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"The majority of Americans do not support him or the horrible things he represents and believes.". The majority of Americans failed to stop him from becoming President.

Can’t disagree with that. The majority of reasonable, responsible Americans voted against him. The majority of all Americans did not vote for him.


The Route of Division 

In Birmingham, Alabama, a public bus takes about a dozen housekeepers from their low-income, mostly black neighborhood to a wealthy white suburb.

These are the only stops the city bus makes; these are virtually the only people who ride it.

By Ashley Cleek in Birmingham          

Photos by Carolyn Drake  / Panos Pictures          

Clyde x Tweek

((It’s in the middle of the night… (again…)
I should really find a better time to write this…
And they might be a little ooc… I’m sorry…
Imagine Craig’s gang having a sleep over (I think it’s called that…) at Token’s house.
Clyde suggests watching a horror movie, and Craig and Token agree, but Tweek doesn’t want to and yells out that it’s too much pressure.
They try to convince him, but he won’t give in, until Craig calls him weak. And since Tweek don’t want them to think of him as weak, he gives up and goes along with it.
They put pillows and blankets on the floor, while Token goes to make some popcorn. And when he comes back with the newly popped popcorn, they start the movie.
Only a few minutes in, Tweek curls up into a ball and hides his face on his knees, twitching more than ever as the sound of a chainsaw fills the room.
He really wish that he hadn’t let them talk him into this.
He feel an arm wrap around him, and panics, yelling something about a ghost trying to rape him.
They all looks at him, but see it’s only Clyde, not a ghost, so Craig flip them off before he and Token turn back to the movie.
Clyde say that he’s sorry for scaring him, but Tweek say it’s okay, so Clyde continue watching the movie, still with his arm tight around the twitching blond.
When Tweek feel more comfortable with being close to someone, he leans his head against Clyde’s shoulder and closes his eyes.
Said boy looks at Tweek, before he puts his other arm around him and rests his head on top of Tweek’s, still watching the movie.
They stay like that until the end of the movie, and when the credits starts rolling, Tweek falls asleep, still leaning against Clyde.
They put Tweek on the couch in the living room, careful not to wake him up.
After that, Token and Craig goes to the kitchen to get something to eat. Clyde looks at the sleeping blond for a while, and then he leans in and kisses his cheek.
When he hear screams from the kitchen, he groans before going to see what his two best friends had done this time.