Taking my usual break between VLD seasons to catch up on things I’ve put on the backburner to watch~ My friend suggested this series a long time ago and I never got around to reading/watching it until now. 

I marathoned this whole series in a week HAHAA. Ofc I love Todoroki the most!!! He’s so precious T_T Plz save him……my new son…….

you: poker pair is toxic

me, an intellectual who cares deeply about the mental and physical safety of both these boys: tyki and allen’s canon interactions deeply revolve around the respect they have for one another. a lot of what we see of tyki’s character growth is directly linked to allen, and tyki’s attitude towards him growing from contempt to respect. respect steeped in ‘antagonism’, true - they are on opposing sides of a war, and an aspect of tyki’s conflict is that he is deeply loyal to his family, regardless of his own thoughts, feelings or opinions - but respect nonetheless. tyki’s contempt–

turned to intrigue–

turned to competitiveness–

turned to something deeper and more genuine. he’s since expressed concern for allen, and conflict (and confusion) regarding his own actions and his part in the war. 

allen, on the other hand, is less beholden to cursory interest. He is suspicious (rightly so) and cautious of tyki - cautious because, though he did beat him once, allen knows he awakened stronger powers in tyki. Powers that he was unable to defeat. Not to mention his pervasive disgust for what he (and the audience, at this point) understands the noah to be.

Allen doesn’t know if, should it come down to it, he could beat tyki. Respect, again, if somewhat less fond or personal than what tyki has for him. 

but tyki has yet to let it come down to that. once since the battle of the ark - once - has he struck allen. Under orders to bring him back to the ark with the noah. beyond supervision of the earl (of everyone but road, for that matter, who we know also has a fondness for allen, and who also knows tyki has a fondness for him) 

tyki’s only inclination to violence towards allen was under the influence of joyd and the panic of being pursued by apocryphos. again, this only happened once. Allen isn’t on the same page as tyki at this point - still deeply considers him an enemy and believes tyki only feels the same towards him. 

He has no idea that tyki’s been burning with conflict and questions since the ark. The complete 180 of tyki’s attitude leaves him confused, and probably just as suspicious. 

And yet, tyki not only lets him go without a scratch (after saving his life about twice), but leaves him with something to actually think about. gives allen words that he might use to better himself, and improve his chances of surviving. 

he’s harsh, but not out of spite. not really. anger, maybe, or frustration. that allen can continue to walk this line of willful ignorance and claim to know better. their situational context doesn’t exactly call for a moment of gentle letdown, either.

He’s not helping neah in this moment, and he’s not telling allen to destroy the innocence. tyki speaks to allen, for allen. because he gets it. he gets it. however long it’s been since tyki awoke as a noah, he’s been keeping his pride and humanity above joyd. more than anyone, he gets it. 

He likes allen - the person he is, the human - and he doesn’t want him to be lost. To neah, to the innocence, to apocryphos, or to the war. 


I heard he had knee pain, and decided to tone down the level abit. During practices, he popped nearly everything.

The performance today was sooo perfect. Of course the difficulty is not a monstrous like the previous season but the way he carries it is just flawless.

I am very very very impressed of his musicality!! He paid so much attention to the details and filled up every notes with expressions or arm movement even if its just opening or clenching his fists. That musicality level is so impressive.

Those jumps arent the best we’ve seen but the quality was there. The height the distance and the solid full rotations. He finished on of the quads high up of the ice! Like he would anytime now shoot up with a quint.

I hope he keeps up with this kind of performance and he’s good for this season. Stay healthy and stay focus.

And that he was able to explit such musicality ability is because he is so familiar with the piece, musically and choreographily. He handles it like the back if his blades.

Well thats a good start, a nice way to a season debut.

One more thing, remember back in Helsinki last year after he broke the WR, the skaters who were going after him was shattered into piece. A HUGE SHUTOUT TO MISHA he is awesome!! He did an amzing job!! He stayed focus and compact!! Quality sportsmanship potrayed.

And thank you for the new WR, less than 3 points away from the full score, see you tomorrow at 7am (HKT)

Salazar gets stuck in Henry despite having the Trident, and he rants and raves, kicking things, getting sand in his eye, and throwing a major tantrum. His crew watches from beneath the waves, mouthing the words “We Told You So…”

Armando fights Henry for control of his body while the crew wait on the Mary.

“I don’t want to walk this way, I WANT TO WALK THAT WAY!” Black veins appear on Henry’s face, and his eyes darken as Salazar tries marching in the opposite direction on the road.

But Henry comes through again.

“I have a job! I have to go to work! Do you want this body you’ve stolen to get weak? Because no job, means no money…which means no food, no shelter…do the math old man!”

Salazar grumbles for several minutes in Spanish, clenching Henry’s fists.

“Alright, boy….you win this one….” but his chuckle makes Henry extremely nervous as he continues walking.

“Why the sudden fear, Turner Bean?”

Henry scoffs. “I am not afraid-”

“Ah, ah! Do not lie to capitan Salazar….I am forced to share your body…I can sense your emotions….”

“I hope I sneeze a lot.”

Salazar is taken aback. “You wouldn’t DARE….If my men find out I’ve been turned to dust, they will-”

“Do what, capitan? THEY CAN’T GET CLOSE ENOUGH!”

“Canon fire from the Mary can…..”

Now Henry’s the one grumbling every curse word known. 

“Such language is not befitting of a young, respectable man! You are not a pirate, act like a proper citizen!”


I dreamed of you but it wasn’t the same. You were there and yet you were gone. The eyes of a dead body, the smile of a doll. You had a hello-wave of falling rain and my heart was a flame, although a resentful one, to warm you with my gaze. Only all the dream you spoke of mean empty things, and I looked at you with mean empty eyes, coldly analytical as an assassin’s. You are a stranger, now. And I recall our last meeting full of politely vacant words but of clenching fists, full of burning hearts and dancing eyes. Rain on dried dirt, you turned away. Drowning cemetery, I let you. And now I shake my head, knowing it was the last time I’d ever see you: The chocolate-eyed boy I knew and not the Mr. Bones from my dream, rising from a muddy cemetery.

J. K. L