clef tattoos

So far the only thing I got to show for myself is a little Dr. Clef doodle (shout out to you scp-l4-clef-alto-001). Been itching to do some SCP art since we started our SCP D20 Modern campaign. I think I might actually finish this one up eventually.

Still taking requests SCP fandom (can’t guarantee I’ll draw it, but I’m looking for ideas just in case).

It was in them, they would say.
It was what they were, what they
did. It was part of them, carved
into them like an F hole, like
a clef tattooed onto a biceps.
And there was nothing you
could say or do to change that.
It was their way. It was the way
of the world, and also of the sun
exploding a million miles away,
warming your soft cheek. Face
the music, they would say. Stop
listening with your eyes closed.
See the string tightened almost
to breaking, the bow torturing it
into song. Feel the skin stretched
over the drum so tightly it makes
your heart pound. And where
did you think it all came from,
the easy melody, the high tinkling
finery? We are hurt into beauty.
And you, up in the balcony, rising
to your feet, applauding fiercely, look
down at what your own hands are doing.
—  Paul Hostovsky, “The Violence of Violins.”

I still cant believe that this week happened. Wednesday I went to the first Human Sadness premier, saw Julian be his typical awkward/goof ball self while talking about the video, HE SAT ON THE FUCKING FLOOR TO WATCH THE VIDEO WITH THE FANS, afterwards I got to talk to Julian twice and he remembered me and my tattoo. I got last minute RSVP to the second premier in LA that turned out to be a FREE FUCKING SHOW. I was right in front and he saw me and pointed at me saying “heeey” and smiled when he came on stage, got to hold his hand a couple of times throughout the show and made eye contact. THEY FUCKING PERFORMED NINTENDO BLOOD, VISION OF DIVISION, AND LITTLE GIRL. HE CAME UP TO THE FRONT AND TOUCHED MY FUCKING TREBLE CLEF TATTOO. HE FUCKKNG SPOKE TO ME WHEN I HANDED HIM THE PIN I MADE HKM AND SANG “YOU ARE AWESOMEEEE” and at the end of the show I held his hand for what felt like forever. My husband caught Alex drumstick. Got some inside scope on some things and FOR THE FIRST FUCKING TIME I WAS SURROUNDED BY THE NICE SIDE OF THE FANDOM. I was left feeling so satisfied and blessed that I didn’t even mind not having a chance to speak to him after the show. I am sosososososo happy, I don’t know how I’m suppose to get back to normal life after this.

-Watch somebody try to shit on my parade in 3, 2, 1…