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Speculations about Hideyoshi Nagachika

This is the first time I’ve decided to write down my speculations about the manga on a website (I usually just scream while I spam Twitter), so here goes.

In the recent chapter (:re 65), there’s been a specific panel that’s been bugging me, specifically, a character:

If you recall, this is just a random masked ghoul in the 6th Ward, most likely one of Banjou’s lackeys. However, I have found him somehow familiar, as you can refer to in this post. Yes, I’m talking about our dear sunshine, Hideyoshi Nagachika. I don’t know, maybe it was the familiar hair, or just the way he speaks- how he points out the important point that Takatsuki Sen (or Eto) chose to write about the story to move the hearts of more ghouls. Such a point, in my opinion, requires intelligence and observation. Which is exactly what Hide was good for. Remember how he placed a tracking device and followed Jason? There are plenty more evidence to prove my point that Hide is a clever and observant fella, just search it up. 

This same character also appears here- :re Chapter 43. This was when the “Operation Mask” was taking place, and the Quinx squad disguised as ghouls to get more intel. Interesting to put in the exact same character again. This must mean that this person, be it Hide or not, must be someone of importance.

Now, on to a little research. Symbolism time. If you would notice, his mask says “86″. According to the Urban Dictionary, 86 means “to be kicked out/banned”.

Also, according to the ACSII code, 86 is a codename for the letter V.

If you see where I’m coming from, you’ll know what I’m trying to get behind. So is this man related to V? 

My take on this, is that he is involved with V, but not quite. He could be an ex-V member, someone who got kicked out of the organisation. Similar to Rize, just that he didn’t escape, he was forced to leave.

Assuming that this man is Hide, the only possibility I could think of is that he is a banned member of V, more specifically, the Sunlit Garden. Maybe Hide used to be an orphan training at the Sunlit Garden, however due to certain circumstances, was asked to leave. This would explain why Hide has always had such sharp observation skills, to be able to notice Kaneki’s habit of lying, to be stealthy to track and locate ghouls, to be able to outwit a ghoul… Remember, little to no information about Hide was revealed. Not even his family (his past and his relations) or his birthday (note to self: Maybe the ‘8′ and ‘6′ could be his birthday too lmao). For more information about Hide and Sunlit Garden, maybe this (x) would help.

Knowing Ishida sensei and his deep plot, it’s safe to say that Hide is an important character to the story (and he was not forgotten in the Calendar too!), so in the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye for this mysterious masked man.


“I could not have imagined coming into the show without Matt as my Doctor, holding my hand, really, quite literally. I totally lucked-out in having a creative, generous, clever, and lovely fella to work alongside day after day. I feel so privileged to have been part of Matt’s reign, to have to been companion to what is and what I think always will be one of our greatest Doctors. He is so in love with the show, he works tirelessly hard, surprises me every day, always creating and discovering something new about the Doctor. A true gent, a leading man and a very special friend.” - Jenna Coleman

Kishimoto Interview from 2013 ( Naruto - Kizuna ) Part 2

In the 1st part you told us how Naruto was created. Now I want to talk about their speech pattern and how they talk. Let’s start by Kakashi. He started very rude but he softened quite a bit after that.

Kishimoto : During the character creation phase, before the actual 1st chapter was released, I used to draw him like a Samurai. At that time, I didn’t really know what his character would be like. I had this very stern and rude master image in my head so I gave him a very strict speech pattern. But after that I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. I started thinking “A laid back master would be better, I guess.”

So you started to think about his personality as the readers know it ?

Kishimoto : A laid back master seemd very funny to me.
But when Kakashi starts getting serious, he’s getting very hot blooded ! That’s why I like him like that. Little by little I changed his speech pattern and gave it a laid back touch, with a bit of kindness and even a bit woman-like.

Except Naruto and Kakashi, a lot of characters have a very definitive speech pattern. Did some characters gave you trouble with that ? or some speechs you remember more than others ?

Kishimoto : I’d say Orochimaru. I wanted him to give a very creepy androgynous vibe.
But since I wanted him to be a terrifying opponent, I wondered if that was really the way to go to make him sound strong.
Then I started thinking it was fine like that, he’s strong and creepy, and the creepyness kept growing and growing.
For Jiraiya I have him an incisive and energic speech pattern like in old kabuki plays.
And since, except him, there has been few characters who really like to talk, he makes everything more colorful.

When you create actual speeches and lines, what do you take care of ?

Kishimoto : I try to “bend” the sentence/line, to make it hermetic. I always do that.

Please tell us more about that, in details.

Kishimoto : Before the chapter rough, I write the dialogue properly and then change it. At first I write in a very simple way, that where everything lies.
Then I try to put up some originality in it but it’s not easy.

What kind of changes are you talking about ?

Kishimoto : I rewrite the dialogues to make them more strange, more different. But I sometimes go way overboard and my assistants can’t understand whatever the hell I’m writing.
In that case, I go back to the original simple dialogue.

So you want the reader to be puzzled ?

Kishimoto : Yes ! I want to write speeches to be remembered even If they don’t like them. Naruto is a ninja, but his outfit doesn’t have anything to do with traditional ninjas.

How did you came up with this unique universe ?

Kishimoto : From the start, I was suppose to get far from the traditional ninjas, dressed in black and living in shadows.
This kind of thing has been seen countless time in mangas. I wanted them to be seen. Well, they’re supposed to be hidden. But Naruto doesn’t do that, he shows up in front of everyone, he gives his name to people …
Unlike usual ninjas, he likes to be seen and noticed. Then his blond hairs and blue eyes make him seems like a foreigner, not what you would expect from a ninja.

This is kind of surprising, to say the least.

Kishimoto : It’s the same for the context. I didn’t wanted people to know where the story takes place. The ninjas wears vests with zippers.
In other worlds, I purposely went far, far away from any ninja stereotype. I just gave them sandals to look like the straw shoes of the old times.

I noticed this “international” kind of thing in Naruto. But I never noticed Naruto looked like a foreigner.

Kishimoto : Even with that, the manga bathes in a japanese atmosphere, with past and present. There are electric poles but there are wooden houses like in old times.
At the start, I was drawing a lot of strange things. Like Drinks Vending Machines. But when I put cars in the pilote, my editor told me “They can’t have that, it’s too convenient.”
The firearms that rendered all Shurikens uninteresting were removed too. Little by little, objects that had no place in the story were removed.

When I listen to you, I feel like I’m listening to how foreigners see japan.

Kishimoto : Yes, I had that in mind from the start. In “Far East Of Eden”, one of my favorite video game ever, the context seems like what the foreigners see in japan.
I always found that very interesting. I also added a lot of elements from Kabuki. In our everyday like, we don’t see that kind of makeup or outfits, but this is a large part of traditional japan.
I wanted to add this spectacular side that gives impact to the picture.

Today Naruto is very very famous in a lot of other countries. Do you think this haves something to do with what you just said ?

Kishimoto : It obviously is one of the reason.

Your character have very simple souding names. Do you think about foreigners too about that ?

Kishimoto : I choose mostly names that are easy to remember, even if it’s not and easy thing to parody a traditional ninja’s name.
I look for names that sounds like japanese and sounds cool, like “Wasabi” or “Kakashi”.

Did you started thinking about non japanese readers at some point ?

Kishimoto : Yes, when my editor told Naruto was strong outside japan. I made the reading easier by making the order of the koma easier to read.
That way of thinking had a very large impact on the series as a whole.

Who do you think foreigners like the most in Naruto ?

Kishimoto : The hero is far from being the most clever fella on earth. He’s not a genius. He starts from 0 and starts climbing his way.
Everyone can relate to this kind of story, japanese or not.
Other Important fact : Everyone in the world like ninjas.

I would like you to tell me about the bonds in the story. There are a lot of time where you talk about that.
Is there some moment you remember ?

Kishimoto : I’d say Jiraiya’s death. With a strange force, let’s call that “willpower”, he comes back to life to give Naruto the secret of Pain.
I think I really managed to put his determination on paper this time around and the bonds that link his to his student.
But since I draw on the spot, very spontaneously, I rarely pause myself to think “wow, I just rocked.”

Since the series started, did you even think “This ! This moment is just awesome ! That’s what I wanted to draw.”

Kishimoto : I wanted to talk about aknowledgement, the one you give and the one you get. That’s what I wanted to say and wanted to do.

In the story, you say it’s being aknowledged by others that drives people to act. By the battles, training and such.

Kishimoto : Everyone want to be aknowledged, and me the first. That’s what I strived for when I started, and still is. I fight to be aknowldged by my peers.
Because in the past, I wasn’t the one of the admired ones. This feeling I know so much, I think I managed to put in on paper.

I don’t want to sounds like that, but what kind of aknowledgement did you seeked ?

Kishimoto : In school, nothing went the way I wanted. I sucked in school, I sucked in sports and I had almost no friends.
I had the feeling nobody aknowledged me for who I was.

But if you went to draw manga, you surely had self confidence about that, right ?

Kishimoto : Yes, thanks to mangas, and drawing, I knew I could get aknowledged by people and so could live thanks to mangas.
Even if my editor back then didn’t really had faith in me.

So, all thoses years you just wanted to do a manga to be aknowledged ?

Kishimoto : It’s very hard to please all the readers, but I had a huge need for aknowledgement.
When I started, nothing I did ever gave me that, so I continued to draw anyway just for the hell of it.

But aknowledgement is a step by step process, right ? You publish a one shot manga, then a series and only then aknowledgement comes.

Kishimoto : When I started, my meetings were in the first floor of the building and then went to the last floor, the floor of the director.
I could felt I was being aknowledged, but when my One Shot went published. I knew it was happening.
But people didn’t really liked this one shot, meetings went back to the 1st floor and I strived even more for aknowledgement.
Thoses events made a very vivid impact on me and as such, have a strong impact on Naruto.

Naruto has many masters. Jiraiya, Iruka, Kakashi. Who is the ideal master for you ?

Kishimoto : A protecting master who, instead of yelling at you, explains you what went wrong and how to fix it.
Someone like Kakashi. I wish I had a master like that.

So you didn’t get inspiration from someone you know ?

Kishimoto : No, he’s just the teacher I never had. Someone who push his student forward instead of yelling him back to square 0.

It’s with thoses bonds that you try to explain mutual gratefulness. Can you explain more about that ?

Kishimoto : There’s no real bond without gratefulness. Today I’m trying to put friendship, Parents/Children Love and all that.
Since I’m now a father myself, I learned a lot about that.

Between friends and rivals, aknowledgement is done by fighting. But with Parents and Children, Brothers and Sisters, bonds already exists. How you explains bonds varies between types of bonds ?

Kishimoto : Since readers already know what is a family and what are those bonds, I don’t have to really write about that.
Friendship can be hard to explain. Like brothers without blood relation, “Brothers of hearts” I call them. In Naruto there is multiple type of bonds.
So what if they are not of the same blood, if the father sees the kid as his son and the kid sees the man as his father, then it’s ok.
I did that with Iruka and Naruto, I wanted to intruduce them like father and son. In part 2, this is less obvious.

That’s right, Iruka started in the manga as the father Naruto never had.

Kishimoto : Since Naruto hadn’t any parents at the start, I wanted him to see Iruka as his father.

During a chapter, Naruto tells Itachi that Sasuke is like a brother to him. Is that what you were going from the start ?

Kishimoto : I wanted them to be more brothers than blood brothers. I can tell you that is for me the hardest thing to put into words in this story. And it still is.
People who actually lived through harsh separations and death of loved ones often write me and tells me they can actually relate to them.
When I am close to someone, I’m scared shitless of one day that bond will be severed. Loneliness does scares me to death.
This may be hard to put into words, but I’ll still try to make my point stand to the readers.

So you think you still didn’t really managed to put into words what is the relation between Naruto and Sasuke ?

Kishimoto : I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t as well as I wanted to, and because of that almost everyone thinks both of them are crazy lunatics.
From on now, everything will rely on how well I can put their relation into words.

You’re talking about both of them, right ?

Kishimoto : Yes. If you want me to talk about their bonds, I created Sasuke as a rival to Naruto who does not see Naruto as a rival at all.
I found it interesting to have Naruto next to someone who couldn’t care less about him. As the story advances, Sasuke starts to see, little by little, Naruto as a rival.
But he leaves the village without really aknowledging Naruto.

When he watched Naruto growing up, Sasuke started to grow a very vivid rivalry with someone he barely noticed before.

Kishimoto : After the Valley of the end, the gap gets larger. But when someone who just started to aknowledge you, brutally reject you, you strive for even more aknowledgement.
But Sasuke still doesn’t see Naruto as his equal. I think and I hope Naruto will fight to the bitter end until Sasuke sees him as his closest ally.

In the manga, their final battle with start soon. As a reader, I can’t wait to see what will happen before the end.

Kishimoto : The story gets to its climax and but I’m still thinking about a lot of plot twists.

This is very exciting. Can you give a message to the readers ?

Kishimoto : Those two books have a lot of famous scenes and lines. If one of them can make you feel better about yourself, I will be happy.


anonymous asked:

i'm confused, how does "Clever fella, good shot" reference Mchanzo? is it from a fanfic or something? :o

It’s from Hang the Fool, one of the most popular fics in the community. Not everyone reads it, so it’s okay if you don’t know what it is, but “Clever fella, good shot” is pretty much the most well-known phrase from the fic.