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Since Presidents’ day and Valentine’s day are so close together, I thought it would be appropriate to make some presidential Valentine’s cards.

(I also made sure to keep them clean so that you could actually give them to people lol)


Equality. (x)

Derrick Williams is another prime example of the greatness of LeBron James.

Williams has struggled to find an NBA home, and was on the verge of being outside of the NBA just a week ago. As a former number two pick in 2011, he had slumped to a 10 day contract with the Cavs.

He has been excellent off the bench, and it’s just a reminder of how great James makes others around him, as Williams has thrived next to him and is on the verge of signing long term after just three games.

Williams is on a 10 day contract and is out there last night playing alongside the starters in crunch time as the Wolves make a run. He then links up with James for an alley-oop and makes a clutch steal and transition bucket to help the Cavs win.

If you really think about it, take LeBron off the Cavs and Williams goes back to an average NBA role player who struggles to find exactly where he fits. Similar to New York, similar to Miami. Do you really think Wolves, Kings, Heat and Knicks would pass on Williams if he was playing the way he is now when he was there?

LeBron takes a “troublesome” JR Smith and helps him become an integral part of a championship team. He turns the near-retired Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye into huge productive pieces for the Cavs. He turns back the clock with a 35 year old Kyle Korver, who drops the most points in a game against the Pacers since 2007, 10 YEARS AGO and was 6/6 shooting off passes from LeBron that night, and Williams is just one of the numerous others who are elevated by James.

People hate on James for playing with “superstars”, despite Kyrie Irving not even reaching his prime yet and still continuing to grow under his guidance, and Kevin Love, who has taken 3 years to finally “fit in”, but ignore the fact that James makes average players play like stars.

I’m not sure anyone has elevated others quite like James has done throughout his career. Appreciate this man while you can, trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.