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(an iwaoi ov au)

 The piano keys. Tooru listens to the song of the piano with his ear pressed to the floor of his bedroom, and he closes his eyes. Every pianist has a different song to share, a different song with different emotions tied to it. Some songs, like his own, are energetic, confidant and defiant, but he always prefers listening to Hajime play. When Hajime plays, it’s always soft and calm, like a hazy beach at sunset. 

 His sister, Himeko, is a piano instructor, and Oikawa has been listening to people play through the floorboards for his entire life. Yet, for his entire life, he was never allowed downstairs to listen, for one simple reason. 

 He, Tooru Oikawa, is an omega. 

 From a long family line of proud alphas and betas, of course, Tooru was expected to present as an alpha, but fate seemed to have other plans. 

 His mother locked him up after the fact, didn’t allow him outside, didn’t allow others to know what he was, as if his existence being known to the outside world was a disgrace to the family name. 

 So for years, he felt like the black ink stain on his mother’s perfect family. His father was rarely home, always out, as a traveling musician, he made more money than someone would expect, which earned the family a large house in the blossoming city of Hartford. 

 This year would be the fifth Himeko had taken in students to be taught, and possibly the last for awhile, she was getting married in the autumn. 

 The summer this year was especially hot, even with his windows closed and his curtains drawn. But as he closed his eyes and listened to Hajime’s song, Tooru forgot the heat. It painted such a wonderful picture in his mind, just like every other time Hajime played the piano. 

 Paintbrush strokes of bright yellows and pinks and oranges, the wonderfully pastel clouds glowing over a bed of water, shining and rippling, coming in waves and crashing down on the soft sand, between his toes and drying on his ankles. A breeze wafts across the beach and it feels good, brushing Tooru’s bangs out of his face so he could get a better, unobstructed view of the breathtaking sunset before him. 

 Tooru sighs. 

 (It’s been so long since he’s seen a sunset on the beach.)

(When Hajime played the piano, it sounds like a song just for Tooru.)

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I Know. - Part 1 (a Nate Maloley story)

I understand. I understand how you feel. What you’re thinking. Your actions. I get it. And I’ve never even spoken a word to you before. 

 I sat on the roof of Katie Clemens’ house, watching all the drunk teenagers wander about as her party went on inside. I had a slight buzz from the shot of vodka I took as soon as I got here, but I stopped after just one and chose to look around. That’s how I ended up here. 

The bass thumps loudly as the music plays and I can feel it throughout my body while I still glance around the yard. It was probably around 2 am right now and some people were leaving. Probably to have sex, or hit another party, or just go home. I honestly don’t care. 

You may be wondering where my friends are? Believe me, I’m not some weird “lone-wolf” so you can drop that idea right now. But sometimes my few friends that I have, don’t know how to handle me. Most of those times are at parties like this. They just decide to leave me alone when we arrive to go do God-knows-what and I either chill around or become the life of the party. And that’s honestly okay with me. I obviously chose to chill this time around. 

So right now I don’t have a clue what the fuck they’re doing or where they are, but tomorrow we’ll probably text each other and go to the mall to hangout just like every other weekend after a party. 

I got bored and was just about to get up to leave when I notice someone walk out of the house. Not just any someone. Nate Maloley

Nate Maloley has been my secret crush since the 8th grade. He moved to Omaha from a different part of Nebraska and joined our middle school. At first my crush was just because he was the cute new kid, but then I started to observe him. 

I noticed that once he made friends and became part of our school community there were these little things about him. Like faces he made when he thought no one was looking, or the light in his eye when he had his headphones on listening to music, or how his shoulders slumped when he saw his friends with girls and he was alone. I saw these things and loved him more and more because of it. He was real.I think I’m able to understand how he feels and could connect with him when talking about our interests and demons. Sadly, I had never talked to him before during high school and now that we are freshly graduated I didn’t plan on it any time soon. 

Nate was standing on the lawn while looking around and fumbling with his car keys. To be honest, he looked hammered. I’m pretty sure he was trying to find his car so he could drive home but I couldn’t let him do that. Not when he was like this; something could happen to him. But, I’ve never spoken to him before and I don’t want him to hate me or anything. I can be so confident on some days, and on others ‘insecure’ was my middle name. 

I have a mini debate in my head before I choose to go help him out before he finds his car. I hurry to climb down from the roof on an ivy trellis and call his name, “Nate!“ 

He quickly turns his head in my direction with a confused expression and stumbles a bit. 

I walk to him and take his keys from his hand. 

He looks at me strangely and mumbles, "Lil mama w-what you thhhink you d-doin?" 

My heart flutters when he says ‘lil mama.’ "I’m helping you out. You are obviously too drunk to drive so I can take you home." 

He takes a second to process what I said and eventually agrees. 

I quickly found his car by using the alarm, and I got in the drivers side while he stumbled into the passenger side. I turn to him and ask, "Can you tell me how to get to your house?" 

He grunts and nods. 

I start the car to leave the neighborhood and get on the main road. He starts to doze off but I quickly shake him and ask where to go. "Nate, you gotta stay awake to tell me where I’m going." 

He sits up a little and says, "Yeah it’s not far. Turn at the next right and enter the first neighborhood." 

I do exactly that and ask what next. 

He looks out the window and points to an average light green house a couple houses down. "It’s that one over there. Just park in the driveway." 

I pull into the driveway and turn off the car. I turn to look at him. God, he was beautiful. He was slightly snoring, so I had to shake him to wake him up. "Nate, love, you’re home." 

He grunts some more and goes to take my hand off but holds onto it instead. "You got soft hands lil’ mama.” He says with a light snicker and his eyes still closed. 

My eyes almost roll back hearing him call me that again. It’s so quiet sitting here in the car with him. The sound of his deep breaths and the lack of my breath from holding it in. 

All of a sudden Nate sits up, unbuckles his seat belt, and gets out of the car. 

I sit there in shock not knowing what to do. Just watching him leave. 

He was walking towards his front door when he turns to me still in his car and says, “Aren’t you coming?" 

My mouth went dry. I’m usually cool and collected, but with Nate that’s all out the window. I grabbed his keys and got out, locking the car. Nate has a dopey grin on his face when I approach him. 

He grabs his keys and slowly looks for his house key and unlocks the front door. He just bursts through straight into the living room, making lots of noise. 

I shush him, "Won’t your parents be mad for coming home late and making noise?" 

He laughs. "My parents ain’t here, shawty. Th-they bought me this house as a graduation present. It’s just me and my best bro Sam.” He slurs. 

Sam Wilkinson… “And where is he?" 

"Huh, probably out getting turnt. Maybe with a girl. Idontknow.” He plops down on the couch. “So are we gonna do this or what?" 

I slightly tilt my head. "Do what?" 

He grins. "You knowww. Get it on!” Then he sloppily sings the intro music for the song 'Let’s Get it On.' 

As much as I want to, this is NOT how I imagined my first time with Nate. So I decided to hold off. “Um no, I came to make sure you didn’t die." 

"Whaaaattt? You didn’t come to get some Nate lovin’?" 

Oh my god. "Uh no. You wouldn’t remember in the morning, and I have loved you for too long for you to forget me. Want some water?” Fuck it. He’s too wasted to know what I’m saying and I might as well try to save him from his future hang over. 

He raises an eyebrow. “Forget you? You’re Skylar Woodrow. I’d never forget you.” He says and turns to look me in the eyes from his position on the couch, while I’m still standing between the door and the kitchen. 

“Y-you know me?” I was truly bewildered. 

“'Course. You’re the beautiful girl who can turn up like no other and went to school with me. We had algebra together." 

I can’t believe he’s known me all this time, while I’ve basically loved him. But he has one of his facts mixed up. "Well, you must have the wrong girl because I’m not beautiful." 

He looks back up at his ceiling and says, "You’re right. You’re more than that, you’re a goddess." 

I blushed really hard now. God, if he wasn’t drunk, the things I would do to him… But then again, if he was sober he probably wouldn’t be saying any of this. "I’m just gonna go get you that water,” I say as I turn into his kitchen and find a glass to fill with water from the fridge. I walk back, my heels clicking on the hard floor and then onto the carpet, and hand him the glass. 

Nate grabs it but doesn’t pull it. He just holds the glass and my hand for a while looking up at me. He finally murmurs, “I’m happy you came with me." 

I smile and whisper back, "Me too." 

Then he takes the glass, chugs it, and hands it back. He then asks, "Can you stay here tonight?" 

Ohmygod. Nate Maloley just asked me to stay the night. It’s not like I’ve never slept over at a friends house. Or a guys house. But Nate Maloley? Holy shit. I respond, "Uh yeah. That’d be great." 

He smiles again, boy this kid is smiley, and gets up. He asks, "My room or guest room?” Did he just ask if I wanted to sleep in his bed? Yesyesyesyes. But I don’t want him to wake up with some girl in his bed, not like it’s never probably happened before, but I’ll take the guest room. “Guest room please.” He just nods, turns towards the stairs and slowly walks up trying not to trip. 

Eventually he leads me to his guest room. Inside was just a queen sized bed, a nightstand, an empty closet, and an attached bathroom. All I really needed was the bed, because I suddenly became exhausted. 

Nate and I said goodnight then I took off my shoes and jewelry, and put my phone on the nightstand. I realized I don’t have the proper sleep attire and would probably have to borrow from Nate. So I left the room and walked towards the door with a dim light shining from the bottom. 

I grabbed the handle and entered to see a half-naked Nate getting ready to put on some basketball shorts. “Oh gosh! I should have knocked. I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed while looking at him. Or more at his torso. His tattoos were so hot.. And his abs… Is it hot in here? I couldn’t help but stare.

Nate just laughed and continued to put his shorts on. “Ya need something? Or you just here to look at me?” Then he sits on his bed.

My mouth was slightly dry but I managed to say, “I, uh, was wondering if you have clothes I could, maybe, borrow?” I was standing awkwardly in his doorway.

He smiles with his cute dimples showing and nods. “Yeah, I gotchu.” He gets up and walks to his dresser. He gets out one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers and tosses them to me.

I squeak out a “Thanks.” and turn around to walk back to the guest room. I hear him yell out another “Goodnight!” and what sounded like him getting into his bed. I say, “Night.” and close my door.

I immediately undress and put on his clothes. They smell just like him… I got into the bed and finally relaxed, relishing in Nate’s scent from his clothes. 

I’m in Nate Maloley’s house. In his guest room. Just a few feet from where he’s probably sleeping right now. This is nuts. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement. After almost 5 years of me thinking he barely knew of my existence, he’s known me all along and now I’m in his house. Holy. Shit. I wonder where Sam is?

I shook out of my thoughts and settled into the soft pillows and quickly fell asleep.


I woke up after having a wonderful sleep. I looked around and couldn’t recognize my surroundings. Then I remembered, I’m in Nate Maloley’s guest room. I became excited all over again. 

I had to pee and tried to get up, but felt something holding me back. I realized a pair of arms were wrapped around my waist. What the hell? I slightly turn my head to see Nate’s face while he was lightly snoring, still asleep. What is he doing here? I mean, not that I’m complaining… 

I really had to pee though and thought that maybe I could slip away and come back. I tried to carefully pull Nate’s arms away but that only made him strengthen his grip. I tried again, but more forcefully and he pulled his arms away and flipped over. I quietly slipped out the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom.

After I did my business and rinsed my face really quick, I went back out to the room. Nate was still asleep and I could hear him snoring. As much as I wanted to go back to his strong arms, I thought that I might wake him up so I’d do something else while I waited. I decided to make him breakfast.

It was about 10 am and if Sam came back home at some point then he’s probably still asleep too, so I quietly made my way downstairs. I looked for pans to make cheesy eggs and bacon to help with the inevitable hangover, while making as little noise as possible. I even tried to make the sizzle of the bacon quiet. 

When I was done making 3 plates for Nate, Sam, and I, I took two of them and 2 aspirin that I found earlier along with a glass of water up to the guest room. 

I entered the room and set everything on the nightstand. I should probably wake Nate up at this point, so I slowly started rubbing up and down his arm. “Nate, hun, wake up.” I whispered. 

His breathing picked up as he turned over. With his eyes still closed he groggily says, “Not now, Mom.” His morning voice had me feeling some kind of way.

I snickered. “Nate, I’m not your mom. It’s Sky. And I bring gifts.” 

He furrows his eyebrows still asleep and says, “Sky? …Skylar?” Then he finally opens up his eyes. “Oh yeah. Hey.”

I ask, “Hey. Do you remember me being here?”

He responds, “Yeah. I was just a little confused. My head is killing me.”

“Well I thought so. I brought you aspirin and made breakfast. If that’s okay.”

He grins with those cute dimples of his. “It’s more than okay.” Then he turns and grabs the aspirin and water and takes it quickly. 

I hand him his plate and he eats fast. 

“This is so good. Thanks Skylar.” He says with his mouth full.

I giggle. “No problem.” I didn’t wanna eat my breakfast quite yet so instead I ask, “So… do you know why you were in bed with me this morning?”

He finishes up his plate before slowly responding, “Uh, yeah. I woke up after sleeping for about an hour and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought it would help if I slept with you. It totally helped. I hope it was okay.”

Oh Nate you have no idea. “Yeah it’s totally okay. Thanks for letting me stay here.” He nodded basically saying “You’re welcome.” I continued, “Uh, do you remember anything from last night?” 

He stays quiet thinking about it for a bit. He says, “Not really. Just going to the party, and all my friends found girls so I decided to go home. Then I got home, but with you. And we went to sleep and now we’re here.” He looked into my eyes for a second as I nodded but then focused on the comforter, seemingly in deep thought.

So I guess he doesn’t remember too many details. I saw the way his face slightly fell when saying how his friends got girls, and he was the one to go home. He was still quietly thinking. I rest my hand on his arm and ask, “Is everything okay?” and look at his eyes.

He returns my gaze, “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?”

I crossed my legs on the bed getting more comfortable so I could face him. “Nate, I know this is the first time we’ve actually, like, talked, but you can tell me anything. Okay? I understand.”

He murmurs back in a hushed voice, “What do you understand?”

I grabbed his hand and said, “I see you, Nate. I’ve always seen you. So, if you have something you wanna say, don’t be afraid to tell me. I observed you in school and I feel like I know the Nate that you’re afraid to talk about.” I totally just told him that I watched him but I don’t care. I may never have a moment like this with Nate ever again and I feel like I should tell him.

He continues to look at me and opens his mouth to say something but closes it again.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Can.. can you just lay with me?” He seemed so vulnerable all of a sudden. 

Of course I agreed. I’ve dreamt of a moment like this for a long time. So, I grabbed the covers and got under them with him. 

He immediately wraps his arms around my waist again while we face each other just looking at each other. I lightly run my fingers along his back, feeling his deep but slightly shaky breaths. 

We lay like this for a while before he opens his mouth again to say something. “Sky… can I tell you something?”

I nod and say “Of course,” while I continue to touch his back and shoulders.

“I’ve always thought you were really beautiful…” His grip on my waist slightly loosens with how nervous he was to say that. It was incredibly cute.

I grin. “Yeah, well you kind of told me that last night. Calling me a goddess and all.”

He looks at me with wide eyes, “I said that?” 

I nod. “Yeah. Right after offering me sex.”

He blushed and hid his face in the pillow while mumbling, “I can’t believe that.”

I laughed and said, “It’s okay. It was funny.”

He peeks at me with his face still half way in the pillow, “So would you say yes?”

Now my eyes were wide. “NATE!” I exclaim and hit his chest, while he snickers into the pillow. We just laughed together for a second before moving on. 

Nate speaks up again and asks, “So Sky… You said you watched me,” This made me blush. “And so I was wondering what you’ve ‘observed’ that makes you think you know the ‘other Nate’?” The way he said it made it seem like he was making fun of what I confessed earlier, but I could tell he was genuinely curious about what I’ve seen.

I tell him, “Well, I know that you get a little sad when your friends have girls and you don’t. But I think you’re the type to be a little more picky which is why, so don’t feel too bad… And I can tell you really love music. You light up when you have headphones on, or when you would sneak ear buds during class, which I saw too. I also love some of the faces you make depending on the situation.” I realized I was rambling and probably sounded like a creep. 

But Nate actually seemed amused. “You saw all that?” 

“Yeah. I… I actually, uh, I’ve likedyousincethe8thgrade.” I quickly mumbled the last part.

“What was that?” He asks with a slight smirk.

How could he be so damn cute right now. I’m ready to dissolve into the air. I admit, “I’ve liked you since the 8th grade.” I still mumbled but slower so he could understand. I didn’t dare look at him.

He lifts my chin to look him in the eye and looks back at me. We were already so close and I felt everything around us disappear. He slowly leans in and closes his eyes, and I do the same. Our lips just brushed against each other’s when my phone beeps making us slightly back away from each other. 

I turn over to grab my phone and give Nate an apologetic look while he lets go of my waist. It was a text from me and my friends’ groupchat. They were asking if we were all meeting at the mall. Everyone responded saying yes, but I had a feeling I couldn’t really leave Nate right now so I texted back, “Nah, sorry guys.” Everyone went nuts with responses.

‘What? We always go to the mall.’ ‘What are you up to?’ ‘Haha. So funny. Come on.’ ‘What do you mean, nah?’ ‘Sky is that you?’

I felt Nate’s eyes on my back and so I quickly type back, “Srry guys. I’m busy rn. Gtg.” and put my phone on silent. I flip back over and meet his eyes again.

He asks, “Is everything okay?”

I just nod and say, “Yeah, just my friends asking if I was meeting them later. But I think this is a lot better.”

He smiles and throws an arm back over me while I scoot closer to him. I snuggle my face into his chest and he holds me tighter. 

It sucks that we didn’t get to kiss, but we just laid there enjoying each others presence instead. Believe me, I plan to get that kiss just not now. Heck, I talked to him for the first time last night. 

I felt Nate’s breaths get slower and looked up to see he fell back asleep. He had a lazy smile on his lips and it was so adorable. I put my head back on his chest and decided to sleep some more as well, and we slept for a while longer.

I could get used to this…


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Part 2