I wish I had more space =X I’m running out of space to display my collections. 

I didn’t want to do a whole lot of collection shots since I have so much stuff in the mail/with deputies right now. But I just recently added that little shelf and rearranged my pastel-toned chest of drawers-top. I haven’t been able to have my Alpacasso plushies out for a while, so I was pretty pleased. Also pleased with how pinkish and pastel it looks ♥

The BJD there is the only one that won’t fit with the other three I currently have out on display as I only now have a small shelf dedicated to them (and am probably taking that away too when i figure out where everything will fit). With the cute pink “Into Two” outfit from Dollheart, I think it fits right in ♥

You can see a small corner of my Eeveelution pokemon collection too. I WILL better photograph it, when stuff stops arriving. But the Pokemon Center is not letting up right now, especially with the Sylveon stuff that’s being flying out. I am not keeping up at all tbh =/ I don’t make enough money to keep up. 

I need my own place ○___○;