Horoscope - Mar 27 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You might have to use some much-needed discretion today as your feelings deepen and seek expression in the outer world. The problem is that your intensity may be too much for others to handle now, and unless you want to push them away, it would be best clench your teeth, swallow hard and keep some things to yourself. Thankfully, you can still find joy in your solitude; don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Others may see you as a force to be reckoned with, even if you are trying to downplay your power today. You are at the top of your game, making it crucial to apply your intentions with careful consideration, lest you waste the chance to move closer to your goals. There’s no need to hold back, as long as you are acting with awareness and being kind to those around you. Maintaining a realistic perspective and a compassionate attitude works in your favor now.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You’re sorely tempted to run out on your responsibilities to play with your associates, friends or family. This little self-indulgence would normally be fine, except you’ll probably realize that lighthearted distractions are not going to be enough for you now. You are seeking ways to connect your outer world with your innermost passions. However, you won’t get what you want if you push too hard. It takes a delicate touch to convey your intentions without stirring up unnecessary resistance.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

The difficulty you might encounter today originates from your sensitivity clashing with your drive to pursue what you need. Although you often tend toward the passive side of the spectrum, now you feel energized and are willing to trust your instincts. Your emotions are demanding expression, so why stand in your own way? The sooner you share your desires with someone you want to impress, the closer you’ll be to the potential of satisfaction. Follow your heart and don’t look back.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You are playing the lead role in your own personal movie today and, as long as you know when to step back from the spotlight, you will be a big hit today. However, you really don’t want to be successful if you’re the villain, for others might believe this to be the real you. It may be better to take off your mask and be vulnerable enough to be seen for who you are and not for what you do. Thankfully, your chances of being truly appreciated increase when you actually show up without expectations and with an open heart.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You can convince others that your position is a solid one, but you’re not going to persuade anyone with your words today. Language is too shallow and just won’t get your true conviction across. Your best sales tool now is your actions, which will certainly speak louder than any words you could conjure up — even if you are highly skilled with language. Beauty is currently the major motivating force, so take your time and act only when your aesthetic sense says yes.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Relationships are nearly always on your mind and these days are no exception. Although you are driven to seek pleasure today through your interactions with others, you won’t be easily satisfied. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need more to fill your cup. It’s about quality, not quantity. Going beyond the senses isn’t for everyone, but life remains empty now if you can’t share your feelings in a meaningful manner.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You can’t get away with any selfish behavior today because there are too many people who are counting on you. Nevertheless, you’re inclined to sneak away for a bit and indulge your senses in a feast of pleasure. You don’t need to turn your day upside down; you only need to carve out a little time for rejuvenating your soul. Refreshing your psyche is a great idea as long as you don’t overdo it. Be creative; be real. Most of all, be true to yourself.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You have a unique vision to bring to life today. You may understand that your long-term goals won’t be achieved right away, but whatever you do in this moment can have great impact on your future. The most important thing is to avoid acting for personal reasons alone. The more you include the needs of others in your current ambitions, the easier time you’ll have of finding fulfillment.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You may be hearing two distinct voices now, and each of them is presenting a convincing argument. On one hand, you know there’s no quick fix and that you’re in it for the long haul. Sometimes, it’s smarter to play cautiously. On the other hand, you might feel as if you can’t lose no matter what. Naturally, the truth is somewhere in the middle. You can navigate this contradiction by listening to the reactions of others. Taking their perspective into consideration helps you choose the most viable course at this time.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your day is overloaded with too many things to do, but there’s no one to blame the apparent chaos on but yourself. You’ve just packed too much into a single day and made one too many promises. The good news is that you still can make it all work even if it seems impossible at first. When in doubt, ask your heart for guidance. Even if you’re extremely competent, it’s okay to be human. No one expects you to be a superhero all the time.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Sometimes your feelings can confuse you when you are required to exert your will. You tend to avoid direct confrontation, for it brings up issues of uncertainty within your imagination. Now, however, you can go after what you want without worrying about offending people with your honest disclosure. In fact, they will want to help you; just make sure you are clear about your destination before asking others for their support.

Source : Rick Levine

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She loved her // like that
but telling her family? they might snap
So confined she couldn’t confide
She was playing girl games, offline
She had an answer, but she didn’t ask for this
Every little chit chat was a massive risk
If she discussed it they’d be disgusted
disown her and that’d be disastrous
She knew that it wasn’t their fault, They were brainwashed
They believed some crazy things
It’d cause her a smorgasbord of disorders
If she listened to what they would think
They thought that she was smiling, but they misidentified
because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the lie

And her logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s them - they’re just backwards
You’re in the future, they’re in the past
and they would abuse you if they knew the facts about it
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
You love her, don’t ever feel you should apologise
can’t control your feelings or compromise,
i know it’s difficult to find a guiding a light now but you’ll come out alive

Until you find the friends who’ll support you
Until you find a place you feel secure, you need to
Until you’re independent
Wherever in the spectrum you are

- Spectrum ft. Cryaotic & Minx

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Prompt: Regina calls Roland her son

In the quiet of the night, when the inky black sky is kept from view by the thick material of her curtains, moved only slightly by the midnight breeze allowed in through the open top window, he pulls her closer to him with arms that had not too long ago ceased their tight grip around her waist. She moves across the space so easily with the most minimal of effort and once again it occurs to him just how small she really is, how petite and, though he is constantly astounded by her strength both physical and inner, the fragility of her laying boneless and drowsy against him has his heart clenching all the more in his chest. 

She stirs only slightly when his lips cannot help but press to the skin of her forehead, only slightly warm and certainly nothing to be afraid of. He knew the heat of a fever, had felt it in the press of his caress so long ago upon Marian’s forehead, had soothed it away with a cool washcloth when his son had fallen ill. It’s not a fever that would claim her though, no, her injuries had been looked at, her body checked over only at his insistence by a doctor she would not speak to, would answer no questions for, would only speak to Robin and allow him to answer for her. It was something he had been wanting to ask her about but his need to hold her had come first, to feel her breathing and living within his arms until she’d inevitably fallen asleep with hot breaths puffing against his chest. 

She’d moved away from him an hour previous, had whimpered when her body had instinctively stretched upon turning over, pulling at muscles in desperate need of rest and he’d wanted to pull her back to him but needed his own space for a moment, to process all that had happened in the past couple of days before the need to have her close had trumped any other thought. 

"What has you thinking so loud?" 

He chuckles against her, lips still pressed to her forehead as her sleepy voice slurs at the end, her question asked against his chest whilst her arm snaked over his waist and eliminated any space between them. She needed his touch just as he needed hers. His inhaled deeply, allowing the more negative of his thoughts out with his exhale before he whispered his reply. “You called Roland your son today.” 

She tenses against him though he brings a hand up to stroke through sleep mussed locks, calming her and holding her before she tried to pull away in either denial or embarrassment, neither were warranted and neither were what he wanted her to feel. 

She was a hero, and though he feels even that word does no justice to exactly what she had done, it’s the only word he has right now. His heart had been in his throat when she’d been held there, Cruella having finally caught onto her act and deciding that, as example to others who had gathered in the street where the final battle had been taking place, the battle between good and evil for the door behind which the author was trapped, she’d used Regina as an example. Had thrown her around like some sort of ragdoll and though she’d fought back, she wasn’t at full strength…not until Roland had pulled himself free from Little John’s hold and sprinted into the middle of the fray, placing himself before his ‘Gina and facing Cruella like the brave little knight he wanted to be. 

It hadn’t fazed the woman though, had in fact egged her on, excited her even as she’d raised her arms, ready to strike at his child, faltering only with Regina’s desperate cries. “Please don’t hurt my son…" and though no one could really recall what had happened, had been unable to understand just what had happened with the white light that had spread throughout the town, all knew it came from that very woman lying bruised and battered on the ground. Regina had, once again, saved them all. 

"Do you really think of him like that?" he asks softly, his fingers still tracing gentle circles on her scalp as she relaxed against him a little, her face burrowing into his chest and arm tightening all the more around him as she took in gentle breaths. 

"With all of my heart," came her whispered reply only seconds later, a lump tightening his throat with the sincerity he heard as the only response he had came to mind, the only thing that needed saying and the only thing that made sense in that moment. 

"Marry me Regina."

Let's not lose sight of the true meaning of this lovely holiday.

Today is the day celebrate Larry’s chiseled abs and clenched booty muscles
not clown on his beautiful twin brother who is probably somewhere minding his business wanting Larry to love him or something ok?

Imagine #80 Liam [Requested]

"I don’t wanna live this life without you. I don’t wanna spend the night without you. I don’t wanna know what it’s like. I can’t dream without you."

Liam Dunbar’s rudimental world deteriorated at analarming rate; the seam viciously torn, the irremediable pieces strewn in ahopeless mess. He made a tremendous mistake, driven by an envious madness worsened by his savage mental disorder. The second that the harsh phrase slithered through his clenched teeth, he’d regretted it. He wanted to reach out, grasp the words in a tight fist and shove them down his throat. Witnessing you walking away from him with a heartbroken tear moistened expression sobered him up like a slap to the face. He wanted to scream, to plead for you to ignore everything he’d said and be his again, he’d fall to his knees if it’d help. He was frozen; flabbergasted by the horrid truth that he’d just made a grave mistake. He needed you and he was wrong to think, even for a second, that he’d ever be better off without you. He accused the woman of his dreams of being in love with someone else because he was insecure, because he was a child and Derek Hale was a man.

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The Kiss; Screencap Breakdown- PART FOUR/?

Okay, so I’ve seen the ‘lip thing’ that Barry talks about given a great amount of detention and I think it’s all deserved.

I think this section is about Barry pouring all of the feelings he’s ever had for Iris into that kiss. He’s clutching her and his brow is furrowed, and she’s completely relaxed and it’s just interesting how reverent this is. I mean because this is the part of the kiss where it’s all meant to get grabby and bitey and flinging clothes and fondling but it doesn’t. 

Barry is cradling Iris’ face like she’s the most delicate precious thing he’s ever held (she is). His hands aren’t tensed, he’s not grabbing at her face or forcing her mouth on his. He’s just cradling her face, his hands soft and flat, he’s just saying ‘I’m here.’ 

Look at Iris’ eyes in the first panel. She started out clenching her eyes shut and now her eyelids are completely relaxed. Barry’s hands coming up to her face allowed her to relax into the kiss, and it’s just beautiful.

You’ve also got the lip thing, and what is that? I think it’s probably Barry trying to breathe, and break away from the kiss and Iris staying there and being like, ‘Nope. Keep kissing me.’, and to me that’s just completely wonderful. I think they’re in a life or death moment and running on limited time but this needs to be done right. 


Sunni locked the mansion back and ran back to the den to tend to Catherine. “Are you alright?”

She nodded. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” She forced her breathing back down. “Just need to rest and stay off my feet…”

"Does it hurt?" She asked, reaching a hand to her belly. She paused and looked to her for permission.

Catherine nodded once and smiled as Sunni rubbed her bump. She felt the baby stir. “No, it doesn’t hurt. Not right now, anyway. There were a few times I thought I was having it, but the pain stopped. I was so happy…I didn’t want Mother to take it away.”

Sunni clenched her jaw. “Well, Ms. Catherine, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

"But what about Saerow?"

"Leave him to me…"

She loved her // like that
but telling her family? they might snap
So confined she couldn’t confide
She was playing girl games, offline
She had an answer, but she didn’t ask for this
Every little chit chat was a massive risk
If she discussed it they’d be disgusted
disown her and that’d be disastrous
She knew that it wasn’t their fault, They were brainwashed
They believed some crazy things
It’d cause her a smorgasbord of disorders
If she listened to what they would think
They thought that she was smiling, but they misidentified
because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the lie

And her logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s them - they’re just backwards
You’re in the future, they’re in the past
and they would abuse you if they knew the facts about it
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
You love her, don’t ever feel you should apologise
can’t control your feelings or compromise,
i know it’s difficult to find a guiding a light now but you’ll come out alive

Until you find the friends who’ll support you
Until you find a place you feel secure, you need to
Until you’re independent
Wherever in the spectrum you are

It’s gonna be ok
It’s gonna be ok

They didn’t ask, he didn’t tell
If they found out, they’d give him hell
if they knew the lowdown that he fell for people
regardless of pronouns
he was already tormented every day
but it’d escalate if he couldn’t keep a straight
face // So what’ll crack first
the eggshells he treads on or himself
Online he was everything he wanted
But real life wouldn’t let him be as honest
it’d just bring violence his way like
“How do you like this attention you special snowflake?”
They had problems at home and had to vent their feelings
or an underdeveloped sense of empathy
but knowing that didn’t make it any easier
All he could do was breathe

til his logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
step back from the situation // the world’s not a movie, it’s not fiction
you can’t think “say it, they’ll accept it”
Some people kick you down just because you’re different
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
Be rational
Unless you think they won’t attack at all
You gotta keep it in man, be practical
And I know you feel trapped and small right now but you’ll come out alive

I CAN choose my friends
and I CAN choose my family
If they won’t accept me
then others will have me

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Mephisto crossed his arms over his chest, staring down his two children with a death glare, behind him, the mansion had been set ablaze, was currently being burst to the ground. "you two have some explaining to do.." the demon mutters threw tightly clenched fangs, this time the boys had managed to really make Mephisto angry.

It were moments like these siblings put aside their differences and stick together. Exchanging a quick glance the boys looked at the demon. “We’re sorry…” they said in sync, both looking up at Mephisto with big innocent eyes.

sometimes i’m like “i don’t understand how people can get such anal clench over the amount of side quests DA:I has” but then i remember i played morrowind way before dragon age and that game has something in the realm of nearly 400 quests so i guess i’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me

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Sheriff just drooling after knot,hole clenching tight around nothing as he covertly stares at the bulges of the other men around the playground,fantasizing about how fat their knots had to be.trying to get them to fuck him while Stiles is distracted

I bet he has one of those knotted dildos at home, hidden so thoroughly it takes him ten minutes to dig it out each time. But of course Stiles eventually finds it. Or better yet, maybe he walks in on his dad using it, on his back and with his legs splayed wide, pushing those last fat inches in.

Maybe Stiles eventually helps him with it, holding it down on the bed while his dad bounces, wondering out loud if his will look like that some day and the Sheriff losing it and coming all over himself.  

Uugh, but yes, the Sheriff being desperate for cock and letting his eyes linger on men’s crotches, his mouth watering, knowing he could have them but feeling like he’s betraying his alpha kid if he gives in.

My Hands Will Stain the Seas Scarlet

summary: AU where Clarke doesn’t run away, and she and Bellamy get that drink. some feelings are spilled, and there are some parallels to 1x08 because i loved it so much in the finale and i am nothing if not bellarke trash. 


“I think we deserve a drink,” Bellamy says, trying to lighten the dark expression on Clarke’s face.

She exhales deeply. “More like seven, maybe.”

His mouth curls up in a grim smile, but he feels something in his chest crack at the sadness in her voice.

Bellamy starts to walk towards the gate, brushing his arm lightly against Clarke’s so she’ll follow. But she remains standing still, her eyes locked on the Ark and her jaw tight. He turns back to face her, and he sees her clenching her fists at her sides. He takes a step closer and dips his head so she has to meet his eyes, but she can only hold his gaze for a second before she has to look away.

“Hey, Clarke, listen,” he says softly, taking another step towards her. “We’ll get through this, alright? We only did what we had to.”

She squeezes her eyes shut and sucks in a shaky breath. Bellamy waits patiently for her to gather herself, wishing he could do something to help mend the broken look on her face. He can feel his heart growing heavier, which he hadn’t thought was possible after the moment he placed his hand on hers in the mountain.

When she finally opens her eyes and looks back up at Bellamy, there are tears welling in her eyes. Her eyes are like shards of glass, splintered and sharp and slicing Bellamy right down to the bone.

“Clarke—” He breathes her name like he’s been punched in the gut.

“Can we just get those drinks, Bellamy?” she says before he can say anything else. She wipes her nose. “Please?”

He sees the weariness on her face and decides not to push her to talk, even though he’s burning to help. She’ll let him help when she’s ready. So he just nods and walks into Camp Jaha side by side with Clarke, and he lets his fingers wrap around hers for a small second. It’s his way of assuring that he’ll be there for her when she wants to talk. He’ll always be there.

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Here’s a one shot. I think it’s pretty cute. But give me your comments. I love comments. :)

Jude gasped and clenched his hands in the material of Connor’s shirt.
Their ragged breaths filled the enclosed space. Connor’s lips were inches from Jude’s. 

Jude whispered,

“ What are you waiting for?”

They had been in an argument. Connor had been standing by Jude’s locker waiting for him to get his books when a guy from Jude’s History class had walked up to them.

"Hey Ryan," Jude said. " What’s up."

Ryan smiled. He had one of those toothy smiles that kind of lit up a room.

Connor narrowed his eyes. He didn’t like where this was going.

"Hey Jude." Ryan said. He stepped a little closer. Jude noticed for the first time that he had really nice eyes and Connor noticed this guy was getting a little too close for comfort.
Ryan continued. “Um. Well. I Just wanted to know if you’d be free Friday night. Maybe we could go see a movie or something.”

Jude blushed. Connor fumed. He was not having this.
“Sorry Ryan. But Jude and I already have plans Friday night.” It may have come out a little smug.

Jude didn’t seem to be on board with these imaginary arrangements. He turned to Connor. ” What are you talking about. What plans?”

He turned back to Ryan. “I am free Friday night. And sure. Lets’s go see movie or something. Friday it is.” Jude Adams Foster had just scored a date.

Ryan smiled. “Awesome. I’ll call you later about the details.”

Jude smiled as he looked at Ryan’s receding figure. He finally turned to Connor, who refused to look at him.

He smirked, “ So we have plans huh? Were you planning to tell me about these  so called plans before Friday?”

Connor rolled his eyes. “ Shut up. Whatever. Let’s just go to class.” Jude stopped him by stepping in his path. “ No. Tell me what your problem is,” Jude challenged. “ Is it that you don’t want me to go out with him?” There was a tinge of hopefulness in Jude’s question.

He knew that Connor felt something for him. He just knew.  He could feel it when they touched, when they laughed, basically in any way they interacted. And he wasn’t blind. He saw the way Connor looked at him sometimes, when he thought Jude wasn’t looking. He knew those looks because, he gave those same looks to Connor himself. But honestly, this wasn’t a romance movie and Jude going to grow old waiting for Connor to pick his guts up off the floor, swallow his pride and make a move. Connor had no right to be jealous.

Connor avoided the question. “ I think the bell is about to ring for class,” Connor said, his gaze drifting to somewhere over Jude’s head.

Jude was not fighting this battle today. “ Yeah, we should go to class.” He turned.

“ Why are you going out with him?” Jude heard Connor ask behind him. Oh, so now he wanted to talk, Jude thought. He turned.

“ Why not?”

Connor looked frustrated. “ I don’t know. He just… he doesn’t seem like your type. And you don’t really like to go to the movies anyway.”

Jude’s eyes narrowed. “ My type? I have a type? Please enlighten me Connor. What is my type? And even though I don’t really like to go to the movies YOU always drag me there anyways.”

“ That’s different.”

Jude was just about ready to cut somebody. Preferably Connor. His voice rose. “ How the hell is that different!!”

Connor raised his hands in defense. “ You don’t have to get mad.” Jude gritted his teeth. “ Who I date is none of your business Connor. You don’t like it? Too bad. Because you don;t seem to have any valid reason not too. Why don’t you give Daria a call? Maybe she can keep you company on Friday.” Jude knew he had crossed a line. Connor and Daria had not ended on good terms and the relationship had been for all the wrong reasons, on Connor’s part.

Jude could see anger in Connor’s eyes and stood firm as Connor stepped closer to him. He vaguely registered Connor reaching behind him before he heard a door knob turn and the next thing he knew Connor was pushing him into the janitors closet next to his locker. Connor had Jude up against the wall. Every inch of their bodies perfectly aligned. His eyes filled with anger, frustration` and… desire.

His hands were placed on the wall on either sides of Jude’s head and strands of his hair brushed Jude’s forehead. Jude gasped from the close contact and clenched his hands in the material of Connor’s shirt.
Their ragged breaths filled the enclosed space. Connor’s lips were inches from Jude’s and there bodies were pressed heatedly against each other.

 Jude then challenged,“ What are you waiting for?”

Connor placed his hands on either side of Jude’s face and  crashed his lips unto his. Jude held on to Connor’s arms as their mouths moved perfectly against each other.

 Jude ran his fingers through Connor’s hair. Connor moaned and bit Jude’s lip eliciting a groan from Jude. His knee found it’s way in between Jude’s legs and his mouth made a path down Jude’s jawline to his neck.

Jude’s hands found their way under Connor’s shirt and he could feel every contour of muscle as he explored the expanse of Connor’s torso.

It was a frenzy.It was all hands and lips and close bodies ( that still weren’t close enough) and ragged breathing.

They finally had to come up for air, yet they did not let go of each other. Connor held on to Jude’s face as he leaned his forehead against his. Jude’s eyes were still closed, while Connor’s own was glazed.

They breathed, and held on, and existed. 

Jude, who had partially collected himself, moved out of Connor’s hold and leaned against the door of the closet. “ What was that?” he asked, still out of breath.

Connor, instantly missing the physical contact, leaned against the door with Jude, pressing their shoulders together. He ran his hand through his disheveled hair and sighed. “ Hormones?” he answered.

Jude shot him a scathing look.

Connor finally gave in. He sighed. “ I don’t want you going out with Ryan. I don’t want you sitting in a dark cinema with him, where he might try to make a move to hold your hand, or worse ,” he shivered, “ kiss you. And he can’t kiss you because…..because I feel like only I should be allowed to do that because, God Jude, I kind of, might, just a little , love you. I might love your stupid hair you never comb, and your stupid face and every stupid thing about you. Okay. And Ryan is not me. He probably doesn’t love your stupid being to the extent I do. So. There.”

 Connor let out a breath and leaned his head against the door, closing his eyes.  He felt Jude take his hand in his, and felt his other hand  turning his face toward him.

“Open your damn eyes Connor.”

Connor, with the side of his head leaning against the door frame, peeped through one eye. He could see Jude’s smirk and he smiled.

Jude rolled his eyes at him and simply said “ Took you long enough to find your guts. And I just might, kind of, just a little love you too. You idiot.” He squeezed Connor’s hand. Jude laughed unexpectedly.

“ What’s so funny?” Connor asked.

“Took four years of sexual tension, but here we finally are.” Jude looked around, “ in a janitor’s closet that smells like bleach and feet.”

Connor finally noticed their surroundings. “ Yeah, this is really kind of sad,” he then turned his face to Jude and kissed him softly, “ but I don’t really mind.” The kiss deepened and they leaned against the door mapping out each other’s lips. Connor whispered against Jude’s lips, in between kisses, “ Did I mention I love your stupid lips.” Jude smiled against his mouth. “ No. I think you forgot to mention that part.”

As they kissed Connor pulled his phone from his pocket and slipped it into Jude’s hands.

Jude broke the kiss and looked down in confusion at the device.

“ You already have my number,” he joked.

“ Haha.” Connor replied, “ But no. That’s to call Ryan and tell him the date’s off.”

Jude laughed.” You are such a bastard.”

“ But you love it.”

“ That’s debatable. I‘ll call him later. Poor guy. But in the meanwhile…” Jude said, leaning in. Connor smiled.

They would be there for awhile.


The fire surrounding the half ghoul and Hide, crackled and flickered around the duo. Kaneki looked down at the man in his arms with his eyes overflowing in sadness. His heart clenched painfully and guilt overwhelmed him. He ignored as the flames burnt his flesh and tips of the suit, the burns were nothing compared to the pain in his heart. 

“Hide” he croaked out looking at his friends limp body. He didn’t deserve this, what twisted demon had condemned this as necessary? 

Kaneki clutched Hide closer to himself, tears left hot trails down his cheeks and hideous sobs wracked his aching body. He just wanted to protect everyone, so why did it end like this?

Kaneki looked back down at his best friend through watery eyes. He gently placed him on the ground and kneeled over “Hide I-I-I love you” he croaked out. Almost desperately Kaneki pressed his lips to Hide’s cold ones , he pulled back with hesitation and stared down at Hide. Taking in every feature until it happened.

A gold glow appeared on Hide’s side as if it were a fairy tale. Kaneki watched as the wound began to close and Hide’s skin went to a normal shade until eventually his chest was heaving up and down. “Hide!” he sobbed out loud with happiness. Kaneki watched in awe and astonishment as Hide’s eyes came back into view. Hide cracked a grinned at Kaneki and lifted up a lazy hand “yo, Kaneki” he croaked out. 

Kaneki laughed a joyous laugh; he ignored the scolding heat of the cafe and pulled Hide into a hug because he was alive. Like he should because Hide did not deserve death and I do not believe that Hide is dead because he deserved this.He and Kaneki just wanted HAPPINESS and I can at least give them that through this pointless fic. SO here you go because FUCK the anime ending. IF DISNEY CAN BRING PEOPLE BACK WITH KISSES SO CAN I!