clears throat very loudly

Jealous Ranger Headcanons


  • when zack gets jealous, he’s really huffy about it and super obvious
  • like he will pout and cross his arms and whine in his seat if he thinks he’s not getting the attention he deserves (from billy, jason, tommy, or whomever)
  • he’s also super petty when someone makes moves on his significant other(s)
  • ”well if you like them so much why don’t ya marry ‘em, huh?” “zack all i said was that they told me to tell you they say hi” “well if that’s not them comin’ onto you then I don’t know what is”
  • sometimes though when he feels actually threatened, he puffs out his chest and raises his chin to look super tough
  • other times he casually slides into the conversation and charms the threat into submission by aggressively complimenting them until they find it suspicious and gets uncomfortable and leaves


  • you really gotta try to get billy jealous
  • he’s normally pretty zen but he gets really upset when people don’t even try to be discreet about their flirting with his boyfriend(s)
  • normally he’ll just stay quiet and try to convince himself that this is just the other person being friendly, until he really can’t
  • when that happens, his face immediately tenses up, as does his posture, and he looks super offended but confused
  • he’ll start to speak in fewer words, until the other person gets the hint and stops, or jason and/or zack realize how billy feels and shuts down the conversation 
  • right afterwards, he’s back to being his peppy lil cute self (which is slightly alarming to the others)


  • jason is pretty used to being the guy who gets hit on, not the guy who watches his guy(s) get hit on
  • so, obviously, he’s taken aback
  • the more it happens, the more his patients grows short
  • it’s usually worse because a lot of the time, billy isn’t aware when people are being more than friendly, so the conversation just keeps going. and zack just assumes that people are appreciating how great he is, and doesn’t realize he’s being hit on
  • sometimes, jason wonders if maybe the people hitting on his significant other(s) are more worth their time than he is, but he gets more sullen when this thought comes up, which catches the attention of his boyfriend(s) who then turn their attention on him in concern, effectively cutting off the flirt fests
  • most the time, he just clears his throat very, VERY loudly as he comes up next to his bf(s) and gives a very threatening smile


  • kimberly is the aggressive jealous type
  • if she thinks someone looks at trini in predatory way, she deadass steps in between trini and the person
  • ”… kim what are you doing?” “i’m protecting you” “protecting me from wha-” “SHHHHH they can’t be any more aware of your presence than they already are”
  • trini isn’t used to anyone actually pursuing her, so she can’t really tell when people are hitting on her, which makes kim very irritated
  • she decides it’s her duty to step up to the plate and glare at anyone who looks at trini, boys included even though she knows they’re not a threat
  • sometimes, if she reads way too far into things, she’ll pull the other person aside in private and tell them to back off of her girlfriend
  • kim is constantly reminding herself not to do something she’ll regret. she occasionally gets a little mad at herself for letting her jealously control her even after the ty/amanda thing, but the thought immediately flies out of her head when she seems someone acting too friendly with trini


  • a jealous trini is initially annoyed and exasperated, but it turns to self consciousness pretty quickly
  • since trini is often pretty reserved, it’s less obvious when she starts to panic about her self worth than it is when a jealous jason gets like this
  • she starts questioning why kim even chose her when there’s all these fantastic people giving her attention and compliments, which trini often feels a bit too flustered to do
  • she just works herself up in an anxious fit, contemplating if she should just let kim go so she can have a world of options, or if she should just stay quiet like she’s taught herself to do her whole life
  • kim is a naturally social (and relatively flirtatious) person who’s used to being hit on, and she’s always gone along with it. it normally isn’t until later when trini starts to look guilty around her that she realizes that trini was jealous
  • of course, kim lets trini know she would never leave her, but trini has… pretty obvious trust issues. she tries to remind herself that she IS important to kim for reasons she doesn’t believe
  • kim also has to remind herself that trini’s lack of faith isn’t in kim but in herself, so kim tries to be more mindful in when people flirt with her. though, sometimes kim wishes trini was less complicated and more blunt when jealous
The One With The Nap Partners -One-shot (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: What happens when Y/N and Bucky have a nap together?

A/N: This was inspired my the Friends episode by the same name.

My relationship with Bucky could be described as tense. I had been in DC the day Shield fell and had gone up against the Winter Soldier. Long story short, Steve wasn’t the only one to end up in the hospital after the helicarriers where taken down.

I knew that at the time he wasn’t entirely in control of his actions, but the man had but two bullet holes in me, and I was still pissed about it.

I sat on one end of the sofa in the living room with Steve in the middle, and Bucky on the other end. The movie on the television was halfway through when Steve got a call from Sam. After Steve left I was tempted to leave, but I was the one who left last time we were alone. It was Bucky’s turn to leave.

I didn’t even remember falling asleep until I woke up and the movie credits were rolling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such of a good nap, or any kind of sleep for that matter. I scooted back closer into the warm sofa and sighed in contempt.

I was falling back asleep when a very large, very muscular arm wrapped around me from behind and pulled me closer to a very large, very muscular chest.

After the initial shock, something clicked between myself, and the person behind me and we both jumped up off the sofa with our hands raised in the air.

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Sirius x Reader // Worth the world

My writing is slow,

And my word choice pathetic,

Unfollow this blog,

“Alright, up you get, love, I need you in the library.”

“I’m eating, gimme a moment.”

Sirius Black sighs but resolves himself, sitting down in a huff at the Hufflepuff table, watching patiently as Y/N finishes a bowl of soup, using a chunk of baguette to soak up the last vestiges of French onion while he drums his fingers impatiently on her thigh.

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Pharaoh Harsiese (Harry Styles AU Imagine)

“Can you believe I’ll be chief wife to Harsiese the Magnificent, Nafretiri?” My eighteen year old sister, Shamise, exclaims as she greedily drapes a shining, gold necklace across her neck where it gently grazed her breasts.

Her silver eyes glitter as the sun set and casted a ray of light from the open door on the balcony and her ebony hair and skin glistened from the oils her body servants had put on her during her bath.

My lighter, green eyes trail from the window where I watched the pomegranate tree, that my mother planted years ago before she died, sway in the slight wind, in the small garden that was mine and my mother’s old happy place, to her as I try to hide my frown. It was the first month of Shemu and the days were becoming hotter. Our ladies fanned us from the heat, trying to stop us from sweating as the Nile flooded.

I was sad to leave it, to leave my home in Akhmim and go to Thebes, where Pharaoh Harsiese resided in the Malkata palace, to help my older sister as she fought for Pharaoh’s approval over his other wife of five years, Bahiti.

Pharaoh Harsiese had been in power since I was young and the Romans invaded even though he was only a few years older than I. He was nearly fourteen when he become Pharaoh and now he is twenty and I sixteen. The people of Egypt adored him as he took over and saved our country from starvation and poverty with the help of the viziers.

They didn’t mind how different he looked from the past pharaohs; how his skin paled during Peret, the colder months, and how his hair was the color of the sand that covered the ground. To them, he was a god and from what I had seen and heard, he looked like one.

The first and only time I saw him was when I was almost fourteen and he eighteen. He was being carried on a gold and lapis litter through the streets, waving to his people, with his wife, Bahiti by his side as they showed off their newborn son. He was absolutely breathtaking and for a moment, I was jealous of my sister who has always been promised to him.

Sadly, a few months after, their son died in the night, smothered himself in his sleep by his own blanket, and they have yet to have another child. It was said the pharaoh was getting impatient, demanding a child and an heir from Bahiti soon or he would throw her into a harem.

That’s why my father, one of the most respected viziers to the royal family, took his chance and is finally making Shamise take Harsiese’s attention and become chief wife.

I go to answer my sister’s question, that she asks at least twice a day, when the door to the room opens and our father walks in, his smile immediately becoming adoring as he lays his eyes on his two daughters.

“Senit,” he leans down and kisses my head lovingly as he whispers the word for little girl before doing the same for Shamise. I pet my beloved cat, Khensu, meaning traveler of the sky, as he slept peacefully in my lap. I named him after the God of the moon as he loved to explore at night.

“Are you ready for the travels?” He asks us as we both nod, my eyes trailing to the window again where the servants were loading our heavy chests. My sister leaned over the window to look down when she heard a sudden ruckus and scowled.

“Be careful with that! It’s worth more than your life and what we paid for you,” she hisses as I frown and look down. I hated when she was rude to others. I could never find the way to be mean to someone, even if they were lower in class.

“Nafretiri,” my father suddenly speaks, making my head shoot up. He gives me a soft smile, holding out his hand which I grab, placing Khensu on the floor as he leads us out of the room.

“Your eyes are like a cat’s in the sun, senit. Green as the emeralds that line the palace thrones,” he says as we walk out into the garden. I instantly pull off my sandals to feel the cool, fertile silt against my toes as I lean down to inspect my mother’s mandrakes that I continue to take care of.

I smile lightly at my father’s words, looking up at him. “I don’t think you brought me out here to talk about my eyes,” I say as he chuckles and nods.

“Nafretiri, when we arrive at the palace and your sister becomes chief wife, it is your duty to make sure she stays well behaved and remembers the task at hand. She is hot tempered and you, my girl, must help her. You have patience and kindness, little cat, unlike your sister. She must become pregnant with Harsiese’s heir in the first year or she will be thrown into a harem just like he’s threatening Bahiti. Our family’s fate lies in your hands.”

I listen to his words as I stare at the ground. It was going to be hard to make sure my sister stayed in line. She was wild as a bird, never staying in one place, and had the bite of a cobra when someone upset her. She frightened even me on occasions and I instantly prayed that I wouldn’t be over my head.

I fear that is not the case.

Reeds, lotus, and cattails lined the banks of the muddy Nile as our barge carried us to the City of Pharaohs. My breath was caught in my throat in jealously as I watched my sister parade around in a sheer, white dress that accentuated her curves as rare, glistening jewels and a gold collar sparkled in the afternoon sun as they hung from her throat. She looked beautiful, like always, as her honeyed, tan shoulders and obsidian hair caught the eyes on the slaves as they rowed.

My own dress was as green as my eyes with gold accents, my dark ebony hair was in several braids and pushed back with a gold headband. My sister warned me I had to look plain, but not too plain, and have her be the first one Harsiese sees so he will fall in love with her instantly and not me. I told her she didn’t have to worry about that earning a laugh and shake of the head as she marched off to bark more orders to the servants.

The fact that she was about to become chief wife to the pharaoh of all of Upper and Lower Egypt was beginning to be unsettling, but I wisely kept my mouth shut.

As we grew closer to the palace, the water became clearer, shining like liquid lapis and silver as it glittered in the light. Many boats and ships lined the banks as men, women, and children pushed and shoved to see just a glimpse of the future chief wife of the great pharaoh.

“Great Osiris,” I whisper to myself as I see the Elders being carried high in their shining litters and hundreds of soldiers and slaves waiting for our arrival. As we stepped onto the bank, we were all escorted to our individual curtained litter and picked up as they slowly carried us to the palace.

I smile as I watch musicians entertain the growing crowds and close my eyes as the beautiful flutes play as we passed the sandstone homes that the people of Thebes lived in. I knew Harsiese was an avid music lover, as was I, and I knew he would be disappointed when he realized Shamise was not.

Entering the Malkata Palace was overwhelming. Sweet perfumes of incense wafted down the hall made of beautiful alabaster stone, the walls beautifully covered in bright tiles and paintings of papyrus fields and the Nile. I trail my hands across the magnificent art work, happy that my new home was so exquisite.

We were escorted to our own rooms where body servants helped us bathe and I was happy as they rubbed rich lavender oil into my skin as it always helped calm my nerves. My tanned skin shone from the oil as they wrapped another green dress around my body, accentuating my small waist and long legs while pushing my breasts up slightly.

The body servants then spent hours expertly lining mine and Shamise’s lips with red rouge, our eyes with thick, black kohl and mine rimmed with malachite making my green, cat like eyes even more intense, and hennaed our breasts with intricate, gorgeous designs.

After they placed heavy, hot Nubian wigs covered in braids and beads on our head before securing them with beeswax and resin. Soft creams were massaged into our skin making it silky smooth, sweet smelling perfumes spritzed between our breasts and neck, and gold and silver dust was blown softly from their palms until our bodies were covered all the way to our feet.

Looking down at the bath water I emerged from and seeing my reflection, I almost gasped.

For once, I felt beautiful next to my sister.

“You look like Isis herself,” my body servant whispered to me, making my cheeks heat up. It was rare I ever received a compliment as my sister normally stole every man and woman’s attention.

“Thank you,” I whisper back, gently giving her arm a small squeeze making her gasp lightly. I ignored it knowing why she reacted that way. They were rarely shown any kindness.

Soon, the servant stand and open the doors before turning to us. My breath catches as the utter the words,

“Are you ready to meet the the great Harsiese, Pharaoh of Egypt?”


The music and festivities could be heard from the other side of the palace as we neared the large doors. Shamise gripped my hand tightly, leaning down to whisper in my ear. “Stay behind me. He must see me first.”

I nod as the doors slowly creak open and I could instantly feel a million eyes on us. My cheeks heat up instantly, my instincts telling me to shyly bow my head but instead I keep my head high like my sister. I had to get used to this; a world of constant watching.

We are greeted by a herald who clears his throat before loudly and grandly introducing us, which was very unnecessary since everyone’s attention was already on us.

“The Lady Shamise, daughter of Mehu, Senior Vizier of Egypt.”

Gasps fill the Great Hall as she takes a step forward and the endless chatter faltered instantly. I bite my lip as I step closer to the herald.

“The Lady Nafretiri, daughter of Mehu, Senior Vizier of Egypt.”

Whispers pick up making my heart rate start to thump wildly in my chest, my eyes darting left and right. Their eyes were burning into my skin  as I step forward and begin to walk towards the Horus thrones where Pharaoh and his wife sat. I see my father in the crowd and he gives me a proud nod, making me feel a bit more confident. 

As we approached closer, I feel an intense stare on my face but I ignore it, my eyes on my feet as I make sure I don’t trip and make a fool of myself. Arriving in front of the thrones, we both bow deeply with our arms outstretched.


A deep, raspy voice that reminded me of pure honey spoke dominantly sending a feeling of sparks through my veins. I wondered if Shamise felt the same as we both stood up straight. 

My eyes finally move from my feet and come in contact with the most brilliant green eyes that looked like they were mixed with pure gold. I hold in my gasp as I allow myself to be drowned in their depths.

The owner of the most gorgeous eyes adorned the Nemes crown, the royal head cloth that was striped blue and gold. In the center held the Uraeus, the golden cobra crown with its hood flared that symbolized kingship. Stories say that it was able to spit fire into the eyes of the wearer’s enemies, blinding them permanently.

Pharaoh Harsiese

What shocked me the most was how the eyes were looking straight at me and not my sister.

“Harsiese,” my sister begins earning an stern, out reached hand, cutting her off.

“Silence,” he commands making my blood run cold at the sound, his eyes never leaving mine as he demands silence from my sister, the girl who was supposed to be his chief wife. From the corner of my eye, I see my sister deflate and glare at me but I can’t find myself to care.

My breathing catches in my throat as I stop myself from collapsing as he regally stands, sweeping his dark blue cape behind him as he slowly walks down the stairs towards me, his eyes still never leaving mine. His body was one of the gods, lean and full of muscle from battles at war.

The room was silent as he soon stands directly in front of me. The scent of him almost made my eyes roll back in pleasure as I inhale the rosemary oil mixed with the musk of his own body.

“Nafretiri,” he speaks lowly, his voice even more beautiful as it spoke my name. My mouth gapes slightly as I try to say something back but nothing comes out. He smiles playfully, his hand gently reaching up and caressing my chin as he closes my mouth.

Sparks dance across my skin wherever his fingers trail. “Beautiful creation. Your mawat named you well,” he comments making my cheeks heat up for the third time of the evening as he speaks the meaning of my name my mother chose. His smile becomes even brighter at the sight.

“Miw-sher,” he whispers the word ‘kitten’ as his eyes admire my face and body. “You are now mine.”

I barely have time to react before he turns and grabs my hand, raising it up. “Bow before your new, soon-to-be queen,” he exclaims loudly as I finally remember to breathe, my chest heaving dramatically as I watch the entire room, including my sister, bow before Pharaoh Harsiese and me.


I tried something different! Hope you like it! Give me some feedback please! It will mean a lot and I’ll try to post Part 2 soon if you want it! x

Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 4

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

“Morning, Darlin’” Part One

Chapter List


Originally posted by b-n-a-o

Part Four

Monday, 22:15 PM

“Uh, yeah?” he said, confused, not really sure what was going on. You doubted he could see you through the small crack in the door, so you covered your top half with your arm and kept your lower half hidden behind the wall as you pushed the door open. The second he saw you, his eyes widened, and he stood there for a few seconds, frozen still.

“I, uh… I forgot my towel, could you…?” you asked, trying to avoid his gaze as well as possible and pointing to the desk behind him. Your voice was soft, unnaturally so, trying to ease the tension between you. He was frozen for a few more seconds, before snapping out of it and looking away.

“Uh, sure.”

He turned around and grabbed the towel, before holding it out in your direction, keeping his eyes on the floor. After a few seconds, you cleared your throat.

“Could you… maybe… come a bit closer?” you asked.


“Steve, just look at me,” you said. He reluctantly looked up and handed you the towel, before walking off without saying anything. You sighed and went back inside to dry off.

22:19 PM

You exited a few minutes later to see him lying on the bed, watching TV. He didn’t seem to notice you, which was perfectly fine with you, to be honest. You didn’t really want to sit beside him, for obvious reasons, so you grabbed the book you had packed and sat down crosslegged on the cot Steve was due to sleep in.

You began to read, and it was silent for a few minutes. A chill ran down your bare arms, and you rubbed the skin to get rid of the goosebumps. Your hair was now cold due to the moisture, and you regretted not drying your hair earlier. You decided to brush it off and get back to your book, only to be disturbed by a hoodie being shoved in your face. You grabbed it and forced it away from your face, only to see him standing right beside you. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes were on you.

“That’s not-”

“Just take it, Y/N.”

You reluctantly took it and were about to put it on, when his fingers trailed gently through your hair.

“And dry your hair. You’ll catch a cold.”

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Date night? - Dramione Drabble

Title: Date Night?
Author: Liana
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Romance/Fluff
Chapters: drabble
Word Count: 1000
Summary: Hermione decides to teach her best friends how to ask someone out on a date.
Status: Complete 
Timeline: ???? Not compliant with just about anything. It’s fluff.

“Honestly,” Hermione said with a huff. “It’s not that hard.”

“Yes it is!” Ron and Harry said in unison.

The topic of conversation as they left breakfast that morning was asking a girl out. Spring had finally arrived and all around them couples were pairing off. But, for some inexplicable reason, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley couldn’t get dates. Hermione firmly believed it was because they couldn’t be bothered to ASK someone.

“What if she says no?” Harry asked as they hurried down the hall.

“What if I stutter?” Ron asked, practically shaking with the thought.

“You survived a war and you’re worried about embarrassing yourself in front of a girl?” Honestly, she wasn’t sure how the human race survived teenage boys. If it weren’t for women like her taking charge the whole species would have died out of acute embarrassment centuries ago.

Taking one look at her boys she reached an uncomfortable decision. They were war heroes. They were legends. They could face any fear… except asking someone out.

“Look,” she said with a placid smile. “I’ll show you how easy it is.” Both of them straightened their shoulders and there was just a hint of smug gleam in Ron’s eyes that suggested he thought he’d just won a game. Poor, sweet boy. Poor, sweet, delusional boy. Ron was a dear but he had the emotional scope of a cricket and a very similar intelligence score. Besides, what would be the point of asking him out to show him how to ask someone out?

No, if she wanted to get the lesson across to her dear dunderheads she needed something that would hit them like a bludger.

The answer came sauntering down the hall with a pack of Slytherians on his heels. Perfect.

“Draco!” Hermione waved to get his attention.

Petrificus totalus wouldn’t have stunned him any better. “Granger?”

“Draco, I have a question for you,” Hermione said with a cheerful smile as if she didn’t notice the wands surreptitiously appearing in hands around the hall. First years were quaking. Hufflepuffs were hiding. Slytherians and Gryffindors were squaring off… the rivalry between Head Girl and Head Boy this year was the stuff of myth. The only time they even tried to get along was teaching the dueling class McGonagall asked them to teach as an elective, and they only managed to work together then because they were throwing hexes at each other.

“Who are you and what have you done with Granger?” Malfoy demanded as he stepped up and loomed over Hermione. “We are not on a first name basis.”

“Too true, we should fix that.”

“What do you mean?” His eyes narrowed and his hand slipped towards his wand. Not that he needed it. In the days since the war had ended Malfoy felt the need to be ever more prepared and had added several dizzyingly complicated wandless spells to his repertoire.

“Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me on Saturday and have dinner?” Hermione asked. A pin dropping on the stone floor would have echoed in the silence. Everyone was holding their breath.

“Fine,” Draco said. “I’ll pick you up at seven.”

Hermione nodded happily turned back to Ron and Harry then stopped. “Wait, what?” Rounding on Malfoy with a scowl she put her hands on her hips. “Did you say fine?”

“Yes, I said fine.” Malfoy sneered, it was his default expression when he was confused.

“Malfoy, honestly, you are not being the least bit helpful. I’m trying to show Harry and Ron how easy it is to ask someone out.”

“You managed that.” He took another step toward her so that they were isolated in the center of a growing crowd.

“Yes, I asked, but you were supposed to say no.”

Malfoy scowled at the two Gryffindor men behind Hermione and nodded. “True. Teaching them that someone will say yes when they ask is raising expectations far too high. In that case…” He cleared his throat and said very loudly, “No, I won’t go on a date with you this weekend.”

The student body of Hogwarts breathed again as equilibrium was restored.

Hermione nodded her thanks and turned back to Ron and Harry with the happy smile of someone who has taught the impossible lesson. “See? Not so hard at all.”

“Hermione,” Malfoy said.

She turned to him in shock. “We are not on a first name basis!”

“Granger, than.”


“Will you go to dinner with me on Saturday?”

Her brow furrowed in confusion. “This Saturday?”

“Yes, around seven.” Malfoy leaned close and said in a stage whisper, “I’m trying to teach the first years how to ask a girl out. Aren’t you going to help?”

“Oh.” Confusion, trepidation, and then amusement all flickered through her mind before Hermione caught hold of herself and nodded. She was Gryffindor after all and Draco Malfoy wasn’t the least bit scary. “I’d be delighted to go out with you this weekend.”


There was a din of bubbling questions and whispered speculation from the throng. Really, in a situation like this a simple hand shake wouldn’t do.

Hermione stood on tip toe, lightly resting one hand on Malfoy’s shoulder and gave him a chaste peck on the cheek.

“Hermione,” he whispered as his fingers tangled in her curls. “You’re pulling your punches.”

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he urged her closer. A hungry moan escaped his lips as her tongue touched his. There’s heat, and hunger, and passion. Years spent locked in emotional combat, of practically living in each other’s heads as they tried to outwit each other, all of it fuses into a foundation of understanding. They already know each other’s secrets. There’s no darkness left to hide. All that remains is finally understanding the good in each other, and how good they could be together.

Only the whimper and thump of Professor Snape passing out as he comes to scold the students for being late breaks them apart.

Hermione giggled. Draco smiled.

“Saturday?” she asked with a smile, pretending nothing at all had happened.


“Have a good day, then.” She turned back to her boys with a smile and, with a finger under each of their chins, pushed their mouths shut. “And that’s how you ask someone out on a date.”

That Wasn’t Me

Request: So this would take place during the beginning of season 7 and the reader is really anxious and shy due to past events in her life and when Sam was Soulless he didn’t really treat her that well and she was terrified of him. Sam has flashbacks of mistreating her and ignoring her and he feels awful and tries to make it up to her after he wakes up and is normal again?

Word Count: 1944

Warnings: mentions past of abuse, swearing

A/N: so I got this request from @thecoffestudyblr and I personally really like this soo yeah here you go hon! ALSO italics are flashbacks

“Dean.” Sam breathed out the name like it was a lungful of toxic gas. Everyone in the room turned to him. Bobby and Dean stood up. Y/N leaned back further in her seat, hand fluttering nervously over Bobby’s knife in front of her. Dean set his glass down, hard.

“Sam?” He asked warily. Sam walked over slowly before engulfing him in a hug. He held on for a moment before turning to Bobby.

“Good to see you,” the old drunk laughed. They pulled back after a moment. Sam looked around the room and locked eyes with Y/N. She looked away.

“Y/N?” Sam asked warily.

“Hey.” She stayed seated. Sam frowned. Dean and Bobby exchanged a look. Bobby coughed. Sam looked to him and deepened his frown.

“Wait. I saw you- I… I felt Lucifer snap your neck.”

“Well, Cas kind of-”

“Cas is alive?” He looked stunned. Dean frowned this time.

“Yeah, Cas- Cas is fine. Sam, are you okay?”

Sam looked hesitantly at Y/N, who had taken a sudden interest in her flannel.

“Actually, um…I’m starving.”

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Shu Headcanon (Angry sleepy shu Edition)

He won’t wake up.
Shu’s sleep on the sofa.
What can you do all day if he’s not awake to look after?
If you disturb him, he’ll be angry.
If you leave him to sleep, he’ll be angry you didn’t wake him to feed.
You concluded; this would end up with him…angry. No matter what you did.
You poke him, very brave of you.
You clear your throat loudly.
You straddle him lap.
You very gently take out his earbud.

You sigh…

‘Bothersome woman! Stop waking me!’
You are pulled down and feel his fangs sharp in your neck.
Ah..well. He’s angry….

A very important announcement
  • Me: *walks up onto stage and shuffles some flash cards around in my hands*
  • Me: hello everyone thank you all for coming! I have a very important announcement!
  • Me: *clears throat loudly and puts my lips right up against the mic*
  • Me: I hate myself
  • Crowd: .....
  • Me: thank you and goodnight! * dabs off stage as space jam plays in the background*
Read Me--Imagine #11

angelrayna: Hi! I was wondering if you could do an imagine that takes place in a library or bookstore. Im a total bookworm so i love that kind of stuff .///. Thanks ^^

A/N: Loved this idea and I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it. Thank you so much for being patient. I hope it was all you wanted!! <3 I feel like it’s kind of messy but hopefully it sounds better to you. Keep dreaming!~Logan

My fingers ran along countless spines of books, and I savored the feel of each of them. I was calmed by the low hum of the small bookshop sounds. My local bookstore was my safe haven. It was peaceful and small, and felt more like home than any other place. 

“Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?” A voice said behind me.

I whipped around from looking at the fantasy book I was holding in my hand.

The young man who stood in front of me was the guy I’d been pining over for awhile now. I knew he worked here, but we had never talked except for the couple times he had rang up my books. His name tag read, c/n.

“Ah, it’s you!” He exclaimed, his face brightening.

“Yup. I’m back,” I grinned, awkwardly shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I was surprised he recognized me.

“Considering how often you’re here, you must have a library in your house,” he smiled at me, his kind e/c eyes twinkling at me.

I pulled at the hair on the nape of my neck. “Heh, yeah, I’ve kind of run out of space in my house for all the bookshelves I keep filling up.”

We stared at each other for a bit, his eyes sweeping over my face and lingering slightly on my lips. 

“So!” he started, seeming to snap out of a daze. “Can I help you find anything?”

“Oh, well, if you have any recommendations I’m open to any,” I smiled.

“Pssh, do I ever!” He winked at me, strolling through the rows of shelves.

I followed him, a slight warmth settling in my cheeks. We walked for a bit, and I studied his strong back and the way he confidently walked, humming to himself a bit. The sound was soothing. 

“Mah lady,” he said, stopping in front of one of the rows, and gesturing for me to pass him with a flourish of his arm.

“Such a gentleman,” I smiled. God, I really didn’t know how to flirt. 

The slight tinge of pink on his cheeks, told me otherwise though. 

“I’m really into dramas and mysteries, so this isle is great for that,” c/n smiled, a sort of dreamy look taking over his face. 

He told me about a few of his favorite books and I picked up one of the ones he mentioned. 

“Oh, yeah, umm,” he suddenly became very flushed and nervous, “that one is a romantic drama. But it’s really good. There’s a lot more to the story than just the romance.”

“I think I’ll start this one here and see if I wanna buy it,” I smoothed my hand over the cover. 

“Yeah, for sure! I guess I’ll just go back to minding my business,” he chuckled, getting antsy.

“Or you could, maybe, read it with me? I mean, if you don’t want to that totally makes sense, I mean I’m just–”

“I would love to–” he stopped himself. “What’s your name? You’d think I would have asked by now, considering how often I see you in here.”

I blushed before outstretching my hands. “I’m y/n.”

“Well, I would love to read with you, y/n,” he chuckled, his warm and slightly calloused palm rubbing against mine as we shook hands. 

His thumb stroked over my knuckles for a brief moment before he dropped his hand.

“Follow me,” he turned, leading me through the rows to a door. “Technically, I’m not supposed to do this, but hey, you’re one of our best customers. Might as well get a little bit of VIP treatment,” he smirked as he punched a passcode into a pad on the door.

He took my hand leading me inside before I could say another word. 

“Welcome to the bookworm’s paradise,” he laughed. 

My eyes widened at the glorious little room. It was comfy and dimly lit by little lantern lights hung on a long wire that ran along all the walls. Bean bags and plush couches sat on the carpeted floor. Books were strewn over the floor and filled the bookshelves. My eyes settled on a machine that c/n was toying with. 

“Hot chocolate?” he asked, holding out a cup of the steaming liquid. 

“Wow, thanks,” I smiled. 

“Anything for a devoted bookworm like me,” he wiped the hair that had fallen into his eyes, before taking a sip. “Oh, shit! That’s hot,” he said, choking.

I patted him on the back, putting both of our hot chocolates near the bean bags that were next to us. His coughing subsided after awhile. 

“You alright?” I asked gently, rubbing my hands up and down his back.

“Yeah, thanks. Sorry about that,” he looked up finally his eyes watering from coughing, his whole face bright red. 

I hesitantly took my hand away, wishing it could remain there.

“Shall we?” He asked, bring my eyes back up to his as he gestured to the love-seat we were standing in front of. 

“We shall,” I gave him a shy smile. 

He sat down first and patted the cushion next to him. When I sat down next to him, I tried placing myself as far from him as possible so as not to make him uncomfortable. But the seat had other plans. The cushion tilted to the middle, sliding my body into him, my whole side–thigh and arm–pressed against his. He looked at me, a gaze I wouldn’t be able to get out of my head for days. It made my stomach churn as he let his eyes slide down to gaze at the places we were touching. He cleared his throat. Opening the book, he held it in his hand, resting his hand on his thigh. I put my hand on his thigh to support my weight as I shifted to curl my legs under me. 

“Comfy?” He chuckled, looking at the way I was seated. 

I slid my hand slowly up his thigh, back to my own. His Adam’s apple bobbed, his smile faltering for a moment. “Mmm, very,” I smirked. 

Clearing his throat again very loudly, he shifted a couple times, seeming to try to get his legs in a comfortable position and pulling his top down. Finally he settled. His voice came out thick and measured as he started the story. I don’t know how long we were in there as his voice lulled me into a sort of hypnotized state. It was so soothing and yet sensual at the same time. The way the words fell from his lips was like a beautifully composed piece of orchestral music. And the way his tongue curled to form each word was an art form in and of itself. I laid my head on his shoulder and felt the hum of his voice in my own body. Sometimes, in the dramatic parts, when a character was over-reacting, he would switch to this hilariously high pitched voice. I doubled over from laughing so hard. Watering eyes and flushed cheeks, I didn’t realize I had fallen in such an awkward position. When my eyes focused and I brushed away the joyful tears, I realized my head was on his lap, and I was staring up at him. He looked down at me, his hand that held the book resting on the arm of the loveseat to get a full view of me. 

“You enjoying my humor?” he asked, pink tinting his cheeks. 

I giggled. “Very. You should really get a job reading for audiobooks.”

“And why would that be? I think I do a terrible job of reading,” he inquired.

My eyes widened. “You think you do a terrible job of reading? I was just in trance from listening to your voice,” I sat up. “In fact,” I looked down at my lap, “I think that’s all I really focused on. So, maybe your voice wouldn’t be good for audiobooks. No one would be listening to the story. They’d be too focused on your voice.”

He tipped my chin, making me look him in the eyes. Something about the way I was looking at him must’ve triggered something in him. I heard the book drop as I licked my lips, letting my bottom lip graze against my teeth. 

“I kind of want to know what it would be like to feel your lips read me,” I said, stroking his cheek, my face on fire as well as the rest of my body. 

He got the hint, his eyes seeming to be set on fire, closed the distance, and our lips met in a slow, sensual introduction. His lips closed around my bottom lip, getting familiar with it, and he sucked gently. So tender. He was so tender with me. His hand that was once holding a book as poetic as the way he was kissing and touching me now, blazed a fiery trail down my arm to my leg. He gripped in a soft, but firm way and pulled it over his thighs. I was now straddling him. His warm, large hand that I had only been shaking in introduction earlier, traced circles on my thigh. It seemed he was flipping through my pages, inhaling my scent as he would with a book, savoring the taste the smell brought with it. He was reading me with his fingertips, like I was braille and he was blind. His tongue wrote a new chapter in my book on my tongue, one where I lost all inhibitions and went after what I wanted: Him. I leaned further into the kiss, moving my whole body with his movements and that voice, that damned voice, released a thick, guttural groan. The passion with which he was kissing me was what convinced me he really was trying to read me. The way his hands stroked my body, trying to observe my movements so as to be able to predict them in the future. He was a reader and I was the story he was trying to memorize.


Yeah I Do- Owen Grady Imagine

“Good morning good looking!” I smiled as my friend called to me from the catwalk above the padlock I was walking into. I stood back from the door and glanced up the tall wall, covering my eyes as the sun shone directly into my eyes.

“Hey baby boy! I’m coming up in a second, just wait for me,” I called back before scanning my badge and entering the building. I called out hellos to the people I passed, immediately making a beeline for the stairs up to the open roof of the cage. As soon as I opened the door and stepped out, I was wrapped up in the uncomfortably warm hug from Barry. I smiled through the almost unbearable heat and hugged the man back, squealing as he lifted me and spun me around, only setting me back down when I slapped his arm.

“You sure were missed Ms. Y/N. I gotta tell you, but don’t tell him I did, Owen over there hasn’t shut up about you since you left,” Barry whispered into your ear as he nodded his head in the other man’s direction. I let my eyes drift to the man who was standing at the center of the bridges across the open roof. he looked exactly the same, the same broad shoulders, muscular stature, his moustache had grown out more, it was thicker than before. He currently was holding his clicker in one hand, the other raised in the air with the palm out as his eyes stayed down on the girls.

“Okay girls, eyes on me, eyes on me,” God his Alpha voice was fucking perfect. I cleared my throat, reshifting my legs so that one ankle crossed over the other. I kept my eyes on him as his eyebrows furrowed together, yelling out another command as Blue started to move from formation. God, he looks so sexy when he’s serious, I thought, mentally facepalming as I realized what I had just thought. Owen was the closest guy friend I had ever had, even closer than Barry, but I wanted more from our relationship. But for some unknown reason, he is so stupidly infatuated with Claire, he could never even notice how I felt, not like I wanted him too. God, being rejected by him would be the worse.

“And something is telling me you haven’t had the best time without him either,” Barry said, his voice waking me up from my ranting inner voice. I turned to glare at the man but was only met by his booming laugh as he wrapped his arms around me again, pulling me against his chest and squeezing me tight. Just as I started to laugh along, I heard someone clearing their throat, very loudly at that. I pulled away from Barry and turned around to look at the person who had made the annoyed sound, only to be met by the very familiar face of Owen Grady. He wasn’t smiling when I first turned to him, he was wearing a annoyed grimace when I first turned, but as soon as a smile stretched across my face, he own expression reflected mine.

“Owen!” I yelled before launching myself at the tall- and god so freaking muscular- brunette man who stood in front of me. I heard a slight chuckle, either from Barry or Owen, I couldn’t tell, but I could feel Owen’s arms tightening around my waist as mine secured themselves around his neck. “God I missed you,” I whispered as I rested my head on Owen’s shoulder.

“I missed you too Y/N,” he whispered back, almost inaudible as he held me against him. I smiled into his shoulder, happy to be back in the arms of the teddy bear like man. “Goodness you two. So much freaking sexual tension,” Barry laughed from behind us. I felt the blood rise up from my neck as I quickly pulled away from Owen and turned to slap Barry on the arm.

“Oh get out of here you perv,” I laughed, trying to play off the embarrassment as Barry laughed at me before holding his hands up in surrender. He muttered something under his breath as he left, but quickly made his way down off of the catwalk and back to the ground. I put on a sheepish smile as I turned back to Owen.

“Well then, you can’t say he’s wrong about that,” Owen smirked, that same smirk just growing wider as he watched the blush grow redder on my cheeks.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, almost stuttering as Owen stepped closer to me, then took another step until his chest was right up against me. I took a quick intake of breath as I broke my gaze from his own, opting to drop my eyes to the bridge’s floor. I slightly jumped as his hand reached up to grab my chin, one finger pushing my head to look up at him.

“You know exactly what I am talking about,” Owen said smugly as he kept his gaze matched with mine. I almost laughed as he reached to grasp the back of my head.

“Yeah, I do.”


chuplayswithfire  asked:

prompt: bubble bath, family breakfast au

“What in the world…?” Vlad mumbled as he lifted up his soggy foot. Maddie frowned, seeing that the trail of water was also followed by soapy suds. She looked at over Vlad, who was taking off his soaked socks.

“Is tonight bath night?” She asked.

“I suppose so. Jasmine already took hers, I was sure of it. It’s only Daniel’s turn left…” Vlad answered, throwing his socks in the laundry chute.

Maddie clicked her tongue and followed the watery trail, to the bathroom door. She opened it to see Danny in the bathtub, splashing water and bubbles everywhere as Jack seem to be getting more wet than his son.

Vlad was behind Maddie and was appalled at the mess in the bathroom. He just cleaned it yesterday! Vlad cleared his throat very loudly, interrupting the two. Danny sunk in his bubbles, only his head showing as Jack sheepishly smiled at both his lovers.

“Uh, I might of put in too much Mr. Bubbles in the bathtub?” Jack tried, chuckling uneasily.

“Are you mad, Papa?” Danny asked Vlad, using his innocent toddler eyes to it’s full effects.

“I’m more upset with your father than you, Daniel.” Vlad answered, frowning at Jack.

“Are you mad, Mommy?” Danny asked Maddie, blowing some bubbles away from his mouth.

“A little bit. But also a little bit humored.” Maddie answered, smiling. She went up to Jack, ruffling his wet, soggy hair. “Don’t be too upset, Vlad. It just couldn’t be helped. However, maybe the water wouldn’t be trailing everywhere, if you shut off the faucet, Jack.”

“Oh, I knew I was forgetting something!” Jack said, quickly turning off the bathtub water.

“Bath time is over, Daniel.” Vlad said, grabbing the little boy’s towel.

Danny pouted but allowed himself to be pulled out of water, giggling as Vlad dried him with the towel and wrapped him up. Maddie took Danny from Vlad, carrying him to his bedroom.

“Say goodnight to your daddies.” She told Danny.  Danny waved goodnight to Jack and Vlad as Maddie took him to his room.

“As for this mess…” Vlad said, frowning at Jack. Jack held his hands up, chuckling. “No worries, Vladdy. I’ll clean everything up.”

Vlad leaned over to kiss Jack’s forehead. “Good. You’re also cleaning up the mess outside the bathroom too.”

He smirked at him and walked to their bedroom.

Just Me & You (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by anons: Heeyy ❤️❤️ uhmm Will you make a scenario About a sex scène with taehyung? 🙈🙈😳😳 btw youre blog is amazing I love it! (Sorry for my bad english) ❤️❤️ 

 Heeyyy first of All youre so amazing! I love youre scenerio’s they are so good I really love you! ❤️❤️ Could you make one with That taehyung is a romantic boyfriend doing cute Things you know and saying Sweet Things and at last very naughty and end with a very good sex? 😁😁 Thank you so much! ❤️

 [[A/N: I merged the two requests into one scenario … Is that okay? Also, I’m very sorry if you think it’s too long and I’m sorry I took long to write this 🙈🙈]] 


You finally had some time alone with Taehyung. You had been dating for 3 years however you hadn’t seen him for a couple of months due to him finishing the live trilogy of ‘The Red Bullet Tour’ with BTS. So, it was a relief to know that he organised a holiday at some sort of ski event meaning you were going to get to be away with him completely undisturbed … Well, not completely considering Jin and Jimin were the only guys who wanted to tag along which you were completely fine with as it was arranged that they would sleep in a different room from the lodge you guys were installed in.

A couple of days after all of you were properly set in the lodge, Taehyung had asked you to come with him somewhere, of course he didn’t tell you where or what this place was - he didn’t want to ruin the suspense. Jin and Jimin went on the cables to go skiing on the mountain while you and Taehyung made your way opposite the cables.

Overall, the weather in this 'winter wonderland’ was extremely bizarre as the whole area was flooded with people wearing heavy clothing so you held Taehyung’s arm in order to not get lost in the crowd, the ground was covered in snow where no trace of dirt could be detected yet the sun vibrantly shone in the palest blue sky you had ever seen. You passed the exterior ice skating rink and started making your way towards a wide building - it wasn’t too high or big however you hoped that this wasn’t the place where Taehyung wanted to take you. The building seemed to repel attraction because of its appearance. It was completely isolated from the rays of the liveliness emitting from the sun … The sombre building stood in the shade giving off a lifeless ambiance.

As you got closer to the building you saw a sign written in chalk that read ’Ice rink: Open’ and that’s when you stopped walking, you had a really bad feeling about this place, before Taehyung could take another step your clutch on his arm tightened “Don’t!” You said in a small voice but loud enough so he could hear you, his eyebrows rose slightly startled “Aigoo! ____~ah what’s wrong?" 

You attempted to pull him away by taking a few steps backwards but you were hardly able to move him "I don’t want to stay here. Can we please go back to the lodge?" 

He sighed "Jagi, do you trust me?" 

You nodded in response to his reassurance 

"Come on then." 

Once inside the rink it was different than you had expected despite the fact that no one apart from you and Taehyung were in there. The ice rink seemed so clean that no cuts were seen on the ice, the whole place appeared fairly well maintained.


He replied by humming in a deeper pitch than his original 

"Maybe we’re early, we should come later" 

He shook his head "Waeyo?" 

You looked around at the empty rink "Well, I’m surprised there’s no one here and … It’s weird." 

He softly chuckled "It’s totally normal. I rented this rink just for us, only for today.”

A smile placed itself on your lips in amazement of your boyfriend. Before actually getting on the rink, Taehyung secured the laces on your skates to avoid any accidents. In the 3 years of being with him you had never been ice skating with him … In all honesty, you had never been ice skating in your life so it was a new experience for you. You held on Taehyung’s hand and his grip tightened to prevent you from falling.

So far everything was perfect, Taehyung was gliding on the ice and you were beside him sort of struggling to keep balance, your leg movements were minuscule. He was sort of guiding you to make sure you would get the hang of it, of course he knew those kind of things took time and he didn’t expect you to know how to skate under half an hour but he didn’t want to glide at a steady pace. Instead he gradually started accelerating - forgetting that you were at his hand, you were screaming his name and telling him to stop as you no longer had any balance therefore before falling you had managed to grab on to his jacket accidentally bringing him down with you. It hurt … A lot, and him falling on top of you made the situation sort of worse. 

He instantly got up offering you a hand “_____ are you okay?" 

You wanted to reassure him that nothing was wrong, to be honest the pain wasn’t that bad it was really minor "Ne … Should we continue?" 

He slowly shook his head "I think we should go back to the lodge and stay warm.” Usually, Taehyung would have loved to continue ice-skating but he seemed to be getting completely uninterested in continuing.

He helped you out of your skates and you were ready to go. 

“Oppa, komawo” you pecked his cheek 

“For what?" 

You started beaming up at him "For everything, this is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better so … Thank you." 

His cheeks were coloured in a pale yet noticeable pink. On your way back to the lodge you saw Jin and Jimin walking in the opposite direction 

"How was skiing?” You smiled at them 

“It was so good, we even had a competition.” Jimin exchanged a strange look with Jin 

“Oh really? Who won?" 

Jin started discretely smiling as Jimin became uncomfortable, immediately changing the conversation.

"How was ice-skating?” you didn’t have the chance to reply because he continued talking “By the way I found something by your bedside, it was a small black box … I opened it and I found a-" 

Jin cleared his throat very loudly indicating Jimin to stop talking "We’re actually going ice-skating right now, so have a nice day. Jimin, let’s go.” Jin pushed Jimin away before he would reveal any more.

All you could think about was the small black box that Jimin had talked about but you didn’t ask Taehyung considering he looked just as confused as you did. Inside the lodge you went straight to the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend as it was one of the warmest place in the lodge. Taehyung lit the fireplace allowing the room to be warm enough to take off your coats, gloves, scarves, hats and shoes. The aroma of the burning wood at the fireplace filled the entire room. 

You laid on the bed and Taehyung came beside you after he had closed all the curtains meaning the only source of light you had came from the fireplace. He turned himself towards you with his hand supporting his head, looking at you in pure admiration “Saranghae" 

You looked up at him "I love you too" 

He faintly smiled "I don’t think you realise how much I love you. You know, every time I’m on stage I imagine you being in the crowd cheering me on as I sing to you. I imagine you coming backstage drowning me in small pecks." 

You softly giggled "What, like this?" 

You started showering his face in light pecks before meeting his lips 

"Exactly like that. I also imagine being able to sleep beside you at night. Just hearing the sound of your voice makes life worth living." 

You frowned slightly upon his last statement "Tae, I’m flattered but you shouldn’t say things like that. Your life is worth living regardless if I’m a part of it or not. You have worked so hard to get where you are today and I am so proud of you," 

He nodded in comprehension "I’m grateful. Being an idol isn’t easy, there’s times when I feel lonely despite being in the presence of seven guys. You make me complete." 

You sat up slightly so that your face was levelled with his as he leaned in for a kiss - this time it was more than just a peck and you believed it showed sincerity of how much you were both longing for each other. He held on to your chin to deepen the kiss, you felt him slowly smirk on to your lips. He hesitantly broke from the kiss, eyes shifting from your lips back to your eyes as he bit his lips 

"I’ve missed you so much." 

You grinned "But oppa, I’m right here" 

Taehyung added "I’ve missed touching you, being next to you, kissing you and …" 

Your eyes widened "And? … What-what is it?" 

Taehyung’s voice deepened but he seemed embarrassed to say what he wanted to say "You know …" 

You playfully teased him by acting as if you were completely oblivious to what he was implying "No I don’t know." 

He looked down before replying "I missed making love to you." 

He buried his face in his pillow in attempt to hide how flustered he was "I missed that too” his head popped up instantly at your revelation causing his rectangular smile to appear. You grabbed the back of his neck forcing him into an aggressive kiss though your tongues weren’t fighting for dominance meaning the power was equal, your fingers tugged at the bottom of his jumper as a signal for him to take it off. Sure, being on a 'winter wonderland’ holiday was perfect - but the thing that frustrated the both of you the most was how many layers of clothing you had to take off before you were fully naked. He rested his hand on your waist for a couple of seconds only to slyly allow his hand to grope your butt.

Not too long after, the only pair of clothing you and Taehyung obtained were your under clothing. He abruptly broke from the kiss once more, his nose subtly brushed against the sensitive skin of your neck - his lips were slightly parted therefore you could feel his hot breath tickling the surface of your skin turning you on more and more by the minute. His finger hooked your bra strap making it slip off your shoulder. Finally he unhooked your bra. Even though the room was warm you had the feeling that you were getting goosebumps due to the excitement you felt of being able to do the things you missed out on when he was away.

He massages your breast slightly squeezing it before placing it in his mouth, he harshly sucked on your breast while maintaining eye contact with you. Occasionally his teeth would lightly graze over your nipple causing you to twitch a little bit. Your breathing started becoming audible thus making him chuckle, this made the breathing worse because it gave a feeble vibrating sensation on your breast.

Since you were squirming with gratification, he decided to stop. Truthfully he wanted you to beg him to be inside you, however this wasn’t your intention as you were curious to what he would to you next. His hand pulled down on the hem of your panties - removing them with caution at an unhurried speed. Your eyes followed his head as his face was dangerously close to your warmth. He started placing wet delicate kisses on your inner thighs, building up the tension in the atmosphere, making you impatient 

“Hurry up” you mumbled through gritted teeth 

“Huh?” He said but his attention was still on kissing your inner thighs, he was just about to paint your folds with his tongue. Instead, he firmly grasped your hips and in a swift movement he managed to flip you over so that you were on your fours. 

He stroked himself before entering your core. Once he was inside you, he clutched tightly on your waist feeling relieved of how you felt around his length. You weren’t just gratified you were immensely satisfied, he had never done this position with you before, it felt new and exciting - almost as if you were just being introduced to sex all over again. His thrusts were deep and of a fairly medium pace considering you were helping him out by moving your hips in a small circles towards him … Though gradually his pace began to quicken as he pounded into you, he grunted with every thrust he took into you as soft moans evaded your mouth. Hearing his skin slapping against yours made him feel as though a swirling reaction was taking place at the pit of his stomach. You felt his thrusts weaken and your muscles started tightening around him. He felt a tingling at the head of his manhood before being able to release into you. The both of you were extremely loud when expressing the elated feeling your orgasms gave. 

His grasp on your hips loosened and he laid down on the bed bringing you down with him pulling the duvet over your exhausted bodies. He put an arm over you, pressing your bodies closer to one another but your mind was distracted by the small black box sitting untouched by the table beside the bed. 

“Taehyung, that box that Jimin was talking about … What is it?" 

He turned his head to look at the box and sighed whilst taking it "It was supposed to be a secret and I didn’t want to do it now … I wanted it to be special." 

You completely froze as your heart started pounding against your ribs in panic 

”_____, will you marry me?“ 

 -admin blxnktae

His reaction to seeing you in a bikini

Michael: “(Y/N), just please hurry up we want to get down to the beach before it gets too packed!” You heard your best friend yell from outside of the bathroom. You sighed as you grabbed a shirt and shorts to throw on over top of your bikini and opened the door. Michael’s eyes were on his phone, but as soon as he heard the door open he immediately looked up, ready to leave and get into the car where the others were waiting. He stopped for a second then looked at you in complete shock. His eyes widened then traveled down to your now exposed body. You quickly put the shirt on and shorts, too, to avoid anymore of the staring. “I look fat don’t I?” You suddenly asked, sliding on the shorts with a frown on your face. He quickly shook his head and just stared at you. “I - um - wow.” He blinked a few times then you began to walk out of the house, Michael following behind you. “(Y/N), you have a ridiculously hot body. Why do you hide it?” You turned around shocked at what he said and got into the car without saying anything to him. The rest of the car ride you just felt Michael’s stares at you and it made you feel confident.

Ashton: You had absolutely no idea why you agreed going out to the beach with the guys knowing you would be the only girl and they would be doing things you weren’t completely into. You watched as they all jumped off the dock and huddled together talking, occasionally looking over at you. You just shrugged it off and continued to read the story you needed to read for English class. A few minutes later all of the boys were surrounding you, water dripping off their bodies. “(Y/N), put the book down and come in the water.” Calum pleaded, reaching for your book. You pulled it away and looked at them all through your sunglasses. “You guys forced me to come, remember that.” They all looked at each other then smiled at you and you became worried. The next second all of them had their wet bodies on you, getting you wet when you weren’t planning on it. “What the hell?! You got my clothes wet!” “It’ll dry. Especially because of how hot it is out here.” Luke pointed out. You sighed and stood up, taking off your now wet shirt and shorts. You went to sit back down but all of their eyes were on you. Ashton awkwardly coughed and you stared up at them. “Jesus Christ.” Ashton mumbled under his breath causing you to furrow your eyebrows. “What?” “Your body is just, Jesus Christ.” You shook your head at your friends and got up, placing the book down and walking towards the water, them all eagerly following behind you.

Calum: “I will kiss you if you don’t get in this pool right now.” Calum shouted to you as he leaned against the side of it. You looked at him and laughed. “You’re my best friend, I wouldn’t care.” You saw him lean his head on the side of the pool and then heard a groan. “(Y/N)!” He whined. You rolled your eyes at his behaviour and was about to go back into the house, but then you felt bad. You turned around and saw him pouting at you. “Okay, fine.” You sighed as you took off your flip flops, then pulled down your shorts so they were at your ankles. You stepped out of them and grabbed the bottom of your shirt. You could feel Calum’s eyes on you, but you didn’t think much of it. Once the shirt was off you looked over at Calum who was staring at you. He licked his lips once then turned away from you. “I’ve been friends with you for a really long time and never have I seen you in a bikini and holy shit, (Y/N)!” Your cheeks flushed but you tried to ignore it and just got into the pool with him. His eyes never left you and he was glance down at your body every so often, but it didn’t make you uncomfortable one bit, instead it made you feel nice that it had that effect on him.

Luke: “Luke, I need your opinion on which bathing suit to wear!” You called out to Luke who was sitting on your bed scrolling down his phone. “It honestly doesn’t matter you’ll look fine in either one of them.” He sighed, continued to stare at his phone. You ignored him and grabbed the two bikinis and ran into the bathroom, quickly changing into the one. You liked it because it fit perfectly, but it was a little revealing in the upper area, not to mention the bottoms were barely covering your bum. You weren’t necessarily used to being that exposed, but it was just a pool it shouldn’t matter anyway. You opened the door and walked into the room standing close to Luke who was paying no attention to you whatsoever. You cleared your throat very loudly and he looked up clearly not impressed until his eyes landed on you. They went extremely wide and he dropped his phone. It made a loud thud when it came in contact with the floor, but he didn’t even bother to pick it up, all of his attention was now on you. “Holy shit.” “Is it too revealing? I always thought my boobs were too out there, you know?” You looked down at your chest and tried pulling the top more to cover them, but it didn’t do much. His eyes were glued to your body and he shifted on the bed, gulping. “No, no that is perfect, just wow, holy shit, (Y/N) you’re hot.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Was I not hot before?” “No! I mean, yes you were, but I don’t even know what to say besides holy shit.” He took a deep breath and stood up, still looking at your body. “I have to go do something I’ll be right back.” He awkwardly coughed and made his way out of your bedroom, leaving you standing there laughing at his actions.

The Kids Are Alright - Part 2

Word Count: 2616

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Where the fuck is Sam?” You complained as you slammed your laptop shut. “I could use his help right now.”

“No idea.” Dean shrugged. “I’ll call him.”


Sam was sitting alone in another diner browsing through his laptop trying to find a way out for Dean. “Hello, Sam.” The same blonde girl from Lincoln sat across from him, smirking and closing his laptop.

“You’ve been following me since Lincoln.” Sam said with anger on his face.

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ionxtreme-deactivated20140908  asked:

Whats wrong with DashCon?

I am so very glad you asked.


DashCon is a first-year fandom convention for Tumblr users. It has been happening all throughout this weekend and is turning into possibly the largest convention kerfuffle anyone has ever seen.

  • Due to the DashCon staff done diddly goofin’ by not putting a payment schedule in their hotel reservation contract, they were asked to pay $20,000 by 10 PM last night or the convention would be kicked out of the hotel. They asked attendees and Tumblr users to donate $17,000 via PayPal and cash to keep the con going - and they supposedly raised all of the money. Con attendees then piled into the ballroom to do Mockingjay salutes and wail Freddie Mercury songs to celebrate them falling for what is suspected to be a scam (as people have contacted the hotel to ask about this “$17,000 fee” and the hotel reportedly has no idea what they’re talking about).
  • You can attend wonderfully informative panels like this at DashCon:

  • DashCon claimed there would be 3,000-7,000 attendees. There are 1,000 at most and all of them are white kids in flower crowns who are rioting for the anti-sexualization of women in media while simultaneously running panels about “homoerotic subtext in fandoms and finding the gay ships for YOUR fandoms!!!”
  • The con didn’t have the money to cover WTNV’s transportation and performance fees. When WTNV asked them to pay the remainder of their performance fee prior to the panel beginning, DashCon was unable to do so, and WTNV walked out as they are positively free to do because what the fuck you don’t invite keystone guests if you aren’t able to pay their fees upfront (and showing them your PayPal balance on a smartphone absolutely does not count).
  • It’s being speculated that Steam Powered Giraffe was not even booked properly in the first place.
  • A full weekend badge was $65 dollars for a first-year fandom con jesus christ that’s almost the price of most full-fledged comic cons.
  • The game room consists of some tables, one TV, and one gaming console. No, really, that’s it.
  • DashCon proves they have possibly the worst PR team ever when addressing the WTNV cancellation. Instead of clearly explaining the situation, they say they “don’t want to get into it,” and then offer compensation for those who bought advanced seating tickets for the Night Vale show. What’s the compensation? An extra hour playing in the ball pit (which is really just a slowly-deflating children’s pool with some balls in it). Oh, and if there’s room, you may get one of the first-come-first-serve spots at the Time Crash concert that was happening on Saturday night. Huzzah!
  • Most panels are completely disorganized. The “Name That Anime” panel was even handing out hotel mints as prizes for correctly answering questions like “what’s the anime where they fight with clothes!!!”
  • It’s been pointed out that as a Marriott hotel, the Renaissance would have required them to submit their full reservation payment 5 days in advance of the event. Therefore it’s very, very likely that the “$17,000 fundraising” was a huge scam. Because DashCon would’ve had to pay that money 5 days before this weekend or the event wouldn’t even be happening in the first place.
  • Furthermore, someone attempted to debunk the letter that DashCon posted to prove that the hotel asked for money. Not all their points are valid (i.e. “RE:” is commonly used for “Regarding”, not just in response to previous communication, and idk but this dude doesn’t strike me as an expert on internal Marriott stationary), but frankly the letter looks sketchy if only because 17000% 99% of it is whited out. Is it real? Is it fake? We just don’t know.
  • There has been no confirmation that the money donated in cash and via PayPal last night ever made it to the hotel (if that was indeed where it was intended to go).
  • People are demanding full or at least partial refunds. Needs verification, but purportedly DashCon has a list at the con where you can sign your name and the amount you donated to be refunded later. Which sounds like a totally effective and not at all easily-abused system. [Verified: x]
  • Attendees are either in denial saying this is the best con ever or they’re crying and having panic attacks. Welcome to Tumblr.
  • And as a bonus: DashCon originally ran an IndieGoGo campaign last year to raise $5,000 to start their convention. They raised $4,000. The campaign ended in April 2013 and rewards have still not been sent out (which consisted of tea bags, a couple business cards with your Tumblr URL on them, and if you donated $500+, some knick-knacks from Etsy), which leads us to…
  • It turns out that the prizes for the “consolation raffle” are the reward gifts for IndieGoGo donors. Yeah.
  • Possibly art theft by DashCon for the nebula graphic in their banner?
  • Gingerhaze decided to leave the con early after discovering DashCon wouldn’t be covering her hotel room anymore and she was charged the full bill. She is now sleeping on a pull-out sofa with the WTNV folks who threw some massive shade. BakerStBabes completed their convention duties as promised and then left as soon as that was done. Doug Jones stayed on premise for a while, but eventually left earlier this morning.
  • In this post from 11 months ago, con head Megg33k explains that they had “rented out the vast majority of their convention space and set aside nearly every room in their hotel” and that there was a “legally binding contract and the exchange of money.” They also signed a contract and had “monetary obligation” in regards to Steam Powered Giraffe, so I’m curious as to how that appearance fell apart. She also states that Doug Jones was paid in advance, so he should at least be good for appearing on Sunday (if he hasn’t already skedaddled, that is).
  • DashCon isn’t a registered LLP in Illinois - so technically they’re operating illegally, as their LLP is only registered in Ohio.
  • A personal account of the early stages of DashCon: fundraising committees, miscommunication, and a web series scam!
  • Some insight into Cain Hopkins, one of the head admins of DashCon:

  • An update from a friend whose company is a vendor at DashCon this weekend:

  • They have attempted to show both Pacific Rim and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog without the legal rights to host a public viewing party. At this point they’re basically just piling on the lawsuits.
  • Two staff members have popped into the DashCon thread on 4chan’s /cgl/ board in an attempt to defend the con. It’s going about as well as you would expect.
  • On the plus side, the Homoerotic Subtext panel was completely different than what the DashCon schedule made it sound like and in reality was pretty ballin’.
  • Supposedly this Tumblr user posted a full version of the letter from the hotel to DashCon staff. However, it is not real. If you’ll notice, the original letter as the amount due written as “$20,000.00” whereas in this version it’s only “$20,000”. The formatting also does not line up correctly. (Too bad it isn’t real, though, that’d be a riot.)
  • Another witness account describes how DashCon “collected money in a bag” during the $17,000 debacle. They also took names on an email list to issue WTNV refunds at a later date. Who wants to take bets that said refund never happens?
  • This video shows the moment when it was announced that WTNV left the convention.
  • DashCon is making news headlines.
  • Staff tries to start rumors that WTNV was paid and left anyways. No one believes it.
  • People are debating whether or not out-of-state businesses require an Illinois LLP to operate within Illinois, or if they only have to pay a $500 registration fee (which we have no confirmation of DashCon doing so).
  • The act of offering extra play time in the ball pit as compensation for the WTNV tickets could easily turn into another lawsuit, as they did not originally charge an entrance fee for the ball pit, therefore giving it no comparable monetary worth to compensate for the purchase of event tickets.
  • Attendees and staff are attempting to start the conspiracy theory that 4Chan ruined DashCon.
  • Like Gingerhaze and WTNV, the BakerStBabes are also being forced to pay their hotel fees because DashCon refuses to cover the costs as originally promised. Admins are refusing their calls. You can read more about their experience here.
  • The artist and vendor hall has essentially cleared out.
  • Please note that dashcon-staff is a fake Tumblr account.
  • Finally, here’s a video of con admin Cain describing his experience during the $17,000 fundraising events of Friday night.

Big shout out to hythe for all of this fan-dabby-babulous info.


content: Sometimes it’s not easy to be a father.

word count: 1446


“Yes, Daddy?”

Dean watches his daughter fondly being totally enthralled with the puzzle on the table in front of her and obviously seeing no reason to look up. Instead she is humming a quiet tune under her breath and staring at the piece in her hand like it holds the answers to all the questions in the world.

“Your school just called me.”

Castiel, who is sitting right beside their daughter and seems like he’s even more fascinated by the puzzle than Mary, takes his eyes off of the green pieces next to his coffee mug and frowns slightly.

“The school?” he asks confused. “What did they want?”

Mary finally rises her head. “Did I do something wrong?”

She doesn’t sound frightened at all, rather curious, and Dean seriously wonders if that’s his influence on her or if that’s just the way she is.

“Well, I’m not exactly sure,” Dean says. He smiles at Mary before he turns his attention toward Castiel. “I’m sorry to inform you, Cas, but obviously you’re dead.”

The angel narrows his eyes. “I’m … what?”

Dean points at the phone on the kitchen counter behind him. “The school just called to tell me how terribly sorry they are for my loss.”

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geekalogian  asked:

Merintosh x frozen knave the kingdom of arendelle makes an alliance with dunbroch for reasons and elsa has some words of wisdom for a young ruler who is reluctant to pursue romance

It’s a summer day that lasts forever, sun gleaming on the munros and burnishing the distant lochs to flame, as Dunbroch turns out in full kilted, hairy, loudly bagpiping splendor to meet its visitor, its first official engagement since Merida became queen. It’s particularly important to give Elsa of Arendelle a proper welcome, as she is the kind of ruler who can be influential to Merida both as a fellow monarch and a woman who understands the challenges of managing a large and occasionally unruly kingdom. Merida herself stands anxiously, silver crown flashing on her tumbled red curls, as the older woman processes up from her ship, turning to graciously acknowledge the cheers of the people. She’s slim and blonde and beautiful, dressed in light blue, a contrast to Merida’s own dark cobalt gown. When she reaches Merida, she curtsies elegantly. “Your Highness, it’s wonderful to meet you.”

“And ye.” Merida’s voice squeaks a bit, and she coughs indignantly and returns the gesture. “Welcome to Dunbroch, Your Majesty.”

The two queens clasp hands, a healthy roar goes up, and once they’ve drunk a ceremonial toast of whiskey from the great silver quaich, they are escorted by a brigade of clansmen to the state table that has been prepared for Elsa’s visit. They sit, are properly saluted again, and then once the pomp and circumstance is finally through, can finally begin discussing the issues that have brought them here – namingly, the possibility of an alliance against any more aggression from Camelot (though one thinks Arthur will be keeping his fool gob shut and his fool head down for a while). There are also trade pacts to propose and fishing grounds that both Dunbroch and Arendelle have ancestral claims to, and other such business. That’s what today is for. There will be the Highland Games tomorrow to put on a show, music and revelry and, doubtless, plenty more whiskey where the first cup came from.

At last, as the sun is low over the glens, Merida and Elsa conclude their talks and withdraw while the clansmen and the queen mother, Elinor, prepare for the feast that night. They’re walking in the fields, comparing Merida’s marksmanship to Elsa’s ice magic, when they become aware of the sounds of an intense scuffle from up ahead. Exchanging a concerned glance, they speed up, hop down into the long grass, and –

Merida’s heart skips a beat to discover none other than bloody Macintosh, holding an unfamiliar young man against a standing stone with one hand and cocking his fist with the other. Said young man, with big dark eyes and prominent ears, is spluttering his utter confusion that someone could ever have put him in this position, he bein’ the outstandingly wonderful bloke that he is, until Elsa yelps, “Will? What are you doing?”

“I’m not doin’ nuffin! Not me fault Braveheart here faffed up and got his knickers in a twist – or would, if he wore any knickers! ‘Stead it was that plaid skirt thing of his!”

Macintosh turns an even more interesting color. “It’s a kilt, ye arsehole!”

Elsa and Merida exchange a long look. In a resigned tone, Elsa says, “What happened?”

“He said something impertinent.” Macintosh glares heatedly at his foe, who is apparently named Will. “Didn’t ye.”

Elsa appears to be chewing her cheek hard. “Knowing Will, I find that extremely likely. My lord, you have my apologies for any insult he – “

“He said something about the queen.” Macintosh is clearly not inclined to let this quarrel go quickly. “Said he couldna believe that curly-wig was in charge, then wanted to know if he could look at the kingdom’s treasures – I’m no stupid, he was going to steal them. Wasn’t he.”

“Will.” Elsa’s tone is awful.

“I was tryin’ to be a good visitor! Learn about their traditions, yeah?”


At this, he cringes. “Sorry,” he mumbles. “No harm meant, eh?”

Macintosh eyes him loathingly, as if thinking that it very much was, but at a loudly cleared throat from both the women, the two men slink apart, straighten ruffled feathers, bow to their respective queens, and stalk huffily off in opposite directions. Elsa still sounds as if she’s biting her tongue when she remarks, “I should remember it’s impossible to bring him anywhere.”

“Will? Is he your – “

“Of a sort.” Elsa smiles softly, wryly. “It’s still new. And you – I assume Lord Macintosh is your consort? Defending your honor as valiantly as he did?”

“What? No!” Merida is horrified – and furthermore, aware that she is certainly protesting too much. “He’s a wee pain in my hindquarters. No more.”

“Mmm.” Elsa is too polite to directly contest this, but her smile lingers as they start walking again, toward the noise and glow of the great hall. After a moment, she says abruptly, “I used to be like you, you know. Thought that I had to do everything alone, and I couldn’t let anyone in, that it was my task alone. And I just want to encourage you not to be afraid. To let it go. To share the burden.”

“What?” Merida is uncomfortably aware that the flush on her cheeks must be visible even by twilight. “I – I wouldna know. Anything. About how – about how to.”

“What makes you think I did?” Elsa asks gently.  “But doing it is the only way to learn. Just something to consider. You could do worse, you know.”

Merida coughs. She can’t help but steal a glance behind them, as if afraid Will and Macintosh might have snuck up to eavesdrop, but it’s still just them. She can hear the distant sound of the pipes from the hall, and straightens her crown. “Well then. Shall we?”

“Shall we.” Elsa starts to descend the hill, graceful as a dryad. And after a moment, still telling herself that she is certainly not going to say anything to Macintosh at the feast, Merida squares her shoulders, and follows.