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So in my sleepy state, I thought up of another theory that could both help and rival the Anti and Schneeplestein theory. What if Schneeplestein was a disguise of Anti? I mean they both have murderous tendencies, and Anti's glitches could be numbed by the power of disguising himself, the scalpel is the knife of the medical world and Anti's primary weapon we see is a knife. You may ignore this as I was probably just loopy from being so tired, but it's slightly plausible.


Though I see them as 2 separate egos/ characters, it would certainly be a clever disguise for Anti to use temporarily. You are correct on their related “murderous tendencies”, and those with similar traits often form… Alliances.

Of names, fairies and not so fair things

Anonymous said:What about some prompts on a human that is entirely too clever and a fairy who has made it their mission to somehow trip them up, get them to agree to a deal, promise things, etc?

Anonymous said:How about a little switcheroo? Human uses fairy’s true name against them!

Anonymous said:Oh jeepers, more fairies using humans name against them please! Or just dark fairies in general, they’re my fav!

baconator153 said:Hey could I have some prompts for someone who is taken as a sort of pet/prized possession by the fae and slowly finds themselves accepting and submitting gleefully to their new life?

1) It wasn’t an obsession. Being intent upon one human for a lifetime meant nothing, a human lifetime was a blip compared to the lifespan of their kind. It wasn’t an obsession. It was entertainment. Just a game. They tried absolutely everything - promises of power and wealth, clever disguises as pretty things, promises of love, temptations and trickeries and nothing. For forty years, there was nothing. They knew their name, of course, having heard it in passing, but that wasn’t the same as being told a name or offered it by the named. They’d even tried seeing if the human was of some secret fey lineage (no, they weren’t) because surely no human could hold such cleverness. And then…and then the human began to forget things. They watched. They saw. They forgotten keys and dates and little things, going a bit muddled around the edges. It should have delighted them, really. At first it did.It was easy to take advantage of. But suddenly it didn’t seem like a fun game anymore. They caught the (their) human’s arm as they stumbled, observing them carefully. 
“[Name]. My name is [name].”
It chilled the fairy to finally hear it offered so freely, and the human just appeared so tired. Their grip tightened  a little. The human fished in their pockets, drawing out a crumpled piece of paper and offering it over. 
“Alzheimer’s,” the human said. “Got the results this morning.”

2) The human smiled and moved closer. Pressed their lips to the fairy’s ear and then murmured -
It felt like a millennia since they’d last heard their own name, spoken and never by a human. To speak another’s name, among fairies, was a most intimate act when to possess another’s name was to have such power over them. The fairy’s head went crystal blank. They stared at the human, this stranger, unable to mask their shock. “Your sovereign took someone very dear to me, [name].” It was overwhelming to hear it twice in a row and the fairy squeezed their eyes shut. “So I thought maybe I’d take someone very dear to them. Took a bit of digging, but I got there. Aren’t you going to tell me how clever I am, [name]?”

3) “One day,” the fairy bit out through their teeth. “You’re going to forget to use my name when you tell me not to hurt you.” A name, after all, wasn’t an order forever. It could shape and twist and define - to be named after truth, or love or loyalty. But it wasn’t forever. There were no commands for forever.
The human raised their brows. “When that day comes,” they promised. “You’re not going to even want to hurt me anymore.”

4) The human shivered as they heard their name float across the room. Quiet, and yet as striking and accurate as an arrow when it came from those lips. No need for raised voices, merely a murmur of their name. A reminder. The fairy crooked their finger to summon the human to their side, away from humans and human things. An arm wrapped around their waist. “Having fun?” the fairy murmured. “Missing home?”
“You are my home now.” 
They knew they’d said the right thing, passed the test, at the amused flicker of a smile that crossed the fairy’s lips. Yet. “Why don’t you introduce me to your old friends, love?” Endearments. The human used to loathe them, but now when they knew the power their name could wield it seemed a kindness. 

5) “You can’t control me, I haven’t given you my name,” the human dared. Eyes ablaze with wildness, as fierce as a jungle cat. 
The fey grinned sharp-toothed. “I know other names still that might sway your heart. What about this one?” They leaned in close, like imparting a secret, a kiss, and whispered their lover’s name. 
The human closed their eyes. “What have you done to them?”
“Ah see, the name is swaying you already! Such a sweet name, too. Fragile. I like this game.”

6) It was difficult, at first. Everything was so different. It became easy, freeing. There was nothing to worry about anymore, all pain soothed away as swiftly as it was dealt. They’d never done anything wild in their life but the fae were nothing but wild. It was easy to get swept away in the circus, in the colour and the hedonism and the magic. And in you. Everything I was was yours to be worried about, to take care of, to mould as you pleased. I couldn’t do wrong because it wasn’t my responsibility to think of such things for myself. For the first time in my life, I got to be perfect because any of my flaws were only yours and nothing to do with me. I liked it when they looked at me and declared me perfect, or lovely, or such fun. I never got to be those things before you.

7) “You seem calmer now,” the fairy noted. They cupped some water from the brook in their hands, offering it up to the human. It was a familiar ritual by now. To consume anything in this world had a dreamy affect, and, distantly, they were aware it was an intoxicating, drugging, tranquilizing one too. They drank. Because it was true - they were calmer now. The fairy considered them, shifting one hand to pet their hair once they’d drank their fill. “Are you happy here?”
The human nodded, smiling brightly. 
The fairy hummed, and their grip turned tight. “How boring.” 

Internalized Homophobia Masterlist

a home that i wanted to grow up in (ao3) - newtslittleniffler

Summary: Fear of his feelings drove Dan away from Phil, losing himself in a bad crowd, leaving Phil all alone. over six months, they become complete strangers - but then they’re brought back together. love can’t be avoided, right?

Blasphemy (ao3) - thatonephanwriter

Summary: The one where pansexual pastel!Dan reluctantly relocates and punk!Phil is the school’s popular straight Christian, but little do they know that’s gonna change once the pretty pastel boy with the flower crowns moves in to town.

Blue Neighbourhood - theaterkidlester

Summary: The blue neighbourhood au that no one asked for.

Brave Fighter, Matchmaker (ao3) - NangerDama

Summary: Dan Howell is preparing for his big Tae Kwon Do match, but he gets injured just before it’s time to win- and it’s no accident. Dan finds his life is being hurdled in another direction as everything he knows to be true in his life comes cascading down.

Color Me Shades Of Smitten - philpov

Summary: High school au in which Dan is an introspective poet, and Phil is a quiet math geek. One day their paths cross, and their lives both change for good.

Feel Good Inc - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: Dan is your local sexually ambiguous religious boy. Phil is your local bad boy that sleeps with anyone that’ll have him and sins as if second nature. Then there’s also the poor original character that gets caught between them and their ridiculous amount of sexual tension. Threesomes, eh?

for dan (ao3) - alisonheart

Summary: Everything Dan has been through in the last 23 years has made him who he is today. A letter from the perspective of his childhood best friend.

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair - snowbunnylester

Summary: The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.

Kinsey Two - thatsmistertoyou

Summary: The Kinsey scale, also called the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale, attempts to describe a person’s sexual experience or response at a given time.

My Freudian Slip - vodkagirls

Summary: School!AU. Dan Howell is a mess, but so is Phil Lester. And for some reason– that sort of brings them together.

Old Habits, Young Love, and Other Things That Just Won’t Die - butterflyphil

Summary: Despite their branding, Dan and Phil haven’t actually been friends for all of the seven years that they’ve known each other. For almost two of those years, ‘best friend’ was just a label they used on the internet, a clever disguise used to keep people from knowing what they really were. Because from the day they met until the day they broke up, Dan and Phil were something else entirely. Not something more. Just something else.

On Fire - thatsmistertoyou

Summary: In which Dan tries to unravel the fiery, shitty-metaphor-ridden enigma that is his sexuality.

Purple Lavender Clouds - vodkagirls

Summary: Or, the one where Dan and Phil aren’t bitch ass liars and actually met while Dan was a student at Manchester Uni. If you can cue student stress, shitty studio apartments, and copious weed use– you’ve got the right picture.

@replies and acceptance - thespianhowell

Summary: Dan felt like a walking dead person. He didn’t feel fully there. But then one day, a boy woke him up.

Scarier Things - jilliancares

Summary: Dan’s worst fear is being outed, and his boggart knows that. After being outed to his class, Phil shows him that there are scarier things than being gay (and maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea, but he’s a Hufflepuff, not a Ravenclaw).

Stolen Dance - silverluminosity

Summary: Piano teacher Dan Howell has a crush on a pretty co-worker that he wants to impress, and when he finds out she’s a dancer, he figures it can’t hurt to take dance lessons. But when he gets to the studio to meet his instructor, things don’t go quite the way he planned.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater - snowbunnylester

Summary: Internalized homophobia is probably one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, but it’s only made harder when the people around you don’t quite understand why you’re so afraid. When Dan Howell meets Phil Lester, he finally realizes he has to overcome that hurdle.

The Paces (ao3) - StumblingBlock

Summary Thanks to the actions of a clueless high schooler three long years ago, Dan really doesn’t see the point in investing in having a future anymore. And he’s fine with that. The weirdo with the hair who’s deluding himself into thinking Dan is some kind of destined BFFL, however, keeps raising objections.

[Trollhunters] Ithaca

Title: Ithaca
Summary: He doesn’t realize it’s Ithaca he’s looking for until he finds it. When he does, she has blue eyes and a different name.
Characters: Walter Strickler. Mentions of Barbara and Jim.

A/N: last week I watched all of Trollhunters instead of sleeping and now I wrote this instead of sleeping. I need some lessons in adulting because man, do I fail at it. 


Changelings never remember precisely what is done to them in order to change them in the first place. What they do remember every waking hour is what they’re told throughout the process.

You can never go back.

‘Back’ is a vague concept to beings that remember nothing prior to their turning. ‘Back’ is the nebulous reality of a family that, somewhere, woke up to an empty crib. Perhaps they mourned before picking up the pieces and moving on. Because they do move on, every single one of them. Sometimes the crib remains empty; sometimes a new offspring fills the void, guarded viciously by parents who’ll never allow it to meet the same fate as the previous.

They will never look for you. They never speak of you. They’ve all forgotten you.

They’ll have a dead child over an Impure one.

There are tales of a Changeling who went back, one who was taken young but not quite young enough. She remembered things from before, the tale went, and decided to look for her birth family. What she remembered was enough to find them - ignoring warnings, clawing her way back even as her brethren tried to hold her back. She had appeared before her bloodkin wounded but deliriously happy, reaching out for them with hands stained by the blood of her brothers and sisters.

They had recognized her as one of their own corrupted young, the tale went on. They had reached back for those outstretched arms.

And then they had torn her apart.

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The Matter of Cake - Nibblesofflesh - Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV), Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Flirting, Innuendo, Domestic Fluff, Implied Oral Sex, implied sex, sexy acts in inapporpriate places, nakedness in appropriate places

A Sherlock Holmes ficlet. Holmes decides to try his hand at baking a cake, and Watson quite likes the look of Holmes in an apron. Sassiness, silliness, and sexiness ensue.

[Shameless self-plug ahead] Hey guys, I wrote a thing! It’s my first fandom thing in years, and my VERY first  thing for Sherlock Holmes. Inspired by the work from lovelies @knightfury1895 and @granada-brett-crumbs and brought to life because of a chat with the incomparable @tremendousdetectivetheorist  – I hope you guys like it! I’ve posted the first few paragraphs under the cut so you can get a feel for my style. I love you all! 

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I had a dream last night
the worst part of you
came to life
it was a curious dream
unlike any other scene
i’d ever seen in my life

you told me not to run
that I would just be blinded
by the sun
you tried to comfort me
said any other day I like,
that I could leave

and you grabbed my neck
i grabbed your thighs
not realizing your
clever disguise

i looked into a strangers eyes
that night

and then you dragged
me to the shore
said you had a little
plan in store
then you pushed me in
said you didn’t want me

and you drowned me

character tropes for the signs
  • aries: the ACTION HERO; raw, driven, ingenious, known for their propensity to fighting, yet is mostly used to get toward a goal, like save someone or prove themselves
  • taurus: the GRANDMA; a generous, kind older figure who feeds, clothes, and gives gifts to the protagonist, gives advice from experience, yet will not tolerate being taken for granted
  • gemini: the BARD; the storyteller or poet in a group, who livens the energy of those around them, in RPGs, use creative songs to cast spells to distract or quiet enemies
  • cancer: the PRODIGAL HERO; lives a very agreeable home life, until a tragic event or boredom forces them to leave their home, but they must return to fix what has gone wrong there
  • leo: the PRINCE CHARMING; magnetic, charming royalty who displays kindness and bravery, willing to show courage to save a princess or their kingdom
  • virgo: the SPOCK; needs a logical approach to a situation or problem, thinks before acting, yet struggles with an emotional side that is cultivated with time
  • libra: the PALADIN; fiercely follow a code of order, work to serve the people, operates for good only, and only sacrifices law for the good of others, lives true to their virtues
  • scorpio: the WELL-INTENTIONED EXTREMIST; a person who, in the act of preserving justice, commits extreme and sometimes even villainous acts, but in their eyes, the ends justify the means
  • sagittarius: the JESTER; blunt speaker, often being perceived either as a dumb jerk or incredibly clever, a good disguise himself as he is not taken seriously
  • capricorn: the MENTOR; having already successfully honed their skills and accepted their age and mortality, they can train and better the protagonist to carry on their legacy/task
  • aquarius: the BRILLIANT, BUT LAZY character; sarcastic, genius, yet so apathetic that most ways in which they can help, they will not
  • pisces: the TRAGIC HERO; highly empathetic, caring, emotionally wounded, takes on others problems and can tend to make poor judgment calls

reasons the Campania arc should be animated:

  • Zombies
  • Undertaker
  • Undertaker’s eyes
  • Ronald Knox
  • Grell (their first canon appearance since the jack the ripper arc)
  • basically the shinigamis in general
  • The Midfords
  • Elizabeth the fencing genius
  • Viscount Druitt
  • Snake
  • Sebastian
  • Ciel
  • The beginning of the contract
  • wet Sebastian

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But perhaps jeremy was not the cute one all along... perhaps it was a disguise... a clever ruse... there can be no way to know now that cartoon paul's eyelashes have hurled him into the vacuum of space


Old Habits, Young Love, and Other Things That Just Won’t Die

Summary: Despite their branding, Dan and Phil haven’t actually been friends for all of the seven years that they’ve known each other. For almost two of those years, ‘best friend’ was just a label they used on the internet, a clever disguise used to keep people from knowing what they really were. Because from the day they met until the day they broke up, Dan and Phil were something else entirely. Not something more. Just something else.

Rating: T

Word count: 4.4k

Warnings: vague references to 2012, little bit of implied internalized homophobia/biphobia, food mentions, one swear word

A/N: Written for @eamn-resu, who requested a fic based on this (really cute) phanart by @houseplantsandmadbants. Sorry it took so long. I thought this was going to be a cute little drabble but I should have known that I would accidentally turn it into 4000+ words of angst followed by obscene amounts of fluff. I hope this isn’t too far off from what you wanted.

read on ao3

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Curiosity killed the cat!Taehyung 👀: Can you tell us some hobbies of yours or how do you spend your time?

“Wanna see if I have time left to spend it with you? - clever, though; I would disguise that desire as a question like yours, too,” Taehyung nodded in approval, his lilac hair, that had been red only a week ago, bouncing up and down, seeming to be excitement when maybe, deep down, it was something else, “unfortunately, my schedule is all stuck up with, let’s see - “, he fished out an imaginery agenda, “ - ah, there it is: sex, sex, sex, sex, some more sex, scaring kitten, sex, meeting specific people at a specific place, sex, running a club, sex, sex - you want me to continue?”

It’s always cute when a giant responds to the whole “oh no don’t hurt me, please!” Thing people do with a lot of apologies and reassurance but have you considered this-
A giant so fed up with it all they just respond in pure snark and sarcasm:

“Please don’t eat me!”
“Yeah, whatever. I don’t eat trash.”

“Agh! Giant!”
“Oh, wow well done you saw through my clever disguise- how on earth could you tell I was a giant, what could have possibly given me away”

“You’re huge!”
“Yes, well done. Ten points to you.”

“Oh, nice. Sweet alright I’m just going to take a nap here. You carry on.”