When 9-week-old Cleo ingested anti-freeze, doctors saved her life with a vodka IV. To neutralize the lethal toxins, she was given vodka every 6 hours for 2 days, which is the human equivalent of taking 8 shots every 4 hours. 

Cleo’s owners noticed there was something wrong right away, and took her to the vet. By the time they arrived, she was just a few hours from kidney failure.

The only cure for anti-freeze poisoning is pure alcohol, which stops a chemical reaction in the liver that causes renal failure. Ethanol is usually the best treatment, but a nurse happened to have some vodka stashed in her car. 

Despite Cleo’s triumphant recovery, you should not give your puppy vodka.



My contribution to the upcoming Prisma Artist Collectives 3rd Annual group show at Spoke Art in SF, CA. Show starts 7th Feb.

As well as the show pieces, we will also be releasing the Prisma Collectives first book! The book features favorite works from each of the Prisma artists, as well as in depth answers to some of their most frequently asked questions, plus step by step photos of the progress of one of their works from start to finish.

Get to Spoke gallery from 6-10pm to see the book, the artwork, and meet some of the artists. The first 75 people in attendance will receive a free limited edition print!


  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:why did the girls in H2o: Just Add Water always jump into the nearest body of water when they got the slightest bit of liquid on themselves? Why didn't they just wipe it off? How come no one called the police when they didn't resurface? After a while did it just become commonplace for those 3 girls in particular to leap off balconies into the ocean and disappear? No one ever asked them why or how?

Finally i finish a monster high fanart series, i hope made another one soon

Clawdeen - 13 Wishes

Ghoulia - sweet 1600

Lagoona - Frights, camera, Action!

Draculaura - Skull Shores

Frankie - Frek du chic

Cleo- I heart Fashion


Oh yeah! I forgot to post this here yesterday, but a year ago I decided to try my luck at asking the dreaded “CAN WE KEEP THEM?!” question to my parents when my boyfriend’s cat had a litter of kittens. After a LOT of convincing, the parental units said yes, and here we are!

 Murphy and Cleo really have become a staple of my family and I couldn’t imagine my homelife without the little buggers! :D