clever sign

Rainy Horoscopes 🌂🌁 ⚡

(and other bad advice the rain may suggest)

♈  aries: if the clouds cover the sky, then the sun never rose. crawl back under the covers. time has less meaning than it did before.   if it had any less meaning it would be real.

♉  taurus: close the umbrella. you will get wet anyway. open the umbrella. you will get struck by lightning anyway. avoid rubber boots. they will protect you, but then what was the point?

♊  gemini: splash in puddles the way you did as a child, with reckless abandon, childish glee, and no fear of pneumonia. tomorrow, they will not be here. tomorrow, neither will “you”. 

♋  cancer: it’s raining, grab your umbrella. nevermind, it’s snowing. nevermind, it’s hailing. the cuter it is the less it will help, but the happier you will be. 

♌  leo: you will wake to the soft melody of rain tapping on your window. you needn’t look. keep you eyes closed. don’t focus on the sound. deep in your heart, you should know by now it isn’t the rain.

♍  virgo: bright yellow galoshes! what are those? who knows! but you wear them anyway. it is the uniform. and endless battle against the outdoors, that only ever has wanted in.

♎  libra: is it raining or is it…simply wet? don’t look up, but it’s always been this way. don’t question it. things will start to unravel. your fingers prune. you have already begun. 

♏ scorpio: dry, dry skin. it hurts. you catch the rain in your hands, but everything still feels dry. no lesson, just pain.

♐  sagittarius: hate the rain all you want, it will still love you. loving it won’t stop it either, that would only encourage it. try a restraining order. 

♑ capricorn: curl up with a book in the windowsil, a mug of something hot, and the rain pounding at the window. it is peaceful, isn’t it? it’s practically picturesque. people look at you strangely. no one actually does this

♒ aquarius: drink from the puddles. or don’t that’s unsanitary. but find a way to drink from them. in a weird, metaphoric way. 

♓  pisces:  when raindrops race down the window, watch them with amusement. don’t pay attention to the prophecies of destruction and loss they foretell. it is not for you to read. 

It’s also telling that Liam and Niall didn’t take pictures with fans at the wembley arena, while Harry did. He could have easily said no or remained hidden behind his bodyguards in the backstage and yet he posed with the fan/contestant/whoever she was knowing she would have posted it, despite his face and his eyes and the fact that you could easily tell how much he was suffering and that he cried a lot. I think he wanted to take at least one pic to confirm his presence there considering there’s not much he can do other than this unfortunately, and he knew he was not allowed to be anywhere else publicly around Louis last night. it was a subtle but very clever. The band also didn’t make it about them being there (they would have never, after all) considering they could have taken countless pics with backstage people and fans. I love this. I love that Louis is surrounded by people like them. 

I realized today that Ariel wasn’t able to write a message to Eric explaining her situation because writing counted as a part of her voice.

She only signs her name before forfeiting her voice, and afterwards, she never writes anything. If she had been fluent in sign language, too, she probably would have found herself unable to make the required signs because it’s a legitimate language. She could use gestures and pantomimes all she wanted, because they’re not defined, but actual physical writing and signing was probably taken from her along with her singing voice.


  • Dates: May 21- June 21
  • Symbol: Twins
  • Planet: Mercury 
  • Sign: Air

Gemini’s love to talk!! We are curious, charming and clever. Our driving force is our mind, as Gemini’s are intellectually inclined and always searching for information. Bright and quick-witted, they are usually the life of the party. With quick thinking and a powerful imagination Geminis are fun to be around. However they get bored easily and can have mood swings frequently. 

Crystals: Celestite, Jade, Quartz, Citrine, Howlite