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Girl the sex was crazy, better yet amazing. Don’t be sad. I ain’t going nowhere. Let’s just lay and talk…Girl I know you feel it, this chemistry that we got. So don’t be shy. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m here for the night… So move closer. Bring your body to mine. Let me hold you right. Don’t be mad, I ain’t going nowhere. I'mma sleep here by your side…

myanchorandyourcompass  asked:

please imagine Kravitz actually being interested in Angus' favorite book series "Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop." and the two of them end up quoting it a lot and bonding

yes!!! angus asks krav to read it to him as a bedtime story and krav finds himself still reading it even after angus is asleep. the next morning angus wakes up to find kravitz with dark bags under his eyes sat next to a pile of 20 caleb cleveland books, a board covered in his self invented fan theories, and the biggest, toothiest grin on his face

anonymous asked:

Teenaged Angus/Mavis???? Or they can bond while they're still kids over kid caleb comics and running away from mookie.

so hear me out

angus and mavis are talking about caleb cleveland kid cop and rather irresponsibly lose track of mookie and thus have a half enjoyable/half panicked adventure searching for wherever mookie ran off to

on a separate but similar occasion mookie asks them to tell him about those books they keep talking about