body suit I used a regular cat suit pattern, but made an inner facing through the whole suit as the fabric was slightly see through ^^; I also placed the zipper in the front in stead of the back, and made a simple collar with flicelin (is that the right english word? the stuff you iron on in between fabric to make it stiff? Ah well, you know what I mean!). I also made a simple tail out of the same fabric as the ears and sewed it onto the waist band, which is attachable with Velcro (sadly no pics of that). 

First of all!! ALWAYS wash your fabric before sewing! As fabric will shrink when you wash it the first time, usually several percentages, and this might make your cosplay wonky. (And, we do want washable cosplays, right? No stinky cosplayers, please! <3)

I changed the pattern slightly so that it would have fitted legs, but be looser around the torso and butt, as is Gadget’s suit. 

As I mentioned previously I also added a collar, with facing, although I sadly have no more sewing picture than these (as I made this suit in two sittings, and were on a tight schedule). Although if you have a pattern it is pretty straight forward. More or less, cut out the pieces and assemble ^^


The wrench is made of insulation foam, which can be bought cheaply at home improvement stores. I cut the shape out with an exacto knife, sanded and covered in papier mache fallowed by wood glue before painting :) 

Cut cut cut cut cut~ 

Pretty good sized :) 

(no pics of papier mache and wood glue + sanding, sorry! T^T)

Spay painted.

Distress!! I tend to end up using my fingers, more or less just smearing paint on. Which added to the grease:y look of the wrench :) 


That’s all folks! :) Hope you’ve enjoyed this short tutorial, just let me know if you have any further questions! Cheers!