Featured Corgi Fridays

the internet is FULL of a gaggle of fellow corgs, almost too many to keep up with. (though, how does Machete feel about too many corgis? click here.

here are a few of Machete’s favorites on this fine friday (in no particular order):

  • Clemycorgi ( – Clementine is a corgi in CA who’s about a little over a year older than Machete, she’s adorable, though. Also, in the world of corgi names, if we had a girl pup Clementine was one of the ones on our list. Note: it was a pretty HUGE list.
  • Starbuck the Puppy ( – This site hasn’t updated in a while, but while we’re on the theme of “possible names we once considered for Machete,” Starbuck was an option too. This pup is adorable though, plenty of cute pictures to browse through even if there hasn’t been a recent update in a while.
  • Two Bad Cows ( – Percy, a very pretty black-headed tricolor corgi lives here. Such a dapper fellow, makes us wish we had more fun corgis close by for Machete to play with.
  • Sookie the Corgi ( – Sookie the corgi is a three-year-old pretty girl living in PA. Love her name, love the photos, once again wishing we had corgs like this nearby.

and that’s about it for friday’s featured corgis. keep on corgin’ on!

These corgs officially approved by:

Bark on, pups!