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Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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FACT: Riley has NO chill when it comes to dogs

“Well, no kidding! He’s always losing his voice by the end of the work week, with that absurdly loud singing, more like screeching, he does at two in the damn morning!

“Well, that’s a relief, I guess. I mean, that means daddy’s okay, right?”

“But… There’s one thing I don’t quite understand.”


“What’s that?”

“Usually he has something to say about that. Ripp, why didn’t you do that this time?”

“Yeah, you’re right about that. Maybe mom can look at him?”

“Yeah, see if he’ll need a doctor.”


So to clarify my earlier posts, we got another message. A third photo. This time it was someone I recognised but Sherlock didn’t have a clue who she was. It’s nice to occasionally be the clever one. The picture was of the recently deceased Connie Prince. Apparently, she’d died as a result of a tetanus infection but clearly our killer was suggesting otherwise. Again, we received a phone call, after receiving the picture.

This time it was an old woman - and she was blind. I mean, who would do that? How could anyone do that?! What sick mind -

I went along to visit Connie’s brother, Kenny. Sherlock went onto some internet forums and, with his usual tact and diplomacy, got answers that way. Between us, we worked out that while Connie’s death had been made to look like the result of a tetanus infection, it had actually been caused by poison - their houseboy, Raoul de Santos, had overdosed her on Botox! He did the injections himself and has been slowly poisoning her! So, another case cracked. Sherlock is posting another message on his blog to let the killer know that we’ve solved it. Let’s hope we can keep this up.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show” {Sentence Starters}

suggestive sexual content and mature themes below. Be warned! Also murder implied and mentioned! Really it’s a violent, sexual movie.

  • A mental mind fuck can be nice. 
  • Treat the cause, not the symptom!
  • Such strenuous living I just don’t understand.
  • Oh, slowly, slowly! It’s too nice a job to rush.
  • I’ll get you a satanic mechanic!
  • Oo, I know he has a certain naïve charm… but NO MUSCLE!
  • Whatever happened to Saturday night?
  • You’re a hotdog!
  • We’ve got to get out of this trap! Before this… decadence… saps our wills. 
  • What a sucker you’ve been, what a fool. The answer was there all the time. It took a small accident to make it happen.
  • In just seven days I can make you a man.
  • And I realize, I’m going home.
  • To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. 
  • Well, really, that’s no way to behave on your first day out.
  • Don’t be upset. It was a mercy killing.
  • Chill me, thrill me, fulfill me / Creature of the night!
  • I was only away for a minute… master.
  • I hope you’re adaptable, ____. I know ____is.
  • I’m a muscle fan.
  • Do you have any tattoos?
  • I’m lucky, he’s lucky, we’re all lucky!
  • Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.
  • How do you do? I see you’ve met my faithful handyman.
  • Dammit, _____, I love you.
  • I’ll tell you once, I won’t tell you twice, you better wise up, _____.
  • You’re like a sponge. You take, take, take, and drain others of their love and emotion. Yeah, well, I’ve had enough
  • Say good-bye to all of this… and hello to oblivion.
  • If only we were amongst friends… or sane persons!
  • But it seems so unhealthy here.
  • Your new playmate is loose and somewhere in the castle grounds.
  • Don’t dream it, be it.
  • You will discover that when the mood takes me… I can be quite generous.
  • I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.
  • Even smiling makes my face ache!
  • Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme.
  • I’ve got to… keep… control.
  • Well, you promise you won’t tell?
  • Lost in time, and lost in space… and meaning.

2000 followers woop!

I haven’t been very active on here lately due to stress and stuff, so this milestone completely went over my head. This blog will continue to run on queues until further notice, but I hope you’ll enjoy your stay nonetheless. Couldn’t think of a clever picture to add so, here’s me last year, doing my best impression of captain sunflower. Anyway thanks!


I forgot YYH had fun puzzles in between chapters

                                   You’ve got everything to lose
                                     Yeah I’m waiting on you
                                 Say you have a little faith in me
                              Just close your eyes and let me lead

                                                         (for @okaycallmefred​)


Sassy. Sweet. Green.

Adventure of a Lifetime 
(alt. name: The Queen, The Wolf and The Herder)

This was inspired by Coldplay’s song of the same title, where there was, like, a single reference to a constellation that I completely blew out of proportion.

The alternative title comes from the constellations within the three girls, and each constellation describes the story of the characters and their past :^)