I got bored today being cooped up inside from a hurricane that never hit Richmond. Made this iphone montage, it has footage that goes as far back as Sept 2010. and homies from NYC RVA NOLA and DC. 


Philly Trip Pt 1: Original plans to take my car bailed because I had tire issues I couldn’t get resolved in time. So Jeff let us ride along in his, which was favorable to a cramped egg. The ride up is smooth and fun then we get a battery light, check it out in the manual, and for some reason decide to continue on.

About an hour outside of Philly in Elkton, MD the car dies on the highway. We coast to the side, get AAA to tow us, then halfway figure out that it’s probably the alternator and we are going to have to stay over night and get it fixed the next morning. 

We opt to walk next door to a closed down Denny’s and sleep in the back parking lot away from the view of the street so we can polish off a ½ bottle of Jameson to pass out. Next thing we know we are waking up to two of Elkton’s finest kicking us in our sides to wake us up. We explain the situation, they run our info and let us off. 

We spend the next 5-6 hours sitting around at a Firestone to get the alternator and battery replaced. Finally we get shit moving after dealing with a bunch of inbred retards only to get a call 5 minutes later from the same Firestone with, “Hey there’s a puddle of power steering fluid in our lot, might be from your car, how’s your steering feel?” We continue on our way to Philly thinking it wasn’t ours and as soon as we get to Philly the power steering is shot. We meet up with Matt Mckeen at his place, skate to Pop’s skatepark for a hot session then dip back to the house to charge/chill.


I’m about halfway through filming for my new video Late Night Losers now, sometimes can’t help but film a few things during the day. Here are all of those clips, mostly filmed during this past winter on the warmer days. Sorry for the shaky DSLR shots, unfocused tricks, poor colors, dirty lens, and blownout faces. Some of this footage was filmed using a Flycam Nano and a Bogen 3066 fluid-head tripod.

Skating from: Taylor Moore, Maury Blankinship, Austin Plantinga, Trey Jackson, Trent Hazelwood, Clement Oladipo, Templeton Elliot, Gnarly Neal, Keke, Jordan Bradshaw, Josh Swyers, Jamal Jordan, Al Copeland, Chris Burke, Matthew Clarkson, Andrew Schwartz


Skate Jawn Issue 11