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Okay okay sHIT okay what about Steve and Bucky never wanting to let the other out of their sight, and so when they've been out of each other's orbit for a while and they see each other again they become giant cuddle octopi and it's like they are touch starved, an arm over the shoulder or around a waist or cuddling on the couch, sharing chairs and blankets and leaning against each other, light touches to cheeks and butterfly kisses and soft murmurs and cuddling every where! im noT OKAY HOLY SHIT

jesus, jesus fucking christ, this is my everything. Like so far up my alley, I can’t even

Bucky gets antsy in the elevator, arm whirring loudly in the quiet as he clenches and unclenches his fist. His other hand shakes by his side, his leg jiggles, he glares at his own reflection in the doors, willing to them to just open.

Beside him, Barton and Wilson are starting to look concerned. He was fine, is the thing. He was fine the whole time, even though he’d felt alone and his chest ached from the loss of his someone; his only one. He managed the smiles, the jokes. He managed to act like a normal person. But now that they’re back in the Tower, he’s so close to what he needs that each second feels like an eternity on its own.

“Was it too much?” Wilson asks softly, just as the elevator stops and those blasted doors finally open.

“Jesus, shut up,” Bucky blurts out before he can stop himself and then he’s out of the elevator.

Natasha sits on Steve’s couch, perfectly composed as always. She raises one perfectly groomed eyebrow at them, as much to ask how it went as it is a question of what the hell has Bucky in a rush. He walks past her, barely sparing a glance when he realizes Steve isn’t in the living room.

“Where is he?” He asks as he passes.

“In the bedroom,” she says, “getting a blanket. Why, what ha–”

Bucky waves her off and darts down the hall before she can finish.

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27/08 (1:23 am) - Hospital: Scars PART 1

((Continued from this conversation.))

NIGHT TIME.  HOSPITAL.  John bounds up the stairs to Sherlock’s ward two a time, and then pauses for a moment, takes a deep breath as though steeling himself, before slowly opening the door.

Sherlock is sat in bed, pillows propped behind his back, staring at his phone.  He looks up as John enters.

JOHN (a little breathless from his dash up the stairs, voice gentle): Hey…  

SHERLOCK (bristles then lets his gaze fall back to the mobile): This is entirely unnecessary.

(His posture becomes rigid as John approaches)

JOHN (clenching his jaw tightly, and squeezing the tension from his left hand):  And if I disagree?  Hmm…?

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Champ bounded through camp, the Frisbee clenched in his teeth. He jostled through a group of Hork-Bajir who’d formed a circle. Rachel’s mom stood on a bench in the center.

‘No,’ she was telling them. 'No, no, no. Elemenopee is not one letter. L. M. N. O. P. Get it?’

She shook her head and rubbed her temples.

A couple of days ago she’d gotten the kinks worked out of the Hork-Bajir constitution. She’d read it to them. They’d voted unanimously to accept it. She set it on the table, ready to be signed.

And they’d just stood there, confused. Toby, the seer, was the only Hork-Bajir in the valley who could read or write. The rest of them didn’t even know how to hold a pen.

So they voted to have Rachel’s mom teach them.

'Excuse me?’ Her voice had thundered through the valley. 'Do I look like a teacher?’

They voted again, and decided that, yes, she did indeed look like a teacher.

Now she was teaching them the ABC song.

—  Book #49: The Diversion, pg. 161 (by K.A. Applegate)

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3 naruhina

“Please, don’t leave.”

She called out for one last desperate cry, thinking maybe he’d turn around, and say something, anything to let her know he’d stay. 

But she waited, and his broad shoulders still stayed squared to her, with his back ridged. She could see the way his fist clenched and unclenched, as though there was still frustration pent up inside him and it couldn’t find a way out. 

Say something. Anything! She encouraged him with her thoughts when her body started to spasm. The anxiety attacks always started in her arms, and worked its way inside until it felt hard to breath.

Naruto took in a sharp in take of air, letting it out slowly and his whole body relaxed with it. “You don’t need me,” he said, and he might as well have hit her. 

She was on him then, arms wrapped tightly around his torso, clinging to that last bit of him, that last bit of love she knew was there. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks, soaking his shirt as she struggled to speak words that wouldn’t come out of her quivering lips. 

“I do need you!” Hinata shouted into his back, the full force of her words muffled in his shirt. 

She wanted to scream, yell, punch, and grab him, and if that made him stay then she’d honestly do it. But she could sense his movement; the way his body pulled from her slightly, the way his feet skimmed on the floor and how his shaking hands grabbed hers with hesitation in their movements to pull her away. 

Again he spoke, making her whimper with every word. “I’m just–I’m no good.” The self doubt in his tone squeezed her heart like a vice.

Shaking her head she’d hold on tighter determined to hold him together. “You’re plenty good.”

He laughed, mocking her. “I get in trouble with the cops, I steal, I vandalize, and I’ve hurt people. What if I hurt you, Hinata?” He finally turned around to look at her, and there was sadness she had never known trapped in those sky blue eyes. He was hurting. 

Taking a tentative step closer she raised her hand, cupping his bristly cheek, the texture feeling weird on her skin but it was so like him not to shave properly that she almost laughed. Instead she poured all of her kindness into that touch, making it warm and comforting. She could have sworn she saw his face slacken a bit, giving into her, yet his eyes remained cold. 

“You can change.” 

“And if I can’t?”

“I’ll vandalize things with you,” she couldn’t help but laugh now. 

He didn’t find it funny because he was frowning, his eyebrows knitting together while the opposite hand to hers came up, gripping hold of her wrist firmly, but not trying to hurt her. “Don’t say that, it’s not funny,” he said, his words serious.

Hinata’s eyes softened and she took another step forward, closing the distance completely. “I know. But Naruto, you can change, you have been. I want to help you do it. But you have to let me.” Now she was feeling calmer, more confident in her choice of words, and less concerned with the fact that he had been about to leave her. She truly wanted to help him, but first she needed to let him in, to let her explore the sides of him he kept hidden. 

Slowly he breathed out, giving into her soft nature, and looking into those determined pale eyes. “Okay,” he said, and he had never been so sure of something in his entire life until right now. 

A/N: A bit longer, but yeah. Kind of like an bad boy good girl au. :]

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All right, either 46 or 53 on YOUR end for Andi and Carson.

53. Keeping a Secret

The unease between them was almost visible. 

They were both subtle in their anxiety, clenched fists, a furrowed brow, but little else. Carson felt her eyes locked fastidiously onto him as he stared unseeingly at the painting of a sailboat behind her. It was futile, he knew, but he thought they might not go through with the conversation if he didn’t say something first.

But then again, she was always the confrontational one.

“So.” She paused, looking at him expectantly. He didn’t look away from the painting or respond to her vocalization. He could feel the tension in her stare. 

“Carson,” she began again. “What are you going to do?” He still didn’t look at her. He wasn’t sure if he could stand to, after…

“Well,” he said in a half-hearted at sarcasm. “I was going to get some lunch, but you dragged me here.” He waved his hand around her office and continued, words becoming a little more agitated. “I don’t really need your shitty therapy so can you unlock the damn door?”

“We both know that’s not why I brought you here.” He heard her get up and walk towards him, but he still refused to look. 

“Nice carpet,” he mumbled, just as an excuse to keep looking away. 

“Carson. Are you going to tell her?”

“That’s awfully vague, isn’t it?” He could feel her standing in front of him now and it was more than uncomfortable. It frightened him. 

In fact, ever since he’d seen her nearly die everything about her was frightening. 

“You know what I mean.” 

“Do I.” He began to glance towards the door, briefly. Eyes to the door. Back to the room. Door. Room. Still not at her.

She bend down so they were at eye level and he lowered his, still refusing to look her in the face.

“Carson. Are you going to tell Cathy what you saw?” He pushed the chair back a few inches, trying to create space between them.

“No,” he said finally. “It would scare her.”

“Does it scare you?”

Carson looked up at her, seeing how immaculate and collected and normal she looked. And that was the problem. He’d seen the knife go through her neck. She should be dead. He would even accept a scar at this point. But no, her slender neck was as unharmed as the day she was born. 

She looked down at him almost anxiously, waiting for an answer.

“I am terrified.” 

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What happened on the radio station?

(clenches fist) basically this stupid buffalo radio station had a meet and greet and acoustic show free (if u won a contest) for AMERICAN only 5sos fans in toronto?? it was complete bullshit they literally cut into canada’s time with 5sos and completely closed off the chances for a lot of ppl to meet 5sos as well as the chance for canada to have our own m&g and acoustic. it would b fine if they did their contest and acoustic in their own city during their show but they did it in OUR city during our 5sos time

When I See You Again - Winter Soldier X Reader - Amnesia

Originally posted by wtvr-believe-in-pink

Warnings; Memory loss, hospitals, pain

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Sam X Reader (Platonic), Steve X Reader (Platonic)

Word COunt: 2592

(A/N) THis takes place right after - Who Am I?


Reader’s POV

“Please save Bucky.”

Those were the last words you had said before your vision went dark and your body grew cold. Was this really how your story would end? You had left the safety of your universe only to die in this one. You feel yourself pulled into a dream and looking around see a familiar blue house standing before you.

Your heart clenches as you realize what you were looking at. It was your childhood home. The last place you had truly been happy. You stare at the house as tears fall from your eyes. You hear a door open and looking forward see your mother’s smiling face looking back at you. “Mom?” You say half in shock and excitement. Her smile grows as she opens her arms to you. You start to run toward her when a hand grabs your shoulder and holds you back.

You turn to see who the hand belonged to and your eyes widen as you see Steve standing there next to you his eyes filled with sadness. “Steve?” You say staring at him in shock. “You shouldn’t be here you’re not dead.”

He nods as he says, “No I’m not but that doesn’t mean you should be dead either.”

You raise an eyebrow as you say, “What do you mean? I knew this was how it was going to end up from the beginning. I wasn’t meant to be in your universe so the universe remedied that.”

He looks past you to your old house and says, “Either way you can’t go over there.”

You fold your hands over your chest and say, “And why the hell not Mr. Rogers?”

His eyes fill with sadness as he says, “Do you really want to leave Bucky behind? You know better than anyone that he now remembers everything.”

Bucky, you had been so caught up in seeing your family again that you had forgotten the reason you were standing there in the first place. “He doesn’t need me around to confuse him. It’s better if I just let fate takes its course and go over there with my mother.”

Steve rolls his eyes as he says, “You know that’s a lie.”

“You know you’re a lot more annoying than the real Steve.”

“Of course, I’m not really Steve; I’m just the part of your subconscious that wants to live.”

“So basically I’m having an argument with myself right now.”

“Pretty much.”

“You know they have pills for stuff like this.”

“It’s only crazy if your other self, being me, is right. Which I am.”

You let out a groan as you turn back to face your mom she was now playing in the yard with a younger version of yourself. You smile as you say, “I miss her so much.”

“I know you do, but she wouldn’t want you to give up.”

“I know. She would be angry with me just for thinking about it.” Your eyes are drawn back to the front door where you see your father emerge holding a tray of drinks. His dark grey eyes found yours causing your heart to clench even tighter as tears fill your eyes. “It would be so much easier to just walk over to them and let go.” You feel his hand grabs yours and you look up into his blue eyes and turning toward him wrap your arms around him. This version might just be a figment of your imagination but he was right. You feel his arms reach around your body and he gently starts patting your back.

“Hello Deary,” You hear another voice say and you pull away from Steve and turn to see Genie standing a few feet away munching on an apple.

“Are you another part of my subconscious?” You ask tilting your head.

“Um no, I’m the real thing actually.”

“Why are you here then?”

He smiles slyly as he says, “Well your knight with the shiny metal arm made a wish and I’m here to make sure it comes true.”

“Bucky? What did he do?”

“Oh not much just wished for me to save your life.”

Your heart lifts as you say, “He did?”

Genie nods as he says, “But of course, little does he know the man does love you. Too bad all magic comes with a price and he might wish he didn’t have to pay this one.”

You tilt your head but before you are able to ask him anything he disappears. “What do you think he meant?” You ask Steve but he just shrugs as he says, “It’s time to wake up.”

You start to hear the faint sound of someone’s voice and you open your eyes to see a woman standing next to you a needle in her hands and you freak out.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” You yell out as look around completely confused about where you were and why you were even there.

“Ma'am I’m gonna need you to calm down. You were in an accident you were shot.” Jumping up from the hospital bed you feel an intense pain but you didn’t care as the adrenaline starts to course through your veins. You jerk the IV from your arm as you bolt from the room and down the hall looking for anything or anyone that could help you. “Officer’s stop her!” You hear the female nurse yell out and you look to see two police officers come out of nowhere and attempt to grab you. You quickly dodge them as you quickly try for the door.

All the sudden you round a corner and bump into what felt like a brick wall. Suddenly there are arms grasping yours holding you there. Panicking you thrash around trying to free yourself from this persons grasp. “Let me go!” you scream out.

“______, Calm down!” You hear a male voice say and you look up to see a pair of deep blue eyes looking back and you and narrowing your eyes in confusion say, “How do you know my name? Who are you?”

He stares at you wide eyed as he says, “It’s me Bucky, you don’t remember me?”

You shake your head as you say, “I’ve never seen you in my life.” He instantly releases you and you stare at him in confusion. Your eyes drop down to his arm and a memory flashes through your mind of a man with a metal arm grabbing you by the throat and your eyes widen in panic as you slowly start to back away from him. Before he can say anything you turn and bolt back down the hallway only to run straight into the cops from before. They quickly grab you and pinning your arms behind your back say, “Calm down miss.”

All the sudden you feel something take over and you knee one of the officers in the groin as you punch the other one in the throat. As they fall to the ground you stare at them for a moment before looking at your hands in shock. “______!?” You hear a man’s voice say and you look up to see an African American man walking toward you with worry on his face. “Are you okay?” He says when he nears you. It took you a moment but suddenly it clicked who he was. “Sam?” You ask and he nods as he says, “What happened?” You instantly run over to him and throwing your arms around him say, “What happened I can’t remember anything?”

He gently pats your back as he says, “It’s okay,”

“Where’s Steve?” You ask and you look up him as he says, “He’s fine, he’s here in the hospital getting the help he needs. How did you get here I thought you went down on the Helicarrier?”

You tilt your head as you say, “Helicarrier? I wasn’t on a Helicarrier, was I?”

He nods as he says, “Yeah you and Steve were.”

You reach up and grabbing your head say, “I can’t remember anything. Did I hurt Steve?”

He shakes his head as he turn to the officers and says, “It’s okay Officers I got her, she’s a friend of mine.” You glance back to see the officers look at the two of you with anger in their eyes.

“I’m sorry.” They roll their eyes as they walk away.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You hear Sam say and you nod as you say, “Just a little shaken up. Can I see Steve?” He nods as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and starts to lead you down the hall. Little did you know Bucky had been watching the whole scene and it had crushed him.

When you reach Steve’s hospital room you see him lying on the bed and your heart drops. “Steve!” You cry out as you run over to the side of the bed and start checking his body for injuries.

“He was shot in the stomach other than that let’s just say he got beat up pretty bad. I’m not sure how he got out of that Helicarrier either.”

You kneel down beside your friends resting body and you sigh as you say, “Why can’t I remember anything? I feel like I’ve forgotten something really important.” You grab Steve’s hand and sigh as you say, “At least your okay.”

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” You hear Sam say and you nod. He reaches into a bag and pulls out a Air force T-shirt along with a pair of gym sweats and handing them to you says, “I brought these for Steve but I can always go get him more.”

You smile as you say, “Thank you Sam.”

“Okay well I’ll be out here.” You chuckle as you nod and walking to the bathroom start changing your clothes.

You glance in the mirror and suddenly see the wound on your back along with the one on your shoulder. You walk over to the mirror and upon more examination find bruises in the shape of a hand wrapped around your neck. You reach up and gently grazing the bruise feel your mind go back to when it happened and you see the man from before holding you up in the air his eyes staring at you coldly. You felt your body shudder. Why had he come to the hospital? How had he known your name and why did he act like he was genuinely worried about you? You shook your head as you push the thoughts out of you mind. All it did was make your head throb. After you put on the clothes Sam had given you, you look into the mirror again and chuckle as they were extremely baggy on you.

When you came out of the bathroom you walked over to a chair next to Steve’s bed and sitting down stare at your friend. When he woke up and you were sure that he was alright you were going to somehow find that sneaky Genie and make him send you home. A few minutes later Sam turns on his IPod and you hear Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man” start to play and you smile. “On your left.” You hear Steve say and your heart jumps.

“Steve?” You ask as you walk over to him bed only to have him stare at you in shock.

“_____? I though you were dead?”

You smile as you say, “No, I’m not dead. As a matter of fact I’m just fine. How do you feel?”

He lets out a sigh as he says, “Sore, how did I get here?”

“We found you on the bank of the Potomac.” Sam says as he walks over to the other side of the hospital bed.

“How did I get there? The last thing I remember was drowning.”

Sam shrugs as he says, “No idea.”

Steve turns toward you and says, “How did you get here?”

You shrug your shoulders as you say, “No idea, I just woke up and was here.” You pause momentarily before continuing, “Steve, I don’t remember anything about the last couple of days. Not since your apartment.”

Eyes widening he sits up a little too quickly and grabbing his stomach says, “What about Bucky?”

You tilt your head as you say, “Who’s Bucky?” The two men stare at you and you raise an eyebrow as you say, “What? Who is he?”

“You were in love with him,” You hear Steve say and you tilt your head as you say, “I think I’d remember someone if I was in love with him.”

“Apparently you don’t though.”

You throw your hands up as you say, “Well then who is this Bucky person and why is it I can’t remember him and just him?”

Steve shrugs his shoulders as he says, “I’m not sure.”

You sigh as you sit down on this hospital bed and wrapping your arms around him say, “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m gonna go get your discharge papers so we can get out of here before they realize who you are.” Sam says as he turns and quickly makes his way out of the room leaving you and Steve alone.

After a few minutes Steve pulls away from you and says, “______, you died. I felt you die in my arms, how is it that you aren’t dead?”

You shrug as you say, “I have no clue, all my memories are fuzzy and when I try to think of them they give me the world’s worst migraine.”

“Would you like me to fill in what I can?”

You shake your head as you say, “I guess whatever I forgot, I wanted to forget. Maybe it was just so painful that I couldn’t help but forget it. At least that’s usually what happens when people lose only certain memories.” He nods as he reaches over and presses the button to prop his bed up. “Steve, can you tell me about Bucky? Maybe if you do I can remember something.”

He nods as he leans back against the now propped up bed. “Bucky was my best friend, most people know him by James Buchannan Barnes.”

You sit there while Steve goes on about Bucky hoping that it would help you remember something but nothing comes to mind until he says, “When he fell from the train, Hydra found him replaced his lost arm with a metal one and turned him into a master assassin.”

“Wait! Hold up! You mean the guy with the metal arm is Bucky?”

He raises an eyebrow as he says, “Yeah? Why what do you remember?”

You shake your head and standing up say, “He was here, he called my name but I couldn’t remember him. The only thing I remembered was the feeling of his hand wrapped around my throat. I freaked out and ran from him.” Then it hits you, “He must have been the one to bring me here and also the one who pulled you from the water. I have to find him and find out what happened.”

“_____, you’re not in the shape to go on a manhunt. Wait for me then we’ll look for him together okay?”

You gulp down a breath of air as you say, “Fine but you better hurry your ass up and heal cause come hell or high water I’m gonna find him and find out why I lost my memories, and then-”

“And then what?”

“And then I’m going to go back home, where I belong.”


Will Continue in - Voices -

it’s the kind of night i never wish for but always receive. dark.
so dark i can’t see the clench of my fists in my lap & I wonder if those nails digging so deep into my palms could really belong to me.
so dark i feel it hang. weighted.
the waiting… god it’s heavy tonight.
i close my eyes & i see you.
your face is lit by the moon & you’re smiling but all i see is blue. your eyes, floating on miles of waves & the slow thaw inside my ribs, where you live. suddenly we’re flying together through clouds, swimming the skies. surrounded by blue.
i open my eyes & you’re gone.
there is no moon. there is no blue. there is no you.

it’s just dark. 

—  black & blue & sad all over
Here’s a toast to the ones

with tear-stained cheeks

and crimson smeared wrists.

The ones with pain clenching their hearts,

and a knife lodged in their lungs.

Let me quieten your screaming mind

for the briefest of moments

by whispering in your ear

just how strong you are.

Baby, you’re still breathing

and that’s an achievement

within itself.
—  Tiarna Conroy | #11

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Do you know some blogs that I can follow?

Sure! let me tag some the ripe fruits~ 

shalnarkonice - you’ll get a gucci good time I promise 

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spiderthreads FUN FUN FUN FUN! 

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youngest-zoldyck - RP blog. fun stories 

feitan-phantom and galleryfxke are just.. [Clenches fists]  

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That’s all I can think of right now

Hope this could help! 

Sorry if I forgot someone!!! [Bows] 

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32 and The8

~ I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified. ~

Minghao x Reader ||

“What’s going on?” You whisper gently, reaching over and touching your friend’s knee. He flinches away from you and your eyebrows scrunch together.

“Sorry. I um..” He breathes in shakily, swallowing thickly. He wouldn’t make eye contact with you. His knees were bouncing, his hands clenched into tight fists. “I think um… we should-we should stop being friends.”

“Wait what?”

“We shouldn’t be friends anymore,” he finally looks at you and you could see the tears in his eyes.

“Minghao… Why? What- What happened? I-”

“It’s just how I feel. I don’t want to be friends anymore.”

He stands up and goes to leave but you grab his wrist to stop him. You weren’t letting him leave with that shitty as explanation.

“No. Tell me a real reason. Not that it’s just ‘how you feel’. Is it something I did or..? Tell me so I can fix it.”

“Let me go y/n.”

“Minghao,” you say his name sternly and he looks into your eyes. He stays silent, his watering eyes raking over your face. His mouth opens and closes with nothing else to say.

“Tell me Minghao-”

“I love it,” he whispers, interrupting you. You stare at him.

“You love it?” You scrunch your eyebrows.

“I love it. I love it when you, when you show up to the practice room with lunch for all of the boys. I love it when you come and hang out at the dorm with me. I love it when you lay in bed with me, love it when you cuddle me. I love it when you accidentally fall asleep on my shoulder during one of our movie nights. I love it when you come and surprise me on my days off. I love it when you call me in the middle of the night, just to talk and for no other real reason. I love it when you slip and call me babe, and then your cheeks get all red because of it. I love when you wear my clothes, but I also love the way you dress. I love your hair, I love your eyes, I love your smile and your laugh. I love-”

“Minghao…” You murmur but he stares at the ground, at his feet. His bottom lip was quivering and you could see the tears rolling down his nose. It was 10 at night and one of your closest friends was crying on your doorstep, confessing to you.

“I think I’m in love with you,” he whispers, looking up. Your heart breaks at his sad face. “And I’m terrified.”

That was dramatic and I’m sorry.


Sometimes Hide could be incredibly dense and Kaneki hated it, hated it to no end. Head leant on the other’s shoulder, he was breathing against Hide’s neck and it made the other shiver. 

“You alright Ken, you sound like you’ve been running or something?” Hide asked, head tilted down toward the other. 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Kaneki murmured, a little subdued. 

“Don’t you think it’s a little hot for this?” Hide said, gesturing to the way they were pressed up against each other.

“Um, sure,” Kaneki said, moving away from Hide, scooting down the couch. He stared, more accurately glared, at Hide as the other continued to stare at the television. 

Kaneki frowned and doubled down on his determination before he climbed into Hide’s lap. 


“One way or another I am riding you tonight,” Kaneki ground out, jaw clenched. 

“Okay,” Hide said hands held up in front of him. 

I Hate Potter (Draco Malfoy Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: Draco imagine where I have to comfort him after he gets turned into a ferret? We’re in his dorm and I’m just trying to get him to relax and not go after Potter so he doesn’t get in more trouble, and it’s all fluffy and stuff? Thanks :3

You were in the Slytherin common room, reading a book lazily on the sofa. The words washed over you without any true meaning. You sighed, closed the book and closed your eyes. Barely a nanosecond later, the wall that conceals the Slytherin common room slid open and you bolted up. Draco Malfoy, your best friend, comes storming in with his fists clenched and his face flustered.

“I HATE POTTER!” He screamed at the top of his lungs and stormed into his dorm. You sighed, knowing where this was going. You stood up with your book in hand as you made your way to his dorm. You knocked softly on his door. “Draco?” You said calmly. You heard something that sounded like ripping from inside. You knocked again. “Draco?” You repeated. You twisted the knob and pushed the door open and saw Draco sitting on his bed, holding his head down.

“Hey, what happened?” You asked, sitting down beside him. He was taking deep breaths. “Potter… Moody…” He grumbled. “Come on, give me a detailed account of what happened,” you nudged him. He looked up, took another deep breath and punched his headboard. “Potter made an indecent comment on my mum. I was about to give him the Curse he deserved, but then Professor Moody just had to come bustling in and turn me into… Into a ferret!”

You giggled fervently. “Draco Malfoy a ferret. Oh dear, such an image.” “Shut up!” Draco roared, throwing his pillow across the room. “I HATE POTTER!” He yelled once more. “That’s the twentieth time I’ve heard you say that,” you sighed. “Stop wasting your breath, Draco.” “I JUST HATE HIM!” “Calm down, Draco, Snape may hear you from here. Deep breaths, remember? Deep breaths.” Draco stopped stomping around the room, closed his eyes and took deep breaths. “Better?” You asked. “Quite better.” Draco admitted.

He sat back down beside you. “Draco, you need to stop going after Harry. He doesn’t mean anything to you nor is he worth, I don’t get why you always chase after him. Chasing after Potter means you’re chasing after trouble.” You told him. “I just.. My mother..” Draco murmured before falling sideways onto his bed. You laughed.

“Being a ferret for a short while must’ve been exhausting, huh?” You stood up to leave and made it to the doorway, where you turned around and saw Draco now sitting against his headboard. “Draco?” “Hm?” “Please don’t go after Harry again. For me?” Moment of awkward silence. “For you, I can only try.” He answered. You smiled and left his dorm.

little warrior burning bright

“I’ll fight them,” Leia whispers. Her eyes burn in the shallow light of the moon filtering in through the open window. “I’ll fight them all.”

“What will you fight, Leia?” Bail asks. He kneels in front of his daughter, hands on his knees, and watches her intently–takes in her broad stance and her clenched fists, her jutting chin, and the fire in her darkdark gaze. Even dressed only in a white nightgown, her feet bare and her hair tumbling in loose waves down her back, she strikes a startling figure–a splash of white against the darkness, a blazing flame amid the shadows.

Them,” Leia says, and her gaze burns into her father’s. “I won’t let them hurt you. Or Mama. Or…or anyone.”

“Who, Lelila?” Bail asks again–but this time his tone is soft and pleading, begging her to come back from wherever it is her heart and mind are trapped. “Leia?”

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sparks flash

ambition dilutes all impact

nine months in nine
months out enough to ascertain
symmetry requires infinite igniting

if diagnosis is
the consolation prize
offered in place of “success”

my will go
please as beggar

under duress
stress threatens
stretches thin

the small suckling
meat and blood

four walls
for walls in the prison
brick sneezes
bars clenched
cages cinched

stabbed to drip
ambition dilutes
all impact

pour me please
on the floor
no cupped hands

only gaping red
wet mouths
round eyes squinted