Of course, my angry child

Cleric Loran…  He’s just so darned cool.

I like how even though he’s positively loaded with “scary” design imagery (the teeth, worm body, eye staff, etc), he actually acts like a fairly reasonable figure.  He provides knowledge to those who seek it, he upholds the culture of his world, he doesn’t like it when soldiers scuffle in his church, but he still sees them as a part of his team.  Corey Burton gives him a very distinct voice, and I liked his little “crawling” animation too.  Though spooky to look at, he does not at all play a threatening nor directly villainous roll.  In fact, he’s almost a sort of ally in that he tells Hal about the secret of the Green Lantern Corps and their Manhunters.  Overall, just an interesting example of how to make a character look alien, but while still presenting them as “human”.

Plus, he’s kind of cute in an odd way….

I wanna raspberry his worm tummy