clever ruse

I’ve been meaning to do this for so long! better late than never though!

The minion originated from a Clever Ruse ™ from Koko where they would make little wind up Kokoroni’s with very cheap materials but a high selling point. Unfortunately, Koko fell in love with her prototype Koko and started making them with the finest materials and by great goldsmiths. At the end none of the minions sold and Kokoroni lost millions of Gil.

Here’s the special animation for the minion:

Do Not Pass Go - 12 songs for Isabel Lovelace

“There’s no one else to get it done. Fight this. Walk the walk. Travel the space. Stare down the ghosts. Show ‘em how it’s done. Be a big girl. Stay alive. Don’t look back. Don’t blink. Don’t die.”

Track List

1. All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

2. I Hold No Grudge - Nina Simone

3. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

4. Rifle Scissor Stone - SQUALLOSCOPE

5. Cold War - Janelle Monae

6. Girl Anachronism - The Dresden Dolls

7. Gloria - Patti Smith

8. Triggers - Mélissa Laveaux 

9. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone

10. Yesterday Is Here - Tom Waits

11. Drink Before the War - Sinéad O’Connor 

12. Me and the Devil - Gill Scott-Heron

How could I be so blind?! All this time I’ve been engaged in psychological warfare with the deer, but it’s the birds I’ve had to watch out for. It’s always been the birds.

They come into my cabin, they scream with their voices like human children, they shit on my floor, they strip the all cherries from the trees, they drop heavy seeds or stones or some shit on my roof… I can’t believe it. The deer were trying to help me by eating the birds.

Girl is assertive, they say bitch.
Girl is passive, they say weak.
Girl is emotional, they say crazy.
Girl is unemotional, they say ‘smile more’.
Girl is confident, they say narcissistic.
Girl is insecure, they say needy.
All just a clever ruse of mixed messages
aimed to confuse and gleefully cut the fuse 
of any strength to get to choose that,
what they say, is not what you are.
what they define, is no definition. 
But they’ll never just let you be, so all you can do is be.
so, Be bold. Be quiet. Be emotional. Be unemotional.
Be confident. Be vulnerable. Be crazy. Be reserved.
Be graceful. Be messy. Be shy. Be strong. 
Be more than what 'they say’ you are.
—  Caitlin Japa

it’s always bothered me that people try to argue that harry/ginny and ron/hermione can’t end in marriage because “they’re high school sweethearts!!! they can’t get married!!”

oh right i didn’t realize that your average high school sweethearts fought in wars and were tortured and watched friends and mentors and relatives die together; i guess all that pda is some kind of clever ruse for secret double lives in the military

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Came for the posts written by a lesbian, stayed for the really cool person (this is Sapper btw)


Or lord I remember that, and when I joked about him, a bunch of his buddies anon-whined to me “AH HAH CLEARLY TRIGGERED BY THIS ARYAN GENTLEMAN’S CLEVER "TROLLING "RUSE, MUCH KEK INDEED I SAY”

Today on “fuckin’ with Etsy forums”

“Humans who want to hunt shouldn’t be allowed to use guns so it’s a fair fight! I bet then we’d see who the REAL superior species is!”

Humanity managed to wipe the wooly mammoth from the face of the earth with sharp sticks and a few clever ruses involving cliffs. Animals already had their “no guns” chance, while they had bigger claws and teeth than they do now, even, and they still didn’t come out on top. Humans are predators Heather get over it.

su fandom: “rose is a perfect angelic being!!! she could do no wrong, precious cinnamon bun!”

me: well, no. i mean no one is really perfe-

su fandom: “rose probably made a lot of mistakes in her past; things she regrets, secrets she keeps. she’s a fully 3 dimensional character who’s being really built up as someone important, so there’s got to be a dark side to her.”

me: yeah yeah of course! i can get behind that, that seems very realistic and enforces the moral that people can change and move on from their mistakes and-

su fandom: “rOSE IS EVIL! she created steven for a tactical reason, her intentions are dubious and shadowy! it was her plan to BETRAY the crystal gems; she doesn’t really care about greg, steven, the earth, or her friends! it’s all a clever ruse by the most diabOLICAL VILLAIN in the show!!!!”


I think my favorite thing about the Kingsman fandom is that no matter their differences, they all basically agree that Harry Hart is alive and fucking well. It’s not even ‘oh the headshot was all a clever ruse’


They pretty much all concede that the dude straight up got shot in the face and then Uma Thurman-ed that shit straight up. And idk about you, but that is the type of mass-denial I can get behind.

Just consider; Maia and Lily secretly dating because they don’t want their relationship to interfere with Downworlder politics. So they gnash their teeth at each other in public while writing each other sappy text messages under the table, they have regular “private meetings” where nothing gets accomplished and they both come away with suspiciously disheveled appearances. They regularly stay up nights having secret rendezvous. And they think they’re doing great, surely no one can suspect their clever ruse?

Then the vampire clan and the werewolf pack stage a joint intervention, at Magnus’s apartment because it’s neutral territory.

“Please” they say “Your secret relationship is causing more trouble than a real one would. You’re both always tired and wearing too much perfume and Maia has started wearing scarves to cover up her hickies and it makes her grumpy. We don’t want to make you guys do anything to sudden, but can you at least stop regularly engineering crises so you can have date night? It gets everyone worked up.”

  • someone: *doesn't have bpd* *reblogs a very bpd-specific post* i don't have bpd but so relatable!!!!!!!
  • me: welp. i am a Horrible Dirty Liar who completely made up having bpd. this is not a Symptom. i am just a regular person who can't deal with my problems because i'm a Disgusting Manipulative Baby™. i have been lying for attention this whole time because i'm clearly an abusive piece of trash. how have i kept up my clever ruse for so long
The signs as things my Virgo friend has said

Aries: “what the fucking honk, dude?”
Taurus: “Why did I just eat that? I didn’t even want that.”
Gemini: “I’m such a fake bitch ohmygod”
Cancer: “I want to be….not…sober.”
Leo: “Attention everyone, I just touched Josh Dun, that is all, thank you.”
Virgo: “Do rich celebrities use special fancy toothbrushes or do all economic classes use the same type of toothbrush”
Libra: “I want a hairless cat named Tofu.”
Scorpio: “Sara, there’s a cup in my vagina.”
Sagittarius: “Update: I don’t want to grow up can I be a kid please”
Capricorn: “My chips are so stale, this grounds for a lawsuit.”
Aquarius: “Biochemistry is just a clever ruse planned by the reptile shape shifters in the government to distract us from the illuminati takeover.”
Pisces: “why don’t you appreciate my fish tank?”

Uno ci vive per mesi con il nodo alla gola, le lacrime soffocate, le notti insonni, la rabbia. Poi però si stufa e non gli importa più. E non c’è cosa peggiore di non sentire più niente, nemmeno la rabbia, nemmeno il dolore, niente.
—   Clever Ruse.