cleopatra iii


anonymous asked: Top 10 historical pairings 
Yes, I know, Ulysse and Penelope aren’t really historical, but I’ve so much feelings for them *^*

the King, Ptolemy IX Soter II, offering the symbol for Eternity (an image of the God Heh) and three sprigs; behind Him, the King’s Mother, Cleopatra III (wearing the Solar disk with cow’s horns and the two feathers).
The King is represented wearing a composite Triple ‘Atef’ Crown with ram’s horns, two uraei, and three sacred falcons (each wearing the Solar disk).
Temple of the God Horus at Behdet (Edfu),
detail from the scenes related to the the Feast of “Opening the Year of the Reign of Horus” represented on the north inner side of the Girdle Wall,
lower register of the east part, detail from the III scene.

(the images have been impiously hammered by the christians…)


My Ptolemaic’s Queen Top 5:

1 - Cleopatra VII, obviously!

2 - Arsinoe II Philadelpha

3 - Berenice I 

4 - Berenice II 

5 - Cleopatra III 

I don’t added Cleopatra Selene I and Cleopatra Selene II (daughter of Antonio and Cleopatra) because they were not really queens of Egypt, but queen of Syria and queen of Maretania.



I will be treble-sinew’d, hearted, breathed,
And fight maliciously: for when mine hours
Were nice and lucky, men did ransom lives
Of me for jests; but now I’ll set my teeth,
And send to darkness all that stop me. Come,
Let’s have one other gaudy night: call to me
All my sad captains; fill our bowls once more;
Let’s mock the midnight bell.


“Well what’s the guard doing?”

“They’re not there!”

“Not there?”

“There’s no one there. They’ve gone, run, fled, gone home! Everyone’s gone! Look the mob’s coming, it’s going to kill us. They’re in the Palace now. All because of what I did yesterday!”

“Because you burned the school down?”

“No,because I left the people in it!”