Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was gonna end up being happy with the final product, but now that the end is here, I am just so proud of what I’ve made! Even though I haven’t caught up completely with Critical Role, I wanted to make some fan art to show my love! So for those of you who don’t know who is featured, the list is as follows (left to right): Scanlan the gnome bard, Pike the gnome cleric, Percy the human gunslinger, Keyleth the half-elf druid, Matt Mercer the DM, Vax’ildan the half-elf rogue, Vex’ahlia the half-elf ranger, Trinket the bear, and Grog the goliath Barbarian!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it. It’s totally worth it to start from the beginning, in my opinion. I haven’t gotten any word on if this is okay to sell as a print on redbubble yet, but fingers crossed!!!

EDIT: Fixed a few mistakes I spotted >.> Hope no one notices

Another fun design. A Cleric-Druid with her animal companion. It’s been fun getting back at these designs. Work has definitely sucked a lot of creatively (and sadly a bit of passion (I keep having to fight for this)). Honestly a constant remainder to keep tackling your own stuff no matter what, or you’ll just sink into a bitter hole (I’ve been there for a while). This is one of the big problems when you turn something you love into  a job. I just turn into auto-pilot and “do” rather than just “go”.

It’s definitely been a weird push and pull, oft times I find myself just drawing random shapes just to keep that fire burning in me, to know that I still have it. Being surrounded by great artist friends is great as they tend to help coax the fire to burn brighter (and kick your ass when you see how great they are, makes you want to keep going). It’s usually the lonely times that make that flame burn a little less brighter (never extinguish it, there have been thoughts of me doing this (because I am a dramatic person (thanks mum….(I love it)))).

I have so many sketches of nonsensical stuff and layers upon layers in files of just one-offs, small footnotes of instances of me just saying to myself “I need to do this to keep it lit”.

I find myself it is getting harder to focus on bigger designs, it doesn’t come as naturally to me anymore. While some may see that as something scary, I kind of embrace it. It simply means a new start, a fresh start of ideas. Another exodus to embark with my art.

I’ve been substituting with a lot of working out as I figured I need to find new ways of self-confidence, and knowing that I can struggle to lift weight (even though I may fail a lot) I see my body adapting to the changes, getting stronger to tackle it each week, and that tells my mind there is hope.

So a friend of mine is planning a halloween D&D group with a few of our friends. I haven’t played it in a while, but very excited because this time I wanted to go out of my comfort zone by choosing a character that would make me rp a bit more.  Well here she is my drawf claric, a perfectionist with a big heart but shes a bit greedy with her earnings and jewels :3 But strong willed, , so this is jut a rough outline i did, this will be a work in progress but fun to draw none the less.

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What do you think the flavor differences are between wizard and shaman?

Wizards use arcane magic, while Shamans use more spiritual magic. Wizards use more classical spellcasting, while Shamans are somewhat of a mix between Clerics and Druids in how they operate.

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Who do you like best as divine and why? I like leliana but i hate that despite that vivienne creates circles

My canon Divine is Leliana, and her views definitely align with mine! She abolishes the Circles, admits non-humans into priesthood and allows clerics to be married if she’s in a relationship with the Warden, and I support all of these decisions. Andrastianism isn’t a “bad” religion in and of itself; it’s the Chantry that needs radical reform, and I believe Leliana can pull that off if BioWare will let her…
Yeah, Vivienne brings the Circles back, and I’ve seen many people complaining about it, but I don’t think it’s so bad? For starters, it’s a mage that recreated the Circles and they seem to exist independently from the Chantry. Also, from my understanding, the mages actually choose whether they want to join the College of Enchanters or the Circle of Magi; it’s not like a mage child is going to be taken from its parents and dragged to the Circle as the case was until now. Plus, it’s mentioned in the epilogue that not many mages joined the Circle, so… But if DA 4 comes out and the Circles are exactly how they used to be, I’m going to be both disappointed and pissed…

Church of England for Grantchester fans: what’s he wearing?

an occasional series
by a US Episcopalian raised Baptist

When he’s out and about and not super off duty (as when he’s scything the grass in the churchyard, or when he and Geordie go on their mini break to London in 1.5), Sidney wears “clericals” or clergy-specific street clothes.  The collar is the most striking feature - the solid white band that goes all the way around his neck.  That’s a freestanding piece of stiff fabric that fastens together in the back with a stud and may button on to the shirt in front.  Since when Sidney has his jacket off he’s clearly wearing a white shirt under his waistcoat because his sleeves are white, but what shows in the v of the waistcoat is black, I think he must wear a black bib stock - an extra piece of black fabric, also buttoned on to the shirt and collar, filling in the space in the v of the waistcoat.

When he’s officiating at a service, Sidney wears what’s called “choir dress.”  Over his street clothes (including the collar), he wears a black cassock, over the cassock a white surplice (also called a cotta), and over the surplice a black tippet (also called a scarf) and an academic hood.  For my fellow church nerds, I’ll note that the tippet is NOT a stole - tippets for clergy are always black, while stoles vary in color according to the liturgical season.

You can see the academic hood better when he’s turned to the side… as here, baptizing little David Sidney Keating.

And here you can see the cassock by itself, when he’s chatting with Leonard in series 1:

We stuffed a vampire in a bag of holding

So, we’re playing the 5e “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” campaign setting, and we’re right at the end of it in the flying castle. Our party consists of a Halflng Barbarian, a Drow Rogue (Me), a Tiefling Cleric, Human Fighter, Halfling Rogue, Half-Orc Warlock, and a Tiefling Paladin.

The party had just finished killing everything except the Vampire in the castle. The Rogue and the Ranger had sneakily coup de graced the sleeping ogres in one of the room and this happens.

DM: “Ok, so the smell of all the blood is attracting the attention of the vampire. You have *rolls* two minutes to form a plan.

Everyone starts freaking out on how to make this work cause everyone is low on HP, Potions, and spells.

Warlock: “We have that bag of holding we got from the Giant. Lets stuff her inside it!”

Everyone else: “What!?”

DM: *Sighs*

Fighter: “Well if we’re gonna die, lets make it funny at least yeah?”

Cleric: “Ok, I’ll stone shape the door frame so the Halfling can stand on top of it and jump down on her when she comes in”

Paladin and the Fighter: “We’ll stand on either side of the door and shove that undead bitch in.”

Ranger and the Rogue: “We’ll hide, bows drawn for when this fails horribly.”

The warlock and the cleric also hide waiting for this to fail. The Vampire walks into the room, drawn by the sweet smell of blood.

The Halfling jumps down onto the Vampire, Bag of Holding open: “Gotcha bitch!!”

The fighter and the paladin jump from either side and start trying to wrestle her into the back, and with lots of failing contested strength checks, this plan is going south, fast. THEN THIS HAPPENS!

Cleric: “What if I throw a bunch of holy water at her feet. Will she jump into the bag trying to get away from it.

DM: *Speachless*

DM: "I’ll allow the attempt… Roll for me on this one”

Cleric: *Nat 20*

DM *Throws his dice and storms out of the room*

Comes back 5 minutes later after laughing and crying

DM: “Ok. So the Holy water idea works like a charm. The flask breaks at the Vampire’s feet and out of pure reflex she jumps into the bag to avoid the burning of the holy water on her bare feet.”

Barbarian: *Zips the bag up.* “Well….bitch in a bag…Do we get to use her as a sneak attack weapon?”

DM: “I hate all of you….”

The Flying Mexican Cleric

Context: The players have inadvertently released a demon possessed angel. and are attempting to free it from its demon possession. 4 manacles hold the angel power at bay and let the demon control it.

Rogue(struggling to lockpick manacles on moving target): If someone can hold it down i can probably lockpick the manacles off her

Cleric of the raven queen: OOC: I am going to Lucha Libre that angel.

DM: there is a lot of wreckage in between you and the angel, Roll me Acrobatics and Strength please

Cleric: Rolls Nat 20 for acrobatics and High Strength succeeding

DM: You run across the open spaces using the broken sarcophagi as a leaping point for your double somersault flying lariat pinning the Angel to the wall

Rogue: EL PADRE DE LA MUERTA he flies again!