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SCP Readings - The Haunted Reader!

This is a person I’ve been meaning to feature for a while, but life got a little in the way BUT here we go. 

I’ve been hearing a lot about this reader for a very long time now, and I know he’s pretty popular among a fair few of you. Hell, he was even recommended to me IRL when I cosplayed Clef at london comic con. 

I’ve only ever heard good stuff about him so I thought the least I could do was give him a nice feature!

thehauntedreader has put a lot of time and dedication in to his videos! Even going so far as commissioning an SCP Themed intro for his vids!

Check out some of his vids!

SCP Tales - The Most Unfortunate Reunion - SCP Foundation

SCP Containment Breach - SCP-173 (Fan Voice) Side note: This video feels like SCP - Outakes

SCP-131 “Eye-Pod’s” SCP File - (Dr. Cool/ Class Safe) 

There are soooo many other charming videos to watch! So head on over and check him out HERE!  - Roth