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grand-inquisitor-cleo replied to your post “claire and i were talking about trans woman xander last night and oh…”

this is quality content and I demand more

Me and claire have talked a looooooooot more about her hahaha. mostly in shippy contexts. 

like claire talked about xandra/oboro post-cq (where obo lived cuz ;_; ) where as part of her experimentation xandra disguises herself a bit and spends some time in nestria, and meets oboro at a lesbian bar one night (where oboro goes to drown her sorrows in alcohol and fleeting companionship) and they really hit it off both talking about their regrets about the war (xandra pretending to be a random soldier) and their relationship develops from there 

or i was thinking more about laslow as the person she first comes out too and little to her knowledge laslow is trans himself and lazzy is just. so supportive and wonderful and constantly calling her ‘milady’ in private and knows all about ways to help xandy start to explore herself and all the resources etc trans people in that kind of setting use and aaaa he’s so sweet 

also i’ll just transcribe a little of the fluff me and claire talked about this morning hehe 


Claire: Xandra blushing y/n
Claire: She’s actually the first woman Laslow has ever made blush
Me: yes absolutely
Me: he himself gets flustered at having this power
Claire: Laslow making hearthands off-stage during addresses Xandra is giving and making her actually lose composure
Me: “Honey I love you you’re doing such a good job”
Xandra: is dead
Claire: D'awwwwwwwwww
Me: xandra makes heart hands at laslow once and laslow dies 5 times over tbh
Claire: Yes definitely. Laslow isn’t used to women flirting back
Claire: Especially ones as beautiful and regal as Xandra


Me: oboro just walking up and intertwining her fingers with xandra’s and leaning her head against her arm and xandra just. being unable to function
Claire: Xandra is a lesbian disaster.
Me: she is
Me: plus laslow
Claire: I get the feeling Xandra would be the kind of girl who thought she was gay before she knew she was a women because she always felt uncomfortable in relationships with girls, but once she comes out, she realizes she actually loves women when they treat her as one
Me: before, she was everyone’s “lesbian exception” but now the lesbians are just openly drooling over her tbh
Me: oh my gosh
Me: absolutely
Me: that’s wonderful
Me: she discovers the joys of being sapphic


Me: selena finding herself starting to fall in love with “xander” and just thinking, wait, do i actually like ‘him’, am i actually not gay…? and then xandra comes out to her and she’s just like oh
Claire: Awwwwwwwwww ;_; yes.
Claire: Don’t worry, Selena. Your lesbianism is not under attack. She’s just a beautiful trans girl
Me: she thought her lesbian senses were failing her but really they were going into overdrive
Claire: Isn’t it wonderful that every lesbian in Fates loves the amazing trans bi Xandra
Me: i’d imagine xandra and selena are already friends at this point and once selena knows xandra’s a girl she just completely falls head over heels and Me:someone has to point out to xandra at some point “you know she likes you” and then xandra awkwardly works up the courage to ask her buddy selena on a date
Claire: Awwwwwwwwwww ;_; Xandra is confident enough to lead a nation but not enough to ask Selena on a date
Me: heehehehe it’s true
Me: and of course selena in her mind is just like “are you kidding hell fucking YES” but externally tried to keep her cool. but she can’t maintain that anymore once she sees how happy xandra is when she says yes
Claire: This is like the two biggest covert lesbian disasters being pitted against each other
Me: it is and i love it
Me: they probably lesbian disaster make out before even going on their first date cuz they’re just too gay lol
Claire: Definitely

Childhood Heroes Astrology

the signs as “H2O Just Add Water” mermaids

Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius - Rikki

the rebellious,sarcastic and somewhat carefree of the girls, you can be stubborn and short stempered and you defenitely love adventures, ability to boil water

Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn - Emma

the confident, responsible and controlling one, you can be a perfectionist but also tough and you have a driven personality, ability to freeze water

Cancer, Libra, Pisces - Cleo

the one who is often awkward, insecure and emotional, you are very empathetic and optimistic, ability to control and shape water 

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio - Bella

the withdrawn and sensitive one, you are energetic and fun loving, ability to transform water in a jelly-like or glass-like substance