clever phrasing

For the kiss meme, @its-kylux-baby requested “I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss.” 

Kylo Ren was not especially eloquent. He had never been a man of words. Yes, he could form a clever turn of phrase and wield his wit with the best of them, but he was no poet, no orator. Laying with his general beside him he found himself wishing he were.

He traced a lazy hand along the perfect line of Hux’s chest, wishing he had the words to properly detail just what Hux was, what Hux had done to him. He wanted to lay out endless litanies of adoration, profess his all encompassing devotion.

But words weren’t his tools of choice.

Luckily for him he wasn’t as limited in his modes of expression as most people were. As his hand continued to play across Hux’s skin, drawing invisible patterns, he reached out for Hux’s mind, slipping in through long familiar paths.

“What are you up to in there Ren?” Hux murmured, sounding on the edge of sleep.

Kylo Ren shushed him gently, smoothing fingers across his lips before carefully beginning to push the pure feeling of everything he couldn’t voice into Hux’s mind.

Hux’s eyes flicked open and fixed on his own as Ren showed him just how completely in thrall he was to him. His pupils shrunk to pinpricks as Ren played out how he would make the galaxy kneel for Hux if he wished it,  illustrated the countless ways he would willingly bleed himself dry at his word, and made it clear in no uncertain terms how difficult it would be for anything to ever tear him from his emperor’s side.

After Kylo Ren had communicated it all, they lay in silence for a long moment.

And then Hux, his voice breathy, said, “Is that all?”

Without hesitation Ren pushed himself up on his elbows so that he loomed over Hux, said, “No,” and pressed his lips to Hux’s in a lingering kiss.

Misha is smart, everyone knows that. He can be rambling about god-knows-what, yet somehow always ends up saying the most insanely deep and thoughtful things– and it’s astounding … most of all to Jensen. Often times he will just find little ways to get Misha going; ask him about music, about art– even about math, because Jensen knows it’ll allow him to just sit back and listen. He can take in every word and hold onto all the clever little phrases, putting them in his pocket to save for the days that his brain feels completely bogged down. Misha’s thoughts always lift him up and make everything better

But sometimes, there will be things that go over Jensen’s head. Every so often, Misha will get into that tangent-mode of his and soon, he’s spouting off seven dollar words like they’re free, and philosophies that are so tightly knit, Jensen would need shearers just to cut through to their deeper meanings. During these moments, he can go a little crazy, asking Misha to stop and explain– because he simply can’t infer what is going on in that beautiful, tousled head. But Misha won’t explain … no, he won’t put on his “dad” hat and make it a teachable moment, because, that just wouldn’t be as fun. Instead, he’ll leave Jensen hanging, shrugging his shoulders and walking away– making the poor guy stumble after him, begging for just a little more. Just a hint, a clue, anything to keep their talk going. But Misha won’t give in, dragging out the torture all day, until his handsome co-star looks bedraggled and brain dead– mind working in overdrive trying to figure out the riddle that is Misha Collins.

Yet … just when it looks like Jensen can’t take anymore– like he’ll split apart if one more synapse fires off amidst the gray, Misha will finally take pity … he’ll put an end to his friend’s misery. With soft fingers running through Jensen’s hair and steady arms laying him down on the bed, Misha will whisper slow and delicate the meaning to everything those green eyes are aching to know. And as they move together, perfectly in tune, profound words filling the air– Jensen’s mind turns off, content with the thought that he gets it, he finally understands. And considering where he is and the pure brilliance that’s wrapped in his arms, he realizes that he’s pretty damn smart too.