She’s always been a challenge to me
From my very first hello
I pursued this woman of mystery; determined she would not be a puzzle to me
I soon found comfort in her complexity
I look into her dark and smoky eyes
Admiring her angles and curves
Her elliptical lips
She divides men from boys
Adding and subtracting hearts
Until alone I stand, her heart in my hand
She is mine
Solve for x
My First Love
—  My First Love by Dwayne Cleofus Wayne

Our #RalphLauren and #cartoon / #comic-obsessed friend #Cleofus has collected many of the ‘Lo-rocking characters from his Polito Vega zine and put them in one awesome group picture. Cleofus is selling 50 signed and numbered 11″ x 17″ full color prints of the image on high quality acid-free art stock via

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