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I loved Extremis even more because the TARDIS didn’t translate Italian even though it should have and I should have realised something was off because the TARDIS should have been able to translate EVERY language or near enough in the universe but for it not to translate Italian made it seem more real and that something was definitely up.

Oh Moffat, you clever man.

526. The teachers at Hogwarts enjoyed placing bets on which students would get together. Professor McGonagall was the reigning champ on betting which students would get together. The pots on these bets used to get huge (Ron & Hermione's had a few hundred galleon payout). There were only three times she lost for pots she'd bet on. When Bill married Fleur (she’d guessed Tonks), when Tonks married Remus, and when Neville married Hannah (she’d guessed Luna).

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I had the funniest thought about your Bill comic. Like, since Ford got to see so many variations, if he kept coming at Bill with hateful comments about him being with Dipper... Maybe that would put a clever little strategy into Bill's head, and Bill starts jokingly 'going for Dipper' but then that could either create a hilarious situation where it actually does happen in his own world (once Dipper is a nice age), or it LOOKS like it actually happened (but hasn't), sending Ford into distress. XD


Dipper doesn’t agree, but of course that doesn’t stop Bill from doing it anyway…

“PS yes those are fangs on the stem and it will develop a taste for human flesh if it bites you. Be careful, my love! <3”

Ford doesn’t take it well

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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okay okay so i just love bill/richie/eddie i know not v popular but its so pure honestly like hear me out. the more love to go around for these boys the better. when georgie dies, richie and eddie are there to comfort bill every night with snuggles and kissed, when eddie comes out as gay, richie and bill fight all the bullies who try to hurt him, when richie’s parents are being more shitty than usual, bill and eddie shower him with endless love and affection AHH I LOVE MY OT3

the ultimate OT3 lets be honest

- the three of them always argue with each other over who’s the ‘cool one’ the ‘cute one’ and the ‘clever one’

- bill’s always clever, richie’s always cool, and obviously eddie is always cute

- it’s difficult trying to cuddle on their beds because they all have singles, but bill and richie always cuddle up to eddie who’s in the middle because he’s the smallest

- there no jealousy between them

- eddie and richie have their days together to go to the quarry, bill and richie go to the arcade sometimes, and bill and eddie often go to the park and lie in the grass together

- none of their parents know they’re altogether, mostly because it’ll be too difficult explaining their relationship

- “okay, bill and eddie both like me, i like them, and they like each other, it’s not that hard!”

- explaining it to the other losers was difficult but they all loved them being together and thought it was cute

- bev always made the three of them wear matching christmas jumpers 

- richie and bill loved it, eddie hated it (sort of)

- when bill missed georgie more than most days richie and eddie would always come over together and sit with him on the couch to watch his little brother’s favourite movies

- when richie’s parents were being especially neglectful richie would sneak out and get the others so they could hang out all night together alone

- when eddie and his mother got into another argument over his medication, eddie called his boyfriends up and asked them both to sneak into his room and spend the night

- that’s when mrs k found out about her son’s relationship; opening the bedroom door the next morning to see eddie with bill curled up on his left side and richie softly snoring into his shoulder on his right side

Team TARDIS - Twelve’s Era

July 18: Team TARDIS. The 12th Doctor has had some amazing team TARDISs- from just himself and Clara to being River’s companion, and then with Bill, Nardole, and even Missy! This is a day to celebrate the companions in 12’s time on the show.

Listed in no particular order, the members of Team TARDIS in Twelve’s era:

The one time I’ve tried to do cosplay, it was of Clara from Flatline. She’s in Doctor mode–she’s even wielding the sonic. Clever, brave, take-charge, flawed, needy, loyal, complicated Clara. I’ve always seen myself in this woman with a penchant for telling stories (though I lie considerably less, I think, but then again I’m not balancing ‘normal’ life with ‘Doctor’ life), an English degree, and a life away from family. I still haven’t rewatched the end of Face the Raven because I’m afraid I’ll burst into tears again–but I’ll watch the end of Hell Bent with a huge grin on my face. Most of the gifs I’ve made are of Clara. She’s off having adventures between her last two heartbeats, a place where everyone lives, and that’s important.

Missy, from the enigmatic Mistress of the Nethersphere who just wanted her friend back, to someone genuinely afraid on Skaro (as this snippet from the Series 9 trailer hints at), to someone making a seemingly wholehearted attempt at being ‘gud’ whose past catches up to them. Queen of evil, yes. The Doctor’s friend, yes. Those aren’t necessarily incompatible. (And even if this attempt doesn’t stick, as it probably won’t because there’s only so far I think you can take the Master without them not being Missy anymore, the attempt still happened. And that’s important.)

Bill Potts, who smiles when she doesn’t understand something, who dreams of a wider universe when she can do anything she wants to do. Who asks more questions than anyone I’ve yet seen enter the TARDIS. Who makes eyes at a puddle, whose tears bring hope. Even after everything she goes through, she still looks at the universe hopefully, and that’s something I’d like to do. To ask questions like Bill, to demand my place in the universe like Bill does, to be secure in my past and my identity as Bill is. Bill is clever and vulnerable and strong all at once, and I’m hoping she makes a reappearance in the Whoinverse, either as a companion or a recurring character. Because she’s not dead, she’s living on her own terms as herself, and that’s important.

Nardole grew on me, I have to admit. I wasn’t very fond of him in The Husbands of River Song, but by the time he’s leading kids to safety in The Doctor Falls, I realized I’d gotten at least a little attached, if not fond of Nardole. Like, what exactly is a Nardole? He’s over 200 years old (yes, the sonic sunglasses showed the Doctor that), he once was blue, he used to work for River Song, he’s some sort of cyborg-butler-burglar-conman? And he’s not a typical companion, either. He’d rather be in bed than out larking on some planet, he’s loyal to both River and the Doctor (one wonders how he and River met), and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is. If fear is a superpower (and it is), then Nardole’s got that on lock. You can be terrified and still be clever and brave, and that’s important.

River Song, surprised at this ‘Surgeon’ fellow knowing who she is. It’s not until later that she learns that the Surgeon is actually the Doctor, but in the meantime that leaves room for hilarity, including the Doctor’s mock reaction of how a companion ideally should react to seeing the inside of the TARDIS for the first time, and for poignancy, when he reveals that he’s been standing next to her the entire time. Finally, the Doctor’s grown enough to handle his loss of her (thanks, Clara and an azbantium wall) and he and River meet at a point where he only knows one thing more about her than she does–that at the end of the night, she goes to the Library. Finally they understand each other in ways that the Tenth Doctor could never have guessed all those years (for the Doctor) before. Love just means time, and that’s important.

But then, of course, no one is small to the Doctor. He may hide that fact when he’s afraid of the pain that comes in losing someone, whether they’re close to him or not. He’s afraid of that pain because he knows that it can make him break his promises (once, he killed a general; once, he blew up part of a spaceship along with himself). He can be funny, he can be fierce, he can be gentle, he can be terrifying. He’s the man who stops the monsters, and he can be a monster himself. But Twelve knows this. He knows who and what he is–it took him a while to get to that knowledge, but now, all of himself (and, in the future, all of themself) is invited. He knows that on his good days, he’s the Doctor, that he tries and that that’s probably the point. That he chooses kindness and knows it’s not weakness. Compassion may kill him, has killed him, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. And that’s important.

Nobody is small on Team TARDIS. Nobody is a sidekick, be they companion or Doctor.

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How did you became a fan of keanu?

Okay: story time, kids!

so, sixth grade; It’s the last week of my first year in junior high. 

I wasn’t even going to go into school that day, tbh. (as was the usual with my 12 year old slacker self -skipping school and all- especially, towards the end of the year.) AND especially, when I had one last report to hand in that I hadn’t even started… even though my social studies teacher had allowed me extra time so I wouldn’t fail his class for the sole purpose of never handing in homework.

Anyway, that day, I stroll into class; I’m already late, my uniform is disheveled, and I’m unabashedly unapologetic… but, It matters not, because, guess what? 

The class is watching a movie today! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, more specifically.

Okay, cool, fine, whatever. I settle in at the back of the classroom, preparing to be half bored to death by whatever mind numbing movie the teacher decided to bring in for us to watch. 

The opening credits roll in, electric music and electric colors straight out the era they were born from (the ‘80s). Buzzing, high energy. The music quiets, almost abruptly, and you meet Rufus. Rufus, straight from the future, who’s enveloped in darkness, yet still a source of light, explaining some ridiculous concepts that somehow make sense. You can’t help but laugh.

Then… you meet Bill and Ted; Goofy, goofy, goodhearted Bill & Ted, just trying to make a life out of what they love. Even though, they don’t know how to yet, telling from how terribly they’re playing their guitars at this point.

Halfway through, I find myself on the floor, sitting at the front of the classroom, nose practically pressed against the projection board. I’m hopelessly enamored, as well as amused. 

Awestruck by the concept of seeing two kids who aren’t exactly the smartest or even the most talented being portrayed as the heroes of the story. 

Two kids who are so much more than they seem; simultaneously played off as idiotic and cleverBill & Ted, who may not be the greatest at school, but are still resourceful and destined for great things. For no other known reason than this: they remain good and kind, even when other people aren’t… and refuse to give up even when things are looking most heinous. 

Especially Ted Theodore Logan, who, is obviously from a severely broken home and remains kind, even when his emotionally/verbally abusive father threatens to send him away, or when his little brother loses The Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Ted Theodore Logan, who I decided then and there that I really admired and looked up to not only because he was kind and good, but because no matter how many people (his father/teacher/etc) told him he was destined to fail or become a loser, he never tossed in the towel and gave up. 

Which really resonated with 12 year old me at the time. Both coming from a particularly chaotic/broken home and not being the greatest at school. 

All my love & good vibes,

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Maehb and 12 meet again after the events of Hell Bent. Seeing her causes strong memories about Clara to surface.

This sounds like it could be an episode of Class that would be interesting enough to make me want to watch Class (because, hint: I have absolutely zero interest in Class, as the only DW spinoff that is neither mind-numbing and/or pretentious in tone is SJA, as the last thing you do is “family show, but for an edgier and more mature audience” because that’s rude as all get-out).

3435 words; takes place sometime vaguely s10, though how true to canon it is can vary, especially once the Christmas special rolls around this year (*sobs quietly*); do not read if you are looking for Nardole love, because I am 1000% Nardole Hate and I have no regrets; ugh now I’m feeling nostalgic for s8 this is very dangerous indeed


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Doctor Who: “Smile” — Still the most interesting thing about this season so far (and I am quite favourably disposed to this season so far) is the way that it is reiterating certain basic elements of the appeal of Doctor Who. The moment that really stands out in this episode for me is a small one right after Bill asks the Doctor why it has to be him that saves the people of the planet they’re on. Naturally, being Twelve, he doesn’t give a satisfactory answer. But Bill, being cleverer even than the people who initially dreamed up this show, sees the notice on the outside of the TARDIS that proclaims, in the manner of even the most non-bigger-on-the-inside police boxes, “advice and assistance obtainable immediately.” Why does the Doctor keep the TARDIS in its police box form? Because he lives by that notice on the door like a code. This is fundamental to the show, and it squares with Steven Moffat’s view of the Doctor as a different, worthier kind of hero. So far, it looks like Moffat has decided to use his final season on the show to revisit the first principles of the show, and compose a love letter to the glorious legacy of Doctor Who, which he recognizes that he’s an infinitesimally small part of. A good part, though. A really good part. The rest of this, with a script written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce (whose “In the Forest of the Night” is an idiosyncratic favourite of mine), is a fun Doctor Who romp that allows Bill and the Doctor plenty of time alone to get to know each other. The Emojibots are deeply scary in a way that conventionally terrifying monsters are not. They throw our own vapidity back in our faces and then kill us. I love that. This series is two-for-two. If Sarah Dollard delivers next week like I think she will, it’ll be off to a massively better start than its predecessor.  

I felt bad that I’ve been neglecting this blog so here are some Easter at the Weasleys headcanons to make up for it

The first Easter after Arthur and Molly got married was quiet. Arthur went to the muggle town and brought back some fancier chocolate for his new wife (“look Molly, it’s shaped like a bunny rabbit! How clever is that?”)

After Bill was born was when they really had fun with it. Holidays with children were always much more exciting.

Molly helped the little boy, only a few months old at the time color eggs by letting him choose the color for the next one (wizards probably have some really cool dyed eggs too)

They gave Bill a basket with far too much candy that he could hardly even eat yet but it was too hard to resist the colorful treats.

After Charlie was born was when they started doing yearly egg hunts.

Arthur would hide the eggs around the garden and let the two little boys race around trying to find them all.

“How many did you hide, Arthur? I want to make sure we don’t miss any.”

“Er… I was supposed to count?”

By the time Percy came around they had perfected the egg hunt system.

Instead of matching sweaters, Molly would have the boys wear bunny ears for family pictures.

Percy always hated them, but Charlie thought it was hilarious and would bounce around like a rabbit for most of the day.

When Fred and George got old enough was when the fun really started.

Molly would charm the eggs so only certain kids could find them so they each had a fair shot.

Yet somehow, Fred and George always ended up with the most.

Giving the twins so many sweets never ended well for anyone.

Especially the year George ate so much chocolate he spent the rest of the afternoon in bed after being sick.

Ron’s favorite part of the holiday was the special food they ate together.

Molly always prepared a huge feast even more than the large family could eat. Nobody left the table less than stuffed.

When Ginny was little she somehow always ended up with the biggest Easter basket. Molly swore she bought each of the children equal amounts of sweets and yet Ginny’s always seemed to be overflowing.

One year, Arthur brought home three baby chicks to entertain the kids with, but they ended up escaping and the rest of the day was spent searching every spot in the house for the little peeping babies.

As the kids got older, they seemed less and less interested in the traditions like egg hunts.

But they always participated because they knew it made Molly smile.

Although they didn’t like when Fred and George would charm the eggs so they would skitter out of reach whenever you got close.

By the time the grandchildren came around the amount of Easter eggs that needed to be hidden took at least three people.

Arthur still loved doing it, but he usually requested the help of Bill and Ginny (the best hiders) to find enough spots.

Roxanne always found the most, while her brother never bothered to find more than two or three.

Victoire loved to bake and would always help Molly prepare the desserts.

One year, Angelina brought a bunny over, but it wasn’t very friendly and spent most of the time in its cage.

But Lucy took a liking to it, and ended up bringing it home, much to her father’s chagrin.

But everyone’s favorite part of the day, was after dinner when everyone had gravy splatters on their shirts, and chocolate smeared on the edges of their mouths, and their eyes started to droop.

They would all crowd around the living room of the Burrow and just relax while they shared stories of holidays past and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Because even though there was always something, a holiday spent at the Weasleys was always a day well spent.


Run. Run, you clever boy, and be a Doctor.

Clara Oswald will be proud.