Post Apocalyptic Chainsaw Cleaver

Man, if I had any metalworking skills whatsoever, this is the kind of thing I would try to make! Hahaha! I was just trying to picture replacing all of my kitchen tools with things like this. It’d end up looking like a torture chamber from Mad Max. That’s one way to keep people from “helping” me while I cook!

Hand formed from an old chainsaw blade with joints all welded, this dainty looking cleaver can actually be used in the kitchen. The chain is forged and hammered for strength. The handle is double wrapped in pure copper rod. The blade, made from a recycled file, tempered, sharpened and treated with food safe oil. All mig welded together to form an extremely sturdy & robust piece of culinary, carnage creating cutlery!

Whether you have an evening of zombie slaying ahead of you or the endless wastelands of the apocalypse, this is your cleaver. I kind of picture Reavers having a small weapon like this handy on Firefly, Although you could use it in your kitchen if you’d prefer as it makes an excellent sized food chopper!

  • 100% handmade
  • Definitely one of a kind
  • Built using: bronze, carbon steel, copper, chainsaw blade


This was really hard to do with one hand, but the cleaver actually opens and closes.

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