Elizabeth Taylor’s customized dressing room trailer for Cleopatra (1963).

Twentieth Century Fox spent a rumored $75,000 to build a heavily customized 36-foot dressing room/trailer for the star, staying true to the theme of the Egyptian/Roman epic. The Aljo trailer is decorated with opulence, through the talent and expertise of the studio set construction crew. It features rose colored carpeting, hand-painted ceilings, hand-painted murals in the bedroom, detailed crown moldings, custom makeup dresser and vanity, half columns mounted on the walls and other columned furniture and decorative pieces. Silky curtains hang from a semicircular runner to separate the bedroom from the rest of the living area. 

this is a call to the women of egypt:
nitocris: you know of suffering, you know of vengence. your hurt screams like fire in your veins, so transform yourself into nephthys and drown your enemies.
merneith: first woman, first queen, first chosen by ra. clasp your fingers around the world and hold it close to your chest. you are our first chosen goddess.
sobekneferu: the queen who did not have a gender. you will take their meaning of male and female and crush them in your fist. you are both king and queen and worshiped eternally
hatshepsut: you were born in a lionโ€™s den and you spent the rest of your life fighting to escape. the woman king, donโ€™t you know of your divinity?
nefertiti: most beautiful, most loved; how can words be woven to explain all that you are? there are women born to take all that is theirs through fire and suffering, and then there are women like you for whom there is no question.
cleopatra: darling, darling daughter. oh how the world was cruel to you. so loved by your people and by the world, that they took and took and took from you until you were bitter and broken and crying out for all you had lost.
—  the river nile still flows with your blood, you gave all you could give | j.m
Family Ties: 8 Truly Dysfunctional Royal Families

Grandma’s stewing about something her sister said 20 years ago, Uncle Rupert’s out teaching the kids about bottle rockets, and no one on dad’s side of the family is currently speaking. If your family reunions look something like this, rest easy: You’re still doing better than a great number of kings and queens throughout history.

With power and money comes dysfunction, as any number of royal families has proved. From palace assassinations to serial marriages, castle walls have seen it all.

1. Cleopatra, coming at you

Cleopatra is famous for her suicidal ending. What’s less known is her bloody beginning — and the familial drama that brought her to power. Read more.