• what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why did the girls in H2o: Just Add Water always jump into the nearest body of water when they got the slightest bit of liquid on themselves? Why didn't they just wipe it off? How come no one called the police when they didn't resurface? After a while did it just become commonplace for those 3 girls in particular to leap off balconies into the ocean and disappear? No one ever asked them why or how?

Cleopatra VII

Not a traditional Pharaoh of old, Cleopatra was the last leader of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.  These Pharaohs came from the Macedonian general of Alexander the Great.

Cleopatra is known for her famous demise, liaisons with Roman Generals and famed good looks.  But Cleopatra was a scholar, a mother and a Pharaoh, one battle away from ruling the world.