Iron Priest (Cleric Archetype)

The concept of visitors from beyond the stars being worshipped as gods is nothing new, but it adds a special twist when these beings also bring with them their superior technology as well, including robots!

In the Golarion setting, Iron Priests are typically worshippers of what are collectively known as Iron Gods: Artificial intelligences that, through a combination of the ignorant awe of less advanced mortals, the raw magic of that region of the universe, and so on, have acquired some small level of divine power in a local region and the ability to grant spells to their devotees. However, despite this, Iron Gods are still products of the material plane, and can be destroyed much easier than even the weakest demigods.

Regardless, the unifying factor across all settings is that Iron Priests worship advanced technology, or at least, the powerful beings the come bearing it from other worlds, which grants them a slightly different set of abilities to suit their focus. They often take the role of go-between among their people and whatever they worship, working with the machines of the star travelers to either use them or quell their fury.

The healing or harming power of an iron priest’s channeled energy not only affects the living, but also constructs, repairing them or tearing them apart even as they do the same to the living. However, their power never affects the undead.

Additionally, when converting spell energy into curatives or inflictions, these mystics can also use them to spontaneously cast various construct healing spells, regardless of whether they focus on healing or harming.

With that in mind, these priests are naturals for games in which one is planning on facing constructs (particularly robots) or on having robotic allies and servants. Regardless, a few domain choices that add construct-focused options to their abilities could not hurt, particularly electricity spells, on account of the robotic vulnerability to such things. Crafting feats and Technologist is also recommended.

The sort of entities that iron priests worship may vary. In Golarion, its almost universally an Iron God AI, or perhaps a general worship of the mysterious civilization that the ship belonged to. Others may worship aliens directly, or perhaps just the machines around them.


Recently, strange priests have begun evangelizing in the streets, promising eternal life to those that offer themselves, body and soul, to the Queen of Metal. Though clearly not sane, their promises do pique the interests of a few, which has in turn brought the attention of a morrigna psychopomp named Yanshada.

Rumors of shapeshifting reptiles infiltrating society are nothing new, but a few theorists have taken to worshipping these supposed visitors as messengers of the gods. Whether the true reptoid agenda actually involves this cult is yet to be seen, but they might be dangerous if they get ahold of the strange tech the reptoids brought with them.

Taking an intact chaingun ripped from a destroyed annihilator robot as her prize, the centaur priestess Mura carries the weapon and extra ammunition into battle, alongside other machines that her people have taken from the Ruins of Man. More dangerous still is her ability to repair her robotic servitors as well.

Context: My dad was running a game of dnd a while back. The party, he couldn’t remember all the classes or races, just that there was a 10 year old human cleric. Said party is walking through a crypt that was being used by a cult to summon a demon when…

DM: From inside the pentagram a billowing smoke emerges, killing all the nearby cultists and growing to a massive size…

Cleric ooc: I’m going to take my bottle of holy water and chuck it into the smoke!

(The cleric rolls a nat 20 and the entity in the smoke rolls a nat 1 to resist it.)

DM, bewildered by this turn of events: … Well then, the smoke dissapears and leaves nothing behind, as you just killed the demon lord that was going to be a recurring villian before it could even form!

(Everyone at the table bursts into laughter for so long that the session had to end there, all because a ten year old managed to kill an entire boss by himself.)

In which we go to rescue the rogue's long lost girlfiend...

DM: You guys enter the back room to the warehouse filled with corpses and find a strange lab. Upon the center table is Maldrich’s (Rogue) missing girlfriend. She is currently in a cycle of waking up, screaming, and passing out again.

Rogue: I run up to her and try to snap her out of it.

DM: She shows no response to outside stimuli.

Cleric: I try and identify whats wrong with her.

(Rolls 18)

DM: You determine that she isn’t passing out but dying and reviving constantly. You cannot figure out the spell that is causing this as it seems to be an amalgamation of spells. Needless to say, she is in a unbearable amount of pain as she basically suffers massive organ failure without pause.

Rogue: Oh my god is there anything I can do?!

Cleric: Let me try. I use dispel on her.

DM: Okay roll.

(Rolls 1)

Cleric: Oops…

DM: She blows up.


Cleric: That wasn’t supposed to happen…

Rogue: What kinda fumble chart do you use that ends with my girlfriend blowing up?!

DM (laughing): Well, uh, mine.

Fighter (to rogue): Shit man that sucks, I’m sorry. You’re girlfriend was like…a real bombshell…

Rogue: DO NOT.