sm: ok so we gonna go for a sport concept what u guys think about basektball

suho: *clenches ass*

sm: or uh like football

Said it before, will say it again: Mad Max: Fury Road is the dust-choked rocket-fueled orifice-clenching crank-mad feminist wasteland batfuck doomsday opera you didn’t know you needed. It’s like eating fireworks. It’s like being inside a rust tornado. It’s like having a defibrillator pad applied directly to your genitals but somehow, you love it?

It’s not a perfect movie.

But it’s amazing just the same.

—  Chuck Wendig “How Mad Max: Fury Road Turns Your Writing Advice Into Road Kill” | Terrible Minds

As the flock’s waking up and noticing her missing, Clementine’s deep in the jagged cut of forest that runs down the back of the fields like a scar.  It’s dark under the trees, and cold, and quiet.  Her breath comes in cloudy white puffs and the snow’s up to her ankles.  She’s hot all over anyway, trembling, her hands clenched so hard that her fingernails would make moony crescents in her palms if she hadn’t gnawed them to the quick already.

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“I want a drink so bad, I think I might actually punch someone if no one gets me one. And a joint. I need a fucking joint.” Trevor sat in the rec room, his hands clenched into fists as he groaned and leaned forward, his head in-between his legs. He had been so angry lately - needing to do something to get the frustration out of him, he hoped that someone would hear his prayers of the needed substance although he highly doubted it. 

Breaking up (Rated)

Rated M

A/N: This is the first time I write a smut imagine that big! It’s 3593 words :) I hope you all like this Smut Scenario of Jimin (my ultimate pancake♥) (I’m uploading using my phone for the first time so I’ll edit this later~)


“How could you do this to us?!” I shouted while looking at him with my teary eyes. He remained silent with his head being lowered towards the floor. “Am I a fool who was waiting for you every night? Who was cleaning the house for you to find it clean? A fool who was cooking you the food you were asking although sometimes I had to practice the whole day so that you’ll enjoy the result?” I yelled at him.

“Stop…” he whispered and he clenched his fists.

“No! I’m not going to stop!” I yelled once again. “Am I someone you can play with? Am I a meaningless object or a toy?” I said loudly. Tears started rolling down on my cheeks but I wasn’t sure if it was from anger or from sadness.

“Stop it…” he whispered once again. I could see veins popping around his arms and his face started getting red.

“I’m not someone who you can play with from now on. Game’s over! I won’t be your sl*t anymore!” I shouted and I was about to leave when he grabbed my hand with all his strength and he pinned me against the wall. My back ached once it touched aggressively the cold wall.

“I told you to stop, okay?! Don’t act like it’s all my fault! You make me feel like all the things that I had done for us was nothing!” he yelled at me. I had never seen him like that before. Suddenly, I felt afraid and I wanted to walk backwards but the wall was blocking me. I avoided to look in his eyes and I looked at his hand. The fist which was next to my head was actually bleeding. I began to worry. “This is not going to work..” he said. He took away his hands from the wall and he hid it behind his back. “Just go” he sighed out.

“Let me see your hand..” I said and I tried to approach to his hand but he pulled away.

“I said go!” he shouted, scarying me. I picked up my jacket and I walked away, heading to the door. When my hand touched the door handle, I looked one last time around me and then I stepped out. I was determined to forget him…


“We are terribly sorry for calling you that late but it’s important….” that man said from the other side of the line. I rubbed my eyes and I looked at the clock which was placed on my night stand. It was already 1:06AM.

“What is it?” I said to that unknown guy on the phone. I stood up and I headed to the kitchen to drink some water. While I waiting for the man at the other line to talk, I grabbed the bottle and I started drinking.

“It’s about Jimin…” he said, making me cough up my water “…we are unable to contact him. We called him on his phone and we even visited his house but we didn’t receive any response. Do you know what happened to him?”. I froze staring at the window in front of me. I couldn’t talk. I even found it hard to breathe. I couldn’t figure out what could have happen and why he was not answering to something so important. I let the cellphone fall on the floor and I ran into my bedroom. I quickly wore my skinny jeans and black&white t-shirt. I put on my sneakers as fast as I could and before I left the house, I snatched the jacket Jimin had given to me before we broke up. I ran out from the house, down the street, heading to where I wished Jimin was. The only thing I could think was our fight the previous week. Was that the reason he ended up avoiding everyone around him and abandoning his career? I tried to hail a taxi but non of them stopped to pick me up so I kept running and running. Once I reached, I rested my back on the wall, next to the door. I panted heavily and I swallowed a couple of times to cool my dry neck. When I was okay, I tried adding the code that was going to open the door. Fortunately, the code was the same as the one we had chosen together from when we were still a couple. When I opened the door, I faced something terrible. Glasses and pieces of paper were scattered all over the floor of the living room and the kitchen. The dining table’s chairs were fallen on the floor and the TV was broken by one of them. The curtains had been ripped off and they were scattered as pieces on the floor along with the other trashes.

“Jimin..” I said but I didn’t receive any answer. As I was walking towards his bedroom, I stepped on something and it made a sound as if it broke. I took my foot away from it. It was Jimin’s cellphone.The screen was broken and generally the cellphone was not in a nice condition. I picked it in my hands and I unlocked it. He had 42 missed calls and 19 messages probably from the other members of the group and his family. Entering the password, the screen brightened and our conversation appeared. I kept staring at the message he wanted to send but he never did.

‘I miss you’

I could feel tears filling up my eyes but I wiped it away. Holding it, I headed to the beadroom. Before my hand touched the door handle, I heard a scream coming from the bathroom. I let the cellphone fall on the floor and I ran towards the bathroom. I opened the door and I found Jimin in the bathtub wearing an oversized tank top. He had curled in the corner of the bathtub with the water overflowing and getting pured on the tiles. On his hand he was holding a piece of paper which was on fire. It took me a couple of seconds to recognize that that was the song that he had composed for us. A drop fell from his hair and rolled down on his pale face when he raised his head to look at me. His eyes opened widely.

“What are you doing here?” he shouted. I tried to approach him but the splashed the water towards me, making me walk backwards. “Leave me alone!” he shouted once again. I wiped some drops which were on my face and I walked closer. He kept splashing water but that time I didn’t walk away. I knelt next to the bathtub and I looked at him. God, he was really pale.

“Why are you like this?” I asked although I already knew the answer. He looked away without saying anything. I stopped the water from filling the already full bathtub. I got hold of his hand and I pulled him, showing like this that he should get out. “You are going to catch a cold.. Please come out..” I said in a calm tone. He looked at me and our gazes locked. He stood up and stepped out of the bathtub. Once he was out, he shook his hand to get rid of mine.

“I’m fine. Now, go!” he said, showing his annoyance. I walked towards the drawers and I picked a towel. I approached him again and wrapped the towel around his shoulders. I brought him another one and I attempt to dry his hair. He looked at me with his red and swollen, from crying, eyes. I fake smiled, trying to make him feel more comfortable. His lips carved into a smile, showing me that he’s fine.

“Go rest and I’ll cook something for you” I said without stopping wiping his hair. He nodded quietly and he walked out of the bathroom, heading to his bedroom. I stared at his figure while he was walking in the hallway and finally disappeared behind the door of his bedroom. The towel which was previously wiping his hair, was now resting on the washing machine. I made my way to the kitchen and I began to make Jimin’s favorite noodles. I tried to be as quiet as possible in order not to annoy him more. I still loved him. I might had been mean to him because I didn’t call or texted him not even once to apologize but I still loved and cared about him. I was recalling the old nice days while I was cooking and I could feel tears filling my eyes. Before my hand could reach my eye to wipe of the tear, two muscular arms got wrapped around me.

“I’m sorry” he whispered right next to my ear. His hot breath got bruised against my sensitive ear, giving me goosebumps. His arms didn’t look as pale as before. On the contrary, I could feel the warmth of his bare arms on my skin. His neck rested on my shoulder. I removed the pot from the fire and I made myself look at him. He forced a smile and he hugged me tightly. My shaking arms found his back and he tightened his around me. We remained silent for a bit. He messed his fingers in my long hair and he pulled it lightly. My head left his warm chest and I looked at him. His big hands cupped my red cheeks and he leaned closer. He stopped only a few centimeters away from my lips. “I love you” he whispered before he crush his lips against mine. I had missed these sweet and romantic moments of ours. My fingers got brushed against his well shaped, chocolate abs, making him bite my lower lip. My tongue took the chance and it enter his mouth, trying desparately to get connected with his. When his tongue touched mine, I could feel that feeling down in my stomach. The same feeling like the one when we were a couple. After playing a bit with my tongue, he broke the kiss and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I began to plant kisses all over his neck. He looked around, trying to find where he could put me down but the whole place was a mess. The counters were dirty, the dining table was broken into 3 pieces and the couch was upside down. Moreover, there were objects that could harm us on the floor so the only solution was the..

“Bedroom” I whispered against his neck.

“Not the bedroom honey” he said, emphasizing the word “honey” in a way that made my heart beat faster.

“Why not the bedroom?” I said. Suddenly, a gigantic wave of curiosity got spread all over my body. He licked his full lips while he was trying to think of something. When he was finally about to talk, I stopped him. “Park Jimin! No excuses!” I said. We walked carefully towards the bedroom. When we reached right outside from the bedroom, he asked me to close my eyes. I did what he had asked for and he slowly entered the room. He made a couple of steps and then he placed me gently down to the bed. It was so soft and comfy. I could say that I missed it.

“Open your eyes” he said. I opened my eyes. What I saw left me speechless. I mouthed a “wow” and I looked around. There were photos of us all over the walls. He even had pinned up the couple tshirt we had. On the desk, he had placed objects that would probably reminded him the good times that we had spent together. Close to the corner of the room there were some sentences being written.

“I’m sorry, I hate you…” I read one of those sentences “… All of the things that you said are like a mask” I continued.

“But you’re my everything… I need you girl” he read another two sentences. He let a sigh and he looked away.

“It’s definitely my heart, my feelings… Why can’t I leave you?” I read the last two ones and my eyes returned back to him. “What do you really feel about me? Do you hate me or.. Do you love me?” I asked and at the same moment a tear escaped from eye expressing my fear. I was afraid not knowing what he was going to answer. He only leaned closer and our lips touched gently. No excuses or lies. Just a kiss was enough for me to understand how he feels. That kiss was full of trust and love. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I broke the kiss. It felt great to kiss him after those two god damn months but… I wanted more. I let my hands fall on his back while I started kissing and biting down his neck. He unzipped my jacket and he tossed it on the floor. He shove his hands under my t-shirt and he moved his hands all around my body. His hands stopped on the hem of my jeans. He looked at me, waiting for my approval. I nodded, making his smile. I couldn’t help but smile too. He removed quickly my jeans and he rested his hands on my waist. His lips made a sweet path of kisses starting from my neck and ending up to my tummy. He wrapped his hands around me and he rested his head there.

“I missed you so much” he almost whispered. I played with his black hair, making him smile cutely.

“I can see that” I said, referring to the mess outside from the bedroom and the sweet atmosphere inside the bedroom. From the dim light of the full moon which was entering from the window, I could see his red, from embarrassment, cheeks. “I love you” I said.

“I…” he kissed down my tummy. “…love…” he continued and he kissed a spot closer to my underwear. “…you…” he took off slowly my underwear while continuing his sentence. I opened a bit my legs so that he can lay between them and he rested his head on my lap. “…too…” his hot breath got brushed against my spot when he finished his sentence, making me moan. He just stayed there, looking straight into my eyes, teasing me.

“Baby, don’t tease me” I said and I messed my fingers in his hair. He smirked and he moved closer to my spot, but he didn’t touched it. I bit my lips and I pushed his head closer. He finally let his tongue out of his mouth and he licked my sensitive clit. “Shit” I moaned in pleasure.

“Missed that?” he said. He rubbed my clit with his finger before he entered it into me. A long moan of his name came out from my mouth. Satisfied with what he heard, he trusted his finger into me while sucking, licking and sometimes biting my clit, giving me tons of pleasure. He slowed down just to enter a second finger in and he started thrusting faster that before.

“Oh my God, Jimin, I’m going to…”

“Do it..” he stopped licking me to say this and then he continued what he was previously doing. It didn’t take me more that a couple of seconds and I came on his fingers. After he licked me clean, he climbed up and he pecked my lips. He hugged me tightly. It was tight enough for me to feel his erection under his gym pants. I moved my hand downwards and I shove it inside his pants and boxers. I took his length into my hands and I rubbed its tip with my thumb. I was looking at him while he was biting his lower lip in pleasure.

“Let’s play a bit more” I whispered and I climbed on the top of him. He looked at me amazed. It was the first time that I did something like that. It was always him who was rolling me on the top because I was to embarrassed to do it myself. But then, I was confident enough to take the lead hand. He sat on the bed and he wrapped my legs around his waist. He kissed me passionately as he was undoing my bra. He threw it away and it landed on the desk. He took my breasts into his big hands and he massage them a bit before he left my lips and lay down again. I took off his gym pants along with his boxers and I played a bit with his members using my hand. Seeing his sexy face expression, I gave his member a tender kiss on the tip and let it go. Jimin pouted but soon a smirk formed on his lips once I sat above his private area. I placed his member right in front of my entrance and I leaned closer to him. I kissed him passionately and I could feel him pushing himself into me. It was kinda painful in the beginning since it had been so long since the last time. I think he got it so he moved slowly and sometimes he was pausing to let me adjust his size. Was it me or he had got bigger than the last time?
Sooner, the pain turned into pleasure and I rocked my hips to feel him deeper in me. His hands found my waist and he kept me steady.

“Is it okay if I move now?” he said. I nodded and he trusted slowly in the beginning. After his every thrust, I could feel him going deeper and deeper, making me moan. I raised my body and I moved my lower body. He soon stayed still and my only guide was his hands which were resting on my waist. Sometimes, he was forcing me down with his hands so that he can go deeper in me. My moans and his groans were echoing all around the room. His sweet groans were turning me on even more. His hands got wrapped around me and he rolled us over the bed. He was then on the top.

“Time’s up, princess. Now it’s my turn” he said, referring to who has the leading hand. Without waiting for an answer, he thrusted hard and fast into me, making me a moaning mess. I placed my hands on his abs so that I can stop him in case he became to rough. Sometimes he was losing control so I had found a way to control him. I kissed all the way down to his neck starting from his jawline. I could see his veins popping lightly around his arms and neck. I had to admit that it was so hot. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to move better in me. After a couple of thrusts, he placed a hand behind my back and he pushed me up so that we could sit on the bed with me on the top of him. My legs were still wrapped around him and he was still in me. He hugged me tightly and he kissed my forehead.

“I love you” he said. I smiled and I messed his hair playfully. Soon, he became serious again and he attacked on my neck, being determined to leave a couple of hickeys there. He sucked and bit my skin, making me moan quietly his name. I moved my lower body in circular moves, making him moan against my skin. I messed my fingers in his hair and I pulled it lightly as I could feel my second orgasm being close. I let myself fall back on the bed again, pulling him along with me. He pecked my lips and he started thrusting hard in me, making me not being able to stop moaning.

“Babe, I’m so close..” he said and I dug my nails into his back to show him that I was close too. He picked up the pace a bit and a couple of thrusts later, I came with a loud moan of his name. It didn’t take him a long time and he came into me. We stayed a bit like this, looking at each other. Although his arms started shaking, he remained on the top of me. He pulled out silently and he still stayed on the top of me.

“Are you not tired? Why don’t you lay down?” I said when I finally stopped panting. He gave me a smile without stopping panting.

“You look so pretty if I look at you like that..” he said and he lowered a bit his body to peck my lips.

“Why? Am I not pretty if you lay next to me or if you see me standing up?” I said, making him laugh.

“I didn’t mean that, silly! It just makes me so happy having you under me, having light pink cheeks and panting with a smile on your lips because of making love with me” he said with his face being only a couple of centimeters away from mine. “I missed that..” he almost whispered. I laughed and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lay down, next to me and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Let’s not fight or break up ever again..” I said with my soft voice. He kissed my forehead and he hugged me tighter.

“I love you” he whispered before falling asleep.

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"I'm sorry, Dean," Sam caught tears with the tip of his tongue. "I didn't think it would end up like this.

Dean hovered at the gate: jittery, maybe angry. He kept looking back up towards the house.

Sam’s stomach was clenching tight and painful and every muscle in his body was tingling sick with nerves; but he held tight to the strap of the bag slung over his shoulder.

“I’m not trying to walk out on the family,” he said. “I’m just going to school.”

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H2OVanoss - Sapphire

(picture by DoodlesAndPictures)

Evan’s worried gaze fell on his partner sitting on the couch next to him. The older man’s eyes were fixed on the television screen in front of them, the stare was so intense that Evan could have sworn that Jonathan simply wanted an excuse for not having to turn his head any other direction other than the front and this wasn’t the only time he witnessed Jonathan doing this. 

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1D Imagine - Baby Thirst

A/N: A gift for the beautiful and amazing Christina over at dibsonthat1d for being an amazing friend and a genuinely incredible person. I love you and I hope you enjoy the best gift I can give - Niall smut.

You’re pretty sure that Niall planned this all just to torture you.

Standing in front of you with a baby grasped easily in his arms, a wide smile on his face as he turned to you, you could feel every muscle in your body clench. The scheming bastard.

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✧✧✧ Minho likes to kiss Onew until...

they were both pink-cheeked, hearts racing and blood pumping adrenaline through their veins. He liked to watch Jinki’s plush lips redden, swollen and slick with spit as he stared back at him with his hooded gaze. Jinki was most handsome when he was like this, lying lazily on his side as they looked into each other’s eyes and said absolutely nothing.

The room always felt a little too hot even when they were out of the covers, limbs entangled and hands all over each other. Jinki’s fingers were clenched in Minho’s hair, the other grappled onto the front of his shirt to pull the taller close for more. Minho liked it when he barely had time to breathe between kisses, gasping as they tried to devour each other like they were the only air they needed to breathe, like they never had enough time even though they still had the entire night ahead of them.

It’s moments like this when Minho’s heart feels a little too full, ready to burst and pull him apart at the seams. He liked it though, liked knowing that Jinki would sow him back together, sow them both into each other so that they would never be apart. It was a little crazy how in love they were, a little ridiculous because in reality, they shouldn’t work so well. Minho was soft and determined and too naive for his own good, heart too big and too forgiving; Jinki was knowing, with dark eyes that hid inside of him far too many secrets to count, a rock that could not be budged, world-weary and guarded.

Yet as they lie together, all differences were forgotten, all past heartbreaks and hurtful words, no trace of tears or anger. Between them they placed their beating hearts, sharing them with whispered words of affection. They sealed their love with kisses that said too much, eyes that saw everything, and touches that promised forever.

the game.

I Won’t Give In || Ben + Danny

Great. Already, they were off to a bad start with this new kid. They had to cancel two shows because the little shit couldn’t get his visa in order.  It was times like this he really wanted to–

“Danny?” Ben looked up, fists immediately clenching at his sides. “What the fuck?


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#27 with Harry!

“I’m pregnant.” The words came out fast and under your breath. Legs shaking, hands sweating as you held them behind your back. If he didn’t believe you, you were ready to pull out the twelve pregnancy tests that you took over the course of two days and throw them at him. 

Harry stared at you with his eyes wide and his jaw clenched. You could see him swallow hard by his adams apple bobbing up and down. You knew he wasn’t expecting it. Hell, you weren’t even expecting it. Together, you stood in front of one another, staring the other straight in the eyes. You wanted him to be the first to say something, and he wanted you to be the first. 

You were the first to blink, breaking the non-staring contest. “Harry?” You whispered.

“Are you really?” He replied after a quick minute. You nodded sheepishly, still contemplating bringing out the twelve tests you hid in the blue bag under your bed. “I hope its a girl.” 

“What?” Out of all the responses you pictured him saying, that one wasn’t any where near the list. 

Harry paced over to you quickly, scooping you into a whirl of a hug. Saying into your shoulder: “Because, then she’ll be just like you.” 

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Imagine you are a new member of the Avengers and Pietro takes you captive part 5

For a old metal bed with just a thin mattress it was warmer and comfier than I had imagined; a shiver ripples body wide as the man, Pietro's hand rub up and down my arms in an effort to make me lose focus.

You can imagine how my body and brain reacted differently from one another; my body bowing to him as his hand left my arms and moved up my back feeling around, feeling every curve and vertebra, memorizing it, on the other hand, my brain was screaming at my body’s actions, STOP! DAMN IT STOP REACTING AND GET THE HELL OUT!

The fluorescent lights flickered every few seconds making it hard to keep a close eye on his face, which with his enhancement what was the point of trying? Without warning something warm and moist touched the base of my throat making my jaw drop and a small gasp escape.

“This is good, no?" He asked his accent practically dripping through each word. Opening my mouth to answer my vision went black, no not black just covered. He blindfolded me.

Shivering I didn't know what was coming next, all I could think of was, how the hell do I trick him to get away for a few seconds to run or take him down, which was a highly impossible. Neither option seeming good I had only one more trick up my sleeve that Natasha told me not to use unless I specifically HAD too. And yet here I was, blindfolded and shivering in ecstasy from just his touch, a pawn to Ultron's game.

A sudden shift on the bed made me decipher he had gotten up, panting finally taking in precious air I had to concentrate on my plan. I had to give into him, as disgusting as I sounded in my mind I had no choice, if I could get him to loosen up and put his guard down I could easily knee him in the groin and get out. The click of the door signals its opening, intently listen to the approaching foots steps but they are masked by the ruckus going on in the outside. Sitting up on the bed I found a firm hand press against my breast and push me back down onto the mattress with an 'oomph' my stomach flutters.

‘No, damn it Scarlett focus! This isn't a 'making love' this is a 'GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR LIFE!”

“Oh, I forgot to mention," He began his belated warning, "If you don't give us what we want to know Miss. Stark, you'll find this more painful than pleasure.”

'What the hell is that supposed to mean?!' 

“Any other disadvantages you want to add, Speedy?" He might not be able to see my face entirely, but my mouth scowls in irritation. The situation moving less in my favor now more than ever.

Pietro stands before me, observing my form obviously from the lack of his touch. My hands are clenched at my sides, as I shudder, gritting my teeth. "Cold or nervous?" He ponders out loud, not making it seem much like a question. "Either way, I can fix that.”

One step, two, he walks treacherously slow, closing the gap, now on the bed on all fours I'm guessing. Hovering before me I could feel his hot breath against my lips, he notes my lips, now parted, my chest raising and falling quickly.

“Get on with it would you!" Despite my aim to sound aggressive, my teeth chattered, damaging the effect. Tentatively, his index finger brushed over my lower lip teasing the sensitive flesh making my lower lip tremble. Continuing, his hands encompass my jaw, settling between my neck and cheek. I groan slightly at the touch, he goes to apologies but bites down before too late. He bends his head ever so slightly, head tilting, lips hovering above my own; the parted lips exert soft pants that brush his face, pulse raging under his fingers. He smirks and then locked our lips.

He's slow, starting with a closed kiss.

'Oh god the man could kiss, his lips soft and warm, slow and- WHAT!? Oh god Scarlett shut up!’

Attentively,I scrunched my nose and kissed his lips harder than he was doing to me, quickly he matches my pace and movement, finding synchronicity. Then we were moving as one, my body arching up against his hungrily, his hand run over my chest making my head throw itself back onto the pillows letting a soft moan come out of my throat.

Pietro wants to feel, explore and taste more, an eager flick of his tongue on my bottom lip begging for access. Surprisingly, my mouth opens, welcoming the gesture. Deepening, our tongues intertwine, curling and touching. He feels his hands down from my chest over my stomach, thank god I still had my uniform on, which I doubt it would stay there for long, his hands crawled lower grasping my thighs that I had pressed together he pulled them apart with ease as he grind down in between my legs making me his hard member through his pants making me whine.

One minute or two, Pietro slowly, but reluctantly let our lips separate, leaving me to collapse back onto the bed heaving. The sudden rush of cold air made me shiver as my eyes opened to a flushed face of Pietro, his blue eyes hooded with lust as he licked over his lips.

But that wasn't what caught my attention, mainly, his shirt was gone. My eyes scanned over his half naked form, his abdomen looked like it was sculpted by angels, literally, clean chest and so firm, my hands reached up to touch it to make myself believe it was real.

My hands didn't meet his chest, but over my head against the pillows. Squirming I stared at him, removing one of his hands, his forefinger leaving a lingering brush down my cheek, tracing my jawline, slowly moving down my neck to rest in he valley of my breast on the zipper of my outfit.

Allowing a moment to regain my breath, which didn't make him any less of an asshole, Pietro grabs the zipper and began to slowly pull it down, "Where are the Avengers." He asked as the zipper clicked with each small tug he made on it, slowly revealing the top of my breast. 

"Go.. Fuck yourself…" I breathed out trying to pull my arms away from his strong grip above my head.

Chuckling at my reply he tilted his head to the side as he continued his pursuit on my uniform slowly unzipping it until it stopped at my navel, now almost half bare to him, he sat me up and tugged the top down my arms and tossed it aside. "For a guy who goes fast your slow." I snarled.

Raising a brow at my harsh tone he pushed me back onto the bed, and within seconds, my pants, shoes and thong was gone.

"Like I said, this can be harder than it will be, just tell me where the Avengers are and I’ll stop whenever you want." He murmured. "Yeah, I don't think that's happening anytime soon." I replied in almost a whine, my voice a higher pitch than normal.

"Mmm, is this your sex voice? You sound so turned on, maybe I should have done this when I first saw you." He smirked. Before I had a chance to reply, he spread my lower lips with his index and middle finger and licked from my entrance to my clit. I let out a low slow muffled moan, finally feeling his warm tongue caress me the way my body craved.

His stubbly cheek rubbed against my inner thigh, driving my senses utterly mad with need. He continued the long slow licks for a few moments more before focusing solely on my clit. There he licked in small circles, making sure I felt every stroke of his tongue.


My throat let out the moan I had been holding in, not caring how loud I, it was. Pietro, the enemy, was currently face first in between my legs, treating me like I was the most delicious lollipop he had ever tasted. This was better than every fantasy she had ever come up of me and Steve combined. He wasn't quenching the fire between my legs, but stirring it up even more with every stroke of his tongue. It was building into an inferno and I was sure I was going to burn up any minute.

Then his finger circled around my entrance, teasing it ever so slightly. Biting down on my hand to muffle what would have been an extremely loud cry. "Do not silence yourself, or it will be ten times harder. I want to hear every sound your mouth can make tonight." He paused, looking up at me. I looked down at Pietro. When our eyes locked he sunk his finger inside me in one swift movement; watching as my mouth dropped open letting free a groan of pleasure. He wrapped his lips around my clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves as his finger moved in and out.

"Please…" I cried, finally letting my fingers tangle into his silver locks. His hair was softer than I could have ever imagined. When he felt me grab hold of his hair, he took this as a sign to amp things up. Inserting a second finger, Pietro focused his super speed to his tongue and fingers. Moving at super high speeds in a very small space made my throat let out the loudest moan of my life. "Are you making your fingers and tongue vibrate?" I panted, unable to stop my hips from riding his face. He only chuckled in response, causing even more vibrations.

After becoming a human vibrator it didn't take long for me to reach my tipping point. But it didn't stop there. Every time a moan became more frantic and desperate he would completely abandon me; kissing and sucking on her inner thigh until my nerves had calmed enough that I wouldn't cum instantaneously. This went on for almost forty five minutes.  Pietro would bring me to the edge, only to pull back last minute. It was almost agonizing, but I loved every second of the guilty pleasure he gave.

'What am I doing? I'm letting HIM, the enemy eat me out like it was nothing. My plan to escape had slipped my mind only to be replaced with the pleasure Pietro was giving me, and Steve oh god, he'd be beyond pissed if he knew this was happening. I mean, we weren't dating but-’

"Don't move." Pietro whispered against my ear making my body tremble, this was it, my chance to take action.

"Okay." I breathe out a smile as he got up and walked to the door, his running  pants hanging dangerously low on his hips as the door closed, and clicked behind him.

Sitting up I frantically grabbed my uniform and put it back on not bothering with my undergarments. Looking around the only way out was the door, or the small window. Quickly I made a dash for the window and climbed through and went for the forest as fast as my legs would allow.

At last, I had escaped.

robotsharks asked:

bro that post u replied on abt Jesse like. i feel u he totally does not deserve that helmet. I mean if that helmet was like Mjolnir he would so not be worthy forreal. I think this dude is hella selfish because he just wants to be a hero again for himself rather than being a hero for his family and actually trying work smh

right?! idk it kinda bothered me that whenever we saw him in space he was all ‘I must return *clenches fist* for my family!’ because what was he really doing for his family before he left? he was gettin drunk at sam’s school and making him do his work for no pay and moping about how much he missed space and adventure while his fam needed him. like nah jesse i see through you, you wanted to go home to brag about your space adventures and then use the space hero thing as an excuse not to help out. like yeah i know he loves his family but stillll he’s a shitty manchild and needs to grow up. sam has been like 100x better at the whole taking care of his family thing than jesse ever was and hes a tinysmall 15 year old