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Rest Now, Clara Oswin Oswald

Clara Oswin Oswald was brave.

From the start to the end.

She was undeniably brave.

She was also smart, funny, clever and had a sense of wonder so beloved by the Doctor it was as though they both treasured every single moment.

And we all know that the Doctor will continue to treasure those moments for as long as his ancient, chaotic mind will let him. He will remember her.

As will we all, for that is what she deserves.

She didn’t deserve to lose Danny, yet she did. She didn’t deserve to have to learn to accept a new Timelord in the death of her original Doctor, yet she did, again. She didn’t deserve to die in a cold, unfamiliar street with no family ever knowing where she was and the Doctor watching on as she went to her horrible death, so young and with so much to see, yet she did.

She deserved to see the stars however, and she did that too. Oh and so much more, she fought Gods with memories and hid under your bed and took part in a heist and met Robin Hood…..She survived Missy and saved an underwater base and helped a scared young Viking girl…..She helped to keep the peace on Earth and wiped the sleep from her eyes and in the end, she Faced the Raven.

And in the end, she was magnificent.

And that is how she will remain, untarnished in my memory forever.

The story of the Impossible Girl and the Doctor.

Clara Oswin Oswald, rest now, you clever girl, and remember.

The Immortal Girl

Can we just think about how much Clara has been through?

She was Eleven’s mysterious, flirty, clever companion and they went from being awkward to being there for each other. They smiled at Akhaten and laughed in Hide, they hugged in the Center of the Tardis, and then she ripped herself up so that he could be saved

When Twelve came she was confused and sad and just wanted her Chin Boy back, and then they saved each other in more ways than one, and she met Danny and thought she’d be happy, but she had to kill him, and in that horrible act her bond with the new Doctor strengthened

In Season Nine she became braver and maybe too bold, she was Twelve’s best friend and maybe more, they loved each other in a way that is unimaginable, and they would’ve done anything for each other, but she was taken away then given back then taken away again, AND SHE HAD TO WATCH AS EVERY SINGLE MEMORY OF HER WAS DRAINED OUT OF HIS EYES AND THERE WAS NOTHING SHE COULD’VE DONE TO STOP IT

Now Clara Oswald, our Immortal Girl, is wandering through universes and worlds in her own ship, never forgetting the people who she left behind