The Flying Mexican Cleric

Context: The players have inadvertently released a demon possessed angel. and are attempting to free it from its demon possession. 4 manacles hold the angel power at bay and let the demon control it.

Rogue(struggling to lockpick manacles on moving target): If someone can hold it down i can probably lockpick the manacles off her

Cleric of the raven queen: OOC: I am going to Lucha Libre that angel.

DM: there is a lot of wreckage in between you and the angel, Roll me Acrobatics and Strength please

Cleric: Rolls Nat 20 for acrobatics and High Strength succeeding

DM: You run across the open spaces using the broken sarcophagi as a leaping point for your double somersault flying lariat pinning the Angel to the wall

Rogue: EL PADRE DE LA MUERTA he flies again!

Context: Me and my friends are playing our first campaign in D&D that our DM made, and after beating some goblins, we walked into a hall with a single Griffon in it. Our Cleric is the living embodiment of Heimskr from Skyrim.

Cleric: I want to tame the griffon.

DM: No you cant, none of you are Rangers

Cleric: I’m taming that Griffon. 

DM: No your not.

Cleric: Fine, how about I show him the power of Talos, so he is obliged to join our group.

DM: Fine, roll for religion.

*rolls 20


DM: *sighs* the Griffon sees life in new eyes with its new faith in Talos, and he is in your debt as he leaves the hall and flies away.

The griffon later came back to finish off a level 8 Warlock.


(this is the nerfed version of the instance, old ver linked below)

now that Drakenseer’s Lair drops loot for everyone we’ve started running it again since it’s actually sorta worth it now so i figured i’d throw together a quick half-assed guide
there are some minor mistakes/typos that i didn’t notice till after rendering which takes a long time, added annotations for the things that are somewhat important

group comp wise this instance is very flexible, it is definitely not required but if you’re just starting out doing the instance i would probably recommend having a support cleric and a secondary support whether it’s a DPS/hybrid cleric, a DPS/hybrid/support songweaver or a chanter.

at the end every group member can loot a box from the boss which gives a Blood Mark Bundle (gives 15 i think?) and has a chance at giving Akhal’s Weapon or Armor box.
boss also drops an Illusion Godstone Bundle and has a decent chance at dropping a Stigma Sack.
don’t remember what else but omegas and eternal DEs are also not uncommon from the mobs.

if you have any questions about the instance let me know~

pre-nerf PoV:

Sunday Respite - Symbols of Good Faith

So, I have been working on something; something Dungeon-y and Dragon-y. 

When I leave my hometown this autumn and trek-on down south for a stint at university I plan to join some like-minded folk and roll some dice. Therefore, I have began creating an entirely new campaign in an entirely new setting, and it is something I am vigourously enthused about. As a side-effect, I’ve began to just make stuff for this game, most of it remains unused, but the stuff that I like I will throw on here. Nothing but the best for you lovelies.

So today, I offer my wares unto you faithful folk, children of the Gods, the pure and righteous. Whether you need divine implements to amplify your strength, holy weapons to smite and cleanse, or a fanciful trinket or gizmo which whispers to you as you sleep, bleeds when clenched in your palm, and softly tempts you to kill; I have it.

I’d tell you all to please don’t steal … but … you know … that Paladin over there has a very sharp sword that speaks for itself.

Blind Guidance of Otag the Blackeye

This is a length of narrow, purple cloth gilded with dozens of small black decorations of open eyes stitched onto it. When this cloths is wrapped around the head, covering the eyes entirely, she who adorns it, although wholly blinded by darkness regardless of magical sights such as blindsense, find those rare moments of critical accuracy are a thunderous force to behold, with even the most timid of narrow blades cleaving flesh and bone like bread and butter b’neath a guillotine.

Shortsleep Standard

This foot-high statuette of a God’s holy symbol has a half-foot long spike underneath. It emanates calm, trust, and induces a healthy, comfortable sleep to nearby folk. If planted as the centerpiece of a camp, those who shelter nearby sleep well with steady dreams, increasing focus and health for hours after they wake. However, if hostile forces approach with intent to harm, the standard will instantly awake all within its influence, snapping them to clear consciousness within an instant, ready to defend themselves and eachother from attack.

The Broadshield

This clean shield of polished metal has a red-clothed inner. It’s face portrays a forward-facing bird of prey in golden glory. Once the command word is spoken, the bird opens its wings out beyond the confines of the shield’s structure, creating a great barrier of yellow light, at least thrice as wide in both directions. Although this barrier cannot halt sword strikes as well as mortal steel and iron, it can eat at bolts and arrows, destroying them before they reach their original target, meaning those behind the shieldbearer can benefit from his protection without hugging her heels.

Heavenly Hands Amulet

This pure-silver decoration of two human hands clasped together hangs on a fine chain of tiny metal loops. This beautiful trinket is often unworn, preference often made for other magical amulets and enchanted necklaces, opting to keep it in a pocket or tied around the hilt of a weapon. However, when wounds are too great to ignore, and time is limited, the bearer of this item sets it onto the ground and utters a soundless prayer with a kiss, and from where their was soil and stone, a ghostly form rises up, the necklace easing around the head and resting on the neck. This form wears clerical vestments and holds no weapon. They stand, survey the area, smile kindly, then begin to cast healing magics, attending to wounds and slowing blood-loss. And then, when no longer needed, he who summoned the form thanks the apparition, who returns the gesture, and drops away, leaving only the necklace behind.

Black and Red Robes

These short-cropped, hooded robes, flowing no lower than the knee, made to be worn with trousers or leggings, are of a deep, inky black, trimmed with a inch-line of wine red, notched with crimson stitches. Grey smoke drifts out of the large hood, and off of the shoulders, like steam from a boiled pot. Dark, whispering screams drift away into the air, piercing the ears of any who hear it. The possessor of these robes can meld into shadows and murk like a fellow shade, melding almost flawlessly with darkness. They also find that wounds they cause bleed more heavilly, ache with greater severity, and scar with incredible ease. However, when an unfortunate soul falls to their hands, the robes secrete blood by the pint, soaking the skin and staining the floor, dripping as they walk, leaving trails of crimson.


Pixie x



Finally finished with the traditional version of the D&D babs! Will do them in SAI too when I have the time, but for now enjoy ‘em in pen crayons!
Our DM @hikaru2008 will also get her own picture, though probably later! xD

Breena the Seamstress - My very own Forest Gnome and Cleric of Lathander. A friendly little lady, working as the party healer and patcher-up (both physically and fabrically). She’s probably the least violent of the group, as she do not like hurting people.

Greger Småfot - @colorful-alien​‘s once-human Druid who by a curse now is stuck in his wild shape form. Though clumsy and insecure he’s also very friendly and the strongest tank of the party with high hit points and sharp claws.

Leo Rolen Naïlo - @tsubaki94​‘s Elven Bard, coming from a noble family who kicked him out to have him learn about real life a bit better. He’s charismatic and charming, and has grown into a fairly good fighter throughout the party’s adventures.

Freyja Fireforge - @enderoid‘s sassy Dwarven Fighter with an unmistakable love for kicking butt, especially Orcish ones. She’s not the friendliest at times, but seem to have grown fonder of (most of) the party with time, and can sometime become even more mom of the group than Breena.

The sound of a dying giraffe

Context: The party has snuck into a small forest on the border of kobold patrols.

Warlord: Why don’t you climb up that tree and see what you can see?

Rogue: *Rolls high and succeeds*. I see several patrols, one of them is quite nearby, we can probably get them to come into the forest and kill them off quietly.

Cleric: That is perfect, climb back down, and we will make the sound of a dying giraffe to lure them in here. 

Rogue: *Rolls Nat 1*

DM: You slip from your perch, as you plummet to the ground, you hit every single branch on the way down, breaking several with your weight. As you hit the ground, you successfully make the sound of a dying giraffe. But the kobolds have somehow already been alerted to your presence.

Still working on Lock - the more I doodle, the more I get an idea of where he’s going, which is handy C: I don’t think I’ve struggled so much to create a character before, and he’s changed all over the place. Oh well, I’ve still got a week and a half before the first session so I’m sure he’ll be tweaked more by then ;D

Doesn’t help that there’s such little information on Leira (aside from some stuff from 2 ed), so I’m essentially making a temple/clergy for him to fit things a little better. I don’t think anyone would appreciate a party member who lies about everything, so bending some rules ;D Illusions ftw.

So my friend and I just joined a new group for a 5th Edition campaign set in the Forgotten Realms and we had our first session today. Among the group is me, (a Noble High Elf Wizard) a Wood Elf Ranger, a Bard who stole a Wizard’s Robe because it looked cool, a Pirate Half-elf Cleric of Umberlee the Bitch Queen, a Noble Human Rogue and a Dwarf Barbarian. The hijinks that follow actually happened.

After leaving the city of Waterdeep with a caravan going north, we stop at the town of Red Larch and at the request of the Rogue, I asked for rumors regarding the Cult of Dragons. Which gets us nearly kicked out of the town and my Wizard gets blamed despite the Rogue being the one who asked.

Later, we arrive at Westbridge and we go see the local Sage and once again I get blamed when the Rogue gets me to ask about the Cult of Dragons and the Sage kicks us out of his chambers and has the guards looking for us. All the while, the Dwarf is sitting at the tavern drinking and partying with a couple of other Dwarves who he promptly drinks under the table.

We visit the blacksmith to resupply when he offers to give me his entire business in exchange for my ancestral Elven Longsword and I’m forced to cast Charm Person to get him to accept my answer of no. As we leave the shop we notice some guards have been tailing us so I get the blacksmith to let us use a back exit and we have to convince the Rogue not to steal his wares during that time. As we make our escape the Rogue finds us a secret safe house where we spend the rest of the night eluding the guards.

Also it turns out the Rogue used to unknowingly work for the Cult of Dragons (which is why he wanted to know more about them) and the robe the Bard stole was from a Red Wizard of Thay. (which he immediately tries to get rid of when he finds out)

The next day, as we discuss what we should do and where to get directions through the Kryptgarden Forest, we see a large patrol of guards keeping watch near the blacksmith I Charmed. And before we have a chance to make a plan, a couple of elderly adventurers (50ish year old humans with swirling multicolored eyes bearing tilted Ankhs and eyes of Horus) escort us out of the town just before the guards have a chance to catch us. They then proceed to answer every question we ask as vague and mysteriously as possibly before leaving.

We then encounter a few Dwarves on the Long Road who hire us to help them with a bit of a mission. (read: Quest)

This is gonna be a good time

Highlights from the D&D session w/ the Squad:
  • Freyja the Dwarf mauling the Orc into a heap of flesh
  • Leo the Elf being suave with a frickin’ banshee
  • “It’s not a proper sesh if I don’t point out how loaded and ripped I am”  - Me about my character
  • Greger the Yeti bathing and looking like a drenched cat
  • The pouty, wet Gnome Cleric that was Breena
  • #CleanFreyja returns, and the whole town’s trending!
  • “Oh I love all in the heroes! Leo, Breena, Freyja and, uh… *looks at smudged writing on hand* Th-the Yeti…?” - Mayor of Phandalin (according to me)
  • The super awkward first ten minutes of the feast
  • Leo’s little breakdown, bless his socks <3
  • Greger trying to smooth talk the Blacksmith while being a cake covered mess
  • The super duper smol and tiny halfling kid who Freyja and Bree p much adopted for the night
  • Bree babysitting said kid and feeding him cookies

@hikaru2008, @enderoid, @tsubaki94 and @colorful-alien, please add more if you come up with some! :’D Thanks for a great sesh!

anonymous asked:

Do you have/plan on having any LGBT characters in your books ??

Dude the whole Tranavian cast sans Malachiasz in the cleric book is LGTB :)