For most of the summer I was carrying and testing out my Nessmuk cleaver in a factory made CB molle sheath until I got around to making up a kydex sheath for it .

I added a molle kifaru GPS pouch to the front which held a basic FAK , LM multi tool ,  main and back up torch / batteries , CF Go tube , technora cord ,whistle and fire-steel / tungsten striker .

Or could add x2 single stack pouch’s to the front to carry a larger x2 CRI23 torch and my Spyderco Manix .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Nessmuk Cleaver .

This is a sawn -off  pack carry version of my Big Fella knife that Ive been testing out over the summer .

Its slightly smaller over all from the original and is designed to fit specifically in my kifaru E&E and Claymore packs as my go to camp / trail knife .

 Nessmuk styled tip and cleaver influenced with a dash of parang thrown in for good measure there will be testing shots to follow soon .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


This was really hard to do with one hand, but the cleaver actually opens and closes.

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