I made an (unfinished) Alphabet book of Cartoon Creators for college years ago. It was awful and so was the art. Also the teacher was old and had no clue about animation past 1980. He didn’t know what Powerpuff Girls or Batman TAS were. Someone said “Oh God” when they saw the Zone-Tan image.

Gonna draw some of these cartoon creators as cameos in Loki IRL since it’s based around the animation industry. *Art not final

Every since Clerks animated, I loved seeing real people made into cartoons.

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((I'm bored and need a distraction XD)) (Per Disgust to Indy) Accident

Indy about broke everything trying to get to Disgust. She was scared to death that her friend was going to kick the bucket before she had a chance to get there. Her heart racing as she barreled down the halls of the hospital. “I hope she’s ok…” She whispered, as she got to the information desk. “I-I’m looking for Disgust?” Her heart was beating so hard, she felt it in her throat.
“Room A113.” The clerk responded. “Take the elevator up to the second floor and follow the signs.”
“Thank you!” She darted off as the clerk looked after her.

Indy ran up the stairs, far too impatient to take the elevator and followed the signs to her room and came to a stop to catch her breath. Joy and Sadness were with her already, and that was the only way she had come to find out. As Indecisive got her bearing, she walked in, looking over at her friend, her heart aching. Her hand took Disgust’s, softly.

“Hey. Wake up sleeping beauty..”

i was rolling a joint
as i do on nights where my
head feels heavier than the rest of my body 
(which is already pretty heavy).

i have shitty hands that do
shitty jobs,
so i bought a $3 joint roller at Brennan’s Smoke shop, 
the clerk showed me his tattoo.

i was rolling a joint
as i do on nights where my
arms feel stung, unlike when they don’t feel stung.

i used my Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World DVD cover slip to fold into a filter,
the thick smoke lingering through everything that defined my depression, 
i think it means something. 

like yeah the gendering of things is fuckin stupid but who gives a shit if a man wants to smell like fresh cut steel or some shit like fucking let them. no one is going to fucking stop a man from buying cucumber melon body wash if thats what he wants to use, the grocery clerk isnt gonna call the Gender Police on him to preform a Full Scale Investigation as to who exactly the cucumber melon body wash is for. 

like just let stupid shit be stupid. the only reason those companies are even doing that shit is to get double the money. like i doubt Soap Makers at Dove are sittin around thinking…… hmmmmm… how can we inconspicuously enforce Gender Roles…. hmmm… 

no they’re like hey: u kno how guys like to smell different? lets cash in on that shit

thats like the entire thought process.

  • Claire:Sir...
  • Clerk:Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I already told you, I can't take it back. It's against store policy.
  • Sophia:Are you willing to sign an affidavit to that effect?
  • Clerk:A what?
  • Sophia:An affidavit. It's standard in any NOPRL investigation.
  • Clerk:NOPRL?
  • Sophia:The NOPRL, Network of Older People Retired but Living. Sophia Petrillo, past president and legal counsel. This store's in big trouble, mister. I got a better case than Valerie Harper.
  • Manager:Excuse me, ladies. Is there a problem here?
  • Sophia:Only if you consider a class-action suit and a boycott by OREP a problem.
  • Clerk:I thought it was NOPRL.
  • Sophia:This is too big for NOPRL. This is all the way up to OREP.
  • Manager:OREP?
  • Sophia:Organization of Retired and Elderly People. Sophia Petrillo, executive director and leader of the '87 march on Neiman Marcus.
  • Manager:Mrs Petrillo, isn't there some way that we can resolve this matter?
  • Sophia:I'm afraid not. The wheels of justice are already in motion. Of course, a full refund could put those wheels in reverse.
  • Manager:How much?
  • Sophia:A buck 17.
  • Manager:You got it. Here. Keep the change.
  • Sophia:Thank you. We'll be in touch.


Anthony Mary Zaccaria, born of a noble family of Cremona, while still a boy shone with modesty of manners and compassion for the poor.

He studied the humanities, philosophy and medicine, and easily surpassed his companions both in moral integrity and in mental ability.

By divine inspiration, he devoted himself earnestly to the study of the Sacred Sciences; then, promoted to the priesthood, he served in that office so well that his fellow-citizens used to call him Father and Angel of his country.

At Milan, with Bartholomew Ferrari and James Morigia, most saintly men, he founded an association of Clerks Regular, named after St. Paul, and a society of nuns called the Angelicals. He had a singular devotion towards the Holy Eucharist and was an extraordinary promoter of public exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Endowed with heavenly gifts by God and worn out by his great labors, he was seized with a dangerous illness and died a most holy death at Cremona on the third of the Nones of July in the year 1539.

Pope Leo XIII approved and confirmed the veneration shown him and added him to the calendar of the saints.

The Roman Breviary (1964)


❝Bae Seulgi is the younger half of a set of twins. She’s creative and bubbly, outgoing, and most of all, addicted to fashion. Her relationship with her parents is strained at the least, so she lives with her twin sister in a small apartment in Hongdae. She works at a bookstore as a clerk to try and save money to go to University, her dream to be a world renowned fashion designer.She likes tattoos, art, music, and anything else creative she can get her hands on. You probably won’t be able to find her without her leather bound notebook that carries all her designs, but you’d be crazy to think she’d let you see any of them until they’re finished. She’s a perfectionist, and it’s probably the only thing holding her back from achieving her dreams.

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The is more or less the argument for the Confederate Flag right now. People dont mean it to be hurtful, but they were never the ones being hurt by it.

TW: Racist slurs

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Senia set down the pile of folders and various papers down on her bosses desk, sighing as some of the loose items drifted to the side. Why nothing ever seemed to be able to stay in place around this office she would never know…all she knew was that it caused her endless amounts of frustration, especially when the interns lost important paperwork and didn’t tell her until the last minute. 

As she tidied the stack, she heard the door open and the unmistakable light tread of her boss’ foot steps. With out turning, she remarked, “The new intern you hired…the frat boy Jacob-Something-Or-Other, needs to be let go. He makes inappropriate comments to the other interns and office clerks, while acting like he is the CEO instead of you.”

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AHAHAHA my friends, family, coworkers, grocery clerks, etc, are all so aware of my ~~predilections~~ that nobody would be in the slightest bit surprise at me screaming things at the TV that have nothing to do with the game of soccer. 

I finally found out (pretty sure it this thing after talking to the computer store clerk) why my computer screens sometimes do a big fuck you and turn all colours of the rainbow. My graphics card most likely has a factory defect. So next time I’m in town I will be returning it for another one (when I find the bloody insurance receipt) 

Until then I just thank which ever deity out there that in case of something happening my word program has a temporary file save in case of blackouts or something.  

Looks like I needn’t bother waiting for Housekeeping or worrying that I can’t sleep lest they come in – I just read a bunch of reviews and this hotel charges extra for the service. I guess that explains the “do not disturb” sign being nonexistent.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend the Legacy Vacation Club – in Reno or anywhere else. We’d have cancelled our reservation before checking in if it weren’t for the $119 cancellation fee. And that was just when we saw pictures of the room and learned that “sleeps 4″ means one queen size bed and a couch.

Then we arrived to a room in which the air conditioner was blowing hot air (the desk clerk said “we haven’t had any complaints about it,” but a couple hours later when it hadn’t kicked in as promised the afternoon clerk told us that there have been lots of problems with the A.C.), the soap dish in the shower was missing, with just an empty un-tiled space where it used to be, and the TV didn’t work. And still they tried to prevent us from switching rooms. And even in the new room with a working A.C., TV, and a couch that isn’t facing the bed (making pulling out the bed impossible), even the new room with the couch next to the bed instead of facing it is in a room so small that unfolding the sofa bed blocks access to the bathroom.

3rd Year Struggles: How to Look Less Stupid than You Are

Dear rising MS3s,

Welcome to the big show - sorta.  Third year is this magical time where you are expected to know how to take care of real patients.  Rather than worrying about that, I am sure you are busy taking selfies with your white coat on and stethoscope around your neck while tweeting about how early you have to start getting up, #medschoolproblems.

This may come as a shock, but you are a clinical moron.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can move on to improving it.  I don’t care if you are coming off your 260 step 1 score, real patients don’t present with multiple choices.  All that score means is you are good at diagnosing and treating paragraphs of words, not people.  I am only saying this from experience.

When you start your first day on the wards you are going to realize you got pushed into the deep end of the pool, sans floaties.  Like someone truly drowning, you will be tempted to flail about, reaching out for anyone to save you.  Don’t.  No one has time to hold your hand, and you will quickly make people hate you if you constantly beg for advice/help/guidance, etc. 

Have no fear, I am going to give some tips to make the transition easier and help you look semi-competent.  Behold my list of life-saving resources for third year. 

1. Scut Sheets ( - you will likely follow 1-5 patients while on the wards.  This sounds easy, but things move fast and you don’t want to be presenting old data on rounds.  Scut sheets allow you to organize your patient information in a way that is easily accessible and portable (iPads are great, but in my experience you can’t beat good old paper).  Further, the H&P sheets help to remind you of all of the things you need to examine/inquire about.  You don’t want to be the student who comes back to report on a patient with epigastric pain in whom you never examined the cardiopulmonary system.  Print a couple of each style to find one you like.

2. Stanford 25 ( - remember that time before step 1 studying, when you had to practice actually touching people?  That was called the physical exam, and you are expected to actually do that… on every patient… everyday.  Better refresh on it so you don’t look like a fool palpating the thyroid over the thyroid cartilage.  Go to the website, click “The 25″ button and see the 25 physical exam skills every student should know, along with detailed explanations.

3. MedCalc (

Enough said.  Qx Calc is also worth downloading (  

3. Journal Club ( - I guarantee that during the year some jerk-off attending is going to ask you, “what is the best NOAC for atrial fibrillation?”  Obviously, like most, you will stutter because all you know to use in Afib is warfarin.  Then he or she will smile, knowing they have established their superiority, and tell you to look it up and do some sort of presentation.  Welcome to the best tool ever for such scenarios.  This wiki is run by a team of physicians who synthesize large trials into digestible snippets.  The app is well worth the money too. (The answer to the above question is apixaban, by the way, as determined by the ARISTOTLE trial; not that this scenario is based on a real event that occurred to me or anything). 

4. Smart Medicine ( - this app is amazing.  Seriously.  It is free to American College of Physician (ACP) members; and membership is free to students.  You should join just for this app.  This is much less cumbersome than UpToDate and will will make you shine when you present your assessment and plan (also, rumor is that DynaMed and ACP have teamed up to create an even more amazing tool that is coming out in August, also free to members).

5. Medscape ( - this is an awesome resource that is free. Medscape is one of my go to apps for understanding disease pathophysiology.  Another feature, which most students don’t realize, is the articles on surgical procedures.  This is HUGE for your surgery clerkship.  You can read over the procedure, see relevant anatomy and know just enough to be one step ahead of this guy:

Plus you get updates on medical news, have access to practice questions, etc.  Get it, use it, love it.

6. Online Med Ed ( - aside from learning real medicine, third year is about preparation for the step 2 of the USMLE.  I advise finding a question bank and organized program to keep your studying on track throughout the year.  Enter God’s gift to med students.  This is one man and a mystical dry erase board that will make learning clinical medicine easier than cooking a Totino’s pizza.  And it is one of the few things cheaper than a Totino’s!   

So there you have it.  You now are better equipped for the coming onslaught of pimp questions.  My suffering is your gain.  Below I will list a few other apps I have used this year that were less important to my success.  Happy studying.

ASCVD Risk Estimator ( - I believe there is an app in the app store as well.

Anticoag Evaluator ( - see the risk factors for coagulation

CDC vaccine schedules app (

Read by QxMD ( - allows you to get medical articles directly to your phone using your institutional access.

Sensitivity and Specificity ( - link to the app and review 

Pap Guidelines ( - a free version of the ASCCP app and a life saver while on Gyn. 

Celebrate Marriage Equality by Quitting Your Damn Job in a Blind Rage of Bigotry

Remember when every single employee in a Tennessee County Clerk’s office resigned because they’d have to marry gay people?

We sure do.

5222) Dear boy at the therapist's office: I'm actually very happy you thought I was a boy. Dear store clerk: I am so glad you put me in the men's dressing room. Dear lady in the girl bathroom: while you were rude, thank you for questioning if I was a girl.