cleo lene amdal


Making comics that only I find funny. Cleo and Roy are criminal investigators. Cleo on the right is my little human polygraph, and Roy on the left is hetamushitama’s medical examiner.

Cleo doesn’t like memes. Or the internet in general really. Which is funny since she probably has a twitter account where she tries to post selfies she takes with the dead bodies at crime scenes, and Roy stops her and deletes them all before she gets the chance.

It’s a miracle they solve any murder really.

I had always planned on Cleo having tattoos. She has a hyper accurate memory (a fictionalized version of hyperthymesia combined with an eidetic memory) and a brain that constantly is moving and flitting around, that she would find silence in pain. She’s too prideful to damage herself, so she finds other ways. Granted, one of those other ways is to piss off people enough to the point where they’d throw a punch, but the other, far riskier LESS RISKY (wow, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this error) way would be through tattoos. And, again, pride, so decorating herself plays in to that.


Cleo hears about PacRim2 and calls up Roy at, like, 11PM at night to just yell that she needs to come by her place before they go to work in the morning. Roy heads over because Cleo is Cleo and you really just do whatever she says if you don’t want a whiny little blonde on your hands, and gets ill fitting Hermann Gottlieb style clothes thrust in her face. 

They both go to work dressed like Newt and Hermann ‘cause Cleo said so. And of course there’s a murder or something that day and they both have to go to a crime scene and Cleo is PLEASED AS PUNCH at their epic duo-ness and Roy wants to spend the entire time hiding in the car.

Cleo enacts PacRim Fridays. Every Friday. Roy needs to dress as Hermann, Cleo dresses as Newt (and if she wakes up early enough she scribbles on tattoos), and Carrigan is just this poor suffering soul who occasionally humors Cleo and dresses as Tendo.

Cleo had a tendency to disappear for months at a time. Usually letting at least Carrie or Roy know where she was going. Sometimes not. Carrie and Roy would eventually start betting each other on what sort of strange object or story or SOMETHING Cleo would come back with, creating individual BINGO cards for themselves with an array or ideas.

Cleo came bouncing back in to the morgue one day, vibrating from head to toe and grinning “Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?” Before opening her mouth and proudly showing off a new bifurcated tongue. Oddly enough, one of them did get to mark it off their BINGO card. The next time the other got to mark off “a shrunken head gift” when Cleo placed one on Roy’s desk.

More sort-of-canon-but-maybe-not-if-I-change-my-mind stuff featuring my criminal investigator, Cleo.


Having an anxiety filled day, so I suppose some clothing design is in order.

Altra (antennae’d alien president) does have a fairly concrete design scheme I’m still trying to nail down (especially since she’s the main character in a planned comic, so her design should be solid). Even if clothing form and function varies, she should be in the black/yellow/silver color combo.

Cleo (human polygraph criminal investigator) will wear anything and everything. About the only “rule” is that blue is her key color. But even that she can choose to ignore.