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Ok so out of curiosity, I've really just gotten back into DC stuff so I was wondering if you could recommend any of the newer GL books? Also, I've been recommending your fics to all my friends and I've successfully turned my gf into Halbarry trash because of you, so thank you for all the fantastic writing!!!

AAAAA lmfao, tell her WELCOME TO THE DUMPSTER.. the halbarry dumpster is getting so full.. I am Pleased ( and thank you! )

As for newer GL books.. well.. all the most recent stuff has been pretty bad, with the notable exception of Tom King’s Darkseid Wars: Green Lantern which is still my favorite Hal issue of all time, but if you go back a few years..

Basically just go through Geoff Johns’ GL run, it’s absolutely fantastic — here’s the order:

  • Green Lantern: Rebirth
  • Green Lantern: No Fear ( Secret Origins )
  • Green Lantern v4 001 - 043
  • Blackest Night 000 - 001
  • Green Lantern v4 044 
  • Blackest Night 002
  • Green Lantern v4 045 
  • Blackest Night 003
  • Green Lantern v4 046
  • Blackest Night 004 ( zzz, this is the correct order tho )
  • Green Lantern v4 047
  • Blackest Night 005
  • Green Lantern v4 048
  • Blackest Night 006
  • Green Lantern v4 049 - 051
  • Blackest Night 007
  • Green Lantern v4 052
  • Blackest Night 008
  • Green Lantern v4 053 - 067
  • Green Lantern v5 001 - 020

That’s Geoff’s run – it’s really, really great. Unfortunately, after that, v5 goes downhill pretty fast after Vendetti ( shakes fist ) nukes it, but idk, you can read it if you want. It has a few?? Good moments?? The latest issue ( 049 ) was pretty good imo.

Also make sure to read Tom King’s Darkseid Wars: Green Lantern ( my fav.. hearteyes ) which you might need a little bit of context to fully get but?? You can read it as a standalone without getting too confused imo.

New 52 Justice League has some good Hal in the first 12 issues and then he leaves for like, 30.. He’s back now, but not in it that much. B(

Also, Flash Annual 002 is fcking fav.

Anyways! That’s a lot but yeh.. Geoff Johns man…. fcuking.. Geoff’s run.. so great..

> Okay.

Time to go.

The transportalizers are down. She’s contained to that universe and she–it?–is really, really upset.

Here goes nothing, you suppose.

The Void carries you between universes and you drop into the apartment hard, teeth bared, fists clenched, crossbows strapped to your wrists.

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What are your all time favorite South Park fanfics? I want to start reading but I don't know where to start

aah i have soooo many fics i’ve already read! check out my fic rec page!

as for my ALL TIME FAVS (idk which pairings youre looking for, but here they are):

/// these are all the multichaptered fics. so buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride

  • the strange attraction syndrome by tiffanybane: I’M SORRY. I HAVE TO. it’s my fav sp fic of all time, it’s creek, i love it, it’s just so good and has 170k words. its just *clenches fist* so good. why am i sorry? it’s not finished. and the last time it was updated was in 2012 im so sorry but its good i swear, trust me, read it and then be frustrated afterwards
  •  macabre by errorunknownuser: be beware, there are a lot of trigger warnings that u should pay attention to, this fic is certainly not something light. but its also so good and imo their relationship and the way it develops is just really realistic! (another creek fic, 70k words)
  • cosmic order, natrual lawby captaindude - yet another creek fic, it’s completed, it’s good and ngl it has like the best smut scene ive ever read lmao bye (102k words)
  • your princess in another castle by Delmareve - a bunny fic that contains some creek (but not really)! it hasnt been updated in a long time, but the author said it’s 100% not abandoned and LET ME TELL YOU the writing is so nice and it has literally the best plot. srsly the plot is so good usually in fics the plot is just u know, not that important, but here it’s just so nice. and i love all the side ships (99k words)
  • From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hellby hollycomb- THIS is one of my fav style fics of all time. srsly, hollycomb is my fav sp author anyway and this fic is just… it’s REALLY sad and angsty and i almost cried reading it (170k words, i read it TWICE which means a lot)
  • Aisle 10 by Qindarka - it’s probably the most popular creek fic of all time and it’s really good and sweet and the writing is also so nice! (202k words)
  • Psychic BS by Brat-Child3 - another style fic thats kind of super cute and super funny. it has it all, oh and cartman being cartman (55k words)
  • The Scenic Route by hollycomb - like i said hollycombs fics are my fav. you should totally read ALL of their fics they’re all so good. this fic is just the main five boys being adorable and good and it’s a style fic just so u know (116k words)
  • Leave the Pieces & Flipside: again, from hollycomb and tbh? these two fics are just as emotional like “from the queen of england …”. like? seriously? how do you plot them? all the plots and the storylines are so good. blesss you 

my fics (SEL PROMO TIME)

  • Breaking Up Sucks: uh? can you believe that MY first multichaptered fic is the second most popular south park fic on ao3???? because I CANT? how did this happen? where do all the kudos come from? anyway there’s a companion story which is ‘The Obstacles ’ (creek; also style, bunny, tyde, candy, blabla u know the gist, it has about 70k words in total)
  • Not Just Something series: consists of three fics, the main fic being the creek fic of course, then comes a prequel which isnt really important, and then the side style fic. the total is like?? idk 90-100k words? (and again, style, bunny, tyde, candy)
  • What’s Your Favorite Shade? just a light hearted, short style soulmate AU fic. thats all u need to know

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"You're worth caring about, Chara. I care, for sure!"

Then why was Frisk the "friend you wished you had”? Huh?“ Chara questions, tears streaming down their face, clenching their fists and just glaring at him. They were trembling, sobbing just a bit, and waiting for an answer from him.

{{Don’t ever call Leonard Snart, Leo. (Coldflash) Based loosely on the last LoT, and on my own imagination thinking Snart would HATE being called his childhood, Father-given nickname.}}

“Well, well. Little Leo is finally ready to fight back.” The other man sneered, his pearly whites flashing in the dark. 

Leonard froze, no pun intended. His blue eyes fogged over, his fist clenched tighter around the cold gun, which he raised from aiming at the man’s feet, to aiming at his heart. “No one calls me that.”

“Well I believe I just did.” The man sneered again, raising his own, oh-so normal gun, and taking aim. “Didn’t mean to tug on the ol’ heartstrings, Little Leo.” 

The moment of anger that fueled him was enough to keep him in place as a bullet came whizzing at him. The man was a friend of his fathers, one who had heard of Leonard killing his father, and one who wanted revenge. Originally it hadn’t been Leonard locked away in an old warehouse with the menace, but his sister, Lisa.

As soon as Leonard got the 911 text from his sister, he’d raced over and taken the battle into his own hands. He had thought he could handle it, he was handling it, until this old family friend used his old family name and threw him off enough to land a bullet in his side.

Leonard gasped at the searing pain that shot through his body as the bullet tore through him, knocking him to the ground. Without thinking, without aiming, he fired the cold gun. And it would have hit the other man. Would have killed him. Except at that moment the Flash zoomed in, tearing the other man from the scene.

“Dammit, Scarlet!” Leonard shouted, his gravely voice echoing through the building, his words broken by his heavy breathing. He pressed his hand against his side, grunting in pain as he put pressure on the open wound.

The Flash returned seconds later, glaring. Until his eyes saw Len’s hand, covered in blood, and his blue eyes, clouded with pain. “You said you weren’t going to kill anyone else.” Barry demanded, crouching on the floor next to Len, lifting the other man’s hand so he could take a look at the wound.

“Yeah, well, he deserved it.”

“Because he shot you?”

“That not a good enough reason for you, Red?” 

“Or because he called you Leo?” Snart froze again, falling silent, aside from the staggered sound of his breathing.

He had pushed Barry’s hand away as he spoke the name, even so much as cringing away from the touch, despite it’s gentle nature. “Do you always watch your enemies fight?”

“Call it a training technique.” Barry answered quickly, though he had noticed the sudden change in Len’s demeanor. “Come on, let me take you to Caitlin. She can help.”

Snart sneered, though didn’t recoil as Barry reached his hand to his wound again, pressing the same piece of the parka against it, trying to slow the bleeding. “I don’t think your friend will be too thrilled to help Captain Cold.”

Barry nodded, pressing the parka harder against Len’s side. The other man gasped in pain, throwing his own hand to the wound, covering Barry’s as he struggled to hold tears at bay. “Please. She’ll help you. She’s not the one with a frozen heart.”

Leonard’s eyes locked on Barry’s, and he gave a small nod. Though he knew either way Barry Allen was about to Flash him to Star Labs. His thoughts weren’t very coherent as Barry ran, everything was a blur, from the speed or the pain he wasn’t sure.

The next thing he knew he was sat on a surgical table, and Caitlin was rushing over to him. “What happened?” She asked, though made no comment on it being Captain Cold, didn’t question why he was here or why she should even bother helping him. She just launched right into it, helping him to lie back with his head on the pillow, very gently removing his parka and shirt and attaching IV’s for fluid and pain and whatever the hell else. 

All the while Barry ran through what had happened, leaving out the part about ‘Leo’ and the part about Len’s bloodlust for revenge.

All the while Leonard listened, felt Caitlin’s warm hands against his skin, felt Barry holding his wrist as Caitlin slide something into his arm. Felt Barry continuing to hold his wrist even after Caitlin’s hands had left. And Len felt that he didn’t really deserve to have these people in his life, they were far too good, too pure, to deal with his issues. 

Still, Len thanked whatever god threw them together. Because otherwise he would be dead now, probably. Otherwise he wouldn’t have Barry clinging to his wrist, telling Len he was going to be okay as he slipped into unconsciousness.

{{So I’m thinking I might continue this somehow, though I haven’t gotten that far yet. Hope you liked! I’m writing someone frequently about these characters because hell yes Coldflash, and also because it’s a good challenge to attempt to keep characters /in character/ whilst developing and shit. Blah blah blah. Any suggestions for a one-shot or whatever else, send them my way! Thanks for reading!}}

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drarry theatre au please

Some part of Harry still cannot believe that this is happening to him. He can’t–he can’t pretend to be Malfoy’s love interest, even if that is how the script goes, and, oh, the script–Harry is tempted, very sorely tempted, to set a match to it. Malfoy’s smirking at him from across the stage–again–and Harry’s hands clench into fists inside his pockets as he scowls back, because if Malfoy’s undeterred by this particular situation, then Harry won’t be, either; he’s never lost to Malfoy, after all, and he doesn’t see any point in starting now. 

Lark taught he had made sure that nobody recognized him, but apparently someone threw a wrench in his plan. He stiffened as the vampire stepped forward, gaze looming over him, as the boy gulped. The man pressed his nail against the boy’s forehead drawing blood, as Lark peered up at him, eyes steeled. You thought I wouldn’t recognize you? You still reek, and have the eyes of a killer. In the end you’ll always be a murderer, and you can’t run from that. Lark clenched his fists, letting the man speak. “Y-You’re wrong,” he said gritting his teeth.  I should tell your buddies exactly who you are. 

7 Minutes In Heaven: A Napollya High School AU:

In which Napoleon and Gaby are cousins and Napoleon moves into a new school his senior year and runs into the broody, Russian student, Illya, who has enough troubles of his own living with his Uncle Oleg who refuses to accept that Illya needs help to deal with his mental health, to even consider dealing with the fact that he finds the new boy at school to be beautiful if not annoying. 

And then, of course, Napoleon and Illya get stuck at a party playing 7 Minutes In Heaven. 

Illya clenched his hands into fists on his knees, one finger sneaking out of the bunch to tap-tap-tap on his knee cap. He used to scratch with his nails, but after one too many questions on why his hands and face were always clawed after an episode, he picked up the habit of tapping whenever agitated. 

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Oliver had barely paused to recognise the individual of whom appeared powerless beneath each merciless collision of his crimson stained fists. His irritations stemming from the elaborate hoax undertaken by none other than his own flesh and blood, as mere minutes after leaving Pru’s dormitory - the male’s clenched fists were pleading for a surface to dishevel. Within his rage induced state, his volatility seemed entirely rational at the time. If anything should aid his defence, his mind had not quite been a possession of his own lately - his transition from wolf to human had begun taking its toll as he lacked understanding as to how to live as opposed to existing among others. And now, as the merciless restraint of each administered collision enabled itself from beneath the strenuosity of his defined muscles, he expressed little desire to cease violence, despite the numerous protests radiating from opposing patients.
Gray Addict

He was addicted to a certain kind of shade gray
And not the cliché of grey of a cloudy sky
He was drawn to his own shade of gray
Full of poisonous words and saline stained cheeks
Speckled with lawyers and the signing of papers
Dipped into magenta blood that ran from his forearm to his wrist down off his fingertips and onto his green/gray carpet
He was hypnotized by the characters that ran across the fluorescent screen
How could people be so cruel
How could someone be so mean
All he wanted was to be wrapped in arms of yellow and listen to words of teal
He was taken away by the gray color of the gun and the sharpness of the knife
His mom and dad not knowing that he was ready to take his own life
He sunk to his knees and prayed to God he plead
His fist clenched and knuckles emulating the color of paper fresh out of the printer
His mind was flustered and stirred he wondered why
How did he come this far but only want to die

- @behindthepaperandpen

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If it wasn't for you being born, your brother would be safe and sound with a loving mother and father. You stole everything from him; his parents, any adults who wanted to adopt him, his happiness when he got adopted by that monster for your sorry sake, every time you get kidnapped. You have him wrapped around your little pinkie like the selfish bastard of a child that you are.

Mokuba clenched his fists and swallowed back a sob. “Do you think I don’t know that? I live with this heavy weight on my shoulders everyday! You don’t know anything and the pain that I went through knowing what happened. My brother could of decided that he wanted to be separated from me but did he? And on the contrary I DO NOT have my brother wrapped around my little pinkie. I don’t always get my way or what I want. M brother is protective of me and that is wrong?! The only family we have left is each other,” he blurted mindlessly trying to stand his ground with this grey face.

cameratasix asked:

sorrow, mischief!


Jack’s movements are controlled, minimal, and slow. His posture doesn’t change; he still stands straight with his shoulders back, guard never being let down, but he looks at the ground more often. If he’s in the presence of somebody else, they can notice his fists gently clenching and unclenching in some unspoken tension or frustration. If he’s alone, with no reason to stay alert of his surroundings, he will slump, sit, and lay around, likely to cover his head and become stiller the worse he feels.


When Jack is up to something, he approaches it with very dry humor. He wants to make sure whatever plan he’s made has the element of surprise so he moves in subdued and calculated ways. There is no lack of confidence here. A partner in crime will be able to look at him and tell what he’s doing and might share a moment of eye contact equivalent to that childish knowing smirk pranksters give each other. He tends to be focused, evidently amusing himself greatly, and can become self-absorbed in the process. He seems to have a lot of skill in deceiving people and getting away with things.

On Monday, the Portuguese were stunned by a terrifying cloud over the island of Madeira. The bright orange formation looked as if it was a burning clenched fist