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Rainy Horoscopes 🌂🌁 ⚡

(and other bad advice the rain may suggest)

♈  aries: if the clouds cover the sky, then the sun never rose. crawl back under the covers. time has less meaning than it did before.   if it had any less meaning it would be real.

♉  taurus: close the umbrella. you will get wet anyway. open the umbrella. you will get struck by lightning anyway. avoid rubber boots. they will protect you, but then what was the point?

♊  gemini: splash in puddles the way you did as a child, with reckless abandon, childish glee, and no fear of pneumonia. tomorrow, they will not be here. tomorrow, neither will “you”. 

♋  cancer: it’s raining, grab your umbrella. nevermind, it’s snowing. nevermind, it’s hailing. the cuter it is the less it will help, but the happier you will be. 

♌  leo: you will wake to the soft melody of rain tapping on your window. you needn’t look. keep you eyes closed. don’t focus on the sound. deep in your heart, you should know by now it isn’t the rain.

♍  virgo: bright yellow galoshes! what are those? who knows! but you wear them anyway. it is the uniform. and endless battle against the outdoors, that only ever has wanted in.

♎  libra: is it raining or is it…simply wet? don’t look up, but it’s always been this way. don’t question it. things will start to unravel. your fingers prune. you have already begun. 

♏ scorpio: dry, dry skin. it hurts. you catch the rain in your hands, but everything still feels dry. no lesson, just pain.

♐  sagittarius: hate the rain all you want, it will still love you. loving it won’t stop it either, that would only encourage it. try a restraining order. 

♑ capricorn: curl up with a book in the windowsil, a mug of something hot, and the rain pounding at the window. it is peaceful, isn’t it? it’s practically picturesque. people look at you strangely. no one actually does this

♒ aquarius: drink from the puddles. or don’t that’s unsanitary. but find a way to drink from them. in a weird, metaphoric way. 

♓  pisces:  when raindrops race down the window, watch them with amusement. don’t pay attention to the prophecies of destruction and loss they foretell. it is not for you to read. 

an SI-5 sequel to this

#transvldweek day 1: Self discovery/Coming out

Pidge went for the simple route when she came out…


(she also played an edited version of ‘I kissed a girl’ which said “I am a girl and I like it” over the speakers while she walked around the castle ship w/ this sign)

inspired by this post and this art that I drew a while ago 

We’re reading WHY WE MARCH this week. Here’s a bit about it:

On January 21, 2017, millions of people gathered worldwide for the Women’s March, one of the largest demonstrations in political history. Together they raised their voices in hope, protest, and solidarity. This inspiring collection features 500 of the most eloquent, provocative, uplifting, clever, and creative signs from across the United States and around the world. Each is a powerful reminder of why we march. As with the recent battle cry of “Nevertheless, she persisted,” these messages continue to reverberate daily and fortify a movement that will not be silenced.

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How Pisces Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Compatible similar signs: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Compatible complementary signs: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

People you can learn from: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Air signs are clever at managing everyday reality, but they don’t have much idea on feelings. They live in their heads and have trouble seeing beneath the surface of things. You, on the other hand, are in touch with your instincts and emotions, easily understand subtle nuances, but have trouble logically reasoning things out and dealing with the real world. Air and water are poles apart, so any relationship between these elements is especially difficult. To make matters worse, air signs are often critical of water signs. Air thinks water is slow and dense, so you tend to feel inferior when air signs are around. The good news is that because the water element follows the air element, you can actually teach air signs a thing or two. They think they have all the answers, but actually they don’t. Neptune’s orbit is twice as long as that of Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, so you can make even the most highly evolved Aquarian stop and think twice. Air signs are sceptical about your instinctual way of relating to the world, but a time eventually comes when they notice that you actually know things they don’t, and they they will want to know why you didn’t tell them. Air signs are generally afraid of emotions and feelings and are sceptical about anything psychic or spiritual. The deep waters of the unconscious are literally terrifying to air signs, because these things are not ‘’rational’’. Despite the many differences between you, there are some areas where air and water can find common ground. Gemini’s are mutable and changeable, like you; it’s just that they live in their heads rather than their hearts. You share some similar characteristics with Libra too, for they are lovers of art, are keen to maintain peace and harmony, and will also make great sacrifices for the sake of others - just like you. You also understand why Aquarius are interested in the future of humanity, but you possess a much deeper and broader vision. 

All water signs are sensitive, emotional people who feel things deeply. You can always find emotional support and a safe haven with other water signs. Most of the time water/water relationships are mutually supportive, but sometimes you can take each other on a downward spiral. When one water sign is going through a down period, the other will automatically feel sympathy and also begin to feel down. But when you are up, they are up too. When you are looking for emotional support, your fellow water signs will provide it. Relationships with Cancer are highly creative and lots of fun. Scorpios can help you develop some staying power. Other Pisces will of course, understand you better than anyone, but the positives and negatives of this relationship will be amplified. 

Water and earth are naturally compatible for earth signs provide the form and structure you need. They have practical skills which can help you turn your beautiful dreams into a tangible living reality. Earth signs bring stability into your life, and they are good with money too. Sometimes you find them rather dull and ordinary, but you infuse imagination and emotions into their otherwise black and white, humdrum existence, so they benefit too. Capricorn is probably your most compatible sign, for Capricorns are really fish-tailed goats. Taurus is also a good match for you for they are romantic souls who appreciate love, beauty and art. Virgo is your opposite sign and as with all pairs of opposites, there is often a magnetic attraction. But the Virgo/Pisces relationship can be fraught with problems, because opposite signs often bring out the worst in each other. Although in some ways you are compatible, and can learn a great deal about yourself from this relationship, opposite signs tend to unconsciously project all the unwanted aspects of their personalities onto each other, so this relationship can go down the gurgler pretty fast. But in highly evolved souls, a relationship between opposites can be one of the most romantic, beautiful and joyous of life’s experiences. 

Fire sign people will stress you out because they push you to do things. They want you to be more dynamic, extroverted and outgoing. You will probably try to slip through their net, but you can nevertheless learn a great deal from them. When it comes to courage, taking the initiative and acting independently, you know you struggle. Fire signs see when you are floundering and can point the way forward. They’re here to help you become more assertive and courageous, and encourage you to express yourself with more self-confidence. 

Voltron in Hogwarts (Houses)

Shiro - Slytherin

     Shiro would be in Slytherin as slytherins are resourceful, clever, brave, and yes, cunning. However, that doesn’t mean they’re evil. Shiro has proved to everyone that he is a quick thinker and a good leader, both qualities that come naturally to Slytherins. His ambition to defeat Zarkon and help others is what drives him to step up and take his role as leader and Paladin of the Black Lion.

He is able to act quickly in many different situations, and does this while keeping a level head in most situations (cough Slav cough). Slytherins almost always have a dark side, which in Shiro’s case, would be Kuro. Anyway, Space Dad always makes decisions after thinking things through and weighing all the options available, which shows his cunning/clever side, and signs of a good leader. More examples of Shiro’s cleverness would be how he memorized the patterns of the Galra guards and evaded them long enough to escape. That would’ve taken a lot of planning and thought, another quality Slytherins possess. (Not to mention he attacked saved Matt and practically gave himself up for his best friend, which shows his loyalty to his friends).

Last but not least, Slytherins love power. And Shiro has a crapload of that. Firstly, he’s the Black Lion’s paladin. This gives him the most control when the team has formed Voltron, and this simultaneously makes him the leader. Also, his bond with his lion increased not only his, but also his lion’s abilities, and together with everyone they managed to defeat Zarkon. Anyway, let’s not forget his arm. When Shiro was being held captive by the Galra, they gave him some sort of robotic arm which is incredibly powerful. In fact, it was so powerful that Shiro managed to hold Sendak off (whose arm was about three times bigger) for a while all by himself. All of these traits add up to make Shiro the (good) Slytherin he is.

Keith - Gryffindor

     Keith Kogayne would be sorted into Gryffindor because let’s face it - he’s brave af. In fact, he’s so brave that he becomes rather reckless at times, which is something not unheard of for Gryffindors. Gryffindors are known for their bravery, daring, and determination, all of which have been displayed by Keith over and over again. Keith is known for his hotheadedness (is that a word?) and for making rash decisions without thinking of the consequences (like Harry in Order of the Phoenix hmm). One example of this is when he starting attacking the Galran fleet when the team were saving the Balmera. Keith momentarily forgot that the Balmera was a living creature and had to be reminded by Lance not to hurt it.

Another reason why Keef would be a Gryffindor is because of his determination. Once he sets a goal, he doesn’t listen to anyone. For example, when he single-handedly took on Zarkon he was pretty much dying, yet still wouldn’t give up. This showed the incredible amount of courage and nerve he had - not many people would take on an evil alien emperor all by themselves. It also showed how reckless he can be, but like oh well.

Finally (this is a bit of a coincidence but it still counts so imma write it anyway), Keith’s the red lion’s paladin. The red lion is also known to be the hardest to master, which to me seems like Gryffindors when they have a goal set in mind. Keith’s erm element is fire, just like Gryffindor’s. His color is red, just like Gryffindor’s. His animal is a lion- ok everyone’s animal is a lion but sTiLL.

Hunk - Hufflepuff

     I think we can all agree that Hunk would be placed in Hufflepuff? But anyway-

Hunk has always been a good friend to everyone on the team, and is always there just to cheer someone up. He’s kind, keeps his promises, and is always nice. He has a gentle nature and doesn’t like fighting, but will do it if it means defending the world he loves and his friends. This can be seen as his loyalty towards those he loves, a trait that every Hufflepuff has.

Hunk as an individual is humble and gives everyone around him a chance to be a better person - except Zarkon (duh). Although he is a Paladin of Voltron, he does not like using his powers and authorities unless it’s to fight evil space aliens. He is most often the voice of caution and reason in the team and is also the most patient, which makes him easily approachable and which is also why he makes friends so easily, just like Hufflepuffs. Hunk is also the most unappreciated (in the fandom not the show), and like Hufflepuffs, he’s not recognized for who he really is. However, this does not stop him from doing what is right and staying happy.

Lastly, Hufflepuff is often affiliated with the element of earth, which we know is also the element that Hunk and the Yellow Lion correspond with. Therefore Hunk is thought of as the strong base holding everyone together - along with Shiro - by being his normal cheery self.

Pidge - Ravenclaw

     Pidge would be placed in Ravenclaw as she’s “the hacker of our group”, according to Lance. Being a hacker requires you to be extremely skilled with computers and technology, and Pidge has not only hacked into the Garrison computers, but she has also made her own technology and program to discover the Galran activity on the edge of their solar system. This shows that for a fourteen year old, Pidge is incredibly talented and smart, something that Ravenclaws are known for.

Anyway, Pidge also hacked into Galran technology itself and managed to create Rover in a matter of seconds. She was the only one to figure out that the Garrison lied about her father and Matt being killed, and even managed to fool the professionals at the Garrison with her disguise. Not to mention, she used her lion’s invisibility powers on the others too. Ravenclaw looks for students who are intelligent, creative, and original with their ideas, and throughout the first two seasons Pidge has proved her intelligence and creativity over and over.

Also, can we talk about how she managed to build some sort of satellite out of a space junkyard and used it to send out radio signals to Allura and Coran? And then helped find the other lions too at the beginning of season two.

Anyway, Ravenclaws are also own for their individuality and like to work alone to prove they’re smart enough, and Pidge was used to working alone ever since her father and Matt ‘died’. This made it harder for her to open up to the Paladins and work alongside them as she usually preferred being by herself before she met them. However, as time passes by she becomes more accustomed to having others to rely on, kinda like Ravenclaws in the DA (okay I don’t know where I’m going with this so I’m gonna stop now).

Lance - Gryffindor

     I feel like the Sorting Hat would have a hard time placing Lance, but would end up picking Gryffindor? Lance is selfless, brave, courageous, and strong, which all point towards Gryffindor.

Time and time again he has displayed many acts of bravery and selflessness, often putting himself in danger to save others. He always fights for what is right, no matter the risk. Lance can also be pretty arrogant at times, and will never back down from an opportunity to finally ‘beat’ Keith at something. This shows his competitive side coming out, and Gryffindors are known for being competitive with each other.

Most Gryffindors are also outgoing and free-spirited (Keith’s one of the few who aren’t like this), especially when showing their emotions (ex. Lance howling to show how much fun he is having in the title song thingy), and this is something none of the other Houses would do. Lance is also extremely skilled at shooting accurately from a distance and staying aware of his surroundings while in a fight, which are both key traits in being a good fighter and a Gryffindor. He is also much stronger than he looks, which can be proved when he shielded Coran with his own body from the explosion. An explosion as big as that should’ve killed Lance, yet he didn’t die (just suffered some terrible wounds, which is still terrible). In any case, be thankful he’s alive guys.

Anyway, Gryffindors are often misunderstood (not as much as Slytherins though) as reckless and stupid (brave, yes, but stupid all the same). Lance and Keith both have a deeper, more personal side to them which they don’t like showing to anyone else, just like other Gryffindors. They prefer to figure things out themselves, and carry their own burdens. Yet, like all Gryffindors, they know how to work together perfectly, whether it’s just the two of them or as a team with everyone else.

moon turned to gold

shikasaku week, day 4: power/weakness

just a warning for fairly ungraphic torture and battle.

they are shinobi: bringers of death. and one day, they know, death will come for them in turn. for now, though, they hold each other tight and hold each wild joyous moment in their mouths, savouring the taste of freedom.

“You know, if you were an Uchiha,” says the ring leader as he drags the edge of his knife lovingly down the edge of Shikamaru’s face, blood welling in thin lines at the skin just parts, “or a Hyūga, I’d take your eyes. But no, you: you’re a Nara. And so, I think”—the knife tip slashes a small starburst onto his Adam’s apple—“I’ll take that clever tongue.”

Shikamaru grins, blood in his teeth, all snarl and nothing pleasant.

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  • Aries & Sagittarius: Mrs. Hudson (temperamental, caring, energetic)
  • Taurus: Irene Adler (sexy, tough, clever, dominant)
  • Gemini: Culverton Smith (sly, sarcastic, intelligent)
  • Cancer: Molly Hooper (emotional, resistant, warm-hearted, sad)
  • Leo: John Watson (rebellious, bad temper, brave)
  • Virgo: Mary Watson (analytical, smart, devoted)
  • Libra: Jim Moriarty (handsome, manipulative, social, changeable)
  • Scorpio: Eurus Holmes (holds grudge, manipulative, brilliant, intellectual)
  • Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes (domineering, genius, wise, introverted)
  • Aquarius: Mycroft Holmes (intelligent, elegant, protective & a lil bit god complex)
  • Pisces: Greg Lestrade (more dangerous than he seems, good listener, clever, stressed)

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Love your blog <3 and I was hoping for some headcannons for Izaya, Shizuo, Erika and Dotachin (I can't remember his actual name XD) headcannons pretty much chased on their relationship from the time they met and when they got together. For example, they hated them at first but now it's different. I'd like their s/o to be like, crazy stubborn and hard to get along with. Tsundere in a way I guess. Hope this made sense to you.


- Originally he had no intention of interacting with you; he thought you seemed pretty mundane for a human

- After bumping into you as he passed you on the sidewalk and telling you to watch your step, his opinion changed as soon as you spun around to face him

- You roasted everything from his hair to his age to his shoes

- Soon he was making the decision to visit you often, be it at home, work, or otherwise

- Eventually, you had an actual relationship which mainly consists of you badgering him if he’s not constantly bothering you and despite him saying it all the time, you still refuse to admit you enjoy it


- You being one of his debt collecting jobs wasn’t the best first impression you could have given him and the sheer determination you had in getting the extra week to gather the money you needed probably didn’t help much either

- Finally, Tom just gave up and decided to leave, returning next week to be greeted with money and an apology lunch

- You saw Shizuo around pretty often after that, mainly by coincidence, and soon enough you were actually together

- He kind of picks up on the whole tsundere thing though and makes sure to point it out a lot; you hate it, supposedly

- That’s a lie,. An awful, awful lie


- Oh, boy she adored you from the moment she first saw you, primarily because of the whole tsundere thing you’ve got going on

- After hearing you con Walker out of his place in line for a manga signing (you clever, clever child, you), Erika had to see you again She was convinced you had powers or something

- A lot of van gang trips “coincidentally” ended up near places you were likely to be at and Erika ended up pulling you into a conversation every time

- Eventually, after a lot of tsundere jokes and you stubbornly refusing to dress up as Sailor Moon multiple times, the two of you were together

- You’ll be damned if she didn’t end up convincing you to put on that fucking cosplay though, she just. Wouldn’t. Quit.


- Met you through someone from the van gang (probably Walker and Erika) and you two hit it off pretty well

- He thought your stubbornness was cute and (after being properly educated on the topic) had the same feeling towards you being tsundere

-  Honestly, the relationship itself wasn’t much different from your friendship; he just asked you out one day, you said sure, and it went from there

- If it wasn’t kind of cute, you’d think it was almost disappointingly easy

- #1 Chillest Couple tbh

- Pasya