Ok an anon asked me to make an entire post about everything I’ve learned about Cleo since we met, this is just me writing all the things I can think of that I’ve learned about her, don’t take it completely seriously as if that is all she is as a person because I’ve only known her for less than a year and it’s a bit difficult to write about all the things I know about her on the spot and not forget a lot of things. But anyway, Cleo is my beautiful intelligent kind funny little baby wolf and she has the most interesting mind of anyone I’ve ever met, she loves ghosts, forests, animals, graveyards, music, and many more things people have a lot of interests I could spend hours typing them up. she’s observant and strong and she truly cares about other people and would do anything for them, she’s not afraid to be who she is and she doesn’t care what other people think, she has the biggest heart and the brightest mind and she’s just a very captivating person. Her personality is radiant and completely enchanting and it has this way of drawing you in and once you get to know her you never want to leave. Not only is she beautiful from the outside but she has the most beautiful intricate personality and there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. She’s incredible. She has a brother, and twin sisters, They get along most of the time and they also have a cute dog named jj, a bunny, and a hamster. On the day we first hung out we just sat and talked in my room for a while and some of the things we talked about were what sports we played when we were little, Cleo was rly good at sports, mainly basketball and soccer. Cleo even played in a boys basketball league. She ended up quitting sports and now she loves music. She’s good at singing, playing uke, and playing guitar. She wants to be a musician when she gets older. She loves all kinds of music, some of her main ones are letlive, Katy perry, twenty one pilots, Pierce the veil, being as an ocean, paramore, Melanie Martinez, pvris, all time low, never shout never, ect. We also talked about shows and movies, she answered a post about her fav movies the other day and her fav show is skins. She loves Kaya Scodelario and Kristen Stewart and Madison Paige. She likes to get inspo from them for her style too, her style varies significantly, sometimes it’s sweaters and docs and sometimes it’s crop tops and skinny jeans and sometimes it’s button ups and suspenders. Her favorite animals are deer, bears, wolves, foxes, and dogs. She loves forests more than anything and she wants to live in places with forests when she gets older. She has tons of friends she’s a very like able person. She went to a private Christian school for elementary school but in middle school she decided she didn’t want to go there anymore and she switched to a public middle school. She’s had plenty of friends throughout each school. She was born and raised in San Diego, her birthday is January 25th, 2000. She’s the oldest of 4 kids. I asked her out February 6th and it’s been almost 7 months, but we’ve been talking since last December💕 this is about all I can think of that isn’t too personal, I’m probably leaving a lot out but I tried hahah.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:why did the girls in H2o: Just Add Water always jump into the nearest body of water when they got the slightest bit of liquid on themselves? Why didn't they just wipe it off? How come no one called the police when they didn't resurface? After a while did it just become commonplace for those 3 girls in particular to leap off balconies into the ocean and disappear? No one ever asked them why or how? Wh