The Truth Is Out There and, little did we know, the truth tastes a lot like cow’s milk, cows that have been abducted by UFOs. Kyrgyzstan-based design agency Imedia Creative Bureau created this awesome packaging design concept for Molocow milk. The glass milk bottles are shaped like tractor beams and capped by silver UFOs screw-caps. The bottles are labeled with the silhouette of a cow being pulled up into the UFO. We want to believe.

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Every time we feel like we’ve finally wrapped our heads around the awesomeness of cephalopods, they go and do something that makes them seem even more amazing still. Today we learned that the southern sand octopus (Octopus kaurna) can hide itself from nosy visitors or potential predators by creating its own quicksand and disappearing into the ocean floor.

Unlike many octopus species, the southern sand octopus cannot camouflage itself, so it’s developed a method for swiftly hiding instead. This behavior was first spotted by scientists from the University of Melbourne during a night dive in 2008:

After the researchers shined a light on the octopus, it began to shoot jets of water into the sand below, creating a pit of quicksand. Research on this response—the first time a cephalopod has been seen forming a complete burrow—has just been published in the journal Behaviour.

Jasper Montana, of the University of Melbourne, told New Scientist, “It actually was a pocket—like a space that the octopus could sit within. So it was a true burrow.” The process of creating this burrow required the octopus to use its arms to create a “chimney” to breathe through. It then solidified the walls of the chamber with a layer of mucus.

Watch this video to see the southern sand octopus showing off its clever disappearing trick:

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"Nothing is clever. Everything is ordinary."

This. THIS is the moral of BBC Sherlock. Sherlock himself wants to be extraordinary so he suppresses his impulses, fears, and sentiment because they hold him back. But he’s not a god, he’s an ordinary man. Moriarty told Sherlock in TRF his biggest weakness was assuming everything to be clever when, in reality, nothing is clever.

We were even shown this idea in TEH when Mycroft came to 221b. We assumed they were playing chess but they were actually playing operation. We saw the board, we heard the pieces clunking, we know how intellectual these two men are…. but they were playing a children’s game instead. We, like Sherlock, are being lulled into thinking this story is extraordinary when it is not.

This show is about love. Nothing else. And love is ordinary.

Don’t be fooled by the work. Don’t be as blind as Sherlock. This story isn’t about the work.

This is about drinking too much with your best friend. This is about a Christmas party with wine, sitting, and carols on the violin. This is about quiet mornings eating breakfast together. This is about giggling at inappropriate times. This is about friends becoming family. About nights in watching television. About arguing over groceries. About jealousy. About loss, grief, and redemption.

And all of those things are ordinary.