My Girl: Draco x Reader

Request: Imagine being Draco’s girlfriend, his friends hitting on you or like commenting on your looks or maybe looking a little bit too long at her cleavege or ass while she’s walking away. And Draco completeley snaps and she has to calm him down after

Warnings: sexual harassment


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Draco and (Y/N) had been dating for almost three months before she started noticing it; the way his friends would all stare at her. She’d never been aware of how attractive she was, despite Draco constantly reminding her. She’d heard him go off on his friends before, but always put it down to him just being jealous, overprotective, and imagining things.

It wasn’t until one day in the Great Hall that she realized it was actually happening. She’d been sitting with Pansy and some of Draco’s other friends; Theo and Blaise, and a couple others, but Draco was not present.

“Where’s your boyfriend then, love?” Theo asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Quidditch practice,” she responded. “But it should’ve ended a few minutes ago. I should probably go meet him.”

She took the napkin off her lap and placed it on her plate before getting up to leave the table. As she turned around she heard Theo say, “Yeah, don’t want to keep the Slytherin Prince waiting, eh?” and felt a hand slap her ass. She turned back around sharply, and seeing his smirk, quickly slapped it off his face.

Pansy’s jaw was on the floor and Blaise was laughing his head off, and (Y/N) stormed away before anything else could be said or done.

(Y/N) stormed back to the Slytherin common room, fighting back tears the entire way, overwhelmed with frustration and embarrassment. Good lord, I’m such an idiot, she thought. What am I supposed to tell Draco? He’ll lose it if he finds out.

For some demented reason, she blamed herself for what happened, and knew that was ridiculous. But she opted not to tell Draco about it. I can handle this myself, she thought as she pushed open the door to the common room and found herself face to face with her boyfriend.

“Hello, love,” he said, looking down at her. He placed his hand under her chin, tilting it up for a quick kiss which she gladly granted him before jumping into his arms. He stumbled backward for a second, catching him off guard, before wrapping his arms around her waist and chuckling. “What’s gotten into you, love?”

She released her grip around his neck and looked down at her shoes. “Nothing,” she replied quietly.

“Hey, look at me,” he said, tilting her head back up to him, and noticed her tear-filled eyes. He quickly led her over to the couch, sitting down next to her, “What happened?”

She looked into his grey eyes that were filled with concern, and immediately had to look away again. “I just–” she began, but the door of the common room swung open making her jump as Theo and Blaise entered. Theo caught (Y/N)’s eyes at that moment and shot a wink at her. She turned red and looked back down at the leather of the sofa, suddenly very interested in the detailed silver studs embedded in the fabric. Draco looked back and forth between the two of them and easily put two and two together. Out of all of his friends, Theo was the one constantly making comments about (Y/N), and he caught him staring at her all the time. Draco leapt off the couch toward the wizard, taking his wand out of his pocket.

“Impedimenta!” Draco yelled, pointing his wand and a blue beam shot from the end, knocking Theo back against the wall.

“Draco, stop!” (Y/N) yelled, pulling him back. Draco yanked his arm away ignoring her, and stuck his wand against Theo’s throat, right under his chin.

“You stay the hell away from my girlfriend, you hear me?”

Theo gulped, his usual smirk and all humor gone from his face. “I hear you,” he squeaked out after a moment. Draco lowered his wand and Theo let out a small sigh of relief. Draco shot a glare back at him, a slight snarl escaping from his throat as well. (Y/N) grabbed his bicep, puling him away, and Theo took the opportunity to scurry away like the little rat he is, Blaise chuckling behind him.

Draco continued shooting daggers at the back of their heads when (Y/N) turned his head to face her. “Hey, look at me,” she says, when she felt the resistance as he glared after them. When he finally gave in and turned to look in her eyes, his gaze softened. “I’m alright,” she says, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly.

He sighed, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. He held her tightly and she breathed in his aroma of mint and expensive cologne, relaxing at the growingly familiar scent.

He placed a kiss on the top of her head, and she sighed, squeezing him gently around the waist, pulling him even tighter to her and never wanting to let go.

Sore loser

Antoine Griezmann drabble, requested by anon

“You couldn’t just let someone else score the goals. Oh, noo!” you sighed dramatically. “No, you had to score them yourself. And you had the audacity to dedicate one to me! Well, guess what, goalscorer? You won’t be scoring anything in here tonight,” you almost screamed, your hand frantically pointing at the bed just so that it was clear that he wouldn’t be getting any for his efforts on the pitch.

“You can’t be serious, baby,” he started with a soft tone.

“Don’t baby me, I’m not talking to you,” you decided before crossing your hands in front of your chest, unintentionally pushing your breast together. And he looked! His eyes instantly drifting to your cleavege. “How dare you?” you asked outraged as you pulled the sides of the denim jacket that you were wearing together, covering his view. “Fist you disrespect my country, now you’re ogling me as if I’m your-” you shut your mouth when you realized that you were indeed simply his and that got you even angrier.

“Don’t be like that, baby. That’s just football,” he tried to reason with you as he sat next to you on the bed, his hands taking a gentle hold of yours.

“Just football!” you quickly snatched your hand from his. “Are you insane? I’m really totally done talking to you.”

“Come on,” he took your hand again and this time you let him. You were completely unresponsive, your gaze set straight ahead, your lips in a pout. “Baby, please, don’t be like that,” he gently kissed the back of your hand before kissing the every single one of your fingertips. “I bet I can make it up to you.”

“Debatable,” you snorted.

He didn’t say anything in response, he simply move your hair over your shoulder before his lips landed at the base of your neck. You moaned softly when he started sucking, his teeth gently grazing the sensitive skin just the way that made you weak in the knees.

With a hand in your hair he angled your head slightly to the side, his lips following an invisible path up the side of your neck and across your jaw. You couldn’t help but lean into his touch, your eyes closing as you moaned your pleasure.

“I should have just started dating someone from our team, Neuer’s pretty hot,” you murmured weakly as he started kissing the corner of your mouth, his lips seducing you into giving into him as your anger disappeared with every passing second.

“You don’t think that.”

“No, I don’t,” you finally opened your eyes once again just to find him already looking at you. You quickly closed the distance between you and captured his lips in a searing kiss. “I’m sorry for screaming like a mad woman, I’m proud of you. I love you.”

“I know that, baby,” he smiled. “And I love you too. Crazy screaming and all that.”

Clork Greefen

Hello my name is Clork Greefen and I am the smartiest, most funniest, most prettiest person ever to fall from the sky. I know yor probably thinking i fell from heaven but no, just from space. Me and a couple of other doucheybags. I am rich and pretty and blonde with sky blues eyes and excellent tits. They call me princes. One of the boys Baloney is not very nice. All of them are stoppid. A bitchy tweenager called Charlotte stabbed my best frend Wells in the neck with a nife. He’s dead now. So is she because she jumped off a cliff. Unlike when we came from space she died.

Anyways more stuff happened but it was boring and involved grown ups (who i hate because my mum sucks and killed my father and she’s also probably npt even my real muther because she doesn’t look like me and she has no heart but i have a heart so i think she’s an AI - but then again who wood be dumb enuff to write a stupid artifical intelligence plot????) but then we were like kidnapped by these weird vampires. They aren’t actually vampires but they suck blood from the people who have lived here.

The people who lived here arnt very nice. They lived here for a hundred years and we crash down, kill some people and villages, make noise, stomp about, and invade their lands but I still dont see why their so upset. Whatever they’re just mountain men food anyway. Yeah the people who kidnapped us live in a mountain and they seperated me from my fuckboi boyfriend Finn.

Luckily I escaped and I got slapped with mud by this super hot grounder lady and now i’m gay. She died though because i thin kshe was gay too so her blud is a magnet for bullets. Now her friend the commander wasnts to meet me and so I have to try to loook strong and intimidating. And smart. But I’m surrounded by iriots so it’s easy to be superiorly intelligent.

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