Meet Jazz. Jazz is a two year old male ferret who has two sisters. Jazz was rescued by myself and my boyfriend dogwithglasses in the fall of 2013. He is goofy, fat, and generally weird. He loves shoes and his eldest sister Clementine who he has been with since he was rescued.
If I don’t get about $1000 by Tuesday Jazz will die. He has bladder stones caused by bad food, and while I have received some veterinary credit I am not eligible for much. It will cost about $2000 in addition to the $1000 I have already spent to save him.
It will cost $50 to kill him.
It’s one or the other at this point.
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His vet is Midwest Birds and Exotics outside of Chicago.
I’m not fucking around.
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He’s just a baby I don’t want to kill him.

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what tumblr poems or quotes have made you feel like you just got punched in the heart and the wind was knocked out of you with how powerful it was? i love those (:

HELLO THIS IS V LATE I AM SO SORRY this is going to be quite short because i already have 2 lists for about the same thing so i don’t want to repeat myself.

“Let me tell you how I chose hell.” EMILY PALERMO, EURYDICE

“Denied me my spilled blood,
my great war, everything

“what’s the point of
tragedy if i can’t
kiss you through it?” CRIMESCENED, END OF THE WORLD // WITH YOU

“One universe has us right, of all the millions stacked on millions. So it’s not this one. I can live with that.” ELISABETH HEWER, UNTITLED

“I always talk about love but I’ve
seen a life where I can live without

“I say “I’d die for you” and you say “you’d kill for me.
That’s not the same thing.”” ELISABETH HEWER, UNTITLED

“I wore your
armor just to feel deathless.
I wore your armor just to know
what it meant to be inside of you.”  CAITLYN SIEHL, PATROCLUS TO ACHILLES

“Be the ugliest thing in the room
so what.
You are still in the room.” A MANIFESTO, CLEMENTINE VON RADICS

“here’s me, emptying myself,
trying to fashion this love into
something that’s not gonna kill me.” DAEDALIANS, PARIS POEM

“I feel your shadow falling across the universe. I feel both of my souls, beside me. I feel the sun on my skin and think, We saved the human race, once.” EQUINOX, A.V.P

Sad ass plot twist for TWDG S2

This is a sad one but hear me out; After reaching Wellington and Kenny left, Clem is greeted by every loved one that she has lost in the past 2 years. She has never been this happy. But meanwhile, she realizes that she isn’t holding AJ anymore. What actually happened to her, in the nine days after the fight between Kenny and Jane, is that she died of an infection from the shot wound in her shoulder and Wellington represents life after death.

Sorry if I ruined your day with this😓

I had this in my drafts for a loooooooooong time.

“You can kinda control it sometimes… how much it hurts.” Another excellent fan trailer by Kyle Voakes. Poor Clem…

For more tribute videos, check out my full list or search #twdg tribute videos.

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I just realized something....what if season 2 is an interquel? As if takes place during season 1 but introduces another time traveler? Just like walking dead 400 days?

I think that would defeat the purpose of a second season under the stipulation of a “new cast”, methinks. Because, I’m assuming, the whole idea behind that possibility is to move away from Max, Rachel and Chloe’s whole situation and do something entirely different. Their story is pretty isolated, whereas the situation in The Walking Dead is something that affects everyone beyond the main characters (Lee and Clementine).

Maybe it’ll involve time travel, but I don’t think DONTNOD wants to retread the original story from a slightly different angle.

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What do you think were the biggest examples of manipulative writing in S2? I've heard even S1 is guilty of this behavior with the way they handed Ben, specifically when he runs away from Clementine in the street, they say they added it purposely to make players want to leave him...but S2 seems to use it way, way more.

I don’t think Ben chickening out was all the manipulative really. His whole role seemed to be he’s the guy who usually dies at the beginning of a zombie story because he’s not naturally brave or tough, except he doesn’t die, and the S1 writers used that to test player’s patience, to see if you really would leave him to die just because he’s not a natural born survivor and he makes mistakes. But he always felt like a realistic depiction of a high school band geek trapped in a zombie apocalypse and I think because he’s tall people forget he’s not even old enough to smoke yet. Teenagers are dysfunctional enough without adding “End of the World” onto them, so really, it’s not surprising Ben struggles like he did.

The third biggest example of manipulative writing in S2 is the one-two punch of Mike and Bonnie taking the supplies and Arvo shooting Clem, regardless of Clem’s interactions with them. It comes out nowhere, makes no sense, and only serves to retroactively justify Kenny’s insane rage. And it even fails to do that from a logical standpoint since Mike specifically says Kenny is what’s driving him to leaving and him beating Arvo probably did the same for Arvo wanting to fucking shoot someone. Basically the justification for Kenny being a violent asshole to people is that these people eventually abandon him… because Kenny is a violent asshole.

Second biggest is Jane’s hide the baby crap. Again, only exists to retroactively justify Kenny’s actions, and again, only happens because of Kenny’s actions, which makes it self-defeating. Jane doing this doesn’t mean Kenny’s right, it means Jane and Kenny are both stupid assholes. Kenny had no idea Jane had done anything, and proves it when he says, in reference to AJ “He’s gone Clem.” So if Jane had lost AJ in an accident or something, which seems like a probable outcome when running from zombies in a blizzard, it’d mean Kenny murdered someone for no good reason, which he still did anyway because he actually didn’t know Jane’s plan…

Also, this crap has no basis in logic. At least with the Bonnie/Mike/Arvo thing, there’s some inkling of cause and effect, even if it’s weak as hell. Jane deciding to hide AJ in the middle of a blizzard just to manipulate Clem and Kenny, who she doesn’t even know are still alive or not, and Jane never admitting AJ alive even when Kenny’s about to stab her is beyond idiotic, even by S2 standards. Jane never thinks to just say “AJ is Alive! He’s right over there!”, which means she literally wouldn’t tell the truth to save her lie.

And the most manipulative piece of writing in S2 is definitely the Wellington Endings, which is manipulative from start to finish. Wellington itself is manipulative because it’s just some fairyland. How did Kenny (or Christa) ever hear about this place? Why is it so super safe? How the hell did Kenny and Clem even get there? Kenny thought (but wasn’t sure) Wellington was somewhere near Michigan, an area of almost 100,000 square miles. And it’s NEAR that, which is incredibly fucking vague. It could be in Canada for all we know, that’s near Michigan. That’s a lot of ground for a brain damaged redneck, a baby, and an eleven-year-old gunshot victim to cover in nine days. Basically it tells people they were right to believe in Kenny because MAGIC IS REAL, as there’s no logical explanation to how they get there or why it even exists.

Then Kenny himself is completely out of character from start to finish. Running up a hill and squealing like an excited child, instead of the more restrained validation he showed in S1 when he found the boat or got the train working. Then he immediately yields to the guard gate after she says there’s no room. The man who, in both seasons, was famous for his combination of determination and pigheadedness, immediately accepts he can’t enter paradise when literally standing at its gate and suddenly is content with “the kids” being safe, when previously he never trusted anyone but himself with AJ.

Then he manages to contradict that if Clem insists she stays with him. After justifying his stupid shit as for being for AJ’s sake and suddenly amending that to include Clem, he pulls another 180 and now is totally fine with wandering the wasteland just because Clem doesn’t want to leave him. Why the fuck was he giving Mike shit for not wanting to leave in a blizzard earlier if he’s cool with forsaking AJ’s safety for Clementine’s whims.

And the fact that Clem can even insist on staying with Kenny is just sickening to me. There’s no in-character reason for her being so attached to Kenny that’ll she’ll forsake safety for not only herself but for a baby too, just so she can stay with the asshole who’s regularly treated her like shit no matter what she does. In S1 she didn’t even let Kenny’s condemnation of Ben go without comment, voicing her support for Ben even after Kenny’s outrage over Ben’s role in Kat and Duck’s death, people she cared about too.

This guy in S1 was, at best, Lee’s friend, not Clem’s, and at worst was an asshole Lee fought with and who can initially refuse to rescue Clem from a kidnapper. And in S2 he’s an abusive and impulsive prick who piles his shit onto an eleven-year-old orphan whom he demands loyalty from for no other reason than they used to know each other years ago.

He’ll whine about how awesome being beaten to death is for five minutes, but if Clem expresses a hint of survivor’s guilt in saying that she wishes Lee left her, Kenny threatens to slap her. And don’t give me some shit about how that’s his way of telling her to be grateful, because Kenny 2.0 is the most self-righteous ingrate in the entire game, who throws borderline psychotic tantrums every single time he doesn’t get his way.

Clem tearing up in the Wellington ending and Melissa only showing real emotion as Clementine in S2 all over Kenny makes me want to puke, because it only exists as stroke material for Kenny fans. The only remotely possible explanation in-story is Clementine is now suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. It was poorly written drivel like that which convinced me I could do better myself, because two of the canon endings already read like fanfics, awful fanfics. =P

i have 2 go to the pub 2 get internet (it’s still fucking down, kill me plz) & it appears that sunday is prime insufferable-faux-hippie-middle-class-parents-haul-their-spawn-in-groups-to-the-bourgeois-gastro-pub-of-my-gentrified-area-of-south-east-london time…’c’mon clementine, don’t throw ur basquiat 4 toddlers book around darling’ … i have a head ache.

Dreamt Marina Diamandis joined my marriage and the three of us had a baby that I gave birth to and when the baby came out it was just a tiny baby head?! It was like the size of a clementine orange, so I was understandably freaked out and the nurses kept reassuring me that it would “definitely grow a body soon.” When I brought my friends to see my new baby head it had grown a caterpillar body and everyone was all relieved it had finally grown a body. I named it Orion, like the constellation

someone interpret this please