cleat chasers


So the Varsity baseball players at my school decided to make a Harlem Shake video. Only they decided they were going to be SHIRTLESS (I repeat FREAKING SHIRTLESS.)For the spazz out part. AZFVH)7:FBONS;TKVNA! So many back muscles and abs. I just.. I can’t even begin to even. Go to YouTube and type in CHS Baseball Harlem Shake and it should be the last video. If that doesn’t work type in andrewtysonj. You’ll be glad you did.

“you only want to date baseball players because you are a cleat chaser”

Actually no, I only date baseball players/baseball fans because they understand why I have a passion for it. They’ll understand if I can’t hang out with them because the Tigers are in the playoffs. I’ll understand that they’re pissed because they lost. Call me a cleat chaser all you want, but I’ll give you plenty of reasons as to how I’m not one.