clever jewelry


Okay! I have to tell you guys about an amazing deal I got at Joann Fabrics! (but I have also seen them at Michaels) You can buy these lockets right now called Story Lockets. They sell tiny charm sets that you can buy separately and put in them. BUT!! That is not why I’m telling you about them!

I paid only $4.97 on clearance for mine (locket only, I put it on a chain I had at home) but it is seriously so brilliant for witches! You could put whatever dried flowers or tiny stones you want in there! I even had a small flat piece of nephrite jade that fit in it so if you have a stone similar in size you could potentially put a sigil on the stone and then put the stone in the locket.

I currently have dried rose and lavender in mine for no other reason than it’s what I easily had to put in it. But I do intend to create some combos with intention later on.

I just had to let everyone know about this incredible find and for only $5!